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Chapter 638 – Jealous?

Listening Yun Che’s comment, Mu Yurou started smiling in an ambiguous manner, “So, you like Zhixi very much?”

“Yeah,” Yun Che smiled and said, “so I adopted her as my little sister.”

“Little… sister?”

“Of course.” Yun Che chuckled, “Otherwise, did you want me to marry her so Mother can have a daughter-in-law?”

Mu Yurou was speechless all of a sudden, and said in puzzlement, “This child Zhixi is well-rounded, many gentlemen in Demon Imperial City all admire her. You don’t have any feelings for her?”

“Of course I have feelings for her,” Yun Che said frankly, “But, this type of ‘feeling’ is definitely not the type between men and women. It’s the simple admiration of a beautiful woman, and is merely a possessive desire… or to be called as the instinct of a man, or the most abominable barbarity. I can’t savage someone just because of this reason, right?”

But Mu Yurou laughed and said, “You two just met each other for the first time, of course it is impossible for you two to develop feelings between a man and a woman that soon. But you have this ‘admiring’ feeling, it at least means that you don’t reject her, and you even somewhat like her. This beginning is already enough, and you will develop a relationship with her very soon.”

“Mother, you seem to really like Zhixi. You want me to marry her into our family?” Yun Che said with a face of helplessness.

“Of course.” Mu Yurou smiled and said, “This child Zhixi, anyone who sees her would like her. Even if the Su Family didn’t take her to meet you themselves, I, your mother, had already prepared to bring up this matter with the Su Family. In the entire Illusory Demon Realm, there aren’t many girls who can suit my son, but Zhixi certainly counts as one. Everyone in the family thinks that you two are made for each other. If you keep hesitating and letting the other gentlemen from other families reach her first, it would be a shame.”

“Um…” Yun Che rubbed his forehead in frustration and said, “Mother, I will be honest with you, I am unsuitable for her… and incredibly unsuitable, even.”

“How are you two unsuitable?” Mu Yurou’s eyes seemed to be saying that the two of them were suitable in every way.

Yun Che slightly sighed in relief, and then said slowly, “I once owed a girl very, very deeply. She gave her everything for me, but me… From then on, I swore, I will not owe anyone anymore in this life. But… I couldn’t control myself, and under my mind and helplessness, I owed one person after another. So far as to…”

Yun Che’s voice stuttered. In his mind flashed by the beautiful image of Chu Yuechan. He didn’t tell his parent about Chu Yuechan, or else, if they knew that it was very possible that they had a grandson wandering away from home, they would worry about it every day.

And Cang Yue… they had been married for more than three years, but the time that they actually spent together was incredibly short. What was left for her was worriedness and heartbreak again and again.

“Mother, you should have seen and felt that there are a lot of unusual things about me during these times. And these, all decided that my life is destined to be impossible to be peaceful. Even if I pursue the most common life, different conflicts would still continuously be attracted to me.” Yun Che said peacefully, “And Zhixi, even though she is born to a Guardian Family, her personality is introverted, gentle as water, waiting to be betrothed before getting married, and after marriage she would settle in the home. To most men, she would be the perfect candidate for a wife… but she definitely doesn’t suit me. If she marries me, I might bring her life down.”

Seeing that Mu Yurou was still somewhat lost, Yun Che helplessly said, “Mother, besides, you’re not without a daughter-in-law, why do you want me to marry another Sister Zhixi so much…? Alright alright, I promise mother, your daughter-in-law is definitely not worse than Sister Zhixi.”

“Could her appearance also be not worse than Zhixi?” Mu Yurou asked with a forced smile on her face. It seemed like she cared a lot about the appearance of her daughter-in-law.

“Of course.” Yun Che said without hesitation. Seeing that Mu Yurou seemed to be doubtful in her eyes, he lifted his head and said with all seriousness, “Mother, I am telling you very responsibly. Your daughter-in-law, not mentioning other qualities, just solely her appearances, she would win against Sister Zhixi by a lot, a lot… a lot!”

“Oh?” Mu Yurou’s eyes slightly narrowed, “Mother doesn’t really believe this. Zhixi is not a usual beauty. In the entire Demon Imperial City, there’s only a few who could be compared to her. Could the appearance of the daughter-in-law that you found for mother be like the Little Demon Empress, like an angel fallen from heaven?”

“Hm, I can’t say that she could be compared to the Little Demon Empress, but they each have their strengths.” Yun Che nodded without hesitation. The Little Demon Empress’ appearance was indeed already extremely beautiful, but whether it was Chu Yuechan or Xia Qingyue, they both were not worse than her, “My first wife is after all, Blue Wind Nation’s number one…”

Just when the words slipped out of his mouth, Yun Che’s voice was instantly stuck, and he had a bad feeling. As expected, Mu Yurou turned and looked at him, “First wife? Could there be a second wife, third wife, and mistress?”

“Uh, this…” The corner of Yun Che’s eyebrows twitched. He drooped his face, and said honestly, “Alright, I will tell you the truth. Actually, you have two daughter-in-laws… The first one was the one that I’ve mentioned to you two before, Xia Qingyue, who had an arranged betrothal with Xiao Yun when they were still children, and we married six years ago. Her appearance could indeed be compared to the Little Demon Empress, and she was publicly known as the number one beauty of Blue Wind Nation. The other one is named Cang Yue. We married three years and a half ago, and she is the sole princess of Blue Wind Nation.”

Mu Yurou raised her brows, “One is the number one beauty of Blue Wind Nation, the other is the only princess of Blue Wind Nation… My son’s taste is indeed not bad. But only that kind of woman can be suitable for my son.”

Mu Yurou’s tone was delightful, and there was even more pride. But following after, her eyebrows lowered, and said sentimentally, “Che’er has already had two wives. Mother wasn’t there for either of the marriages, and now I haven’t even seen what my daughter-in-laws look like…”

Yun Che said immediately, “Mother, don’t worry. Two more months, when father’s injury is fully healed, I will use the profound ark that I have mentioned to you two before to return to Profound Sky Continent. At that time, I will definitely bring them back to see you two… Uh, but, while my princess wife will definitely be willing to come back with me, my wife Qingyue’s temperament is very different from usual women, so whether or not she will be willing to return with me… I can’t be sure.”

“Then mother will have to think about what kind of gift she should prepare when she meets them,” Mu Yurou smiled. Looking at her expression, she seemed to be somewhat nervous to meet her daughter-in-laws for the first time, “If you don’t want to marry Zhixi, Mother will tell the Su Family explicitly.”

“Speaking of which, what if the Little Demon Empress wants to marry Zhixi to you, what will you do then?”

“Marry her to me? Why would the Little Demon Empress marry Zhixi to me?” Yun Che said with confusion.

“Oh?” Looking at Yun Che’s reaction, Mu Yurou also became confused, “Shouldn’t the Little Demon Empress know about you two… Could you have not seen her in the afternoon?”

“The afternoon… the Little Demon Empress came by during the afternoon?” Yun Che was stunned.

“Mn.” Mu Yurou nodded, “The Little Demon Empress came to visit your father to see how his injury has been healing, and she asked specially about you. I told her that you could be in the backyard, and then she headed directly towards the backyard… Could it be that she didn’t come look for you, but she left immediately?”

“…What time did she come by?”

“Probably around a quarter to four or a quarter to five,” said Mu Yurou.

“…” Yun Che thought back to that time, and if he remembered correctly, he should have been in the backyard sitting side by side with Su Zhixi, feeding fishes in the lotus pond.

“Che’er, what’s wrong?” Mu Yurou asked when she saw Yun Che was suddenly in a daze.

“Oh… Usually I would go pay the Little Demon Empress a visit every day. I suddenly remembered that I haven’t been able to go yet for today. Mother, I will go to see the Little Demon Empress, I should be back very soon,” Yun Che stood up and said.

“Come home soon,” Even though Mu Yurou noticed something strange about Yun Che, she didn’t ask any more questions.

The sky had already darkened when Yun Che flew all the way to the Little Demon Empress’ palace. Outside of the palace, there were two female attendants guarding there quietly. Yun Che landed from the sky, and said politely, “Yun Family’s Yun Che requests to see the Little Demon Empress. May two big sisters please help me pass on the message.”

“Please wait a moment, Young Patriarch Yun.” Towards the arrival of Yun Che, the two female attendants both had smiles on their faces. The one on the right stepped lightly into the palace… After a short moment, she came out, but the expression on her face was unusual.

“Can I go in now?” Yun Che said with a smile.

“Young Patriarch Yun… Please wait.” That female attendant reached out and blocked him. Her expression was a little bit awkward as he said, “The Little Demon Empress is probably not in a good mood today. She heard that the Young Patriarch Yun had arrived… she told me to pass on… one word.”

“One word?” Yun Che narrowed his eyes, his body slightly leaned forward and said, “Is it… scram?”

That female attendant panicked, lowered her head, and only said in a small voice, “Yes.”

“Hahahaha!” To the surprise of the two female attendants, not only did Yun Che not get mad, he instead laughed loudly, and his loud laughter was not stiff at all. It doesn’t seem to be forced at all, and it even seemed to be somewhat carefree… and proud?

“If so, may I please trouble big sister to bring a message to the Little Demon Empress.” Yun Che smiled and said, “The first thing is, if the people from the Su Family ask the Little Demon Empress to marry Su Zhixi to me, she absolutely cannot agree to it, because Zhixi is already my adopted sister. The second thing… is that I already scrammed obediently. If the Little Demon Empress is already this annoyed, I will try to appear less before her… Two big sisters, thank you for your hard work guarding the night. Yun Che bids farewell.”

Yun Che flew up into the air, and quickly disappeared into the night.

“She told you to scram, but you laughed so satisfyingly? Is there something wrong with your brain?” Jasmine said in a low voice.

“If she didn’t tell me to scram and instead lets me go see her peacefully, I would probably be even more disappointed,” Yun Che laughed and said. Obviously, his mood was pretty good right now, “After all, no matter how powerful a woman is, she would have some kind of weakness in her personality. Being gentle to her was no use. Being forceful to her was even more impossible… Neither soft approach nor force worked on her, but she seems to be able to get jealous.”

Jasmine, “??”

Time passed day after day. With Duke Huai’s disturbance being calmed down, the harsh atmosphere in Demon Imperial City slowly disappeared. The only thing that didn’t grow faint was the Little Demon Empress’ invisible emperor’s prestige. Whether it was the Guardian Families or the many Duke Palaces, they all obeyed the Little Demon Empress’ commands with their lives with extreme respect and fear, and no one dared to disobey at all.

But another month passed by, and there still wasn’t any news about Duke Ming. He seemed to have found an extremely secluded place and hidden himself.

Even though Yun Che wanted to return to Profound Sky Continent day and night, he couldn’t leave Yun Qinghong with his injury. He treated Yun Qinghong every day regularly, and he used the rest of his time cultivating the Purple Cloud Art. Sometimes he would go to the Medicine Pavilion to refine some pellets, sometimes he would go to the Artifact Pavilion to find a few swords to feed to Hong’er, sometimes he would help people treat their injuries, sometimes he would exchange moves with the young disciples in the clan… Oh, it should be more appropriate to describe it as “giving pointers”… Every day he kept repeating the same things peacefully, but, since that night when he was denied entrance by the Little Demon Empress, he kept his word and stopped visiting the Little Demon Empress.

Under the treatment of Yun Che, Yun Qinghong’s body recovered extremely fast, and the feeling of weakness that he should have had did not exist anymore. Instead he was energetic every day. He did not forget the Little Demon Empress personally matched Xiao Yun and Number Seven Under Heaven. Yun Qinghong picked an auspicious day, brought betrothal presents, and paid a visit to propose the marriage personally… Even though Greatest Ambition Under Heaven had already acknowledged Xiao Yun and Number Seven Under Heaven, as the senior of the bride’s side, facing the Yun Family’s visit, he still appeared quite aloof. His expression was calm, and not only was there no joy, there was occasionally some bitterness and dismay…

However, when Yun Qinghong took out one of the betrothal presents… ten Overlord Pellets, the white jade chair underneath Greatest Ambition Under Heaven instantly blew up, and the entire Under Heaven Family also immediately blew up…

When Greatest Ambition Under Heaven took over the ten Overlord Pellets, the hair on his whole body was trembling. He even secretly calculated in his mind: even if someone wanted to buy his daughter with ten Overlord Pellets, he probably would spend a while considering it…

The date for Xiao Yun and Number Seven Under Heaven’s wedding was settled quickly. It would be one month later… which was also the date that Yun Che planned on leaving.

【Time to go back to the Profound Sky Continent. What was the saying… sharpen one’s knife to kill the divine phoenix?】

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            The training in the ark provided boosts to the fortitude and toughness of his body primarily rather than profound energy gains, also consider that all the fairies have fully opened meridians (thanks to Yun Che) which provides cultivation that’s far better than missing a single meridian and leagues better than they were ay previously, and all the resources and facilities of their sect. They’re also some of the very best talents in their country, and concentrate on profound energy gains rather than body toughness or technique.

            That’s even before we begin to consider that your entire post hinges upon multiple assumptions; about the fairies, about Yun Che, about their training environments and what they were training for. Yun Che has rarely been about training the level of his profound energy as a primary, instead choosing to train the toughness of his body, the level of his techniques or with his heavy sword, which is exactly why he can level skip so hard.

            You guys want to ignore his actual fighting strength? Fine, but ignoring something is not magically going to make it go away, and ignoring all available evidence while making assumptions on top of that is only going to lead you to incorrect conclusions.

          3. Firstly, I didn’t say his great way of the Buddha was what gave him insane gains; it was his training. “Eight months later, Yun Che’s profound strength had broken through straight to the fifth level from the initial stage of the Sky Profound Realm… he had averaged one level every two months! This was the Sky Profound Realm we were talking about! Going from level one to level five within the Sky Profound Realm was much harder than going from the initial stage of the Elementary Stage Profound Realm to the peak of the Earth Profound Realm. This meant that the speed of his improvement in these eight months was even faster than his speed of improvement in the three and half years since he received the Evil God’s Profound Veins.
            This rate of improvement was enough to ceaselessly amaze and confound the greatest experts of the Sky Profound Continent.” This is from chapter 475. Interpret it however you want.
            You can ignore the thunder God seed when it comes to cultivation, but you definitely can’t ignore his inheritance and the months spent in the pool of death.
            ‘At this moment, however, it was being greedily absorbed by Yun Che as tonic of the highest grade… Streams of fire energy began to circulate in his body twice, then thrice… and after the third circulation, Yun Che’s profound energy had already increased by ten percent and he had become completely immersed in the process. As his profound strength was in the process of being strengthened, Yun Che could vaguely sense that his understanding towards the laws of fire had undergone some sort of faint and indistinct change.
            ‘-chapter 601
            So three circulations increased his profound strength by as much as ten percent, and the speed could only get faster. Judging from Jasmine’s reaction, this is way faster than ‘all the resources and facilities’ you could find in a backwater continent like the profound sky, talk less of blue wind nation. But the author shamelessly says that he’s only half step emperor after 100 cycles. This should give you a feel of his writing style already. I don’t know if this story has ever accurately described the changes of cultivation of anyone apart from the main character and those closely related to him, but if you have a more accurate description of their strengths, you tell me (with proof, of course). And just in case there’s confusion, early-1 2 3, mid-4 5 6, late- 7 8 9 10.
            Edit: and if you’re going to use his heavenly God spiritual veins as an excuse, remember who it was that gave it to them, and remember that Xia Quingye could only move from true profound realm to earth profound realm in three years with said veins and resources, and that moving from the first to fifth stage of the sky profound realm is a hard a moving from elementary to the peak of the earth profound realms.

  5. Thanks for the chapter crushanapple, Niles, alyschu, Dorian D, Jonathan B, Nicolai W, Casey F, Kareem S, and Jeobany A! I guess his parents can see his vicious side first-hand soon. The Profound Sky Continent is full of sects and people that need slaying.



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