ATG – Chapter 459

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Chapter 459 – Harboring Malicious Intentions

Feng Xue’er was indeed uninjured, but she was unable to use any bit of her profound strength. She was so weak that she couldn’t even stand; it was as though all her strength had been sealed. Yun Che was slightly relieved. He turned his head around ferociously, angrily staring at Feng Feiyan: “Feng Feiyan… Have you gone crazy?!”

“Heheheh, Xue’er, I’m only doing this for your own good.” Feng Feiyan laughed with a harmless looking expression: “Young Hall Master Ye will be the future master of a sacred ground. If you are to marry him, it would be the world’s most perfect pairing. However, I know that your royal father will definitely not agree in this. Therefore, I have no choice but to use a little trick. After you completely become Young Hall Master Ye’s woman in this Primordial Ark and the both of you have enjoyed the body of the Divine Phoenix, even if your royal father doesn’t agree, he wouldn’t have any choice.”

Yun Che fiercely gritted his teeth, as both his fists clenched in secret. No one would have expected that the great elder of Divine Phoenix Sect, a core member of the sect whose position and reputation among his generation was only second to Feng Hengkong, the person Feng Hengkong and Feng Xue’er trusted the most, would actually harbor such malicious intentions.

Ye Xinghan wanted to possess Feng Xue’er, which meant that Yun Che and Xia Yuanba would most likely be killed to keep the secret!

Feng Xue’er’s expression was sorrowful. Her eyes were clouded as though she was in a dream: “The matter about Lord Phoenix God having already passed on, only me… royal father… grandfather… great grandfather… and you knew. It was you… you…”

“That’s right. I was the one that told Young Hall Master Ye.” Feng Feiyan directly admitted: “However it’s not just Sun Moon Divine Hall. The other three Sacred Grounds have probably already received this news as well. After the Phoenix God passed on, your useless royal father only knew how to try to indefinitely hide this matter. He never thought of finding a solution for Divine Phoenix Sect now that we no longer have the protection of the Phoenix God. Paper can never ever wrap fire. Only with the assistance of the future Hall Master of Sun Moon Divine Hall can we ensure the prosperity of our Divine Phoenix Sect. This is the best way for Divine Phoenix Sect to proceed!”

Yun Che laughed coldly: “A solution for Divine Phoenix Sect? You’re obviously finding an escape for yourself! You even chose to betray the entire Divine Phoenix Sect! Simply too despicable!”

Even after being scolded by Yun Che, Feng Feiyan was not angry, but instead laughed loudly: “Hahahaha, every man for his own and the devil takes the hindmost. Without the Phoenix God, Divine Phoenix Sect’s powers will deteriorate quickly, and might even become a subject of the Four Sacred Divine Grounds, never able to return to its former glory. As long as I am loyal towards Young Hall Master Ye. Heh, I believe that when he feels my loyalty, he would definitely treat me kindly.”

“That is natural. I personally am fond of smart men like Great Elder.” When Ye Xinghan was speaking, he eyes were firmly on Feng Xue’er’s fairy-like appearance. He has had numerous women but only until today did he realize that a woman could be beautiful to such an extent. He even felt that all the numerous women he had conquered up till today could not compare to a bit of her fairy-like appearance, even if their beauty were all added together.

He stretched his hands out, his fingers gripped continuously as he could not longer wait. He wanted to immediately conquer this girl who should not even belong to the human world.

Feng Xue’er’s chest rose intensely. She rarely interacted with the outside world and grew up under the most extreme form of protection and never knew of the world’s dangers at all. She closed her eyes as she uttered sadly: “Why is it like this… This isn’t real… Big brother Yun … This isn’t real…”

“That brat… You seem to be called… Yun Che?” Ye Xinghan stared at Yun Che who was currently carrying Feng Xue’er with a massive killing intent: “Immediately let go of this young master’s Xue’er and scram. Perhaps I can still consider leaving you with a full corpse. Garbage such as you are not fit to touch my Xue’er’s jade body!”

Yun Che carried Feng Xue’er and stood up, his gaze similarly emitted an icy cold killing intent. This matter was originally of no concern for Yun Che and Xia Yuanba, but now that he was present, he would definitely not be able escape this situation! When Ye Xinghan and Feng Feiyan conversed, they didn’t hide anything from him and Xia Yuanba. Clearly, they had already been treated as dead!

“Big brother Yun…” Feng Xue’er who was in his arms, softly said: “I have been sealed by the Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation… This is a forbidden formation used to seal off the profound strength of disciples who have committed heinous acts… Though I have the protection of the Phoenix God’s powers, for the next twenty-four hours, I won’t be able to exert any strength… I don’t want… by that evil man… so… Big brother Yun… please… can you… kill me…?”

Yun Che felt his heart tighten as he saw Feng Xue’er’s beautiful eyes turn dull, losing all its former glory. All that was left was now despair and sadness. He breathed out heavily and hugged Feng Xue’er even more tightly, gently saying: “Xue’er, don’t be scared. Unless I’m dead… I won’t let anyone harm you!”

Some vibrance returned to Feng Xue’er’s eyes. She looked tenderly at Yun Che’s eyes, meekly saying: “Big brother Yun…”

“Die!” Seeing that Yun Che wasn’t letting go of Feng Xue’er, but instead hugging her more tightly, Ye Xinghan was instantly enraged… He had not even managed to touch a piece of clothing on Feng Xue’er, the one who gave him the greatest hunger of his life, yet this garbage was hugging her in front of him! He swung his hand, and soon, a cold glinting jade fan appeared in his right hand.

This jade fan was an item that was always kept with Ye Xinghan. It was not just a simple fan. When the fan appeared in the hands of Ye Xinghan, even Feng Feiyan who was beside him shuddered… The name of the fan was “Sun Moon Calamity”, created with Heavenly Brahma Jade which had undergone more than ten thousand years of shine under the sun and moon. It was one of only ten Tyrant Profound Artifacts within the entire Profound Sky Continent. Simply relying on the “Sun Moon Calamity”, Ye Xinghan’s powers would be raised by at least three levels. He would even be able to fight against Feng Feiyan, who was in the eighth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm!

Sun Moon Calamity shone slightly following the wrist movements of Ye Xinghan which produced a crescent profound beam that shot straight towards Yun Che’s throat. Wherever the profound beam went, space was violently cut apart accompanied by a ear-piercing tearing sound.

Xia Yuanba’s huge body instantly moved, blocking Yun Che’s front. His rock-like fist punched out angrily… With a loud explosion, the frightening crescent profound beam exploded midair. A one inch long bloody wound appeared on the back of Xia Yuanba’s hand. Xia Yuanba face turned somber as he gritted his teeth and uttered: “Brother-in-law, quickly leave… leave!!!”



Xia Yuanba howled so loudly that it even caused Yun Che’s entire body to shudder as he clutched his hands tightly. Xia Yuanba was already clear about the situation at hand, and Yun Che too, knew it clearly… Looking at Xia Yuanba’s back and the determination coming off from him, he no longer acted hypocritical anymore. He gritted his teeth and turned around with difficulty: “Yuanba, don’t die… Remember the transportation jade on you… Definitely don’t die!”

With Yun Che’s current strength, it was simply insufficient in front of Feng Feiyan and Ye Xinghan. There would be no use even if he stayed; the result would still be death. However, leaving Xia Yuanba behind and escaping with Feng Xue’er meant that there would be a slim glimmer of hope for him and Feng Xue’er… But that also meant Xia Yuanba would be left in mortal danger.

As Yun Che finished speaking, he bit his tongue and turned from Xia Yuanba to the road in front and sprinted towards the east together with Feng Xue’er. He didn’t turned back, but streaks of blood overflowed between his fingers.

“Want to run?” Feng Feiyan laughed coldly, and just as his was about to give chase, he was stopped by Ye Xinghan who said beamingly: “Isn’t it better that they left?”

Feng Feiyan was stunned: “Young Hall Master means?”

“Do you think that that garbage Yun Che would be able to escape from me?” Ye Xinghan laughed in disdain: “Now that he has escaped with my Xue’er, we can peacefully send this disciple of Ancient Blue to his death. He is still a mid-stage Overlord. Killing him would still cause quite a stir. Now that my Xue’er’s profound strength has been sealed, she does not have any way of protecting herself. If she were to come to harm in an accident during our battle, even if it were a hair of hers, I would still feel heartbroken.”

Feng Feiyan nodded slowly: “No wonder. Young Hall Master has thought it through completely… However, this Xia Yuanba is Ancient Blue’s disciple. Won’t there be any problems?”

“This Primordial Profound Ark is the perfect killing ground. No matter who dies here, there wouldn’t be any troubles. The only people who knows about this is only you, me, Xue’er and Yun Che who’s about to die. My perfect Xue’er will also soon become my woman. And if she’s my woman, she will be implanted with a profound seal that will never disappear. All her actions, speech, will would be in my control, and she will never be able to say this to anyone… Great Elder, are there any more worries?”

“Of course not.” Feng Feiyan laughed ominously: “Then I would trouble Young Hall Master to team up with me. For me to defeat him is but simple, but killing him would be challenging. If he were to accidentally escape, it would be troublesome.”

Hearing the conversation between Feng Feiyan and Ye Xinghan, Xia Yuanba didn’t speak nor move. All the muscles in his body bulged as all the profound energy inside and on the surface of his body surged. Hearing that they didn’t intend to split up and chase Yun Che, but instead chose to team up and ensure his death made him secretly happy… This way, he could at least drag it out, giving Yun Che slightly more time and chances to escape.


The joints in Xia Yuanba’s body produced a cracking sound; his blood vessels became obvious, nearly bursting. His eyes were calm and composed as he stared at Ye Xinghan and Feng Feiyan who already treated him as dead…

Brother-in-law, I finally have the chance and ability to protect you. This time, I’m betting my life. No matter what… I won’t let you come to harm!

“Let’s send him on his way.” Ye Xinghan swung his jade fan and numerous crescent profound beam shot straight towards Xia Yuanba’s vitals.

“Die!” Feng Feiyan wildly shouted. Flames leapt up from his body, and soon the sky was instantly shrouded in fire as well. He struck down from above, instantly engulfing Xia Yuanba’s figure…

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