ATG – Chapter 534

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Chapter 534 – Narrowly Escaping Death

Yun Che’s eyes widened while his mouth completely gaped open… If his self-control was not good enough, a sound would have definitely escaped from his throat.

He had only acted on a fancy today to use Extreme Mirage Lightning to go for a spin, and then conveniently practice his sword skills. Little did he know that in this isolated and desolate place, a terrifying Sovereign Profound Realm individual would show up in the dead of night… If it was only this, he could still cope, but it was clear this individual had an extremely bad temper, so he had no choice but to hide… And this bad-tempered individual was actually a young girl… And to top it off, this young girl, before his very eyes… burned all her clothes to a crisp and was now was as naked as the day she was born!

What the heck was going on?!

If it was only an ordinary girl, it would not be the least bit exaggerated to say that given her perfect looks, she held the title of the number one beauty in the Illusory Demon Realm, so Yun Che would definitely feast his eyes on this delicate morsel. But the problem here was that this little lady’s profound strength and the aura she projected was simply too terrifying… If he was discovered before this, since there was no prior hatred or animosity, she might just let him off the hook.

But right now, if she discovers him… even he would have felt that it was abnormal if she did not rip him to shreds.

Yun Che shut his eyes with lightning speed and his heart violently jumped in his chest. But immediately, a self-righteous voice resounded in his head: What are you nervous and guilty about?! It’s not like you deliberately wanted to peep on her. You were here first! The little lady came after. She was the one who burned up her clothes. To be honest, this means that she took the initiative to let you take a look, it has nothing to do with you at all… Moreover this little lady is so beautiful, if you don’t look, it will literally be a waste to have eyes, a waste of your own life!

This self-righteous voice immediately restored the balance in Yun Che’s heart and he opened his eyes once more. His eyes verily sparkled as he stared unblinkingly at the girl in the heart of the lake… That’s right! It was she who suddenly burned up all her clothes, it’s not like I was peeking at her on purpose!

It has got nothing to do with me at all!

It’d be an absolute waste if I don’t look!

After being previously startled by this young girl’s shocking aura, Yun Che did not dare to take a good look at her. But now that he had realigned his mental state, coupled with the fact that the girl had also withdrawn her aura, he gazed directly at her. And his gaze drank in the magnificence of her natural state. The two people were separated by tens of meters, but this kind of a distance was nothing at all. Given Yun Che’s current visual acuity, it would have been no different if she was standing right in front of him.

As he stared at the girl, Yun Che gradually went into a daze, and he was unwilling to blink even once… He even forgot the scary and sinister feeling that this young girl had given to him before.

The girl’s body was very delicate and it could even be described as rather petite. Narrow snowy shoulders, a slender waist, small buttocks and even her breasts swelled slightly on her chest. Her skin was as snow-white and delicate as a newborn baby’s; it was like jade, pure and smooth without blemish. It was to the extent that it even began to resemble the sparkling, translucent and limpid qualities of white jade. One could even see the faint outlines of blue veins being traced along her skin, and this was especially apparent on her slim and slender snowy thighs, where it was snow-white and tender to the point of being transparent.

If one hugged such an exquisite and delicate body, it would feel as light as air. That fine and narrow waist looked like it could be grasped within the palm of one hand, and on the front of her chest, her two gently swelling snowy mounds were adorned with two flawless light red jade pearls… and this was the most enchanting ornament which crowned itself on her snow-white body, to the point where it took one’s breath away.

At least for Yun Che, he had already found it hard to breathe long ago. A sense of regret and vigilance was birthed in his heart, because he believed that if he looked any longer, there was a possibility that he would let down his guard… But even though he was alerted to this, he was still unwilling to avert his gaze.

Was this little girl… a demoness?!

Profound Sky Continent’s number one beauty was Feng Xue’er.

And the girl in front of him, she could definitely bear the glory of being crowned Illusory Demon Realm’s number one beauty!

As Yun Che was still caught in his stupor, threads of steam began to rise from under the girl’s feet and these threads of steam quickly intertwined, becoming thick columns. In the blink of an eye, the entire surface of the lake became enwreathed in steam. At this moment, following a gurgling sound which rang out, a spray of water churned to the surface of the lake. This spray of water seemed to have sparked a wildfire as the entire surface of the lake lurched and churn as it began to seethe and boil…

No! It was the entire contents of the lake…. It was really boiling!!

Steam ascended to the heavens while the water in the lake violently thrashed about. A sense of heat assaulted Yun Che, and it was only now that he noticed that all the water in the lake had shockingly become a pool of boiling water! The girl still remained fixated in place, not moving an inch as the churning lake water drenched her body. And this jade body that had been covered with dewdrops seemed to sparkle, making it even more tender and lovely than before, causing an intense urge to uncontrollably well up within Yun Che!

However, every single water droplet did not remain on her body for long as they quickly evaporated into vapor. Both of her eyes remained shut, but her delicate and lovely face would sometimes appear to tremble… as if she was in some kind of pain.

“It was as I thought!” Jasmine said, “My guess was right! She has the Golden Crow bloodline but she does not have the 《Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World》, so as the Golden Crow’s flame energy within her body gradually matures, she will inevitably find it harder and harder to control, which is why she has to use this kind of method to pacify it. Threads and strands of cold energy exist a thousand meters below this lake, which means that this lake was previously a natural cold spring which possessed extremely dense cold energy. This cold spring was used by her to suppress the Golden Crow’s flame energy which was running riot in her body. And it is obvious that she has come here many times, because this cold spring has already become a hot spring because of her!”

Yun Che, “…”

The water in the lake continued to boil as thick steam covered the sky. At this rate, all the water in the lake would evaporate before long. The girl still continued to stand there, not making a sound. Amidst the fleeting mist under the dazzling moonlight with her jade-white delicate body being sprayed with dewdrops, she seemed to be a little fairy wreathed in celestial fog. A fairy who was cleansing her celestial robes in the waters of the Jade Lake, as if she needed to cleanse away all the dust of the vulgar world from her person.

Yun Che’s gaze remained fixated on her and even he did not know how much time had passed, until his throat uncontrollably… made a small movement, and an extremely soft swallowing sound was heard.

This swallowing sound was so soft that even if an ordinary person was extremely close, they would not be able to hear. This was especially so, as the boiling lake water completely engulfed the sound that he had just made. But Yun Che broke out into cold sweat once he made that sound. He instantly recovered his mental faculties and then inwardly said: Oh shit!

It was in this exact instant that he saw the girl in the middle of the lake open her eyes. A cold sinister gaze that seemed to come from a death god shot directly in his direction as a cold killing intent which seemed to be composed of countless icy blades instantly filled the night sky.

Yun Che’s eyes widened into saucers and he did not waste any time thinking. He swiftly opened Purgatory and began to frantically circulate all the profound energy in his body. He activated Extreme Mirage Lightning and using the most extreme speed he could achieve, he desperately fled towards the west.


The sound of an explosion came and all the water in the lake rushed towards the heavens as they engulfed the girl’s jade body. Once the lake water had fallen back to the earth, the young girl’s figure was already nowhere to be found, only a fast-disappearing afterimage remained… The afterimage of the girl was no longer that of her naked, but an afterimage of her dressed in the exact same grey robes that she had worn before.

When Yun Che borrowed the power of Extreme Mirage Lightning, the speed in which he could achieve was comparable to a late stage Overlord, or even an early stage Monarch. However, it was definitely not able to compare to that of a mid stage Monarch. Even after he had made a mad dash, fleeing away from the place with all his might, in only the span of a few breaths, the air suddenly shimmered with light, and a grey and delicate figure seemed to have teleported right in front of him.

Yun Che eyes flared. He fiercely grit his teeth, and then used all his might to bring his body to a halt. After he managed to come to a stop with much difficulty, he was only less than thirty meters away from the girl… And if he did not use all his effort to stop his movement, he would have definitely barrelled headfirst into the body of the girl.

Those eyes which were as black as night silently glared at him, carving his features into their memory. And under her gaze, Yun Che’s heart suddenly stopped as all the nerves in his body were pulled taut… This may be a girl who was as beautiful as a fairy, but she was also a death god who could take his life at whim! When Yun Che’s urge to kill was provoked by rage, the heaviness of his killing intent was enough to make even enemies who were ten times stronger than him shudder with fear. But this was the first time in his life that he had felt a terrifying killing intent coming from another person that could nearly compare with his own… To possess such a killing intent, this girl must have killed countless people and she must regard life as though it were grass. If she were to kill him, she would do so without batting a single eyelid.

This young master was really only out for a breath of fresh air!

Even though I did take huge advantages of you with my eyes… it’s not enough for me to pay with my life, is it?!

Yun Che forcefully stabilized himself and assumed a completely innocent and harmless posture. He said in a most earnest voice, “Ah, little sister, let me just say this in advance. Before you had arrived, I was already at this place, so I definitely did not peek on you on purpose… Even though I did look, but that was because you stripped yourself for me to see. It has nothing to do with me. Ah, but of course, I am a good man with first-rate morals. So if you definitely want me to take responsibility, I will sincerely consider….”

At this moment and at this time, the only thing Yun Che could think of to save himself from this predicament… was to rely on his good looks.

“You idiot!” Jasmine roared furiously, “What are you doing still standing there for?! Hurry up and run, are you waiting for death?!”

[email protected]#%…” As Jasmine’s voice fell, Yun Che’s body already shimmered and he violently fled away like a light wisp of smoke… but where exactly could he run to?! Even if he had cultivated Extreme Mirage Lightning to its highest level, this girl could catch up to him in the span of a few breaths! She was, after all, a mid stage Monarch who was not the least bit inferior to Yun Qinghong!

But this time, the girl did not pursue him. She simply floated there and stared straight at Yun Che’s fleeing figure. She slowly extended a delicate palm which was like snow jade and said,

“Un… for… giv… able!”

This word pierced the heart and an extremely chilling cold sensation spread over Yun Che’s entire body. He swiftly looked back, and discovered that sky around him had turned into a sea of red…


It was like a volcano had suddenly erupted into life, the entire earth seemed to overturn instantly. The ground fractured and a blood red flame shot out in a straight line, covering a distance of more than three kilometers, coloring the entire night sky red.

Under the roiling thick smoke and the sand which seemed to cover the sky, a huge crater that was tens of meters deep had appeared in the location where Yun Che was at. In a three kilometer radius around that crater, everything had been ground into dust; not even a blade of grass or a small pebble remained.

Countless fires raged around this enormous crater, refusing to die down. Even the skies above were stained with the light of the raging flames, as though the whole sky had begun to burn.

The girl remained at her original spot. It seemed as though she was the only thing that remained in this world. Everything else around her seemed to have disappeared and even Yun Che’s figure had seemingly vanished into thin air.

This terrifying attack was a manifestation of the young girl’s violent urge to kill and absolute fury. Such a horrifying power was enough to instantly burn an Overlord into ashes, much less someone who only emitted the aura of the Sky Profound Realm. But this girl was clearly someone who was meticulous and prudent to the extreme. Even though she could see the devastation she wrought, she did not immediately leave the place. Instead she surveyed her surroundings, probing to see if there was any presence she could detect.

At this moment, a few faint presences could be felt coming from the direction of Demon Imperial City and they seemed to be approaching swiftly. Clearly, the heaven-shaking commotion from before had alerted several strong individuals in Demon Imperial City. The girl was not able to continue searching for any traces or signs of life. Her eyes sank and she spun around. The red light around her body flashed and she seemed to turn into a wisp of smoke, disappearing into the night.

After many breaths had passed in silence, a mound of dirt broke in the middle of the huge crater and Yun Che jumped out, landing on his butt as he pathetically spat out dirt. After that, he began taking huge breaths, desperately inhaling air.

Looking at the deep crater that surrounded him which nearly stretched to where the eye could not see, Yun Che could not help but shudder.

This little lady, she really went too far! This kind of power is enough to extinguish an Overlord like he was a plaything. I am only at the Sky Profound Realm, for heaven’s sake!

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