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Chapter 429 – Seven Nation Ranking Tournament: Start

Feng Feiyan ignored the clamor and continued: “Even though it is a team battle, it would still similarly be able to display every single person’s strength! While also being able to fairly examine a nation’s young generation’s comprehensive level! At the same time, it would also adhere to the condition of compressing the competition schedule to a maximum degree, without missing any bit of fairness! If we do it thusly, do our friends from the six nations have any objections? If there are any objections, feel free to speak up.”

Feng Feiyan faced the six nations… Accurately speaking, he faced the seating area of the five nations with a blank face and calm voice.

If they were confronted with such a drastic change of schedule, if the one before their eyes was a mere ordinary elder from Divine Phoenix Sect, as emperor and hegemon level figures of the six nations, they might indeed object.

But currently, the person talking to them was actually Divine Phoenix Sect’s Great Elder! One whose rank was higher than a Divine Phoenix Prince! Even if all six nation’s emperors were added up together, his might, power, and name also did not fall short. Beneath Feng Feiyan’s gaze, the six nation’s emperors and hegemons all felt as though an iron plate was pressing down on their chest, even breathing was extremely difficult. How could they possible dare to say anything? About this matter, it was evident that Divine Phoenix Sect had already one-sidedly made the decision, so how could they dare not agree? They all quickly nodded, expressing their agreement.

“Very good!” Feng Feiyan nodded: “Since our friends from the six nations don’t have any objections, then this year’s ranking tournament competition shall be conducted thusly. The rules of the team battles are basically the same as individual battles, and are similarly round robin. Every nation will battle with everyone from another nation and will advance through the ranking tournament through wins! Then, the two victorious nations will then fight one another to advance, winner will be placed in front. In order to cut down the tournament schedule and lighten the consumption of every nation’s participating profound practitioners, our Divine Phoenix Sect will not be participating in the round robin matches. The final victor of the matches will then be able to fight our Divine Phoenix Sect’s profound practitioners. If they win, they will then be this year’s champion! In this way, within the round robin matches, every nation’s profound practitioners would only be required to fight five matches, for a total of sixteen matches! One day of time, is already enough.”

Feng Feiyan’s meaning was quite clear, Divine Phoenix Sect was not participating in the round robin, and would only fight with the strongest team of the six nations. For this point, Feng Feiyan didn’t ask whether or not the six nations had any objections, because it was basically not necessary. And no one from the six nations thought that this was not proper, or feel dissatisfied, because Divine Phoenix Sect’s level was one that the six other nations were fundamentally unable to contend against. With how terrifying Divine Phoenix Sect was, even if every profound practitioner from the six nations were added up, they would still be easily suppressed into a dog by a profound practitioner from Divine Phoenix Sect.

After so many Seven Nation Ranking Tournaments, in the other nations’ eyes, they were all in fact “Five Nation Ranking Tournaments”, because Divine Phoenix was too strong and Blue Wind was too weak. Every time they fought, it was always to determine the ranking of the five nations. If they placed second, it was equivalent to placing first. And if they placed sixth, it was the same as being a shameful dead last. They absolutely did not dare have the delusion that they could defeat Divine Phoenix Empire, but at the same time, they would never condescend themselves to being on par with Blue Wind Nation.

“As for the other rules of the match, I’m assuming that there is no need for me to waste time to say what’s more than necessary…” Feng Feiyan swept his gaze around as his tranquil gaze brought along a kind of intangible imposingness… The Seven Nation Ranking Tournament was the most distinguished event for Profound Sky Continent’s profound practitioning world. Every session was paid the greatest attention to. And such an unprecedented great change in schedule that hadn’t even been informed beforehand, had actually just been decided on the spot with a few words. No one dared to object, and no one dared to reveal any discontentment.

This was Divine Phoenix Sect’s completely overwhelming deterrence.

“Eyoyo~, this one had expected to see many days of matches, and now it only need a single day to be finished… This one’s mood suddenly became so cheerful mhmnn… Little Hanhan, is your mood the same as this one?” Ji Qianrou narrowed his cherry flower eyes, and sent a flirtatious glance toward Ye Xinghan.

Ye Xinghan’s face distorted, as he said with a downcast voice: “Ji Qianrou! If you dare to speak with this young master again, this young master will kill you!”

“Yoh…” As if frightened, Ji Qianrou shrunk his neck down, and then, the expression in his gaze became both innocent and grievant from being wronged: “Little Hanhan, why would you so suddenly frightened at this one; you almost scared me stiff. If you suddenly frighten this one again, this one will get angry okay~. Once this one becomes angry, maybe he would become a little devious, and cause you to no longer have any women to play with at night~.”

With a tender and soft tone that was about to weep, Ji Qianrou shot a slight glance with timid eyes at the two bewitching women glued by Ye Xinghan left and right side. Instantly, the two’s body trembled at the same time, their pupils expanded as they projected an immensely deep fear… Because the moment they were touched by his gaze, that kind of terrifying feeling… was as though their throats were being held within the poisonous fangs of a king cobra.

“You…” Ye Xinghan knew the terror of this monster better than anyone else. Sealing up his mouth, he didn’t speak anymore.

‘I declare that Profound Sky Continent’s thirty-ninth Seven Nation Ranking Tournament has officially begun!”

Feng Feiyan’s voice resounded through the arena, and also declared the start of this session’s Seven Nation Ranking Tournament. With a swing of his arm, a stroke of firelight flickered past. Instantly, an enormous flame profound stone was erected in the center of the arena. Looking at this profound stone, Yun Che who had the experience of Blue Wind Ranking Tournament, instantly understood what it was used for.

Yun Che extended his arms, and glanced at his palm. One after another of sceneries at Heavenly Sword Villa back then emerged in his mind. He muttered to himself in resentment: “Looks like, I’ll be mocked by the crowd again! God damn, my fate was decided to be mocked at by crowds again and again from the moment I was born!”

In every single session’s Blue Wind Ranking Tournament, the profound strength assessment would always be an essential process. Seven Nation Ranking Tournament was the same. Half of the Profound Strength Assessment was to show off every single participant’s profound strength level… After all, profound strength level basically divided one’s true strength. The other half, was to assess one’s age.

“In all previous sessions of Ranking Tournaments, the participating profound practitioner’s age cannot be more than twenty five years old. If there are cases of excess age, the right to participate will be immediately taken back.” Feng Feiyan slowly descended from the skies, landed by the Profound Assessment Stone’s side, and said in a loud voice: “Right now, I will be using the last session of Seven Nation Ranking Tournament’s ranking results as order, and read out the name of the Seven Nations. Every nation’s participants ought to enter the Phoenix Stage with the participant emblem, declare their names, then take the assessment on profound strength and age.

“Navy Tide Nation!”

Feng Feiyan said that the ranking of the last Seven Nation Ranking Tournament’s placements were to be announced as order, but the first name he called, was the second place nation in the last session. On the surface, this may seem to be modestly putting Divine Phoenix Sect as the last one to enter the stage appropriate of a host. But the unspoken words, how couldn’t it be that Divine Phoenix Empire was entirely disdainful in being mentioned on equal terms as the other six nations?

In the last Ranking Tournament, Navy Tide placed second, first of the six nations. The moment the three words ‘Navy Tide Nation’ fell, a ball of cold profound light suddenly shone at Navy Tide Nation’s seating area, and drew two enormous words of “Navy Tide” in the skies above. Seven young men and three young women simultaneously took off into the air, and landed onto the Phoenix Stage in the time the corner of their clothes fluttered. Instantly, a wave of cold energy undulated outwards like water ripples from above the Phoenix Stage.

Navy Tide Nation was located to the extreme north of Profound Sky, with cold skies and frozen lands all years round. And because of that, the profound practitioners over there basically all cultivate ice attribute profound arts. Of the ten youths, the oldest looked to be around twenty five, the youngest looked to have just reached twenty. The moment they entered the stage, the audiences behind the Navy Tide’s seating area instantly exploded like hot oil on a pan, roaring out waves of voices that shook the heaven and earth.

“Navy Tide! Navy Tide! Navy Tide!!”

“Go Navy Tide! Crush the five nations!!”

“Wah! That’s the ‘Flower Viewing Prince’, Han Ruyu! Number one of Navy Tide Ranking Tournament for two times… As expected, he came!”

“Waaaaaaah… It’s Flower Viewing Prince… my idol… Ah!! So handsome! I’m about to faint…” A few maniacally infatuated girls screams while covering their face.

The enormous waves of clamor were like the rolling thunder, quaking to the point of making Yun Che’s eardrums quiver. Jasmine’s voice came from the side of his ear: “Seven late stage Sky Profound, and two half-step Emperor Profound… And one early stage Emperor Profound. Similarly of the same younger generation and in the same piece of continent, in comparison, Blue Wind Nation really is much too inferior!”

“That’s something that can not be helped either.” Yun Che said with indifference: “Blue Wind Nation is the smallest, and also has the shortest history. Their accumulation is truly too shallow, so naturally there would be an enormous difference that cannot be filled up.”

“Feng Wuhui of Navy Tide Nation’s Snow Mountain Sect, has come forth to contend!”

The first young profound practitioner came forth, revealed his participant emblem while revealing his name and sect in a lofty manner. Then, he took a step forward, stood in front of Feng Feiyan, and pressed onto the Profound Assessment Stone with his palm.

The Profound Assessment Stone flashed with a radiance, and following after, his physical age and profound strength were clearly displayed.

Twenty three years old, Sky Profound Realm level eight.

The audiences of Navy Tide Nation instantly uttered out a cheer that jolted the skies. Being able to achieve such a profound strength level was above average even in the most apex domain of the six nations.

Navy Tide Nation’s profound practitioners came forth in succession, their profound strength level wasn’t in the slightest different than what Jasmine had said… Seven late stage Sky Profounds, and two half-step Emperor Profounds. And at this time, the last profound practitioner of Navy Tide finally came forward.

The other nine profound practitioners all had lofty faces, only this person had on a calm expression from beginning to end, with a smile faintly hidden within. He looked to be extraordinarily young; his face was like white jade, his lips like vermilion cinnabar, and was a to-the-letter handsome man. In between his brows, there even carried a hint of eccentric aura enough to make women easily drown within it. He walked forward slowly and leisurely as if wandering in a yard. As he took his first step, Navy Tide’s audience seats had already thoroughly exploded. Various kinds of exaggerated shouts… Especially the screams from women, nearly ripped apart the Phoenix Stage.

“Flower Viewing Prince? The hell is that?” Yun Che propped his chin as he heard such a title from the female’s screams… This title, was simply conventional and lame to the point of being unbearable.

“This person is called Han Ruyu, rumored to be the current number one of Navy Tide’s younger generation. Attending Navy Tide Ranking Tournament twice at age of seventeen and twenty, he got first in both times. His prestige at Navy Tide Nation could be said as the sun in the sky, and even Navy Tide Nation’s ruler receives him as guest of highest honor… Heh, even to the point where I had heard of his name.” Feng Zhanyun curled the corner of his lips, as he said with great disdain: “He’s quite awe-inspiring at Navy Tide Nation, but if he comes to my Divine Phoenix Sect, he’d only be so much, and probably can’t be considered as reaching the average.”

With a smile on his face, Han Ruyu extended his white jade like hand and pressed onto the Assessment Stone…

Twenty three years old, Emperor Profound Realm level two!


The audiences of Navy Tide Nation went completely mad as the sounds of cheers turned from raging waves into the profound thunder of the ninth heaven, while the faces of other five nation’s profound practitioners all slightly changed.

“What… This time, Navy Tide Nation actually had a Throne!?”

“I had thought that our Throne this time would certainly shock the entire arena, but I didn’t expect that one would actually also appear in Navy Tide Nation! Looks like, if we go against Navy Tide Nation this time, it will be a tough battle again. However, we don’t have any reason to lose either!” Black Fiend Nation’s Emperor spoke in a overcast tone.

“Not bad!” Feng Hengkong, who had always been silent, nodded at this time: “Seems like this time, Navy Tide Nation finally improved by a bit.”

“Holy shit! He’s actually a Throne… Moreover, Emperor Profound Realm level two!” Feng Zhanyun had astonishment all over his face: “Thrones under twenty five years old could actually also appear in the insignificant six nations, tsk tsk, amazing, how rare. This kid called Han Ruyu, not just Navy Tide this time, he has spread his name throughout the six nations. The second place of this Ranking Tournament, may perhaps end up in Navy Tide Nation’s hands yet again.”

“Black Fiend Nation!”

Navy Tide Nation’s profound practitioners were done, yet they didn’t return to their seats, and instead directly entered Phoenix Stage’s exclusive match preparation area. Feng Feiyan’s shout once again sounded, as ten young profound practitioners, all wearing black attire, jumped onto the Phoenix Stage… This time, Black Fiend Nation’s audiences instantly exploded; the sound of screams they exuded wasn’t any weaker than Blue Tide Nation’s in the slightest.

“Wu Huihong of Black Fiend Nation’s Yin Hell Sect has come forth to contend!”

“Lü Haoyan of Black Fiend Nation’s Purple Fiend Isle has come forth to contend!”


Navy Tide Nation, Black Fiend Nation, Grand Asura Nation, Sunflower Dew Nation, Divine Incense Nation… The five nations of Profound Sky went up the Phoenix Stage in the order of the last Seven Nation Ranking Tournament’s placements. In fifteen minutes of time, all of the five nation’s profound practitioners were finished with their assessment, and entered the match preparation area. What was left, were only the two extremes… Divine Phoenix Empire and Blue Wind Nation.


Author’s Note:
【Memo: Elementary Profound Realm —→ Nascent Profound Realm —→ True Profound Realm —→ Spirit Profound Realm —→ Earth Profound Realm —→ Sky Profound Realm —→ Emperor Profound Realm (Throne) —→ Tyrant Profound Realm (Overlord) —→ Sovereign Profound Realm (Monarch) —→ Divine Profound Realm (Profound God) —→—→—→—→—→。】

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