ATG – Chapter 473

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Chapter 473 – Realm of the Sky Profound

“Hmph, still not too bad, you’re unexpectedly still alive.”

Although Jasmine’s voice was indifferent as usual, in her heart, she was extremely relieved.

Yun Che’s face was entirely smeared with blood, his expression could not even be made out. On the top of his head, a dim golden colored pagoda slowly rotated continuously, absorbing the energy of the heavens and earth without rest… and Yun Che would not allow it to rest, if not, within a few short breaths, he would be torn into pieces by the spatial turbulence.

In the recent past, there were many people who, due to various reason, were unable to leave the Primordial Profound Ark. Within them, there were Overlords, and even a Monarch. Amongst the Overlords, even if they used their full strength, they were unable to resist for more than three hundred breaths. And the Monarch could only resist for tens of days before being torn to shreds. To resist the spatial turbulence for a short amount of time was not an issue for Overlords and Monarchs, but even the strongest Overlords and Monarch would not be able resist this kind of unceasing disaster level storm forever.

However, Yun Che, whose strength was far inferior to a Overlord’s could actually forcibly survive… even though it was just surviving with incomparable pain and misery.

Yun Che had practically gnashed his teeth into pieces. It was as if he was existing in a thorny purgatory, the spatial turbulence tore and twisted at every single part of his body, if it were someone else with weaker willpower, even if he could resist to the end, he would rather die to escape such torture.

Time continued to flow in the purgatory-like spatial storm, only that Yun Che had long since been unable to feel the flow of time… Under the violent suppression of his willpower by resisting the pain and torture, he was completely unaware that an entire month had already passed.

Within the entire month, the congealing of his consciousness, the rotation of the pagoda and the releasing of profound energy did not stop for even half a breath. If he was told that he had survived under such circumstances for an entire month and still was not dead, even he would not believe that.

In the past month, his blood had continuously splattered, then regenerated; his skin and flesh continuously disintegrated, then regenerated; his profound strength was continuously consumed and recovered… The frequency in which his body was tempered with in the past month completely surpassed the combined number of times from his two lives.

An exquisite figure dressed in red stood in front of Yun Che, for the past month, Jasmine had not returned to the Sky Poison Pearl, but instead observed every little change in Yun Che quietly. When Yun Che had survived to the tenth day, she was already sufficiently shocked, believing that he would not be able to resist any further, yet Yun Che’s limits had once again exceeded her expectations. Yun Che’s willpower was incomparably tenacious… to add on, he was bestowed the Dragon God’s Soul!

Yun Che was not aware of his changes, but Jasmine could see it clearly. As time passed, Yun Che’s resistive capabilities would gradually decrease, regardless of the rate at which protective profound energy was being released or the rate at which the pagoda revolved, they were continuously getting weaker, yet the spatial turbulence did not show any signs of weakening… However, Yun Che still maintained his state and did not die, maintaining an equilibrium of incurring damage and regenerating.

That was because his bodily strength, along with the density of his profound strength was astonishingly undergoing an explosive rise during this whole process.

“Within a month, the density of profound strength has been raised by no less than three times. The body’s continual destruction and regeneration has stimulated the Dragon God’s Marrow, allowing the density of blood within the Dragon God’s bloodline to become more concentrated, while the Dragon God’s aura from his body has become more concentrated by almost two times… this is more exaggerated than what I expected.”

Jasmine looked at Yun Che and murmured to herself softly. She subsequently laughed faintly and muttered: “Looks like my choice was really not wrong.”

However, even with the existence of the Dragon God’s Soul, within that one month, Yun Che’s limits were thoroughly pushed.

Yun Che’s body started to sway violently, the rotation of the pagoda above his head was getting slower and slower. Ultimately, the golden radiance of the pagoda dimmed, as if it would disappear at any time.

Jasmine’s eyebrows twitched and said with a stern voice, tone and attitude resembling that of a master: “Yun Che, listen carefully, this is a test of your willpower, if you don’t want to die, then you had better give it your all and press on. If you manage to press on for one year, then there is a chance that your body will become accustomed to the spatial turbulence in this place and will not be affected anymore, at that time, your body will be as resilient as a Monarch’s! Not many people in the Profound Sky Continent will be able to harm you! But if you cannot press on, then you will die!”

Jasmine’s voice entered Yun Che’s ears with impeccable clarity, his tottering willpower barely strengthened by a bit under the stimulation from Jasmine’s voice; the pagoda above his head once again flickered weakly, emitting a golden radiance. After a short while, he said with an indistinct voice: “One… year…”

Jasmine said coldly: “To press on for one year under such circumstances, it looks like it’s impossible for you. However, among the most powerful people I know, including my older brother, in order to become powerful, they experienced torment which was a thousand times tougher and more cruel than this, so much so that you are not even able to imagine it! Yet the reason why the strong are strong, is exactly because they are able to endure what normal people aren’t able to. They are able to accomplish with their willpower what normal people think is impossible!”

“If you choose not to do your utmost to endure just because of ‘impossible’, ‘despair’ or ‘intolerable pain’, then not only will you not be able to become a genuinely strong person, you will even die here! You won’t even have a future!”

Jasmine’s words struck his heart, violently stimulating Yun Che’s mental state, awakening his obstinate nature and pride. With an oppressive roar, he instantly opened his eyes which were closed for an entire month forcefully, his eyes were astonishingly the color of blood.

The profound strength which was almost entirely depleted rose intensely once again. The pagoda released an intense golden radiance, extensively absorbing the energy of the heavens and earth, allowing his utterly damaged body to quickly enter a state of regeneration.

Yun Che’s condition allowed the look in Jasmine’s eyes to soften immediately. However, she knew that this was simply a temporary spike due to Yun Che being stimulated by her words, and would very quickly be on the verge of collapse… and in fact, it would be a more serious collapse. Based on Yun Che’s own foundation and strength, to be able to endure till such a state was already an incredible miracle. To want to endure in such a manner for a year, it would be even harder than ascending the heavens… Yet, what Jasmine was waiting for, was an opportunity which ought to appear.

At this point, Yun Che suddenly felt that the profound energy that he was releasing with all his might was suddenly cut off as he totally lost control of the profound energy within his profound veins. Stirring chaotically, even the profound energy in his body was not rushing forth, instead, it was being pulled back into his profound veins as if something was drawing it back. All the profound energy within his profound veins congealed to form a giant cyclone, rotating with incomparable violence.

Yun Che’s state of mind was violently moved: This is…


A chaotic cyclone suddenly exploded, at the same time, a star-like resplendent red-blue radiance glittered within Yun Che’s profound veins. Subsequently, waves of incomparably thick profound aura roiled from deep within his profound veins, rushing rapidly to every tendon of his body like a flood. His profound veins started to rapidly stretch, his meridians started to shrink and expand from the excess profound aura, as if they were dancing in excitement.

The profound aura of the Earth Profound Realm would appear as murky white color, yet at this moment, Yun Che’s was actually a field of dense, pure white! Just like a flowing white broth, its density was much stronger than the past by who knew how many times. The protective profound energy on the exterior of his body also expanded and grew stronger by several times! This allowed the damage and pressure experienced by Yun Che’s body to drop steeply; the rate at which his body recovered immediately suppressed the rate at which he was getting damaged.

The red-blue radiance within his profound veins reflected onto each other, becoming even brighter. Yun Che was initially utterly exhausted, his consciousness which was on the verge of collapsing was now incomparably sober, as if he was reborned. He felt his profound veins, profound aura, body and consciousness transform as his heart brimmed with immense surprise. As he breathed out, his perception to the entire world had distinctly changed, even the surrounding spatial turbulence was not all that scary.


A breakthrough from the Earth Profound Realm to the Sky Profound Realm! Within this nightmarish spatial disaster, under such hellishly terrifying tempering, within a short month’s time, Yun Che’s profound strength broke through from the Earth Profound Realm to officially enter the Sky Profound Realm!

Yun Che quickly calmed his state of mind from his ecstatic state to fully resist the spatial turbulence. He, who had broke through an entire realm had completely recovered his profound and mental energy. Being at peak condition, from being able to barely resist with the Great Way of the Buddha in the Earth Profound Realm, his current condition could be said to be effortless. The bloodstains on his body gradually decreased, slowly revealing his face and body… in the end, just as the bloodstains and scars were appearing, they quickly vanished.

Although in that entire process, Yun Che still endured what was just as good as being hacked into ten thousand pieces at every breath, which similarly required him to unceasingly give in his utmost concentration, it couldn’t be compared to before.

“Not bad, it came a little earlier than I expected.” Jasmine muttered. Subsequently, her lips curled into a strange smirk: “Looks like it’s time to increase the difficulty a little!”

Jasmine raised her tender, white palm, grabbed at the space, a spatial tear of several meters appeared in front of Jasmine’s body. After a regular spatial tear appeared, it would usually rapidly disappear, yet for this spatial tear, not to even mention disappearing, it did not even have any traces of shrinking. Jasmine’s body flashed, stepping into the spatial tear, thereafter, the spatial tear suddenly vanished.

And all of this was not noticed by Yun Che who was fully concentrating on resisting against the spatial turbulence. Jasmine would also not have allowed him to notice.

In the next instant, Jasmine’s figure appeared in another location, the surroundings were sometimes a sheet of darkness and sometimes a chaotic sheet of colors. This was the crevice in the space, it could also be called… a spatial tunnel! Ordinary people would not be able to comprehend such a thing, not to even mention going there.

In front of Jasmine, was the incomparably huge Primordial Profound Ark. It was shuttling within this mysterious spatial tunnel, unclear as to where it was boring towards. Jasmine’s gaze locked onto the Primordial Profound Ark, and raised her hand. Within her palm, a red glow flashed, then lightly tapped onto the profound ark.

In front of the Primordial Profound Ark, Jasmine’s body was as small as a grain of sand in the deep oceans.

Yet at that exact instant when Jasmine’s palm touched the Primordial Profound Ark, the entire Primordial Profound Ark was instantly enveloped by a red glow. Under an indescribably immense force, the speed at which it was shuttling through space abruptly increased… the spatial turbulence within, also instantly intensified by a large degree.

“This is more like it.”

Jasmine’s little hand slashed once again, and another spatial tear appeared in front of her body. Just as she wanted to enter it, a demonic voice suddenly came from all directions: “Kekekeke, a human actually dares to enter this king’s territory, and it’s a little doll! Keke… This king has not sampled a fresh human in several tens of thousands of years already.”

Jasmine turned around slowly, her complexion still as young and delicate to the extent of excessiveness and said with completely unmatching indifference: “Universe Devouring Beast?”

The Universe Devouring Beast existed within spatial crevices, feeding on space, occasionally devouring living creatures who traveled among such spaces. It was an extremely high leveled primordial profound beast which was few in numbers.

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