ATG – Chapter 580

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Chapter 580 – Command!

Although the other rewards were also incredibly generous, compared to being bestowed kingship, they basically were not worth mentioning. Yun Che immediately tugged Xiao Yun and said, “Hurry and thank the Little Demon Empress…” then he lowered his voice and said, “You shouldn’t reject this.”

“Ah…” It was as though Xiao Yun had just woken up from a dream; he stuttered in panic, “Xiao Yun… thanks the Little Demon Empress… for your… your grace.”

“Very good, it couldn’t be better that you are willing to accept.” The Little Demon Empress nodded delightfully.

Anyone with a discerning eye could see that on the surface, the Little Demon Empress was heavily rewarding Xiao Yun, but in reality, she was actually helping the Yun Family. Helian Kuang’s face cramped up, until he finally lost his patience and said loudly, “Little Demon Empress, bestowing kingship is not a light matter, how can…”

“You can stop talking now!” the Little Demon Empress interrupted Helian Kuang with her ice-cold voice before he could even finish his sentence. She didn’t even look at Helian Kuang as she said coldly, “Didn’t you all keep yelling repeatedly that the matter concerning the Demon Emperor’s Seal is larger than the heavens, and because the Yun Family lost the Demon Emperor’s Seal, it wouldn’t be going overboard to even exterminate their entire family… If so, shouldn’t returning the Demon Emperor’s Seal be considered as a contribution larger than the heavens?! How is bestowing kingship and granting rewards unsuitable!”


“What ‘but’?!” The Little Demon Empress’ voice was even colder and stricter. She scoffed, “Patriarch Helian, if you risked your life and went to the Profound Sky Continent to save my father back then, if you ruined and broke your family just to bring back the Demon Emperor’s Seal, and left your only son orphaned in this world, this empress would definitely bestow kingship upon your son and give him glory for life! Since you didn’t, then shut your mouth.”

Helian Kuang’s face immediately became burning red, and he couldn’t say another word. Those who were prepared to speak all swallowed their words, and at that moment, no one dared to make any objections.

The corner of Yun Che’s mouth raised slightly, and he smiled softly and said, “Yun Che thanks the Little Demon Empress for granting my wish… Also, may I ask the Little Demon Empress to give the Overlord Pellet to Xiao Yun as well? Currently, my profound strength is still low, and I am still far away from reaching the Tyrant Profound Realm. I won’t be needing the Overlord Pellet for a short while, but Xiao Yun has already been half-step from the Tyrant Profound Realm for a long time, and it couldn’t be more suitable than to grant him the Overlord Pellet.”

“Big Brother…” Xiao Yun turned over, and his whole face looked moved and grateful.

Everyone in the hall was stunned… the Overlord Pellet was something that even the Guardian Families saw as a precious item, and Yun Che just gave it away like that! What kind of a broad heart did he have?

The Little Demon Empress said, “It has already been decided that this Overlord Pellet is to be granted to you, and you naturally have the right to decide who should own it. If you are willing to give it to Xiao Yun, then you do as you wish.”

“Duke Baoqing, grant this Overlord Pellet to Xiao Yun now.”

Duke Baoqing stood up immediately and carried a black jade box towards Xiao Yun. As he moved forward, his eyes were stuck on the black jade box, and they were filled with strong envy that he couldn’t restrain, while many of the young people couldn’t stop from having to swallow their saliva. No one thought that this Overlord Pellet would ultimately belong to Yun Xiao, who had been seen as inconspicuous, and was nothing more than people’s gossip topic.

Compared to other people’s shock, one person’s joy could not be hidden… Number Seven Under Heaven. She yelled excitedly towards the family by her side, “Did you all hear that! Brother Yun was bestowed kingship… bestowed kingship! Waaaah! I knew… that Brother Yun is going to become the most amazing person ever!”

“Big Brother, Second Brother, Third Brother, Fourth Brother, Fifth Brother, Sixth Brother! You all kept looking down upon Brother Yun… but now Brother Yun has been bestowed kingship by the Little Demon Empress herself! He is a hundred times better than you all, what qualification do you all still have to look down upon him in the future!” Number Seven Under Heaven held her fists, blew her cheeks, and used her strongest rebuttal toward her elder brothers. Following after, her excitement cooled down, and she became dejected, as she mumbled to herself, “But, Brother Yun is really pitiful, his biological parents are already… already…”

“This guy, I can’t believe he had such a background.” Number Three Under Heaven scratched his chin, and said with a wry mouth, “Seventh Sister, don’t be so excited just yet. Now that this fellow’s identity is not like it used to be, in addition to the reversal of the Yun Family’s momentum, I’m afraid that there will be many Duke Palaces’ princesses going for him themselves. By then he wouldn’t even bother with you anymore.”

“You’re talking nonsense!” Number Seven Under Heaven strongly slapped Number Three Under Heaven, and said angrily, “Brother Yun is not someone like that. He will only like me for all his life. Hmph!”

“I can’t believe Yun Xiao’s past hid this kind of debt of gratitude, no wonder Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou treated him like their own all these years. Even though outsiders spoke a lot of rumors, they still love him and protected him a lot,” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven said with realization.

Unparalleled Under Heaven gave Number Seven Under Heaven a look, and said with a smile, “With someone like Yun Che in the future generation, and with the Little Demon Empress’ promise in front of everyone, the force of the Yun Family’s ascension will not be in question. Yun Xiao, who is being bestowed kingship now, has become the second king after the Demon King. Now, the question isn’t whether or not he is good enough for Seventh Treasure, but if Seventh Treasure is good enough for him, heheheheh.”

Unparalleled Under Heaven laughed in an incredibly mischievous manner. Greatest Ambition Under Heaven scoffed slightly, and didn’t speak.

When Xiao Yun received the black jade box holding the Overlord Pellet, his brain was still in a fog. Even after Duke Baoqing had stepped back and left, he was still stunned and couldn’t speak.

The Little Demon Empress said, “Xiao Yun, right now your profound strength is just half a step into the Tyrant Profound Realm. Taking this Overlord Pellet can help you make a breakthrough one day, and step into the realm of Overlords. The date of the ceremony of bestowing kingship will be picked and held after the Grand Ceremony. You can step down for now.”

“Yes…” Xiao Yun responded. He then raised his head, and asked suddenly, “May I ask… if I can give this Overlord Pellet to someone else?”

The Little Demon Empress said without any emotion, “Since it has been granted to you, whatever you want to do with it,: use it yourself, give it away, destroy it, throw it away, it’s all up to you.”

“Xiao Yun thanks the Little Demon Empress.” Xiao Yun’s expression seemed to be more relaxed and joyous. He carefully held the black jade box, and stepped away under the differently expressed gazes of everyone.

“Yun Che, are you satisfied like this?” The Little Demon Empress asked Yun Che.

“Of course I am satisfied. I thank Little Demon Empress for fulfilling my wish.” Yun Che sincerely nodded and said.

“If so, what is your second request?” The Little Demon Empress asked.

Yun Che expression became serious. He stood by Yun Canghai’s body, turned, and faced the seven patriarchs in the east wing who were unsettled… When he cast his sight towards them, the seven patriarchs’ hearts all tightened simultaneously. Before, they were continuously tossed around by Yun Che, and at this moment when they faced Yun Che’s suddenly darkened face, they almost became birds that were startled by the sight of an archer’s bow.

Without disappointing them, Yun Che raised his arm, pointed his finger straight at the seven of them, and said in a slow and determined voice, “Helian, Jiufang, Chiyang, Nangong, Xiao, Bai, and Lin… I want the Patriarchs of these seven families, at this hall today, in front of my grandfather’s body, with everyone under heaven watching… to kneel and repent to my grandfather… and swear to be loyal to the Little Demon Empress for their whole lives! Or else their descendants will be slaves and prostitutes for ten thousand generations!!”

The countless things that Yun Che had said today had already been extremely shocking, but when he spoke those words, it once again made everyone… especially the people from Demon Imperial City, heavily shocked. He pointed at the seven patriarchs, and every word was in an incredibly forceful commanding tone. Moreover, the ones he commanded… were the seven great Guardian Families’ patriarchs!

But referring to Yun Che’s actions and words from before, it wasn’t all too surprising to people that he would say something like this now. Everyone knew what the seven families did to the Yun Family and to Yun Canghai. They already confessed it themselves, so morally speaking, they should apologize and ask for forgiveness from Yun Canghai.

As for swearing loyalty to the Little Demon Empress, it was something even more unquestionable.

The seven patriarchs were all gritting their teeth inwardly, and they were extremely angry in their hearts. Everything Yun Che said and did, were enumerating their “heavy crimes”, stepping on their reputations, ripping off their disguises, ruthlessly reprimanding them as if they were stripped naked under everyone’s sight until they couldn’t rebut anymore, and there was no place for them to hide from their shame. They knew best about what they had been doing for these hundred years… but to make them kneel and repent to Yun Canghai in front of everyone, as the patriarchs of their respective Guardian Families, how could they be willing to do so!

Because this would be equal to their seven families bowing their heads to the Yun Family in front of everyone under heaven today!!

Helian Kuang’s face darkened, forced himself to laugh coldly and said, “Yun Che, as a little son from the the Yun Family, you do not have the qualifications to request us to do anything…”

“Patriarch Helian, you are mistaken!” Helian Kuang hadn’t finished talking, and he was interrupted by Yun Che unrestrainedly. He used an even stiffer and deeper voice than Helian Kuang and said, “I am not asking you, I am commanding you! Request? Heh, the dirty things that you all have done over these hundred years were without good intent to try to collapse our Yun Family, you all know clearly yourself. Who were the ones who degraded my grandfather’s honor? You all also know clearer than anyone else! You treat my Yun Family like this, and you still want my Yun Family to ‘ask’ you? Heh, my Yun Family’s people are not that cheap… it’s a command! Because this is what you owe our Yun Family, owe my grandfather!”

“Also!” Not waiting for them to speak, Yun Che had already raised up the Demon Emperor’s Seal, and roared deeply, “Don’t say that I don’t have the qualification to command you, because I have the Demon Emperor’s Seal in my hands now, and if you don’t obey today, I will never hand it to the Little Demon Empress!”

“Earlier, didn’t you call losing the Demon Emperor’s Seal a fault larger than the heavens, and that our Yun Family, who had lost the Demon Emperor’s Seal, had committed a sin so great that our whole family should be exterminated? You would crush all your bones if it were for the Demon Emperor’s Seal, and you could give up your own dignity and honor if it were for loyalty… and now, there is no need for you to risk dying to go to the Profound Sky Continent to retrieve the Demon Emperor’s Seal, no need for you to risk anything or use any resources. The only thing you need to do is the one thing that you should have done. Do the thing that the ones who have the littlest sense of honor should do to let the Demon Emperor’s Seal be returned into the hands of the Little Demon Empress, and let the whole Illusory Demon Realm be reborn… I think you seven great patriarchs of Guardian Families shouldn’t have any reason to reject, right? Unless all of the things you have said before, and the ‘loyalty’ and ‘honor’ from your mouths were just some meaningless fart!”

The faces of the seven patriarchs immediately became stiff and awful, like feces that were air-dried for several days. Not only did Yun Che want them to kneel before Yun Canghai and repent in front of everyone, he also completely sealed their way out… and what was used to seal their way out… were clearly the things that they said “righteously” when they were stating the Yun Family’s “sins” earlier.

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