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Chapter 561 – Hui Ye at Full Power

Just as the phoenix flame was two feet away, Duke Hui Ye’s expression suddenly changed… Being someone who possessed the bloodline of a fire-attribute divine beast and an Overlord who trained in fire profound arts, he would naturally possess strong resistance against fire. Needless to say, the lowly scarlet profound flame or even the normal purple profound flame would not be able to harm him one bit. However, when this scarlet flame approached, he felt a burning sensation that caused his heart to palpitate.

When he had realized this, the flame was already close to him and was no longer avoidable. Duke Hui Ye instantly gathered his profound energy at his right arm, igniting the devil flame on his palm and attacked the approaching scarlet flame with a smashing fist.

With a dull rumbling noise, the phoenix flame was deflected away hurriedly by Duke Hui Ye and landed on the ground to his right. When the flame extinguished, a one and a half meter radius of the ground sunk slightly due to being burnt. Although the expression of pain that flashed past Duke Hui Ye’s face was short, it was sufficient for the majority of the people to see it clearly. Among his five fingers, three of them had been burnt red.

Everybody had their mouth agape in shock as they stared dumbfoundedly at Duke Hui Ye’s slightly burnt fingers and the slightly sunken floor on his right… This was the Duke Hui Ye who possessed the bloodline of the Golden Crow and the floor was made of the resistant black profound jade that even a mid-stage Overlord would have trouble destroying.

“What… What happened? Wasn’t that the lowly scarlet profound flame, how can it have such a huge power!”

“Could it be that Yun Che’s flame is not actually a normal profound flame?”

“Duke Hui Ye’s hand seemed to be burnt as well… Duke Hui Ye’s flame is a mixture of the Golden Crow’s and the Fallen Devil Flame, and he actually got burnt by the scarlet profound flame that Yun Che casually released. This, this, this… Could it be possible that Yun Che’s flame was stronger than Duke Hui Ye’s Golden Crow Flame?”

The entire hall now was in a great commotion and even Yun Qinghong’s face revealed shock. There were also significant changes in Little Demon Empress’ expression as she sat on her throne, because in the instant Yun Che had released his flames, she felt the clear sensation of her own Golden Crow Flame intensely throbbing.

Scarlet color, abnormal strength, causing the Golden Crow Flame to throb…

Could it be that the flame he used was also some sort of primordial divine flame that was on the same level as the Golden Crow Flame?

Yun Che mocked, “You’re so pathetic even when receiving the scarlet flame that in your own words are not even considered a joke. Your ability to scold yourself indirectly is indeed high level!”

Duke Hui Ye looked at his hand as his expression darkened, laughing coldly, “With just you, you think you’re fit to mock me? Do you really think that with your lowly profound flame, you can challenge this duke!”

Duke Hui Ye took a step forward quickly, waving both his hands. Instantly, the crimson black devil flame ignited around him, turning the entire sky crimson black. An eerie aura that seemed as though it came straight from the depths of hell filled the entire hall. Following Duke Hui Ye’s hand sign, all the crimson-black devil flames rushed towards Yun Che as though they were a beast that had just been awakened.

Yun Che quickly retreated, ignited Phoenix Flames on his body, and attacked the sky filled with Devil Flames with a “Burning Field”.


The crimson-black Devil Flame and the scarlet Phoenix Flame collided in midair, exploding at the same time. In that instant, the sparks nearly blinded most of the audience and the roof of the originally elegant hall was now completely covered in flames. The exploding crimson-black flames and scarlet flames were like two ferocious tigers and amidst the shocking roars of the flames, they were burning one another, devouring one another… The scarlet flame devoured the black flames, and the black flames burnt the scarlet flames. The scarlet flames were unable to overcome the seal of the black flames, and the black flames were unable to overcome the resistance of the scarlet flames… The two were at a counterbalance with one another.

“Wha… aaaatttttttt!”

Duke Hui Ye’s pupils contracted in an instant as he could never imagine, nor would he accept the flame that he claimed to be the strongest in the world was equal with the flames released by someone two entire profound realms below him.

“A piece of rubbish like you… How are you qualified to fight with this duke!!”

Duke Hui Ye roared out in near utter perturbation as he stared widely. The crimson-black flames on him suddenly soared and became more intense…

“Fallen Corruption Flames!!”

The crimson-black flames instantly became much more violent and quickly suppressed the scarlet Phoenix flames. Yun Che’s eyebrows knitted as the silhouette of a Phoenix appeared behind him for an instant…

“Phoenix Flames Sears the Heavens!!!”


Like two huge waves violently colliding with each other, a sea of flames replaced all the air in the hall, which was exhausted in an instant. The patriarchs of the Twelve Families hastily went forward to confine the flames within the arena, and the entire arena was also transformed into a world of flames. The scarlet flames and the crimson-black flames collided against one another violently, and only after several breaths of time had passed did they gradually extinguish.

In the arena where the flames had extinguished, Duke Hui Ye and Yun Che stood at the east and west wings respectively. Yun Che’s clothes were torn apart at various spots and he was smiling slightly, whereas Duke Hui Ye looked obviously much more pathetic. Not only were most of his clothes burnt, even much of his hair had been burnt. Although he did not seem to suffer any obvious burns, his face was as black as charcoal.

Everyone held their breaths… The violent clash of flames between the two had turned out to be a draw!

However, behind the draw was the fact that —— Duke Hui Ye was in the sixth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm whereas Yun Che was only in the tenth level of the Sky Profound Realm. Duke Hui Ye’s flames were the Golden Crow Flames that had been mixed with the Fallen Flame Devil Arts…

Under the suppression of two great profound realm, the battle of their profound flames had actually been equal…

Wouldn’t that mean, that in terms of flames, Yun Che was far superior than Duke Hui Ye?!!

The level of the flames he used would be far superior than Duke Hui Ye’s Golden Crow Flames which had been mixed with the Fallen Flame Devil Arts!

“This… This is impossible…” Those powerhouses from the Demon Imperial City who knew how scary Duke Huai Palace’s flames all stared widely while uttered in complete shock.

Little Demon Empress’s petite body moved forward slightly as a curious glow flashed past the depths of her eyes. After staring at Yun Che for some time, she finally muttered to herself, “Phoenix Flames?”

Because she saw the instant flashing of a Phoenix’s silhouette when Yun Che released Phoenix Flame Sears the Heavens.

“Your Duke Huai Palace’s flames… are only so-so!” Yun Che laughed.

This ridicule caused Duke Hui Ye’s face to contort, as he was unable to utter out even one phrase in retaliation. Previously, he had shouted that Duke Huai Palace’s flames were the strongest flames under the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World. But in the blink of an eye, he had slapped himself on the face and it was just as Yun Che had mentioned… he slapped his own mouth himself.

Even though Duke Hui Ye was about to explode with anger, his face had instead revealed a cold smile, “Yun Che, you really gave this duke a pleasant surprise. This duke admits that he has been looking down on you too much. But just now, that is probably your limit right? It’s such a pity that I have only used fifty percent of my strength just now!”

“In front of this duke, you are still just trash!”

Duke Hui Ye howled, the faint bloodline of the Golden Crow had been ignited to its maximum within him, as a two foot-long black shortsword appeared in his hands. When the shortsword appeared, the Golden Crow Flames swayed vigorously before quickly growing more intense until the color of the crimson-black flames became similar to that of freshly dried blood.

On the shortsword, there were also lines and lines of uniform flashing red markings.

Yun Che’s expression became serious as the frightening aura coming from Duke Hui Ye had… grown by at least double compared to just now!

“Is that sword… the legendary Obsidian Devil Sword?”

“That shape, that aura, is the same as the rumors. That must be it!”

“Duke Hui Ye’s aura had become so much stronger as compared to just now… Sss, Duke Huai Palace’s profound arts are more scary than what the rumors say! It looks like it’s over for Yun Che this time.”

“The fact that he was able to force Duke Hui Ye to use the Obsidian Devil Sword, Yun Che can definitely lose with pride… I’m just afraid that Duke Hui Ye might cripple Yun Che in his rage.”

Yun Qinghong’s voice suddenly rang in Yun Che’s ears, “The black shortsword in his hands is the Obsidian Devil Sword. It is a sword left behind by the founders of the ancient clan that created the Fallen Flame Devil Arts. It possesses a ton of strong fiendish powers and releasing the Fallen Flame Devil Art through this shortsword would largely increase the intensity of the flame… You must be careful! Duke Hui Ye obviously wants to kill you. If you’re not certain you can win, don’t act tough. Your life is the most important!”

Yun Che, “…”

The crimson-black flames on Duke Hui Ye burned intensely and the strong devil’s aura was accompanied by the cries of ghosts; it was as though there were countless souls being burnt in that moment. The strength of the flame’s aura was enough to move the strongest experts in Illusory Demon Realm… Being able to reach such a level even before he was thirty, Duke Hui Ye’s future was limitless.

“This is this duke’s true strength.”

Duke Hui Ye bathed in the flames, his hair flying and his face pitch-black due to the flame. He looked as though he was an evil god of devils that had walked out from the depths of hell. He looked at the flame in his hands, felt his aura, and had a satisfied expression. At this instant, he felt that he could now easily control everything… even Yun Che’s fate.

“Let this duke see how long you can struggle in the face of his full strength.”

Once he finished speaking, the Obsidian Devil Sword stabbed out suddenly… Obviously, Duke Hui Ye wanted to eliminate any chance where Yun Che could surrender. Even though he had the absolute confidence of defeating Yun Che, Duke Hui Ye was now completely enraged after being forced to use his full strength with his Obsidian Devil Sword, having suffered a disadvantage when competing with flames by this person, whom he was looking down previously. Even if Duke Huai had not instructed him earlier, he was still determined to kill Yun Che.

A crimson-black fire wave rushed towards Yun Che following the slash of the Obsidian Devil Sword, but Yun Che did not avoid nor retreat. A Phoenix Flame that was accompanied by the cry of the Phoenix attacked it head on.

“Phoenix Break!”

Phoenix Break was not a simple Phoenix Flame attack; it also had a strong destructive power. However, because it was not used with a heavy sword, its power was far weaker than it should have been. When it collided with the Devil Flame, it slowed down the rush of the Devil Flame, but following a nasty cry, the Devil Flame suddenly attacked and quickly consumed the Phoenix Flame. When the Phoenix Flame had completely disappeared, the Devil Flame was only weakened by thirty percent, and without any other obstruction, it rushed straight towards Yun Che, striking his body.


When the Devil Flame exploded, the power of destruction and corrosion was frantically released. In the next instant, Yun Che’s figure flew far away from among the exploding Devil Flame. Duke Hui Ye locked onto Yun Che who was in midair and laughed a little playfully, “You’re not bad at escaping, but let this duke see how you’re going to escape this time!”

His hand sign changed and the markings on the Obsidian Devil Sword became even more eye-catching. Below Yun Che, the willfully burning crimson-black Devil Flame suddenly distorted intensely before turning into a tall flame giant that was howling while it rushed at Yun Che.

“This is… Duke Huai Palace’s killer move, Fallen Flame Devil! Duke Hui Ye could actually use this technique!!!”

“No! Duke Hui Ye must be relying on the strength of the Obsidian Devil Sword’s powers to use this technique! Although the Flame Devil was partly formed using those flames, the remaining strength is connected to that Obsidian Devil Sword. Once this frighteningly powerful Flame Devil comes out… Yun Che would not even be able to struggle.”

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