11 thoughts on “ATG – Chapter 543t” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Well.. its all nice and so on.. but honestly? Can we finally stop this cliffhanger? No one cares what those dukes’s wanna say or whoever is gonna appear and talk now… can we skip this all and let MC resolve this? All he has to do is to harem lil dem. empress and go into the golden crow lightning array(dk the full name tho)

    3- i dont think the teaser fits.

    1. ” i dont think the teaser fits.”

      Not sure if troll or just baka. (Rumour has it if you say a bad word in another language it’s not as offensive)

      99% of alyschu’s teasers are not connected to the novel, they are just random cute pics of boys and animals. Let’s sum it up with “NO SHIT SHERLOCK”.

  2. I gotta say that is dolphin abuse right there or at least I think it is a dolphin, I don’t know anymore 🙁
    About the tease I give it just a 9/10 because of the sadistic penguin and the abused creature whatever the hell it is XD

  3. Oh, penguin raised his hand, just like Dukes during voting! What a clever teaser! You got me good, 10/10.

    PS. It totally does NOT look like a Nazi salute.

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