ATG – Chapter 425

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Chapter 425 – Arrival of the Sacred Grounds (1)

“Kid, I can’t help but say that I really admire your courage and cheek. If it was me, let’s not even talk about coming alone; just speaking of this Earth Profound Realm… Heh heh, I wouldn’t have the face to enter this arena.” Feng Zhanyun smiled mockingly. Suddenly, his complexion flickered, and his gaze turned towards the center of the main seats. His voice stirred excitedly: “Sect Master, Young Sect Master, and the Great Elders have arrived… Ah…”

At this time, Feng Zhanyun’s breathing suddenly became hurried and brief. His eyes stared forward rigidly, and his voice began trembling: “Ah… ah-ah-ah-ah… that’s… could it be… Princess Snow!?”

The incomparably enormous arena was capable of holding almost three million people; just the sound of everyone’s breathing amounted to rumbling thunder. But at this moment, the enormous arena instantly became incomparably silent, such that even a pin drop could have been heard, and it seemed like everything had frozen in motion. Everyone’s gazes were directed upward, attentively watching the phoenix flame that had been lit in the sky.

The flame in the air assumed the shape of a flying phoenix. Atop the phoenix flame, several silhouettes descended slowly. Among the Divine Phoenix Sect’s seats, all of the participants from the Divine Phoenix Sect were already seated; even the princes, elders, hall masters, pavilion masters, and city masters were already there. But the foremost fifteen seats of the Divine Phoenix Clan were still vacant. And the position of these fifteen seats were evidently higher than that of princes and elders!

Today, the owners of these fifteen center seats finally arrived.

The silhouettes in the air slowly descended as they stepped on the Phoenix flame. Included among these people were the Divine Phoenix Sect’s Feng Hengkong and Great Elder Feng Feiyan. Young Sect Master and Crown Prince, Feng Ximing, was also lined up grandly. The other ten people were all elder and city master-level existences that were at the peak of strength and prestige in Divine Phoenix Sect. Without the least exaggeration, any individual among these people was a super existence capable of showing disdain in the Profound Sky. They stood together, their enormous imposing manner enveloping the entire arena, making all three million people in the arena have a heavy suffocating feeling.

However, including the Divine Phoenix Sect Master Feng Hengkong, not one person became the focal point of everyone’s gazes. Everyone’s gazes, as if locked by some irresistible force, fell onto the delicate and tender figure of the young girl standing beside Feng Henkong. She was dressed in luxurious phoenix clothing and wore a Phoenix Jade Crown. The Phoenix Jade glass that hung down from her crown completely shrouded her visage, rendering one incapable of even getting the slightest glimpse of her skin and grace.

But when people looked at such a girl, whose complexion couldn’t even be seen, their souls would still suddenly surge intensely. They were unable to describe such a feeling, as if they had fallen into an illusory dreamland all of a sudden, watching a girl that had walked out of a dream… Although they couldn’t see her face, every person’s heart was filled with the incomparably firm belief that she must have the world’s most perfect appearance, no less than that of a heavenly fairy.

This seemed like some kind of magic, and also seemed like a dreamy temperament that shouldn’t belong to a young girl from the mortal world.

At this time, the Feng Hengkong and Feng Feiyan-level existences beside this young girl completely became decorative props, the many stars around the arched moon. In fact, while Feng Hengkong and the young girl stood in the middle, and the others stood evenly spread around them, the center of the region they encircled wasn’t Feng Hengkong… but that young girl.

“Princess Snow… it’s the fabled Princess Snow!” Within the arena, a man yelled with incomparable excitement.

“Besides Princess Snow, who can stand on equal footing with the Phoenix Sect Master… Besides Princess Snow, who can possess such celestial character… Heavens! I’m actually seeing the fabled Princess Snow…”

“Having spent a tenth of the family property in order to get ahold of this entrance ticket, I felt a little conned originally… But to be able to catch a glimpse of Princess Snow, even if I lost the entire family fortune, it would be completely worth it!”

“I couldn’t be dreaming, right? Princess Snow only appeared that one time when she was thirteen… Today, I’m actually witnessing her charm and grace with my own eyes…”

“It’s a pity, we can’t see Princess Snow’s face. The thirteen year old Princess Snow already possessed the beauty of a heavenly being; the sixteen year old Princess Snow right now… who knows to what extent her beauty has developed.”

“Know satisfaction already, you! Being able to witness Princess Snow’s figure with your own eyes, is already a fortune gained by your former incarnation! How could Princess Snow’s heavenly appearance be something that common folks like us are qualified to appreciate!”



The enormous arena once again became clamorous. The impassioned mood that had filled the entire arena, had all turned into the excitement and exclamation towards Princess Snow, making the people almost forget why they came here today. They felt that even if they were to leave the arena right now without being able to see the ranking tournament, being able to have a glance at Princess Snow’s beauty was already more than tens of millions times worth it.

In this entire world, to be able to instigate such a great shock with an entrance, moreover with covered features, Princess Snow would be the only one!

Feng Hengkong’s gaze was tranquil yet dignified. His eyes swept through the entire audience, and wasn’t slightly surprised at this abrupt commotion. His gaze turned, and when it fell onto the Feng Xue’er beside him, the dignified gaze instantly became incomparably gentle, so gentle as though he was afraid his gaze would bring her harm.

This number one hegemon of the Profound Sky Seven Nations, a supreme being like the Emperor of Heaven’s Palace, would also only reveal such an expression in his eyes when facing this sole daughter of his.

“Princess Snow… It’s really Princess Snow.”

Feng Zhanyun’s face became thoroughly flushed. His legs were trembling, he was excited and moved to the point of almost slacking down onto the ground. His hand pressed at the position of his heart with power, as if he didn’t do it, his heart would even jump out from his thoracic cavity. He had already planned to just throw Yun Che here and leave right away, but Princess Snow’s appearance made his footsteps unable to move any longer. His two eyes fixedly watched on, as his soul had almost flew outside of the world.

Yun Che was naturally aware of Feng Xue’er’s charm. Looking at the charming figure of Xue’er in the distance, and looking at Feng Zhanyun’s expression… As a man, he really wanted to flauntingly roar: Not only have I seen Xue’er’s true appearance, I’ve even touched her hand and hair, do you believe me!? Are you envious!?

Of course, he absolutely didn’t dare to speak these words. Watching everyone’s reactions, he was certain that if he really shouted out, Feng Hengkong wouldn’t need to tear him apart personally; everyone present would use their gazes to pierce him until he looked like a porcupine!

Yun Che tapped Feng Zhanyun, pretended to be puzzled, and asked: “Aren’t you from the Divine Phoenix Sect? Why are you still so excited to see Princess Snow? Could it be that the people inside your sect don’t ordinarily see her?”

“Of course! In this world, how many people have the qualifications to be near Princess Snow!” Feng Zhanyun said emotionally: “Princess Snow is usually kept beside the Ancestral Phoenix God; she’s the first person in the history of my Divine Phoenix Sect that the Ancestral Phoenix God has personally given guidance to. Other than Sect Master and the Great Elder-level people, meeting Princess Snow is simply impossible…”

Having spoken to this point, Feng Zhanyun suddenly snapped awake from his excitement: “F*ck! Why’d I just say all this to you! You’ve practically run through eight million years of good luck! Someone only at the Earth Profound Realm, representing Blue Wind Empire as a stopgap, was actually able to see Princess Snow on the spot… Your life can be considered worth it now!”

“…Yes, yes.” Yun Che nodded, then silently knit his eyebrows… Ancestral Phoenix God? Without a doubt, it should be that Phoenix Spirit! He asked probingly: “You just said… Ancestral Phoenix God? I’ve heard that your Divine Phoenix Sect has at least five thousand years of history. Your ancestor can live up to five thousand years old?”

Feng Zhanyun used a gaze as though he was looking at a retard and gave Yun Che a glance from the side: “In the end, you’re just a nobody from Blue Wind Empire; how could you understand my Divine Phoenix Sect’s inside information. Our Ancestral Phoenix God is the world’s most powerful spirit! What does an insignificant five thousand years mean; the Ancestral Phoenix God has an everlasting life! It will always protect my Divine Phoenix Sect, and will never wither away. Are you aware of the Four Great Sacred Grounds? The Four Great Sacred Grounds all have tens of thousands of years of history, but five thousand years ago, my Divine Phoenix Sect rose abruptly. In less than three hundred years’ time, it has become the number one sect in the Profound Sky Continent. The Four Great Sacred Grounds have never tried to suppress us; do you know why? Heh heh, it’s because of the existence of our Ancestral Phoenix God! Even if it was some Saint Emperor, Sovereign of the Seas, Heavenly Monarch or Sword Master, they still wouldn’t dare to act rashly in front of my Ancestral Phoenix God…”

Feng Zhanyun finished speaking loftily, then curled his lip disdainfully: “Forget it, speaking about this to you is useless. In your lifetime, I estimate your limit will be the late stages of the Sky Profound Realm. Even if you cultivated for ten thousand lives, you still wouldn’t be able to touch the Ancestral Phoenix God’s current strength.”

“Oh~~~” Yun Che answered without much thought, then sank deep into thought… From what Feng Zhanyun had said, not only did the Ancestral Phoenix God still exist, it had an unlimited lifespan, and it made even the Four Great Sacred Grounds cower in fear from its might.

Yet Jasmine had said with an extremely certain tone… that that Phoenix Spirit had already died.

Could it be, the Divine Phoenix Sect had concealed the fact that the Phoenix Spirit had died this entire time?

This was extremely probable! After all, the Phoenix Spirit’s existence was an enormous deterrence to the Four Great Sacred Grounds. If news of the Phoenix Spirit’s death spread out, then the greatest deterrence of the Divine Phoenix Sect would no longer exist. Furthermore, it would also no longer have the qualifications to challenge the Four Great Sacred Grounds anymore.

The Phoenix Flame beneath Feng Hengkong and company went out, and they landed on the ground, then sat down in their seats. Feng Xue’er sat besides Feng Hengkong, a position on the same level as that of Feng Hengkong! The other people all sat behind them. Yun Che silently watched Feng Xue’er’s silhouette, and his heart sighed lightly… Xue’er, the next time you see me, what will your feelings be? Will you be hurt and sad… If that’s the case, even I will be incapable of forgiving myself.

As for Feng Zhanyun, he already thoroughly didn’t have any desire to leave. He stared fixedly at Feng Xue’er’s dream-like silhouette, and his face filled with an expression of infatuation and devotion… Yun Che estimated that right now, even if he struck him with a rod, he wouldn’t leave.

Feng Hengkong just sat, took a glance at the time, swept his gaze across the distinguished seats reserved for those from the Four Great Sacred Grounds, and said: “Have the honored guests from the Sacred Grounds arrived yet?

“They are always conceited with their status, and would never arrive until the last moment, there is no need for Sect Master to mind. Their intentions are set on the Primordial Profound Ark, they will certainly come.” Feng Feiyan said expressionlessly. He was the directly related older brother of Feng Hengkong, and was only seven years older than him, yet he looked to be twenty or thirty years older. With his cultivation, at two hundred years old, he could totally look no different than twenty or thirty, but it was very clear that he did not choose to deliberately control the characteristics of age with profound strength.

“Mn.” Feng Hengkong slowly nodded: “Since they are honored guests, we’ll wait for fifteen minutes longer.”

“Hahahaha, no need for fifteen minutes. An honored invitation of the phoenix, how could I, this Ling, not come.”

An ear-splitting hearty laugh sounded from above, and instantly resounded through the entire arena as if a gale, jolting to the point of causing everyone’s eardrums to severely quiver. Right after, the enormous pressure belonging to an Overlord enveloped down, as a green colored figure quickly flashed through the air, then fell upon the “Mighty Heavenly Sword Region” seat like a ghost.

The moment the voice sounded, Yun Che’s thoughts flickered at once. Because he was extraordinarily familiar with this voice. And when that person descended, Yun Che’s brows also moved along with it…

Sure enough, it was Ling Kun!!

The person at the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament back then, who was invited as witness by the Heavenly Sword Villa! That time, he had even taken the initiative to throw out an olive branch at Yun Che, inviting him to join Mighty Heavenly Sword Region.

Who would’ve thought the person representing the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region at this Seven Nation Ranking Tournament would also be him!

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