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Chapter 666 – Sudden Crisis

As the night deepened, the ladies of Frozen Cloud, who had gathered, finally dispersed and returned to their own ice rooms to recover their nerves which had been frazzled and frayed over the past six months. But even though they were exhausted beyond belief, they still would not be able to sleep that night… Yun Che’s words resonated in their ears… In a few months time, those who were below the Emperor Profound Realm would become Thrones, and those who were already Thrones would become Overlords. Even the leaders of the Four Great Sacred Grounds would think it was some kind of fairy tale and treat it as some nonsensical joke. However, they could not help but believe his words when they saw his unwavering gaze… even though Yun Che did not even explain what “method” he was going to use.

If he could really make it a reality, then even though Frozen Cloud Asgard only had two thousand disciples, they would still ascend to the highest echelons of power within the entire Profound Sky Continent and become a sect that would only lose to Divine Phoenix Sect and the Four Great Sacred Grounds.

The Sound Transmission Jade had still not rang with an impending sound transmission, so Yun Che was rather surprised… Once communication had been lost with the main Divine Phoenix Army, the other Divine Phoenix armies should have rushed over to investigate the situation at Blue Wind Imperial City… Could it be that the nearest Divine Phoenix Army was extremely far away, so perhaps they could not reach Blue Wind Imperial City within a day?

Without giving it any further thought, Yun Che let his gaze fall on Ye Qingsheng, who had already fainted from the cold and only barely held onto life itself. He gave a cold snort and flipped his hand as a Golden Crow flame that was as big as his fist flared to life… At his full power, Ye Qingsheng would not be able to withstand the Golden Crow flames for more than five breaths, but the Ye Qingsheng right now would be reduced to ashes in an instant by the Golden Crow flames.

“Wait!” Just as Yun Che was about to release those Golden Crow flames, he was interrupted by Jasmine’s shout. Yun Che hurriedly drew back his palm and asked, “What is it? Could it be that this person is still of some use?”

“While this person has already exceeded his usefulness, I must warn you of something before you dispose of him….” Jasmine said unhurriedly, “There was a soul imprint placed on these two people, so once they die, all of the memories they had right before death would be transmitted to the person who laid the soul imprint on them. Since the two of them are the lapdogs of Ye Xinghan, all the memories before their death will be transferred to him!”

“…” Yun Che just stood there with a blank expression on his face. After that, his expression swiftly changed… Ye Qingsheng was not dead, but Ye Ziyi had already been burned to cinders by him. So now that it had reached this stage… Ye Xinghan should already be cognizant of everything that had happened… not only did Ye Xinghan know that Yun Che still lived, he also would have a rough gauge of his current strength.

Yun Che smacked his hand against his forehead and said in an exasperated tone, ”You… Why didn’t you tell me this beforehand?!!”

“Hmph!” Jasmine sniffed disdainfully, “You were being reckless yet you want to blame me? You instantly killed that purple-clothed old man called Ye Ziyi, but that would at most alert Ye Xinghan to the fact that you still lived. But if you were to continue your reckless and foolish ways and kill Ye Qingsheng as you had just intended… then remember this, you just used the Profound Handle Soul Search on him just now, and if Ye Xinghan were to discover your possession of a Profound Handle, he would be able to persecute you as a demon under the guise of righteousness! At that time, the only option left would be to tamely flee back to the Illusory Demon Realm!”

Jasmine words caused shock to reverberate in Yun Che’s heart… Illusory Demon Realm was a place that was demonized by the Profound Sky Continent. If Ye Xinghan were to find out about his Profound Handle, this demonization would not be confined to himself alone… it would also include everything connected to him, encompassing the Blue Wind Imperial Family and Frozen Cloud Asgard where he was presently residing. Ye Xinghan would use the excuse that he was “exterminating a demon” and officially throw the might of Sun Moon Divine Hall in order to destroy him!

“Before killing him, use your Profound Handle to erase the soul imprint placed on him!” Jasmine said in a cold voice.

Yun Che extended his left hand and his Profound Handle shot out, instantly burying itself into Ye Qingsheng’s body and directly wiping out all of the imprints within his soul… Not only did he erase the soul imprint, he even wiped his memories clean. After that, he flipped his palm open as he released a cluster of Golden Crow flames and instantly reduced him to nothingness.

As he withdrew his Profound Handle, Yun Che’s expression grew grave… he had just told all the ladies of Frozen Cloud that their current circumstances were not too dire, that Sun Moon Divine Hall should not be paying them a visit anytime soon, but… if Ye Xinghan knew that he still lived, that changed things entirely!

Three years ago, he had destroyed the evil scheme that Ye Xinghan had plotted against Feng Xue’er on the Primordial Profound Ark, and he had also killed two of his women… Yue Ji and Mei Ji, and now, he had killed two of his protectorates and ten of his lapdogs…

As the Young Master of Sun Moon Divine Hall, there were not many people who dared to speak half a word against him. On the other hand, Yun Che had done far more than merely that! Ye Xinghan must hate him to the bone, and now that he knew that reports of his demise were greatly exaggerated, he would definitely spare no effort in eliminating him… even to the point where he may lose his sense of rationality.

“It looks like there’s gonna be a lot of trouble headed right your way.” Jasmine said in a bland voice, “If you don’t want all the women here to be wiped out, I would advise you to immediately load them up into the Primordial Profound Ark and flee as far away as you possibly can.”

“Even though they know they are up against Sun Moon Divine Hall, they clearly do not want to flee… because they know that once they flee, this place will be utterly demolished, and that would mean that the root and the thousand year foundation of Frozen Cloud Asgard would be buried as well.” Yun Che said as he sighed, “Moreover, if Ye Xinghan cannot find me here, the next place he would think of would definitely be Blue Wind Imperial City… then, at that time, the city that my princess wife desperately fought to preserve will be ruined by Sun Moon Divine Hall instead of the Divine Phoenix Army….”

Not only did Ye Xinghan know that he was alive, he also knew his current level of strength. So when he finally came calling, the people that he would bring or send would definitely be at the Sovereign Profound Realm… and there might even be more than one of them! If they wanted to raze Blue Wind Imperial City, it would only be a matter of lifting a finger.

Running away… had never ever solved any problems.

“Hmph, what else do you expect? Given your current strength, you are not qualified to contend against Sun Moon Divine Hall by yourself! Unless you go back to the Illusory Demon Realm and bring your Little Demon Empress back. Because with the current strength of the Little Demon Empress, we do not even need to mention Sun Moon Divine Hall. Even if the Four Great Sacred Grounds joined hands together, they still will not be able to defeat her, and the most that they can hope for is to eke out a draw.”

“Definitely not!” Yun Che shook his head as he replied without hesitation, “Without even mentioning her status and the fact that the threat of Duke Ming still hangs over everyone’s head, she also hates the Four Great Sacred Grounds to the bone. In addition, given her temperament, if she were to really come here, she would definitely wreak such havoc that even the heavens would be overturned! Even I am unable to control her in such situations.”

“Furthermore, her strength was bought at the cost of her own life! If she were to really use that degree of her strength, then the three years of life that she originally had left to her would be reduced even further,” Yun Che said as his eyebrows knit together. Of course, the more important point was that… if he were to flee back to Illusory Demon Realm to hide behind the Little Demon Empress right after he had just returned to the Profound Sky Continent… as a real man, he simply could not bring himself to do such a thing!

Jasmine gave an even more disdainful sniff, “So what now? Are you prepared to personally witness their deaths? Or are you prepared to die with them?!”

“…I still have at least twelve hours to think of a plan,” Yun Che said as he sank into deep thought.

“Twelve hours?”

“Within Ye Qingsheng’s memories, the fastest profound ark Sun Moon Divine Hall possesses will only be able to reach this location in twelve hours!” Yun Che looked at the colour of the sky. “Even if Ye Xinghan exploded into action and scrambled to activate that profound ark, it will still be twelve hours before he arrived. If I am still not able to come up with a plan at that time, I will have to force everyone into the Primordial Profound Ark and leave this place.”

“Speaking of which, you just said you would help them all raise their profound strength… are you going to use the Overlord Pellets to achieve that?” Jasmine asked as she changed subjects. No one else in this world had a better measure of what Yun Che was made of than Jasmine herself.

“Yes.” Yun Che said as he nodded his head, “It is the only method that will allow them to swiftly raise their profound strength.”

“The potency of the Overlord Pellet is not something that they can handle. If they rashly consume it, they will only be looking for death. Are you prepared to use the power of the Great Way of the Buddha to help them refine it one by one?”

“Of course, that is the only method available to me,” Yun Che replied in a conspicuously helpless tone… Two thousand Frozen Cloud Asgard disciples, that was indeed a rather huge project. Because the Overlord Pellet was an extremely valuable treasure even within the highest levels of power of the Illusory Demon Realm, its medicinal strength would definitely not be small. And even given Yun Che’s current profound strength and the strength of his fourth stage Great Way of the Buddha, helping all of them refine this pellet within their bodies would definitely not be easy.

But to allow Frozen Cloud Asgard to rapidly ascend in power, to the point where they could at least preserve themselves in the face of Sun Moon Divine Hall’s power, this was the only method he could think of.

“Also, you only have thirty-seven Overlord Pellets on your person right now, but there are two thousand Frozen Cloud disciples here. So are you going to go back to the Illusory Demon Realm to gather more ingredients?”

“There is no need.” Yun Che said with confidence, “The ingredients required to refine the Overlord Pellet are Purgatory Stones, Flaming Devil Vines, Rakshasa Heart-destroying Fruit, and other ingredients which not only contain a high level of power, but are also extremely hard to control. Even the best apothecaries of this continent would find it extremely hard to refine even a single one of these ingredients, and to refine several tens of these at one time would be as hard as scaling the heavens. That was the reason why the Illusory Demon Royal Family was only able to at most produce two Overlord Pellets every century. Even though these ingredients are extremely high-grade, because of their volatility, they did not cost a lot. So I will be able to purchase more than enough of them from the Black Moon Merchant Guild… Yun Che’s voice deepened faintly as he continued, “Anyways, I will have to pay the Divine Phoenix Empire a visit in the near future!”

“Two thousand Overlord Pellets and you are willing to use the Great Way of the Buddha to refine its energy for them one by one. You truly have your heart set on this Frozen Cloud Asgard, don’t you,” Jasmine said as she gave a dull laugh.

“After all, I owe a favor to Frozen Cloud Asgard… Moreover, I accepted the Asgard Master position from Gong Yuxian right before she passed, so I should act more like a sect leader in any case,” Yun Che said earnestly.

“Tch….” Jasmine gave cold snort, “It’s clearly because of your guilt towards Chu Yuechan! The one thing in this world that can cause a great lecher like you to behave earnestly… is only that woman!”

“…” Jasmine’s words pierced directly into Yun Che’s soul causing his breathing to roughen.

Another three years has gone by… Little Fairy, just where have you gone….

I requested the Black Moon Merchant Guild to search for Chu Yuechan back then… now that three years have passed, I wonder if they have gotten any results.

All of Yun Che’s worries were justified.

The moment Ye Ziyi died, a reaction occurred in Ye Xinghan’s mind… at the same time, the memories he had of the events that occurred thirty breaths before his death were also transmitted into his mind!

“Yun… Che….” Ye Xinghan slowly stood up and raised both his hands, and his wide-spread fingers distorted while his expression had become dark and terrible.

The change in his aura caused the many protectorates that he had by his side to freeze up in shock… they had followed Ye Xinghan for so many years, yet they had never ever felt such a dreadful anger and killing intent emanating from his body before.

“My father went to Supreme Ocean Palace… what profound ark did he use?” Ye Xinghan asked slowly, his voice deepening to the point where it sounded like the growls of a demon.

Everyone did not know why Ye Xinghan asked such a question, but his head servant replied in a trembling voice, “He took… the Rainbow Sun Ark.”

“So that is to say that the Sun Moon Sacred Ark is still within the hall!” Ye Xinghan’s eyes abruptly focused as his old hatred surged back into life, and a fierce killing intent that he had never felt before in his entire life swelled to such an extent that it threatened to rupture his body. He knew that he had already lost all sense of rationality, but he did not allow himself to calm down. He turned around and said in an incomparably deep voice, “Immediately inform the Ninth Elder, the Eleventh Elder, the Fifteenth Elder, and the Seventeenth Elder to come and see me!”

“Also, I will give you an hour to quickly prepare the Sun Moon Sacred Ark, I want to… personally pay a visit to this lowly Blue Wind territory!”

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        And I was thinking that too, if the overlord pellets can boost cultivation then why isn’t he gulping them down like how Meng Hao and Chu Feng swallow butt load of pills every time they lvl up. Probably growth related, tbh aside from those dragon blood pills he made in front of Chu Yuechen, I don’t remember him ever eating pills to raise his lvl. Clarify my memory if you remember. 🙂

        1. The ones to come to my mind are:
          The Pill form the Phoenix Trial.
          The Pills he made from the blood of the Dragon.
          The pill he got when he got acepted in the Blue Wind Profound Palace .

  10. So nobody else finds it weird that they never once considered that Yun Che sleep with his wife,o r that Yun che hasn’t thought this could have been prevented if he would have told her about her body when he had the chance

  11. hmm..the author….can’t write drama well?..i mean that soul transmission not working thing should be found by yun che fast. shouldn’t he? Was all that for suspense only?…

    thanks for the hard-work!!

  12. so he’ll be meeting up with both ye xinghan, feng hengkong and xue’er in asgard i guess
    it’d be sweet if xue’er could lend a hand at the time and redeem herself…at the same time i don’t see how yun che could let that traitorous as$hole live or even die peacefully

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