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Chapter 591 – Little Demon Empress’ Crisis

The sky grew darker and darker. The night was exceptionally dark today and no stars could be seen in the night sky. A dark cloud floated by, covering up the crescent moon. In an instant, the entire world became as dark as black ink, and when one stretched out his hand, he could not see his fingers. Even the air became exceptionally heavy… as though it was using the surrounding darkness to predict something.

“Tonight really is overwhelmingly dark,” Yun Che muttered to himself. As he looked into the sky, the cloud layer was not dense, which signified that there was also almost no chance of rain.

After some time, the clouds that shrouded the moon slowly floated away and dim moonlight shone down. In front of Yun Che, the figures of two towering peaks appeared vaguely in the distance. Under the darkness of the sky, they looked like two giants that depended on each other to stand.

The entrance to Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley laid where the two towering peaks crossed paths. In the area fifty kilometers around it, there was no sign of humans, and only a few profound beasts were seen.

“I’m almost there!” Yun Che called out in a low voice. His body started to descend, his speed slowed down, his aura weakened greatly, and even his eyebrows knitted slightly.

From the message Yun Qinghong had sent to his mind, he learned that the seal at the entrance of Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley was personally set up by the soul of the Golden Crow. The profound formation was thirty meters tall and was constantly emitting a golden profound glow and a scorching aura.

In the darkness of the night, even if one was several kilometers away, the golden glow of the profound formation should be exceptionally eye-catching. However, from what Yun Che could see, there was only a patch of darkness between the two peaks and not one bit of the golden profound formation could be seen.

Which meant that… the profound formation that sealed Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley had indeed been broken!!

“Looks like what I predicted had indeed come true. The Little Demon Empress had indeed come to Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley… And there was indeed a way to forcefully break the seal to Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley,” Yun Che muttered.

It was also obvious that after the seal to Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley had been broken, it would not recover immediately, and people that came later could freely enter as well.

Yun Che took out a Sound Transmission Jade and was about to inform Yun Qinghong of the news that Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley’s profound formation had been broken, but just as he was about to talk, he put down the Sound Transmission Jade and said to himself, “I better go closer to confirm things.”

Yun Che closed the distance quickly and soon, he could see the entrance to Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley in front of him. He could clearly feel that the surrounding air was becoming hotter and hotter, and when he was one and a half kilometers away, the scorching heat had become unbearable for any normal human. Then, Jasmine suddenly said, “Quick, get down; there’s someone at the entrance.”

Hearing this, Yun Che quickly descended from midair and slowly walked to the entrance. Using Hidden Flowing Lightning, he became silent. Previously, even the Little Demon Empress could not detect his existence when he was close by, not to mention other people.

Every time his proficiency in the Great Way of the Buddha increased, the sensitivities of Yun Che’s five senses increased. Stopping one kilometer away, he stood behind a huge boulder as he looked across the darkness and indeed, at the entrance of Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, he clearly saw the figure of a person.

Although he could not see the person’s face clearly, this person did not withhold his aura and from the profound aura, Yun Che felt a sense of familiarity.

This aura, this slight pressure, was not foreign. This person was…

Yun Che thought for a short while before his heart stirred fiercely——

Hui Ran!!!

Duke Huai’s eldest son, the strongest of the Illusory Demon Seven Scions… The one he beat miraculously during the ceremony by sending him flying with one swing of his sword!!!

Why would he be here….

Yun Che thought for a while before his heart sank… Hui Ran appearing here could only mean one thing. The members of Duke Huai Palace had, as he feared, learned of the actions of the Little Demon Empress and had entered Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley after the Little Demon Empress had entered!

Their motive was obviously to kill the Little Demon Empress at such an excellent place like Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley!!

To perform such an act, nothing could be leaked and there must be no signs of the act. Therefore, the ones who performed the act must be the ones Duke Huai trusted the most… As such, his immediate relatives would naturally be involved!

Father or son!

To ensure that the assassination was successful, it was definitely not possible with Duke Huai alone. Then, the person Duke Huai would most likely bring along would definitely be his father who had disappeared for a long time, but was most likely be hiding behind the scenes and was at the pinnacle of profound cultivation… Duke Ming!

Hui Ran was obviously here to act as a lookout! To prevent anyone from approaching and realizing that Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley’s seal had been broken… If he could defeat this person, he would definitely silence him, and even if he couldn’t, he would clearly know who had approached.

Yun Che hid his body again, took out the Sound Transmission Jade and sent a sound transmission to Yun Qinghong, “Unfortunately, my guess was right… The profound formation to Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley has been opened. Duke Huai Palace’s Hui Ran is guarding the entrance.”

When he finished speaking, Yun Che kept the Sound Transmission Jade… He believed that when Yun Qinghong heard this, he would definitely rush over immediately.

“What are you going to do?” Jasmine asked.

Yun Che thought for a while and said, “I’ll guard here for now. Even if I disregard Duke Ming and Duke Huai, I’m also unable to beat Hui Ran. The only thing I can do now is to observe and wait for Father and Grandfather to arrive.”

“However, what Grandfather said previously is true. The Little Demon Empress definitely won’t let down her guard so easily. After leaving the palace, she most definitely rushed towards Golden Crow’s Ancestral Land that is within the depths of Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley. Even if the people from Duke Huai Palace reacted right away, it would not be possible for them to chase up to her. Within the Golden Crow’s Ancestral Land, the Little Demon Empress would not encounter any danger. When her bloodline has been awakened, even if Duke Ming personally attacked, it wouldn’t be possible to kill her.”

After saying these, Yun Che’s eyebrows did not relax but knitted even more tightly.

“Oh? Is it?” Jasmine snorted, “After saying all this, you don’t find anything wrong? How smart are Duke Huai and Duke Ming who are always behind the scenes. How would they not think of something your grandfather thought of! They’re able to predict the Little Demon Empress’ movement and chase her to this place, so isn’t it obvious that, just as you were afraid of, they had already learned numerous secrets about the Demon Emperor’s clan? What they know would definitely be much more than what your grandfather knows! If it were just like you had said, why would they chase to this place knowing fully well that it would be a waste of energy… and even leave one person to stand guard at the entrance!”

Jasmine’s words were also what Yun Che had been wondering about. She stopped for a moment, changing the tone in her voice, and she coldly laughed, “Regarding the bloodline of the Golden Crow, I just remembered something interesting.”

“Something interesting? What?” Yun Che was stunned.

“In the world that I was in, there’s an astral plane called ‘Flame God’s Realm.’ That place is dominated by flames and the people there all succeeded the bloodline and strength of fire beasts from the Primordial Era. There were flame qilins, azure divine birds, zhurongs, nine-tailed divine foxes, scarlet sables… Almost all the legacy of the flame-type divine beasts from the Primordial Era were concentrated in the ‘Flame God’s Realm.’ Above them were the three strongest flame forces which naturally were the races of the Vermillion Bird, Phoenix, and Golden Crow, which possessed the supreme flame divine powers and bloodline!”

Yun Che, “…”

“I’ve once said before, among the three flame supremes, although the Golden Crow is ranked last, if one were solely judging based on the might of the flames, the Golden Crow would be the strongest. However, within the Flame God’s Realm, the combined strength of the Golden Crows is far inferior to that of the Vermillion Bird and the Phoenix; not even half of theirs! Do you know why?”

“…Could it be that the Golden Crow flames are too intense? Not only is it intractable, it would harm one’s body?” Yun Che thought for a while and replied. Because Jasmine had once said similar words to him. Furthermore, within the Illusory Demon Realm, the purest heirs of the Golden Crow, the Demon Emperors, only had a very short lifespan. After their bloodline awakened, they could only live for more than a thousand years. In addition, no Demon Empress managed to live past a thousand years.

“Hmph, that’s right.” Jasmine said, “Within the Flame God’s Realm, men who cultivated the Golden Crow flames usually had lifespans that were half of those who cultivated the Vermillion Bird and the Phoenix Flames! Females who cultivated the Golden Crow flame had half the lifespan of males who did so. They were even often subjected to the pain of the flame burning their hearts!!!”

“This is because the Golden Crow Flame is the most supreme Yang flame and it does not allow the existence of even one bit of Yin energy! The more pure the Golden Crow bloodline, the more true this is! The vitality of women is innately Yin. If one bore the bloodline of the Golden Crow and cultivated the strength of the Golden Crow, wouldn’t the Golden Crow Flame harm their vitality?!”

Yun Che looked up vigorously, “Jasmine, what do you mean… by saying all this?”

Jasmine laughed coldly, “What I meant is that if that was the case for the women in Flame God’s Realm, for the Little Demon Empress who possessed an ordinary body, simply inheriting the Golden Crow’s bloodline would cause her excruciating pain. For them, the so-called awakening of the bloodline simply means obtaining a pure drop of blood from the soul of the Golden Crow. Heh, she’s merely a woman; if she were to obtain a pure drop of blood from the Golden Crow Ancestor, then, no matter how hard she tried to resist and withstand, her vitality would be burnt up within a year!”

“If she were still a virgin and still possessed her vital yin, she would not even survive past a month!”

“What!!” Jasmine’s words caused Yun Che to become deeply shocked and he nearly shouted out loud.

Jasmine then continued, “However, if the soul of the Golden Crow has some brains, it would not do the stupid thing of wasting the precious Golden Crow blood on a woman! Even if Little Demon Empress managed to see the soul of the Golden Crow, she would most likely be chased out.”

Yun Che, “!!”

Yun Che was greatly shocked… Jasmine’s words definitely wouldn’t be wrong! But if this were all true, then the Little Demon Empress’ attempt to awaken her bloodline would only end in failure! Even if she were to reach the Golden Crow’s Ancestral Land, the only result would be her being chased away by the soul of Golden Crow… Because even he would not believe that a divine beast which had its own will, such as the soul of the Golden Crow, would choose to waste its bloodline on a successor that would quickly perish after receiving it.

Then, unable to awaken her bloodline, she would soon encounter Duke Huai who entered after her…

Yun Che stood up immediately and did not hide his action one bit. Even his profound aura was released without restraint. He instantly swept up a storm and rushed straight to the entrance of Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley.

“Who goes there!!” Yun Che’s action had undoubtedly caught the attention of Hui Ran who stood up intensely, releasing an aura of dismay which condensed the air within a radius of thirty meters.

“What do you want to do?!” Jasmine asked displeasingly.

“Obviously, I need to rush in!” Yun Che said as he gritted his teeth, “If all of this is real… the Little Demon Empress would be in great danger. There’s no time left to wait for Father and Grandfather! No matter what, the Little Demon Empress cannot perish. Otherwise, the Yun Family would be doomed!”

“With your strength now, what use is there even if you were to rush in? Regarding people who have the ability to kill the Little Demon Empress, I’m afraid you wouldn’t be able to stop them for even a breath of time.”

“…If I can find her and she isn’t dead yet, then I’ll have a plan! Hong’er, come out!”

Yun Che howled as a red radiance flashed in his hand and the Heaven Smiting Sword appeared in his hand. Without even a word of greeting, the sword smashed straight at Hui Ran.

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