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Chapter 585 – Returning to the Mu Family

“Split it in two?” Everyone’s faces revealed shock and Number One Under Heaven said, “Brother Yun, you might not know this but this Overlord Pellet is not an ordinary pellet. Although its ingredients are easily obtainable, it is extremely difficult to produce. Trapping the medicinal properties within the Overlord Pellet is even more difficult. Normally, when the pill is formed, it is quickly and carefully consumed to prevent the medicinal properties from dissipating in case something happens to it. Splitting the pellet into two… Would likely destroy the Overlord Pellet.”

The others also had a look of deep thought. However, Yun Che replied with certainty, “Brother Under Heaven does not have to worry. I have some mastery with regards to refining medicinal pellets and have absolute confidence that nothing would happen to this Overlord Pellet, nor would its medicinal properties dissipate one bit.”

Xiao Yun had long since possessed blind confidence in Yun Che and after what happened today, his blind confidence in Yun Che had only soared higher. He immediately nodded and replied, “If Big Brother says he can do it, it’s definitely not a problem. If I can share the pill with Seventh Sister, it would be the best… Big Brother, I’ll have to trouble you then.”

As he spoke, Xiao Yun handed over the white jade box to Yun Che.

For Yun Che to suggest such a thing, he must have his reason. After receiving the Overlord Pellet, he immediately kept it.

His confident demeanor caused the members of the Under Heaven Family to be immensely shocked; thinking of how he completely cured Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou in the short span of a few months, and thinking about his earth-shattering performance today, it seemed that anything extraordinary that happened around him was actually not that exaggerated. Number Seven Under Heaven’s eyes sparkled as she looked at Yun Che and said, “I believe that since Big Brother Yun dared to say it, he can definitely do it. Big Brother Yun, this young sister is full of admiration for you now. Next time, do tell me some stories about yourself, okay?”

Yun Che laughed heartily, “No problem. After you and my brother Xiao Yun tie the knot, we will be one family. At that time, there’s no reason why I wouldn’t agree to such a small request.”

His words were obviously targeted at Greatest Ambition Under Heaven, but when Number Seven Under Heaven heard it, she was elated and replied with a smile, “Big Brother Yun, this is something you personally said; it’s a promise!”

“Cough cough!” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven was suddenly embarrassed as he pulled Number Seven Under Heaven over, “You’re a girl… Is this appropriate… Cough, Brother Yun, we shall take our leave. On the day of the Demon King’s burial, do inform us…”

When the Under Heaven Family left, an agitated shout came from a distance behind them.

“Grandson! Grandson… Aiyo, my grandson!”

Among the Twelve Patriarchs now, Mu Feiyan was the oldest, most senior, and most prestigious. He was usually stern which has caused people to fear him whenever they saw him. However, his face was currently flushed as he approached like an excited little child and he was even visibly flustered, as evidenced by his footsteps.

Yun Che turned around and knelt down without hesitation, “Yun Che pays his respects to Grandfather.”

“No, no, no… Good grandson, quickly, get up!” Hearing his words and seeing his actions, Old Man Mu was immediately ecstatic and even nearly cried. He hastily went forward to help Yun Che up and assessed him from up close. The redness in his face became deeper and deeper, “Good! Good! Good!” After saying “good” three times, Old Man Mu grabbed Yun Che’s hand and laughed heartily, “Hahahaha! My grandson is back, this is my, Mu Feiyan’s, blood related grandson, hahahaha.”

The three brothers Mu Yubai, Mu Yuqing, and Mu Yukong followed him at a normal pace… However, the eldest, Mu Yubai, who usually stood at the vanguard, was currently trailing behind for some reason. His face even revealed a mess of emotions.

“Father, looked how agitated you are. Aren’t you afraid you’ll be laughed at?” Mu Yurou asked with a smile, her eyes showing signs of tears welling up.

“Hahahaha! This old man is in a good mood today, whoever wants to laugh can laugh!” Old Man Mu waved it off and laughed once again, “That bunch of old fogies always liked to gloat about their grandsons in front of this old man. Now that this old man’s grandson is back, let’s see who still dares to talk about their grandson in front of this old man… Compared to this old man’s grandson, their grandsons are simply too inferior to be seen. Hahahaha.”

Even in his dreams, Mu Feiyan desired to quickly get grandchildren, but until now, his wish was unable to be fulfilled. Now that he had a grandson, he was obviously over the moon. Furthermore, this grandson of his was simply too outstanding. Among the young generation within Illusory Demon Realm, there was probably no one that could compare with him… It had been a few hundred years since he was so elated.

“Thank you, Grandfather, for your praise.” Yun Che said with a smile.

“Cough cough,” Mu Yuqing touched his chin and said with a grin, “Heh heh, good nephew. Your uncle has grown up under your grandfather’s black face since youth. This is the first time I’ve seen the old man praise someone like this. However, you do indeed deserve the old man’s praise.”

“It’s true, it’s true.” Mu Yukong nodded strongly, “You must see whose nephew he is. It’s always been said that the nephew follows the uncle. With such an outstanding uncle like me, our good nephew having such outstanding results today is only natural.”

“Piss off!” Mu Feiyan stared and waved them off. In an instant, a cold wind blew Mu Yuqing and Mu Yukong some distance away, “Two good-for-nothing brats. When you were young, you two added up would not even be able to compare to my grandson’s toe! Stop embarrassing yourselves in front of my grandson, and go play with your sandcastles on the side!”

Mu Yuqing and Mu Yurou’s faces instantly turned bitter, as they stood there, not daring to reply. Mu Yurou laughed and said, “Father, with Che’er here, at least give some face to Second and Third Brother who are his uncles. Che’er, come and greet your uncles properly.”

“Mn.” Yun Che nodded, walking to the front of Mu Yuqing and Mu Yukong, and bowed, “Nephew Yun Che greets his two uncles.”


Mu Yuqing and Mu Yukong revealed the demeanor of an elder and enjoyed it comfortably. Yun Che’s excellence was something they all witnessed today. To have their nephew reveal such a talent that shook the entire Illusory Demon Realm, they began to foster in their hearts a strong sense of pride.

Mu Yubai stood there without saying anything, but he finally could not bear with it anymore as he ran over and roared, “What two uncles! What do you mean by two uncles! Is this daddy here not your uncle! Or are you treating this daddy as a transparent person!!”

When Mu Yubai’s roar had just finished, Yun Che had not yet managed to react when Mu Feiyan appeared in front of him. He stared widely and with a thunderous voice, he scolded Mu Yubai, “MU YUBAI! My grandson has been lost for twenty-odd years and after many difficult experiences, he had only managed to return today. As a senior, not only did you not show signs of appreciation, you actually scolded him! Also, why do you keep using ‘this daddy’! You’re very imposing now, eh?!”

As he spoke, he turned to Yun Che and immediately became amiable once again, “Good grandson, you don’t have to be afraid. Since he was young, this brat did not know the limits of heaven. If he dares to roar at you like that again, grandfather will help you cripple his legs.”

When Mu Feiyan shouted the words “Mu Yubai”, all the hairs on Mu Yubai’s entire body stood on end. Hearing Old Man Mu’s scoldings which sounded like a tiger’s roar, he did not dare to utter a word and merely stood there with his head hung low, not daring to even breathe slightly louder.

Old Man Mu had always been absolutely strict within the Mu Family. He had been very thorough about it on these three young masters of the Mu Family especially.

Mu Yurou laughed secretly as she walked forward to appease the situation, “Alright Father, Big Brother is just agitated. How would he bear to scream at Che’er? Che’er, quick, come over to greet your First Uncle.”

Yun Che stepped forward and respectfully said, “Nephew greets First Uncle.”

Seeing Yun Che’s respectful face and the fact that he did not mention anything about the matter regarding “swearing brotherhood”, Mu Yubai’s expression calmed down immediately and a huge weight was lifted in his heart. The address of “First Uncle” was comforting and he instantly said seriously, “Mn, good nephew…”

Then, what was worse was that Yun Che had followed up by saying this, “First Uncle, regarding the matter about swearing brotherhood…”

“Pfft…” Mu Yuqing and Mu Yukong could not control in an instant and burst out laughing while Mu Yurou covered her mouth as she laughed. The veins on Old Man Mu trembled and the corners on his mouth twitched.

Before this afternoon, he had steeled his resolve to make Yun Che his sworn brother and this matter was known by all within the Yun and Mu Families. When he found out that Yun Che was actually his nephew… He almost went to find a hole to hide himself.

Mu Yubai glanced carefully at Old Man Mu’s expression as he forcefully resisted the urge to send Yun Che flying. He tapped Yun Che on the shoulder and laughed dryly like a madman, “Ha… Haha… Hahahaha… Being nephew and uncle is definitely better than being sworn brothers… Ha… Hahaha… Nephew, the fact that you are able to return, as your uncle, I’m extremely glad!!!”

Although Mu Yubai appeared to be laughing dryly, he gritted his teeth in secret… If this was exposed, the heroic name of Mu Yubai would probably become a laughingstock!

“There are many people here and it’s unsuitable for a long conversation. Che’er, you’ve already been back for three months and have yet been to Grandpa’s house for a visit. No matter what, you must follow Grandpa back to the Mu household today and look at the place where your mother grew up, and also let Grandpa take a good look at my wonderful grandson,” Old Man Mu said.

As he spoke, he was already holding onto Yun Che’s arm, unwilling to let go. His usually strict and cold eyes were currently filled with anticipation and love which made it hard for Yun Che to refuse.

“Alright.” Yun Qinghong gave some thought and nodded, “Che’er has already been back for so long and it’s not right that he did not manage to return to his mother’s family for a visit. Yurou, let us follow Che’er and Xiao’er back for a good gathering.”

“That’s great.” Mu Yurou nodded happily. Although it was just the simple word “gathering”, it caused everyone’s heart to sadden. Yun Che was already twenty-two and this was his first proper gathering in his entire life.

“Good!” Old Man Mu’s voice trembled slightly as he held Yun Che’s hands and walked in great stride, “Come, let’s go home!”

“Great Elder, I shall trouble you to escort father’s body back first. We will return at dusk.” Yun Qinghong instructed Yun Waitian and the rest simply before bringing Mu Yurou and Xiao Yun along with the Mu Family.

North of the Demon Imperial City, in front of the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley.

A massive flame profound formation was at the front, spinning slowly. In the middle, there was the golden image of the Golden Crow flashing, and each time it flashed, it released a golden flash of fire that no one could look into directly.

The profound formation was only thirty meters in diameter yet, it secured the only entrance to the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley. Even if all the high-leveled Monarchs in Illusory Demon Realm worked together, there was no way they could break through it. The high temperature it released caused ordinary profound practitioners to be unable to even get close to it.

To the Illusory Demon Realm, this was a forbidden ground. Other than once every five years, when the seal of the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley was released, no one typically dared to get close to it.

However, at this moment, there was a dark grey and petite figure that appeared quietly in front of the Golden Crow Profound Formation.

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