ATG – Chapter 485

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Chapter 485 – Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword

Possessing frightening strength, with speed that Yun Che was not able to catch up to, and eating up Dragon Fault, the little girl now revealed to him her fourth ability…

She could actually turn into a sword!!

Furthermore, it was a sword that was bigger than the Overlord’s Colossal Sword and Dragon Fault! And such a huge sword could only be called a heavy sword.

After turning into sword, she could still make a miniature version of herself appear within it.

Yun Che was currently feeling faint and even wondered whether he was dreaming. Although there were many mysteries in the boundless universe, this was still too outrageous!

Yun Che stared at the scarlet greatsword, beside him, rang the sounds of the girl’s satisfied flaunting. In his shock, he couldn’t even tell what the girl was shouting about. He looked from up to down, from left to right, unable to describe how he felt. With his experiences from two lifetimes and the calmness he got after being baptized by the spatial storm, he was still unable to comprehend this creepy matter that was in accordance to the laws of life and the world.

When he looked carefully again, he suddenly saw that on the two sides of the core pearl, each side was imprinted with a word… The two words were both deep red and completely the same as the patterns that were imprinted on the blade. If one did not look carefully, they would very easily miss it.

The two words were, on the left “Devil” and on the right “Slayer”.

“Slayer Devil… No, it should be Devil Slayer?” Yun Che muttered.

“What? Devil Slayer?!?!”

Yun Che’s muttering caused a huge reaction from the pondering Jasmine as she instantly came beside Yun Che and asked: “Where did you see those two words?”

Yun Che pointed towards the left and right of the core pearl. Jasmine’s gaze swept passed the words “Devil Slayer”, as deep shock appeared on her face.

“You know this sword?” Yun Che asked immediately.

Jasmine didn’t answer him but instead still stared at the deep scarlet greatsword, as though she was trying very hard to try to remember something. After sometime, she finally said softly: “Could it be…”

Halfway through speaking, Jasmine suddenly looked up and said: “Go look at the other side of the sword, see if it’s the words ‘Devil Slayer’ as well!”

Yun Che nodded and swiftly turned the sword to the other side. At the same position, he found another two similarly colored words… However the two words were not “Devil” and “Slayer”.

The left side was “Heaven” and the Right was “Smiting”.

“Smiting Heaven?” Yun Che muttered and frowned: “No, from the position of the words, it should be… ‘Heaven Smiting’!”

Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer?

“Heaven Smiting? How could it be those two words?” Seeing the words “Heaven Smiting”, Jasmine’s expression changed drastically as shock and confusion appeared together on her face: “Could I be wrong… No! This feeling, it obviously is…”

“Jasmine, what exactly did you figure out? Do you know this sword’s… or this little girl’s origins?” Yun Che ask in confusion.

“I’m not sure.” Jasmine slowly shook her head: “My previous guess was too whimsical and the words ‘Heaven Smiting’ threw my guess off by nearly ninety percent. You don’t have to ask anymore. What I’m guessing, even if I explained to you, would only serve to confuse you and not clarify matters! However, I do understand why there aren’t any signs of life on her.”


“Because it’s highly likely she’s not human! Nor is she any ordinary living being!” Jasmine slowly explained: “She’s probably a ‘celestial spirit’ that exceeds any living being!”

“Celestial Spirit?” This was the first time Yun Che had heard of this concept.

“The strength of a living being needs to be built upon cultivation, but for a celestial spirit, they possess exceptional powers of heaven and earth at birth. However, the existence of ‘celestial spirits’ had already been extinct since the Ancient Era, and should not exist within this era. I have only heard of them from my brother. However, this girl is from the Ancient Era and has many peculiarities. Even with my understanding, I cannot explain them. Therefore, she’s likely a being that isn’t from a normal clan of the Ancient Era, and her characteristics are similar to the ‘celestial spirits’ that my brother described. Therefore, I think there is at least a fifty percent chance she come from a celestial spirit clan from the Ancient Era!”

Jasmine word’s were very calm but Yun Che could still hear the hesitation in her voice. Because even if it was Jasmine, she had never interacted with a celestial spirit before and what she said were all merely speculation. And with Jasmine’s profound realm and knowledge, if she was stunned by the girl’s peculiarities… any guess, no matter how ridiculous would not be too overly exaggerated.

“Go and try the sword.” Jasmine said suddenly.

The scarlet greatsword did not possess any aura, nor was it imposing. Even though it was massive, it didn’t possess any overbearing aura that a heavy sword should have. Yun Che placed on of his hand on the sword’s hilt and casually grabbed it.

The scarlet greatsword did not move one bit.

Although it was a casual grab, with Yun Che’s arm strength, he at least possessed a few thousand kilograms of strength, yet he was unable to move this unimposing greatsword at all.

Yun Che was stunned as his face revealed great shock. After he recovered from the shock, he stood up properly, placed both his hands on the sword hilt and activated the “Purgatory” gate. All his profound strength and arm strength gathered to both his arms.


Yun Che howled as his arms began to rise. Under his full strength, the scarlet greatsword was lifted off the ground as he swung the sword to create a slash, leaving behind a scarlet trajectory. Holding onto the scarlet greatsword in midair, his muscles tightened and his veins bulged. He felt that he was not holding onto a sword, but a mountain!

The weight he felt in his arms was at least ten times that of Dragon Fault!!

It was at least a hundred thousand kilograms!!

If it were not for the fourth stage of the Great Way of the Buddha granting him fifty thousand kilograms of arm strength, and using his own strength and profound strength, he probably would not be able to lift this sword at all.

The brat was only twenty to thirty kilograms and he could lift her with half a finger… How could she turn into a sword that was this heavy?!

Although this scarlet greatsword was bigger than Dragon Fault, it was at most bigger by thirty percent, yet it was at least ten times heavier! The concentration of its strength should be frightening, but why was it not imposing at all!

The weight on both his arms reminded him of the first time he wielded the Overlord’s Colossal Sword. He gritted his teeth and concentrated his strength on his arms, then began to swing the scarlet greatsword around. The moment he started swinging, the aura became imposing, as though it was a raging ocean’s waves banging heavily onto shore. The burst of the sword was as deafening as a thunder strike… One could only imagine the destructive power of being hit by the sword.

“Wah, wah, wah… So fun! Fun, fun… Wuahhhh, why do I feel dizzy…”

The immense weight did not cause Yun Che to retreat, but instead made him even more excited. Even the increasingly intense vibrations were thrown to the back of his mind. Only when the excited sound of the little girl rang did his motion stop, reminding him that this sword… was transformed from the little girl!

“Quick, drop your blood onto the sword… A drop is sufficient!” Jasmine’s voice suddenly sounded and it was using the soul transmission that no one else could hear.

Although he did not know why Jasmine’s shout sounded serious, Yun Che did not ask too much and immediately condensed a drop of blood from the tip of his finger, dropping it onto the scarlet greatsword.

The moment the drop of blood touched the scarlet greatsword, Jasmine, who was behind Yun Che immediately stacked her hands together and displayed a weird hand seal. In the palm of her hand, a deep blood-like red glow flashed.

At the same instant, the blood that was dripping down the sword stopped, entered the core of the sword, and completely disappeared.

Jasmine’s actions completely avoided Yun Che’s vision and spiritual sense causing him to not detect anything… he only felt a weird energy fluctuation for an instant.

“Ehh? Why do I feel so weird.”

The girl sounded slightly confused. The scarlet greatsword on Yun Che’s hand flashed with a red light and disappeared. The red haired red clothed young girl reappeared and when she landed, she did not immediately acknowledge Yun Che. Instead, she held her face and bit her finger unintentionally seemingly thinking very hard about something.

The scarlet greatsword disappeared, but the heavy feeling still lingered on his arm. His heart was unable to calm down from his excitement… Although wielding this scarlet greatsword was still slightly straining for him, when he was able to fully wield it, with this sword in hand, his explosive power would be far beyond that of Dragon Fault!

If this was only a heavy sword, Yun Che would do whatever it took to get it. But this sword… was actually not a sword!

“Little girl, you’re really… very strong!” Yun Che changed from his angry and wild expression to a more gentle one and said. He suddenly felt that it was important for him to build a good relationship with the girl.

The girl looked up at him with a muddled expression before tilting her head: “Why do I feel weird? Why, eh…”

“Where do you feel weird?” Yun Che asked.

“I don’t know, I just feel weird.” She looked at Yun Che and said with a serious expression: “Ugh, I seem to like you more! Being liked by a super beauty like me, do you feel happy?”

“…Little girl,” Yun Che touched his face, speaking in a more serious tone than her: “In my previous life, I already knew my charms. From the innocent little lolis to the invincible old virgins, liking me is a very very normal thing. Therefore, you don’t have think that it’s weird at all”

“Little loli? Old virgin… What are those?” The girl seemed confused before she suddenly shook her head: “Ahhh! I forbid you from calling me little girl. It’s not nice sounding at all!”

“What should I call you then?”

“Call… Call… Call me little beauty!”

“…You really don’t remember your name?”

“Of course not, I already said I don’t!”

“Then… How about I give you a name?”

“Name me?” The girl’s eyes sparkled as she grew excited: “Okay, okay! But it must be a nice and cute name that I like!”

Yun Che looked at the girl’s red clothes, red hair , red eyes… even her favourite color was red. He thought for a while and said: “Then, I’ll call you Hong’er.”

“Hong’er… Hong’er… Hong’er… Hong’er…” The girl repeated the name several times. Her eyes sparkled even more as she replied in high spirits: “Then, call me Hong’er next time… Hehe! I have a name! Hong’er Hong’er… Next time don’t call me little girl, or little brat, not even little beauty. You can only call me Hong’er!”

Seeing how unusually excited she became, it was obvious to see that she was very satisfied with the name.

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