ATG – Chapter 402

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Chapter 402 – Senior Zi

The purple clothed elder stood in place without moving, and did not say anything either, because he wasn’t sure if Yun Che was merely probing about to make it deliberately mystifying or had actually discovered him… If it was the latter, then that would be inconceivable.

At this moment, Yun Che actually spoke once more: “If senior isn’t going to reply, then I’m going to count that as silent approval. For the Black Moon Headquarters to be so successful even now, honesty is inevitably the number one criteria. I believe that senior would not allow a lowly person who would go back on his word to appear in his domain.”

Feng Zhaonan laughed loudly: “Seventh floor senior? Hahahaha! With such a far distance, and it even being the interior of the Black Moon Merchant Guild, let alone a trash like you, even I should not think about probing for any movements inside there. You putting on such an act like that seriously resembles an extremely ridiculous clown.”

Yun Che laughed coldly. Without saying another word, he walked toward the front of a profound array in the eyes of everyone present… He had already roughly understood that this crystal station’s standard for talent; the age of one’s bones, and degree of power… not simply the level of one’s profound strength. If it was in accordance to this standard, then no matter what, he ought to be stronger than this Feng Zhaonan.

Yun Che extended both hands and gathered his energy. “Purgatory” instantly opened as his hands smashed out with “Falling Moon Sinking Star”.

Divine Phoenix Empire had more than five thousand years of history, and the existence of this crystal stage was even older than the Divine Phoenix Empire, which was highly unusual. The might of Yun Che’s strike under the state of Purgatory was absolutely terrible beyond compare, but once it struck atop the profound array, it also did not make any noise as all its force was completely absorbed by the profound array in an instant, without the slightest bit of overflow.

Clang Clang Clang…

The silent crystal pillar suddenly lit up… from red, it almost instantly went straight to blue. The sound of five different colors simultaneous lighting up overlapped, directly shocking the ears of everyone present with a continuous droning noise.

All of the surrounding profound practitioners had a pitiful expression, and were already prepared to see a joke, but the scene before their eyes immediately left them completely dumbstruck, leaving them unable to dare believe their own eyes. The sneer on Feng Zhaonan’s face stiffened instantly, as he involuntarily cried out: “This… this is impossible!”

The ascension of the light on the crystal pillar slowed down, but it still did not stop as it continue upward through the blue pillar and broke through the blue colored boundary as the indigo crystal pillar then lit up.

“Waah!!” Almost all the profound practitioners present let out an involuntary cry… However, the crystal pillar’s light still did not cease, and instead continued to rise higher and higher. The indigo light quickly became an azure color. Then, there was only a “clang” sound…

A purple radiance was released from the highest pillar of light.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet… All colors lit up, and the entire crystal pillar brightened with the color of the rainbow. Slowly, the violet color spread downwards, gradually engulfing the other colors, making the entire crystal pillar purple. The purple color was preserved for a full ten breaths of time, then slowly scattered. The profound array in front of Yun Che spun at high speed, and then, the shape of a purple colored transfer gate slowly formed. Yun Che’s body, was also radiating a faint purple color.

On the seventh floor of the Black Moon Merchant Guild, the face of the purple clothed elder, who had been standing by the window from the start, fiercely moved. His gazed firmly locked on Yun Che, and it took a good while until he slowly spoke out a few words: “Earth Profound Realm… Inconceivable…”

This grade, was also beyond Yun Che’s expectations. In fact, the crystal stage’s standard judgement of talent did not merely use a person’s age and strength, at the same time, it also compared the power released of those at the same level as well. Yun Che’s profound strength was at the late stages of the Earth Profound Realm, yet he could release a strength comparable to a middle stage Emperor Profound. This was his current strongest, and it could be said that in the entire Profound Sky Continent, none could reach him.

The surrounding profound practitioners were all stupefied on the spot. A profound practitioner that placed in the top fiftieth of Black Fiend Nation’s ranking tournament could only strike out the yellow. Feng Zhaonan was the head disciple of an elder-rank person within the Divine Phoenix Sect, and his blue grade was one that they could never hope to reach for even in their entire lifetimes. Yet this person, who was obviously at the Earth Profound Realm, actually struck out… the illusory, unreal violet!!

This meant that based on the Black Moon Merchant Guild’s judgement, his aptitude was at the very top of the entire Profound Sky Continent! Although there was the level of indigo between violet and blue, this did not represent the disparity in the two levels, rather, the difference was two full planes, two whole worlds! In front of a yellow-colored grade, a blue-colored grade was a transcendent existence that one could not see the summit of. But in front of a purple-colored grade… it was trash, through and through.

“Impossible… Impossible… There must be… be a problem with the profound array… Impossible!” Staring at the purple colored radiance that had yet to disperse, Feng Zhaonan’s entire body shook… Born in Divine Phoenix City, he was even more clear than everyone present on what the purple-colored grade meant. Because within this generation of Divine Phoenix Sect’s profound practitioners, only one person had struck out a purple-colored grade. Even indigo, was a rarity. No matter what, he was unable to accept that a mere Earth Profound Realm from one of the other six nations, someone who was fundamentally not even worthy to be glanced at in his eyes… had actually struck out the violet of legends!

Even though he had lowly muttered out that there must be a problem with the profound array… he was even more clear than everyone present that it was absolutely impossible for there to be a problem with the profound array. It was rumored that these thirty-two profound arrays were made by a Monarch of the Sovereign Profound Realm, and it existed even longer than the Divine Phoenix Empire. How could a problem possible appear on it?

Yun Che turned around, faced Feng Zhaonan, and laughed faintly: “Feng Zhaonan, the results are now in. You ought to not have forgotten the bet we made previously, right? Then what are you standing there for? Why haven’t you kneeled down and kowtowed to your grandfather?!”

“You!” Feng Zhaonan’s complexion became pitch-black… Before now, even if he was beaten to death, he would never believe that a mere, insignificant Earth Profound Realm would strike out a level higher than blue… or even the legendary violet. Let alone a high ranking disciple of the Divine Phoenix Sect, even if it were an ordinary person, it was impossible for one to accept the humiliation of going down on his knees to kowtow, and even calling out grandfather. Otherwise, he would always bear this humiliating mark for his entire life.

“You’re only a trash of only the Earth Profound Realm, how could you strike out the violet!” Feng Zhaonan said with gritted teeth: “There obviously is a problem with the profound array… or maybe you had used some sort of trick! To want me, Feng Zhaonan of the Divine Phoenix Sect to kneel for you… is simply a joke as big as the heavens!”

“Haha.” Yun Che sneered: “Divine Phoenix Sect is known as the number one sect in the world, its might and power is known to be impressive everywhere, and would make people wistful. Never did I expect that not only is this disciple condescending beyond belief and arrogant without scruples, he’s actually a lowly person who would go back on his word. That seriously leaves one greatly disappointed. However, you can’t renege on your bet, as every friend present here are all personal witnesses! If you really do not care about your pathetic face, you can just leave far away with your tail behind your legs. But I don’t know what would happen if this news were to spread throughout the city and pass through your sect’s ears, letting them know that you had lost all of your sect’s face in front of the presence of all the other six nation’s profound practitioners in Black Moon Merchant Guild’s territory. I wonder if they would expel you from Divine Phoenix Sect… Oh, no, Divine Phoenix Sect’s biggest taboo is their bloodline, so they would never drive away a disciple. I guess they would directly do some… house cleaning?”

When Feng Zhaonan had come earlier, the surrounding reverent gazes had made his entire body feel incredibly pleasurable. But now, the surrounding gazes were like daggers boring into his entire body… If he was alone with Yun Che, he would unhesitantly kill Yun Che, letting not a third person know of this. However, not only was this the territory of the Black Moon Merchant Guild, there were also more than ten thousand people here as witnesses. This was the first time in his life that he had been forced in such dire straits.

“In this one generation of my grand and mighty Divine Phoenix Sect, only one person has struck the violet! How could a trash of the Earth Profound Realm like you, be able to strike the violet! There’s obviously a problem with the profound array… What qualifications do you have to make me kneel?! Nobody would ever acknowledge this result! You’re actually even using the name of my sect to scare me? Haha… haha, simply ridiculous!”

Feng Zhaonan laughed loudly as he roared, but it was obvious that he was not confident in his last few words.

At this time, an aged voice suddenly came from above: “Little junior of Divine Phoenix Sect, your arrogance had first brought you trouble, yet you are not willing to admit that you lost your bet and is instead questioning my Black Moon’s profound array!? I’m afraid that if it was your Master, Feng Yunzhi himself, not even he would have that sort of courage!”

This sound was not at all resounding, but every word felt as if mountains were firmly striking at the soul. The level of cultivation that belonged to the owner of the voice was simply unimaginable. Feng Zhaonan raised his head toward the seventh floor of the Black Moon Merchant Guild, his face revealing a deep shock and fear. He said hurriedly: “It’s… it’s Senior Zi! Senior Zi, please calm your anger. This junior… this junior absolutely does not have the intention of questioning the Black Moon Merchant Guild.”

“No? Then is it that there was a problem with my hearing?” The aged voice asked loudly.

Feng Zhaonan’s face immediately became ashen, and he didn’t dare to speak for a long while…

A high ranking disciple from the Divine Phoenix Sect had actually been scared to this extent by the owner of this aged voice. Yun Che was slightly shocked in his heart, he raised his head and spoke: “Junior thanks senior for his fair words.”

“Honesty is the number one principle of my Black Moon Merchant Guild, and we can’t bear to look at despicable people who go back on their word. However, this junior is after all, a Divine Phoenix Sect disciple. If he goes down and kowtows, it would be of the utmost humiliation, which would be extremely inappropriate for the entire Divine Phoenix Sect. To you, it also brings not the least bit of benefit, so you ought to stand back in due course.”

“Senior’s teaching is right.” Yun Che said cheerfully: “Junior only could not take his gaze that looked down and insulted all of us six nation profound practitioners, which is why I wanted him to remember this a bit more.”

His expression became unsightly as he turned to face Feng Zhaonan and said with a beaming smile: “This Black Moon Merchant Guild senior has already plead for mercy in your stead, so of course I’ll have to honor this senior’s reputation… This head of yours, no longer needs to knock on the floor, grandfather, you also do not need to call. But if you just leave like that, then wasn’t this bet made for naught? We, profound practitioners of the other six nations, would also have been scolded by you free of charge! Thus, you had best leave behind a little something! Mn…” Yun Che supported his chin with a hand as his eyes narrowed into slits while he sized up Feng Zhaonan’s entire body: “The clothes you’re wearing is actually not bad, take it off and give it to me… Senior, this junior’s request is not too excessive, right?”

The aged voice transmitted over: “The Phoenix Robe is a Divine Phoenix Sect disciple’s identity. No one outside of the sect would dare copy it, and even more would not dare to wear it. Even though I don’t know what you would use the Phoenix Robe for, compared with your bet, this is merciful enough. Little junior of Divine Phoenix Sect, the other party has already given you a huge concession, do you have any other objections?”

The Phoenix Robe was a Divine Phoenix Sect disciple’s status symbol, taking it off was undoubtedly comparable to tearing one’s face off. However, this outcome was unquestionably a thousand hundred times better than kowtowing. Added with the suppressive might coming from the Black Moon Merchant Guild, how could he even say anything else? Gritting his teeth, he took off the Phoenix Robe, flung it at Yun Che, then quickly changed into another outer clothing. After eyeing Yun Che with a malicious gaze, he left without ever looking back.

“You deeming a person weaker than you as trash means that you would admit defeat in the face of someone stronger, this also means that you are trash, through and through! It was not easy for the Divine Phoenix Sect to use five thousand years to develop to its state today. Even if you do not have the ability to increase your sect’s reputation, you should never think of making a disgrace out of yourself by using your status as a Divine Phoenix Sect disciple, making others hold you in contempt!” Yun Che coldly stated toward Feng Zhaonan’s direction. Then, without caring about Feng Zhaonan’s reaction, he turned around and walked over to that profound array he had struck earlier.

At the moment, the surrounding profound practitioners were looking at Yun Che with gazes filled with deep reverence. None were underestimating him for having the profound strength of an Earth Profound Realm anymore. At the same time, they were deeply thankful, after all, he had helped every of the six nations’ profound practitioners let off some steam in front of that Divine Phoenix Sect disciple. It was just that the imposing manner he used to deal with Feng Zhaonan and also the violet that was struck on the crystal stage, made them lose the courage to approach him in the middle of their reverence and gratitude. As Yun Che walked toward the profound array, the surrounding profound practitioners quickly stepped aside. Their gazes continuously followed him as they watched him walk into the purple colored profound array, and completely disappear within.

The purple colored profound array sent Yun Che to the seventh floor of the Black Moon Merchant Guild… a place that not many of the entire Profound Sky Continent had set foot in.

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