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Chapter 670 – Calamity Strikes Again

When Yun Che and Xiao Yun changed into an identical set of clothes. If one did not compare their facial features, both their front and back were ninety percent the same. After Xiao Yun changed his clothes, he anxiously said, “Big Brother, what are you… going to do?”

Yun Che slowly gazed at Xiao Yun, sizing him up, then slightly nodded his head and replied, “Good, we both have a very similar body structure. Unless it is someone who knows us well, it would be very hard to differentiate us based on our figures alone.”

While talking, Yun Che took out a wooden box from the Sky Poison Pearl. “Sit down, I’ll help you put on a disguise so you will look like me.”

“Ah?” Xiao Yun was dumbfounded. His mouth gaping widely. “Dis… disguise?”

“Yes!” Yun Che nodded his head and knitted his brow tightly. ”Rest assured, I am using a special medicine for the disguise, not a profound energy disguise. Unless it is an expert, it would be impossible to see through it.”

The most skillful person in the art of disguise that Yun Che had ever met in the Profound Sky Continent was Hua Minghai. But even if it was Hua Minghai, he could not compare with Yun Che in the art of disguise. With just a single glance, he could see through Hua Minghai’s disguise, but as for his own, Hua Minghai could not see through it in a short amount of time.

“But, why should I disguise myself as big brother?” Xiao Yun asked with a puzzled face.

“Because after the members of Sun Moon Divine Hall arrive… if there is no accident, there would be a short period of time that you would need to use my identity and face them,” Yun Che solemnly answered.

“Ah?” Xiao Yun gaped, “I…”

“Are you scared?” Yun Che smiled faintly.

Xiao Yun became absent minded for a short moment, grit his teeth, and strongly shook his head, “Not… not scared! Big Brother, do not worry. Even if I have to put my life on the line, I would…”

“Forget about putting your life on the line,” Yun Che smiled and interrupted him. ”I have already assured Seventh Sister that I would bring you back and would ensure that you wouldn’t be missing a single hair. If you lose your life, your Seventh Sister would chase me down with a knife everyday. I wouldn’t be able to rest in peace for the rest of my life if that were to happen.”

As he spoke, Yun Che face became serious. ”However, this matter will still come at a great risk. Because Ye Xinghan wants me to die, he will surely bring at least three Monarchs with him! It’s possible that he might bring a mid-stage Monarch… or even one that is even higher than a mid-stage Monarch. If we ever fail, even though we could use the Primordial Profound Ark to escape, I believe you could envision how dire the consequences would be if that were to happen… After disguising yourself, I’ll tell you what you need to do in detail. After a while, you have to firmly remember every word I say… as this matter will also be a huge challenge for you.”

“Alright… I understand.” Xiao Yun took in a mouthful of air and seriously nodded his head.

After Yun Che left the Primordial Profound Ark, he shrunk the ark into its smallest possible state… which was approximately the size of his palm. Then, after arriving in front of Frozen Cloud Asgard’s main gates, he took the Primordial Profound Ark and placed it between two thick blocks of ice. To common knowledge, the way one entered and exited a profound ark was naturally going through its ark door. The Primordial Profound Ark could also be entered through the ark door, but it also had an additional special way of passage, which was also what Yun Che had always used since the start… that was space transfer!

This was also one of the things that Yun Che would rely on when he faced Sun Moon Divine Hall today… Of course, the prerequisite for this was for the opponent to not discover the existence of the Primordial Profound Ark. However, the Primordial Profound Ark’s energy medium was Hong’er and not its own body, so it wouldn’t release any profound energy fluctuations when stationary. Added to the fact that the Primordial Profound Ark could become big or small, even if one was a Monarch, it would still be hard to detect its existence. Even if they saw it, they would think that it was just a model of a profound ark.

It was late at night, and Frozen Cloud Asgard was very silent. There were still four more hours till dawn… In four hours, it was about time for Sun Moon Divine Hall to arrive. Yun Che used the Frozen Cloud Celestial Soul to issue an Asgard Master Command… Soon enough, six streaks of snow-white celestial silhouettes flew over and landed before Yun Che. Only Xia Qingyue was missing within the Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies.

“Asgard Master, is there any important matter happening?” Murong Qianxue asked with a frown. There must have been some sort of pressing matter for him to call them this late in the night.

Yun Che lowered his voice and calmly said, “It is indeed something important. People from Sun Moon Divine Hall are heading our way… They will arrive in about four hours. The one leading them is their Young Master Ye Xinghan, and he would be bringing at least three Monarchs!”

“What?!” Murong Qianxue paled in shock. Sun Moon Divine Hall’s young master… Monarchs… To them, all these words were a thousand times scarier than their own nightmares!

Just two Overlords could already force Frozen Cloud Asgard into a dead end. If it weren’t for Yun Che’s timely arrival, Frozen Cloud Asgard would have already ceased to exist… At least three Monarchs, just these alone would practically have enough power to sweep across the seven nations. Wanting to destroy Frozen Cloud Asgard would just require a simple hand gesture!

“As for the reason, there is no time for me to explain it to you. You guys immediately inform all of the Frozen Cloud Asgard disciples. Give them an hour to take their important belongings and another hour to gather here!”

“Has Asgard Master found a place for us to escape to?” Jun Lianqie nervously asked.

“No, I never said that we have to escape!” Yun Che calmly said, “Our opponents are from Sun Moon Divine Hall. You guys should know very well that even if we escape today, we still would spend our future running, forever under the shadow of Sun Moon Divine Hall. The reason why all of Frozen Cloud Asgard’s disciples are to be gathered together here is to face Sun Moon Divine Hall together.”

Yun Che’s words startled them. Chu Yueli let out a sigh and dejectedly said, ”We are, after all, talking about Sun Moon Divine Hall. It is something that we simply are not able to contend against. If they stayed, they would only just die in vain… Just let the six of us stay and face Sun Moon Divine Hall. As for them… there is still four hours remaining, there may still be time for them to escape. The more people that could escape from the demonic hands of Sun Moon Divine Hall, the more sparks of life Frozen Cloud Asgard will have.”

“No! I only said that we would face Sun Moon Divine Hall together. I never said that I want you guys to seek death!” Yun Che seriously said. “Even though Sun Moon Divine Hall’s young master came this time, it does not mean that we are doomed to perish. if you all trust me… I can’t guarantee that I can protect Frozen Cloud Asgard, but I can definitely protect everyone’s lives! No matter if it’s Senior Master, Junior Master, Senior Sister, or Junior Sister, I can assure you that none of your lives will be lost!”

“However, if all goes smoothly as planned, even Frozen Cloud Asgard can be saved…” Yun Che slightly lifted his hand, and his gaze swept across their snow-colored faces and bright eyes, “then our Frozen Cloud Asgard will undergo a nirvanic rebirth. From then on, at least for a brief period of time, no one would dare to offend us… until we grow strong enough to oppose them!”

Under the night, with the quiet, snowy moon, Murong Qianxue, Jun Lianqie, Mu Lanyi, Chu Yueli, Feng Hanyue, and Feng Hanxue all stared dumbstruck at Yun Che and were silent for a long time… They weren’t able to imagine what he was relying on when he said such words against the “Sun Moon Divine Hall’s young master” and “at least three Monarchs” that he had personally stated.
As it grew deeper into the night, the color of the sky turned from a gray-white into a darker gray. Chu Yueli was the first to speak up. “Alright… Since you are our Asgard Master, we will naturally believe your words.”

“We will go gather all the disciples now,” Murong Qianxue said while nodding. As she spoke, ice beads had already formed at the tips of her hair… Killing the two Overlords from Sun Moon Divine Hall had allowed Frozen Cloud Asgard to escape their destruction, but they all knew that it was not the end of their calamity. It was merely the beginning… However, they did not expect that an even bigger calamity would strike so soon.

“In addition, I will be in the Frozen End Divine Hall and will be setting up an isolation barrier. Before I come out on my own, unless those from Sun Moon Divine Hall have come early, do not let anyone go anywhere near it,” Yun Che suddenly stated. Then, without any further explanation, he floated up into the sky and flew in the direction of the Frozen End Divine Hall.

Five hundred kilometers of cold desolation. The night wind was ice-cold. Before anyone realized it, the sky went from dark gray to grayish-white to pale white… and then became brightly lit. Four hours had quietly passed just like that.

All the Frozen Clouds Asgard disciples had long gathered in front of the main gate. A nervous yet determined atmosphere had also enveloped all of Frozen Cloud Asgard.

Murong Qianxue and the others were floating high above in the sky. All of their beautiful eyes looked southward and would occasionally turn to look in the direction of the Frozen End Divine Hall… After Yun Che entered the Frozen End Divine Hall, there were no other movements. It was now nearing the “four hour” time span Yun Che had spoken of. They could only continuously use Frozen Heart Arts to calm their minds.

At this time, from a distant location, an ear-piercing tearing sound could be heard from the southwestern sky. It was also quickly getting closer and closer… Then, in the direction of the tearing sound, a faint black spot could be see in the pale sky.

“What is that… AH!!”

Following the scream of the Frozen Cloud female, in but an instant… in just a short moment, the faint black spot which could be seen was becoming bigger at a terrifying speed, clearly appearing as a completely silver profound ark silhouette. Its terrifying speed far surpassed most of the Frozen Cloud ladies’ cognition, and then, the silver profound ark suddenly stopped… Just like that, it stopped at a distance of around three hundred meters in front of them.

The cold wind became chaotic and space was faintly fluctuating as an enormous, indescribable profound energy aura covered the entire Snow Region of Extreme Ice. This had even left Murong Qianxue, who was currently Frozen Cloud Asgard strongest, completely breathless. This level of profound strength could only be deemed “incomprehensible”… It was the people from Sun Moon Divine Hall… They had really arrived!!!

“This profound ark, is called the Sun Moon Sacred Ark. It is the highest quality profound ark in Sun Moon Divine Hall. It is very fast and they would have not activated lightly. However, in order to pay our Frozen Cloud Asgard a visit this time, they had actually activated it.”

A slight tone of mocking could be heard from the calm voice that came over. They all quickly turned their head back and exclaimed in surprise despite their fear, “Asgard Master!”

Yun Che arrived while stepping on wind. In the blink of an eye, he flew in front of Murong Qianxue. No one knew what he had been doing in the Frozen End Divine Hall within those four hours. However, they could vaguely feel that the heavy aura that was on Yun Che’s body was weaker than it had previously been. At this point, while facing against the approaching the Sun Moon Sacred Ark, there was only calm in his aura and brows… There was even a bit of proudness. The only thing lacking was fear and anxiety!

Yun Che stood at the very front with his gaze fixed on Sun Moon Sacred Ark’s ark door which had yet to open. There seemed to be a bit of a smile on his tranquil face. “Every Senior Master, Junior Master, Senior Sister, and Junior Sister, before us, is indeed a calamity we have never countered in our Frozen Cloud Asgard’s thousand years of history! However, since I am already Frozen Cloud Asgard’s Asgard Master, I, Yun Che, am willing to bet on my dignity… that I’ll never allow Frozen Cloud Asgard to fall into enemy hands! Nor will I allow anyone to suffer a tragic end. What you all have to do later on is that, no matter what happens next, don’t panic! Perhaps…”

He turned his head and lightly laughed at Frozen Cloud’s young ladies, “You would discover that Sun Moon Divine Hall isn’t as scary as you think.”

With the calamity before them, every single one of them smelled the odor of a stifling, ice-cold despair. However, Yun Che’s words and his smile, when facing against such a powerful adversary, was like a gust of wind that brushed away more than half their depression and fear. The slightly trembling gazes of all of Frozen Cloud’s young ladies fell upon the back figure of the one in front of them with a kind of dependence and trust. An indescribable, unfamiliar warmth unceasing grew in their hearts and expanded. This was a sensation they had never felt even for late Asgard Mistress Gong Yuxian.

Chu Yueli silently looked at Yun Che’s back figure as her beautiful eyes blurred into absent-mindedness for a while… Who knew that the young man who had been scorned and mocked by everyone in Floating Cloud City, who she had protected only because of Qingyue’s request, would, in but a few years, shake the entire Blue Wind Nation and shake the entire Profound Sky Continent… And now, he had become the only thing Frozen Cloud Asgard could rely on against its greatest calamity!

Following a heavy sound, Sun Moon Sacred Ark’s ark door opened at this time. Each figure that slowly came out all possessed a boundless profound energy fluctuation on their bodies. Yun Che crossed his chest as his eyes swept through everyone who had walked down the Sun Moon Sacred Ark. The corner of his mouth slowly curled into a sneer. “Ye Xinghan, you’ve finally arrived. And I had even wondered how awesome your Sun Moon Divine Hall’s profound ark was, but it was only like this. You’ve actually made me wait this long!”

Each person who came out from the Sun Moon Sacred Ark stopped in their tracks as their expressions slightly changed.

In his fit of rage, Ye Xinghan had brought along four Monarchs, fifteen Overlords, and drove the Sun Moon Sacred Ark over in order to kill Yun Che in the shortest time possible. It was for the purpose of not allowing Yun Che to be able to react or have any chance of escaping. On the way there, they had all envisioned all kinds of scenarios… When their Sun Moon Divine Hall unexpectedly arrived, they had expected Yun Che to be scared witless on the spot or perhaps flee while cowering like a rat; that within his fear, he would desperately run for his life… or perhaps, he would have detected it and would have escaped from the Frozen Cloud Asgard. Then, they would be able to destroy Frozen Cloud Asgard and attack Blue Wind Imperial City in order to see Yun Che’s look of despair.

However, even in their wildest imagination, they would never have expected to see such a scene when they arrived… Yun Che, who was calm and composed, appeared to have been waiting for their arrival. He had obviously known that they were coming… yet, not only did he not escape, he showed no signs of worry or fear. From his deafening voice, there were no signs of nervousness or fear. Furthermore, his slightly crooked lips and his eyes which looked at them with arrogance and mockery seemed as though he was viewing prey that had been captured!

As “hunters,” when they were faced with Yun Che’s gaze, they instantly felt like they had become the hunted.

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