ATG – Chapter 419

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Chapter 419 – Changes in the Profound Ark

Unwittingly, the snowflakes had practically all floated down. The young girl also stopped dancing as she looked unbearingly at the quietly melting layer of snow beneath her feet. She looked at Yun Che, and said in a pitiful lovely voice: “My dancing, was it good?”

“Good…” Yun Che nodded with a hazy expression. He sounded as though he was sleep talking, his mind was still immersed within the dancing earlier.

Princess Snow had heard this sort of praise too many times in her life, but she still laughed happily: “Then… Make a little bit more snow, okay? I can continue dancing for you. When I watch the snowflakes fall, I can’t help but want to dance with them.”

“All right…” How could Yun Che possibly decline? She was like a celestial being, seeing her for even an instant would be an indescribable pleasure and luxury. It was a beautiful scene an ordinary person would never be able to see in their entire lifetime. He stretched out his hand toward the sky and condensed profound energy…

But as soon as Frozen Cloud Arts activated, a tearing pain immediately came from his chest. Yun Che groaned and quickly used his hand to press against his chest, forcibly swallowing the surging blood back down. However, his complexion was still deathly pale.

“Ah!!” Princess Snow exclaimed in surprise. Without even bothering to put her shoes back on, her delicate ice lotus-like feet left the layer of snow, stepping onto soft grass. She extended both hands, withdrew them once more, and then asked nervously: “Are… Are you all right? It’s all my fault, only focusing on letting myself see snow, and forgetting about your injuries… I’m sorry… I’m so sorry…”

The treasure of Divine Phoenix Empire was currently panickedly apologizing to him, an “ordinary disciple”. Her beautiful eyes trembled slightly, filled with worry and self-blame. A spot in the depths of Yun Che’s heart was touched, he did his best to smile: “Don’t worry, I’m okay. I just accidentally stirred my internal injuries, I’ll be better after a short rest.”

When he finished speaking, Yun Che had already carefully sat down. He closed his eyes, slowly calmed his breathing, and the uncomfortable sensation quickly disappeared.

Only after hearing Yun Che’s words and seeing his complexion gradually regain its color, did Princess Snow’s worry and self-blame quietly scatter. Then, without being completely reassured, she sat in front of him as her eyes stared at him unblinkingly. She also didn’t know why she wanted to have a proper look at this man, perhaps, it was because of some kind of hazy and mysterious feeling that came from him… This was the first time in her entire life that she had taken a meaningfully look at a single person.

When the stirred internal injuries were pacified, Yun Che opened his eyes, directly meeting with Princess Snow’s gaze. Being found out that she was peeping at him, Princess Snow blinked, and laughed sweetly, suddenly blossoming into a smiling expression that stirred Yun Che’s soul. He also laughed, and said regretfully: “Your Highness, this is my fault for being wounded. Not only can I not make it snow for you, I even made you worry… My injuries would be much better tomorrow, at that time, I’ll make it snow a lot for you.”

“Okay!” Princess Snow readily agreed, then slightly tilted her head: “But, can you not call me Your Highness? It feels kind of awkward.”

“Then… What should I call Your Highness?”

“My name is Feng Xue’er, you can call me Xuexue, or you can call me Xue’er. I really like those two names, ‘Your Highness’ doesn’t sound good at all.” Princess Snow said with a laugh.

If a Divine Phoenix Sect member swapped places with him, they would instantly be terrified. But Yun Che naturally did not care as he smiled: “Alright, then from now on, I’ll call you… Xue’er.”

“Mn!” Princess Snow smiled lightly as she nodded, her star-like pupils gazed at his face: “Then can I call you… Big brother Lingyun?”

“Of course you can… but I’ll like it even more if Xue’er calls me Big brother Yun. Because I feel like it’s even more intimate than “Big brother Lingyun.” Yun Che smiled… Even though they were missing one word, “Big brother Lingyun” and Big brother Yun” were two completely different concepts. Because the former… totally benefited that Ling Yun guy!

“Mn!” Princess Snow nodded in elation: “Big brother Yun… Big brother Yun… Big brother Yun… heh!”

Princess Snow called out three times in a row. That extremely sweet voice made all the bones in Yun Che’s body go soft.


Divine Phoenix Imperial Palace, Phoenix Main Hall.

“This son and subject greets royal father.” Feng Ximing said deferentially as he stood in front of Feng Hengkong.

With the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament getting ever so closer, it was still only secondary. What was most important, was that the Primordial Profound Ark’s doorway was about to open. Even though no one had discovered the secrets of the Primordial Profound Ark in these several thousand years, there was no doubt that it contained a world-shaking treasure. Therefore, even after every failed attempt, the appearance of the Primordial Profound Ark was still be regarded as an enormous occasion for Divine Phoenix Sect. Everyone within the Divine Phoenix Sect believed that if they discovered the Primordial Profound Ark’s secret, and obtained its treasure, Divine Phoenix Sect’s strength would be on an equal footing with the Four Great Sacred Grounds in the true meaning… even surpassing them was a possibility.

When Feng Ximing arrived, he didn’t even lift his head, as he faintly said: “What is it.”

Feng Ximing’s head was slightly bent, his posture humble: “Reporting to royal father, we’ve just recently received news from Spirit Earth Hall, a change has occurred on the profound seal on the ark door of the Primordial Profound Ark this morning. According to our past written accounts, this kind of change signifies that the ark door will open twelve days from now, a full four days earlier than we expected.” Preparing for the Primordial Profound Ark was the reason why Feng Hengkong had very rarely appeared in public during this time frame.

Feng Hengkong raised his head, his face heavy: “Four days earlier?”

Feng Ximing nodded: “Yes. We have originally set the day after the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament as the profound ark’s opening, but now, the profound ark’s door is four days ahead of schedule, conflicting with the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament. And even if we shift the ranking tournament to an earlier date now, we still won’t have enough time. Thus, in regards to how we’ll handle this matter, I ask royal father for judgement.”

Feng Hengkong stood up as his brows slowly pinched. The Primordial Profound Ark’s doorway would only open for twenty four hours, every minute and second was incomparably precious, and it definitely could not be wasted. However, when he sent the invitation letters to the six nations previously, he explicitly indicated that the top three of the ranking tournament would be entitled to board the Primordial Profound Ark. If the competition was unfinished, how could the top three even board the Primordial Profound Ark when they didn’t even exist? As for shifting the date of the ranking tournament to an earlier time, that was even more inappropriate.

Feng Hengkong muttered, his voice low and dignified: “The ranking tournament’s original schedule is for a time frame of five days. The Primordial Profound Ark’s matter cannot be delayed, and the competition also cannot be shifted ahead of time. Since the opening of the Primordial Profound Ark’s has been shifted four days ahead of time, then we can only compress the ranking tournament to last one day!”

“One day? This…” Feng Ximing’s face revealed shock. This was unprecedented in all of the history of the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament. Making the battle between seven nations last only one day, was indeed too tight, or perhaps it should be said that it was fundamentally impossible to accomplish.

“This is the only way. As to how to arrange that, the decision is yours.” Feng Hengkong’s gaze concentrated: “There must be no mishap in the exploration of the Primordial Profound Ark, and the ranking tournament matter is related to our Divine Phoenix Sect’s prestige, it also must not have any errors. Deciding how to set that up will depend on your ability, this can also be considered a test for you. Any questions?”

Even though Feng Ximing was nervous, he still obviously did not have the courage to refuse as he promptly lowered his head: “Yes, this son will properly handle this according to royal father’s wishes and will not disappoint royal father.”

“Mn.” Feng Hengkong nodded: “Since that’s the case, if you have no other matters, you may withdraw. Remember to inform every Great Elder and Pavilion Master about this, so they can make preparations earlier.”

“Yes… This son also has another matter to speak about, royal father. This matter is not big nor small, but this son and subject still thinks that it’s best if he tells royal father.”


Feng Ximing said cautiously: “A few days ago, huge sounds of activity suddenly came from Phoenix Mountain Range. When we came over, we discovered Thirteenth Brother’s personal bodyguard Feng Chihuo there, and he died extremely miserably. The area around him had also been widely destroyed, evident of him going through a desperate battle.”

With regards to Feng Chihuo’s matter, Feng Hengkong was naturally aware of it, but he clearly didn’t put it to heart as he said indifferently: “Only our sect members can enter Phoenix Mountain Range. Since he died there, then he had been killed by someone in our sect. We’ll instantly know once we investigate it.”

“Royal father speaks thusly. After some investigation, Feng Chihuo was pursuing someone who charged out of the southern gate in the early morning of that day. Going by what the city guards have stated, the sky had not brightened yet, so they did not get a good look at the person’s face. They only vaguely distinguished that the person had not reached thirty yet, and…”

“No need to say anymore!” Feng Hengkong impatiently swung a hand: “We don’t have the time to pay attention to such small matters. Since Feng Chihuo was murdered by someone within the sect, then it means that he’s unskilled. Are you saying that we have to personally investigate who murdered that good-for-nothing trash?”

“Royal father, quell your anger… Feng Chihuo’s tragic death is but a small matter, but… but…” Feng Ximing sucked in a breath, as a distinct nervousness appeared on his face: “The place where Feng Chihuo died is not even five kilometers away from Absolute Phoenix Cliff, and the place just to the side of Absolute Phoenix Cliff is Phoenix Perching Valley, where Xue’er is. Royal father has ordered guards to defend twenty five kilometers east, west, and north of Phoenix Perching Valley, yet no one is guarding the south side. This son and subject is worried that Xue’er might be disturbed, and perhaps that person might dare to intrude Phoenix Perching Valley…”

Before he had even finished talking, his entire body suddenly felt a chill, and he didn’t continue his sentence. Feng Hengkong’s eyes narrowed as his glowering eyes released a thick, ice-cold raidance.

“So… are you saying that you want to go over to Phoenix Perching Valley to see if Xue’er is safe?”

“No, this son absolutely did not have that intention, it’s just… it’s just that this son is afraid someone might disturb Xue’er.” Feng Ximing said in terror. He had long anticipated that Feng Hengkong would react this way, but he still couldn’t help but say it… Feng Hengkong was currently just too busy at this time, so perhaps he really might allow him to go over there to have a look… Even if it was a one in a millionth chance, letting him have a look at Xue’er was enough. However, it was evident that this was still an extravagant hope. Feng Xue’er was Feng Hengkong’s biggest landmine… a landmine that absolutely could not be touched.

“Hmph! Absolute Phoenix Cliff is not the only thing south of Phoenix Perching Valley, there’s also the Great Phoenix Formation. Aside from my sect members, no one is able to enter. In our Divine Phoenix Sect, there’s still no one with enough guts to dare charge in Phoenix Perching Valley!! Xue’er can also immediately sound transmit to us as well. If she really has been disturbed, she would certainly notify us immediately. No need for you to worry… Scram!”

“Royal father, calm your anger, this… this son was worrying too much. This son and subject shall take his leave.”

Feng Ximing withdrew in a panic… Once he exited Phoenix Main Hall, he turned around with firmly clenched teeth as a cold, resentful light flashed through his eyes.

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