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Chapter 508 – Twenty Five Years Ago…

“Good child…” Mu Yurou mumbled softly as she supported Yun Che. Her eyes were completely hazy and her tears instantly poured out.

“Ah!” After seeing his mother suddenly tear up, Yun Xiao was shocked, and he hurriedly rushed over, “Mother, what is the matter? This is a joyous occasion, why are you crying all of a sudden?”

Mu Yurou shook her head and she tried using her hand to wipe her tears, but the tears simply would not stop flowing as her eyes soon turned completely red. She said in a voice that was choked with emotion, “I am alright. Maybe it’s because I have another son now, so I am too happy…”

When Yun Che called her ‘Mother’, she could feel her heart fiercely shake, and her tears started streaming down uncontrollably; even she could not explain why this was so.

“Ah, your mother, her most unique characteristic is that she loves to cry. When she was young she used to cry once every two days and wail once every three. Even after she became a mother, she still retained her love for crying. Hoho.” Yun Qinghong laughed as he shook his head while giving Mu Yurou a look filled with affection and love. He guessed that it was from the moment Yun Che had uttered “since a young age, my birth parents had left me” that her heartstrings had been pulled… All these years, every time she thought of that child, she had shed a rainstorm of tears.

Mu Yurou wiped her tears and rolled her eyes at Yun Qinghong. She said with a small pout, “I have just become Yun Che’s mother but you chose to tease me right in front of him. Just wait for Xiao’er and Che’er to leave first and then you’ll see how I will take care of you… Che’er, don’t believe his words, I was just too overjoyed. Hurry, get up.”

Yun Qinghong straightened his shoulders and said in a merry voice, “We now have yet another son. This is a momentous happy occasion. No matter what, we should have a few drinks today. Che’er, you haven’t eaten anything today, so you should be starving. Let’s go, let this old man first drink his fill, hahahaha!”

Yun Qinghong laughed uninhibitedly, and it was obvious that he was in an extremely good mood. But Yun Che shook his head and replied, “As long as Father is willing, I will gladly accompany you. However, at the moment, we must attend to a more important manner, and that is the cold poison which is still within the both of you. Especially the cold poison that remains within Mother… this is the most pressing matter currently. Let me get rid of the cold poison within both your bodies first.”

“You were already so tired before. Don’t force yourself, I will be alright. Regarding getting rid of the poison, we can deal with it tomorrow.” Mu Yurou said in a gentle voice.

But Yun Che shook his head without hesitation, “This is a huge matter which concerns Mother’s health and safety. I am not willing to delay any treatment.”

Yun Qinghong nodded his head gently, “Che’er seems to have recovered most of his mental strength, and what he says is undeniable. Good! Let us follow Che’er’s suggestion.”

“Yun Xiao, why don’t you get some rest first. You’re still suffering from your injuries and you’ve been running around for the entire day. If you don’t get some rest soon, not only will your injuries not stabilize, they might even worsen.” Yun Che told him with a serious expression.

Yun Xiao had actually been enduring the stress that his wounds were giving his body all this while. He did not force the issue. Due to the fact that he also had extremely great confidence in Yun Che, he nodded matter-of-factly, and replied, “Okay, I will go rest first then. Big Brother, I leave Father and Mother in your capable hands.”

Once Yun Xiao left, Yun Che did not delay any further, and swiftly began the process of expelling the poison from Mu Yurou’s body. He asked Mu Yurou to sit up straight, then, he took out the box of long silver needles which Yun Xiao had brought along. He held ten of these silver needles in one hand and with a light flick of his fingers, all the needles flew out silently. They pierced Mu Yu Rou’s clothes easily, penetrating her body.

When Yun Che had lifted the hand with the needles, Yun Qinghong’s eyes jumped and he involuntarily opened his mouth and raised his hand. But before any sound emerged from his mouth, his entire body stiffened up as he stared in shock at the spots where the ten needles were inserted… Those were clearly the ten core acupoints located on the back of any profound practitioner.

Normal doctors would not only require their patients to disrobe so they could ascertain the locations of these acupoints before they could perform acupuncture, but they also needed to insert the needles one by one in a most careful and prudent manner. But Yun Che did this all with clothes covering the body. Not only that, he inserted all ten needles at the same time. And every single one of those needles unerringly hit their mark… This could only be described to be a god-like skill.

Yun Che kept switching his position. The five fingers on his right hand seemed to dance and weave in an illusory fashion. After a short period of time, one hundred silver needles had been inserted into Mu Yurou’s body. During this whole process, not only did she not hear a single thing, she didn’t even feel the slightest hint of pain.

The cold poison within Mu Yurou’s and Yun Qinghong’s body had settled in far too deeply, so Yun Che could not use the Sky Poison Pearl directly to cleanse it. Instead he had to use profound energy to direct it, using the silver needles as a medium, in order to draw the cold poison out of various parts of the body. It was only after this that he could swiftly cleanse the cold poison using the Sky Poison Pearl. Moreover, it was easy to use words to describe the method, but undertaking it was incomparably difficult and slow.

After inserting all the silver needles, Yun Che sat behind Mu Yurou. His palm pressed against the middle of her back, while he slowly and gently infused his profound energy into her.

Yun Qinghong did not leave, instead he witnessed every single movement that Yun Che made as well, as every slight change that was happening to Mu Yurou. He wanted to see just how Yun Che could expel the cold poison which various famous genius doctors thought was impossible to do so.

After a whole four hours passed in silence, a deep blue color slowly appeared on the inserted one hundred and nine silver needles… The deep blue color was dull, but when it was gazed upon, one’s entire body would filled with a kind of dread which made them shiver all over. Yun Qinghong’s gaze froze and he couldn’t help but let out a low sigh, “Could it be that this is actually…”

After he mumbled these few words to himself, he immediately quietened down, so as to not disturb Yun Che. It was at this moment that Yun Che opened his eyes and said, “That is right, this is the cold poison that is within Mother’s body.”

After he finished speaking, Yun Che removed his palm from Mu Yurou’s body. In the instant that he removed his palm, it flared with a flash of green light. All of a sudden, the deep blue color on the needles vanished completely. The poison had been cleansed so deeply that nothing remained. In contrast, Mu Yurou’s eyes closed as she descended into sleep.

“Does this mean that you have already succeeded?” Yun Qinghong said as he struggled to restrain his excitement.

Yun Che shook his head and replied, “Not yet, the cold poison that I drew out just now was only a tiny portion of what is in her body. The cold poison has circulated within Mother’s body for over twenty years and it has embedded itself too deeply. We cannot be greedy and advance rashly. Even though I only drew out a small portion, it was still unavoidable that it would also carry some part of Mother’s vitality with it. Because Mother lost some of her vitality, she grew tired and fell asleep. But do not worry Father, this loss of vitality was not heavy. As long as we proceed at a slow pace, there will be no lasting damage done to Mother’s body and she can quickly recover any vitality she has lost.”

Having suffered from the cold poison for over twenty years, both of them had long ago become intimately familiar with this deadly cold poison. And at this moment, Yun Qinghong could clearly tell that the cold yin energy in Mu Yurou’s body had lessened by twenty percent. Following this, his last suspicions regarding Yun Che vanished into thin air as well. What remained was only a heart filled with delight, hope, and admiration. In regards to Yun Che, Yun Qinghong was rendered speechless by his overwhelming gratitude and astonishment. He could only nod his head heavily while his eyes moistened.

“Father, allow me to regulate my breathing first. After that, I will begin to help you expel the cold poison.” Yun Che said with a relaxed expression.

“I am in no rush. Do not over-exhaust yourself because of us.” Yun Qinghong said in a light tone. Even though he was extremely suspicious over why Yun Che would treat his family of three in such a grand fashion, he could not detect the slightest bit of falseness in Yun Che’s sincerity and heartfelt concern towards them.

After staying quiet for a little while, Yun Che’s mental energy had recovered by more than half. He once again opened his eyes and hurriedly said, “Father, I can feel that within Mother’s heart, that there is some sort of great frustration. Her wounds and poison are not as deep as Father’s but her physical condition is way worse than yours. This emotional torment is one of the reasons for it… The thing that is troubling Mother… What is it? I want to know if there is any way… any way that I can help… share this burden.”

“Ah.” Yun Qinghong let out a lengthy sigh. “Now that’s a long story. She does indeed have a pent-up frustration in her heart. And in these past twenty odd years, she has never once truly smiled from her heart.”

Yun Qinghong did not continue after this. Yun Che unwittingly bit his lips. After that, he said in a gentle tone, “Even though I have just reached the Demon Imperial City, I have also heard rumors that Yun Xiao is actually not the biological son of you and Mother. Is this… really true? I am merely curious, and at the same time, I am indignant on behalf of Yun Xiao. If I have asked an inappropriate question, please do not be offended by it, Father.”

Yun Qinghong shook his head and laughed dully, “This matter is actually known by the entire Illusory Demon Realm. There is nothing inappropriate about saying it in front of me.” He stopped for a moment as he hesitated momentarily. He quickly came to a decision, and continued in frustrated voice, “Perhaps I should find someone whom I can pour out my heart to about this matter. Xiao’er is already an adult, but there are some things we have always been hiding from him. However, this concerns his life and his origins, he should know about it. It’s just that we have not found a suitable time to speak to him… You and Xiao’er have become sworn brothers, and in the future you will definitely be a huge help to him. Perhaps I should confide in you first, so this will be better for Xiao’er in the long run.”

Yun Che raised his head, “Father is saying…”

Yun Qinghong gently said, “It is as the rumors say. Xiao’er, he… truly is not our biological son.”

Yun Che, “…”

“I think that you have also heard the rumor that he actually comes from the Profound Sky Continent… This rumour is also true.” Yun Qinghong gave Yun Che a sidelong glance as he watched his reaction. For him to tell all of this to Yun Che was definitely not done in impetuousness. Those from the Illusory Demon Realm bore an extremely deep ill will towards the people of the Profound Sky Continent. The fact that Yun Xiao was actually from the Profound Sky Continent would also inevitably come to light one day… Besides there were already some people who had long uncovered most of the truth; it was only the final remnant which they doggedly guarded that was left to protect him. Yun Che and Yun Xiao had just become sworn brothers. If he also held malice towards people from the Profound Sky Continent, then to let him know about this matter right now was far and away better than letting him know that later.

But he immediately discovered that Yun Che did not seem to care about this revelation in the least. Instead, he asked in a straightforward manner, “Could it be that Yun Xiao is a child from the Profound Sky Continent that you took in?”

Yun Qinghong shook his head and directed his gaze outside the window as his gaze grew misty and distant, his memories bringing him back to that unforgettable time, “Twenty-five years ago, your mother and I decided to use the Yun Family secret device to travel to the Profound Sky Continent to rescue my missing father. We decided to stake all we had on this one throw and we entered the Profound Sky Continent.”

“In the Profound Sky Continent, we attempted to infiltrate a place called Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, but we were discovered by our opponents. Our power and influence was meager there, so we had no choice but to flee. In the midst of fleeing, I used my Profound Handle’s ability to invade the soul and I discovered that my father was not dead from one of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s members. Instead, he was secretly locked up in one of the seven nations of the Profound Sky Continent, Blue Wind Nation, in a place known as the Heavenly Sword Villa. So we evaded the pursuit of the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region and we traveled a huge distance before we finally reached that Blue Wind Nation.”

“And after we had just landed in Blue Wind Nation, I got to know… The best brother I have ever had in this life.”

Yun Che, “…”

“…It was in the eastern region of the Blue Wind Nation, in a place not far from a city known as Floating Cloud City.” Even though over twenty years had passed and ‘Floating Cloud City’ was a little-known name in the Profound Sky Continent, it was still engraved in his heart. “The way he and I met was a complete coincidence. At the time he seemed to have travelled outside to train and he encountered a bunch of villains who were roughing up a girl. He stood up for her with no hesitation but his profound cultivation was not high and he was heavily outnumbered, so it quickly turned into a situation where he was defeated by the bandits as well… Your mother and I treaded very carefully while we were in the Profound Sky Continent, and we never poked our nose into other people’s business. But when I witnessed the resolute and unyielding character of this man after he had been defeated and was being held under the blades of those bandits, I could not help but get myself involved and I routed those scoundrels.”

“And this… Senior, what was his name?” Yun Che did his utmost to say this in the calmest tone possible.

“He was called Xiao Ying.”

Yun Che “…”

“So that was how we met, and after interacting with him for a while, I discovered that even though his profound strength was poor, he was filled with righteousness and had a firm and unyielding character. It was impossible to not like such a man. Moreover, his temperament was highly compatible with my own. At first, I thought that I had only rescued a passerby, but once we struck up a conversation, we began feeling an immense regret that we did not meet sooner. At that time, Yurou had been injured and I reminded Xiao Ying that the two of us were being pursued, and we could meet great danger at any time. However, he did not display the slightest hint of rejection towards us, and instead, had even helped us find an extremely good place to hide away and recover.”

“In the period that Yurou was recovering from her injuries, Xiao Ying would visit us every single day. And without fail, he would bring along good wine and good food as well. He asked me to instruct him about the way of the profound, and I asked him regarding what was happening in the Profound Sky Continent. As time passed along, we increasingly felt that we were extremely compatible with each other, and not long after, we exchanged our vows under the moon and became sworn brothers.”

Yun Qinghong let out a long sigh, “I, Yun Qinghong, had never imagined that the closest and most intimate friend I would have in this life, whose heart intersected with mine, would actually hail from the most hated Profound Sky Continent.”

“We stayed at that place for three months. And it was during those three months that Yurou had unexpectedly become pregnant… At that time your mother and I did not know of this. After Yurou had fully recovered from her injuries, we bade farewell to Xiao Ying, took the map he had personally drawn for us, we headed towards that Heavenly Sword Villa, the place where my father was locked up.

“But what we did not expect was that there had already been a trap laid there long ago, merely waiting for us to appear so they could spring it. As we drew nearer to Heavenly Sword Villa, we were surrounded and attacked by strong individuals from Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. And all of those who attacked us were peak-level experts. Even though your mother and I had managed to escape somehow in the end, we both suffered injuries… And after that, we were relentlessly pursued by Mighty Heavenly Sword Region.”

“But of course, your mother and I were definitely not weak, and in the entire Profound Sky Continent there were very few individuals who could detain us. Even though the pursuit of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region put us in a difficult situation, it was not enough to kill us. However, after a few months, besides Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, another group of people began pursuing us as well. They caught us off guard and we fell into their poison formation, causing us to be inflicted. Both of our bodies were invaded by a deadly poison that we were unable to expel with profound energy… That deadly poison is the cold poison present in our bodies right now.”

“At that time, Yurou had already begun to appear pregnant, and she knew that she was indeed with child. In order to not allow the deadly poison to harm the child in her womb, she put in all her effort to drive the poison into her own organs, and for a whole six months, she endured heart-drilling pain night and day…”

Yun Che, “!!!!”

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