ATG – Chapter 397

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Chapter 397 – Explosion of Wealth

“Dad… Save… Save me… Save me… I don’t want to die… Dad… Save me… Save me!!”

Xiao Kuangyun tightly hugged onto Xiao Juetian’s thigh. His entire body was trembling, his four limbs had long gone limp under intense fear, and he was unable to stand up at all. As a Young Master of Xiao Sect who usually enjoy an extravagant life, undoubtedly, he was extremely afraid of death. However, in the past, there had never been anything that could cause him to feel the threat of death, there were simply only people that feared him.

Xiao Juetian looked at his own son who was actually frightened to the point he had lost control of his bowels. His upright expression turned purple, wishing that he could kick him away. However, he was after all his own biological son, and he was even his most loved one. No matter what, he was unable to stand still and look at him die in Yun Che’s hands. He took a deep breath, and said to Yun Che with a cupped fist. “Little brother Yun, this humble Xiao clearly knows about the grudge between you and my unfilial son as well. That year, my unfilial son had set up a despisable ugly incident, however… However, at least, little brother Yun and your esteemed family are all safe and sound. The sin of my unfilial son, cannot be considered to one that results in death either. I request that little brother Yun, as a great man, be broad-minded, and spare my unfilial son. This humble Xiao will definitely remember this gratitude by heart, and will definitely greatly repay you.”

“His sin shouldn’t result to death?” Yun Che let out a cold laugh. “Then, do you know, why Burning Heaven Clan annihilated? In comparison, their sin, is actually much lighter compared to your son’s! However, in the end… from their Grand Clan Master Fen Yijue, Clan Master Fen Duanhun, to all of the clan’s disciples with the surname Fen, a total of about seventy thousand lives, all of them died without any burials!”

Yun Che’s words caused the hearts of everyone in Xiao Sect to clench. Some of their bodies even began to quiver uncontrollably, and even Xiao Juetian’s expression had turned terribly pale… He was very clear in his heart that when he headed to Yun Che’s wedding a few months ago, compared to the strength Yun Che had used to annihilate Burning Heaven Clan, it had once again increased by an extreme amount. With his incomparably terrifying growth speed, his current strength was definitely even more unfathomable… Annihilating his entire Xiao Sect was completely sufficient. After all, Xiao Sect’s strength was comparable to Burning Heaven Clan’s.

If he were to really act against the entire Xiao Sect out of fury…

This worst-case scenario had been thought of many times by Xiao Juetian. Currently, finally facing Yun Che who was here to collect his debt, he no longer dared to think any further. He lowered his posture to the very lowest, and pleaded. “Little brother Yun, the error of my unfilial son, indeed cannot be forgiven. This humble Xiao is extremely shameful for my incapabilities in teaching my son. However, with your current status and level, no matter how many tens of times stronger my unfilial son is, it’s impossible for him to possess even the least bit of threat to you, nor would it be possible for him to dare offend you again. If you act against my unfilial son, I’m afraid… I’m simply afraid that it might stain your status as well… If you can show mercy today, and let go of my unfilial son, my Xiao Sect will definitely deeply grateful, and will rever little brother Yun as our lord. As long as it’s little brother Yun’s instruction, my Xiao Sect will definitely use all the might within our capacity, and will definitely not hesitate to sacrifice our lives!”

Although in his words, Xiao Juetian was pleading for Xiao Kuangyun, everyone knew that he was pleading for the entire Xiao Sect. With Burning Heaven Clan as the prime example, Yun Che definitely had the possibility of annihilating Xiao Sect under his fury… After all, the thing which Xiao Kuangyun had done back then, compared to what Burning Heaven Clan had done, had offended Yun Che even more. After all, although Yun Che’s two relatives were kidnapped by Burning Heaven Clan, they were immediately rescued, and they were completely unscathed. However, Xiao Kuangyun had actually caused Yun Che to be chased out of his own home, and even caused his two relatives to be isolated for three whole years.

And Xiao Juetian basically did not dare to believe his own ears when he heard Yun Che’s next words.

“Mn… What Sect Master Xiao says seems to have a good point. If I were to kill this son of yours, not only will it stain my own hands, I will indeed gain nothing. And if I don’t kill him…” Yun Che held onto his chin, showing a thinking look.

Xiao Juetian felt as though he had heard the words of the heavens. These words Yun Che just spoke out, actually clearly stated that he wanted to let go of Xiao Kuangyun, and let go of Xiao Sect… However, naturally, he must have a huge benefit to gain. At this point, Xiao Kuangyun’s death had long been secondary, the main key was Xiao Sect’s safety! If they were able to use sufficient “benefits” to stabilize this death god, and had Xiao Sect escape from the shadows of this death god, then no matter what price it was, he could still accept it… After all, no matter how big the price was, it was a thousand, ten thousand times better than Xiao Sect’s annihilation.

“As long as little brother Yun is willing to let go of my unfilial son, even if you wish for my Xiao Sect to climb up a blade mountain, or swim in a cauldron of oil, our Xiao Sect will never hesitate either!” Xiao Juetian anxiously said.

“Heh, Sect Master Xiao is being too serious. How could I, a mere junior, have the mighty Xiao Sect climb up a blade mountain or swim in a cauldron of oil for me? This son of yours, I can decide not to kill him, but…” Yun Che half-narrowed his eyes. “That will depend on how much your Xiao Sect is willing to buy his life for!”


Xiao Juetian was slightly stunned. Never would he have expected that, what Yun Che wanted, as stated in his words, was actually money. However, immediately, he reacted over… Evidently, Yun Che was currently already on his way to Divine Phoenix Empire, and the Divine Phoenix Empire has the main branch of Black Moon Merchant Guild, and even more so, it has countless of unique treasures which Blue Wind Empire was unable to hope to attain. To obtain these items, the most important factor was to have sufficient gold!

If this hidden crisis, which could annihilate their entire Sect, could be eliminated just by purely using money, Xiao Juetian was naturally overjoyed. However, he was unable to ascertain if the amount Yun Che wanted was an astronomical figure that their Xiao Sect was basically unable to afford. He held his breath, and asked with incomparable caution. “I wonder… How much money must our Xiao Sect pay, in order to buy my unfilial son’s life?”

Yun Che looked at Xiao Juetian, and slowly stretched out a single finger.

Xiao Juetian’s heart was instantly lifted. With incomparable caution, he asked. “Ten… Ten thousand Purple Profound Coins?”

Ten thousand Purple Profound Coins… was a hundred million Yellow Profound Coins, an astronomical figure that a family of commoners with a poor lifestyle in Blue Wind would never dare to hope for.

Yun Che smiled coldly. “Your son’s life, is merely worth ten thousand Purple Profound Coins? It’s ten million!! Ten million… Purple Profound Coins!”

“Wh… What!!” As a lord-class figure in Blue Wind, when Xiao Juetian, whose mental endurance ability could not be compared by a regular person’s, heard this figure, he still lost control of his voice on the spot out of shock. The Xiao Sect disciples behind had even been shocked completely senseless by this figure.

Ten million… and it was even Purple Profound Coins! That was one billion Cyan Profound Coins, a hundred billion Yellow Profound Coins!!

“What? This reaction of yours… Are you thinking that your son’s life isn’t worth this amount of money?” Yun Che lightly said.

Xiao Juetian said with a pained voice. “For little brother Yun to give my unfilial son a chance to live, this humble Xiao is eternally grateful. It’s just that ten million Purple Profound Coins, this figure… my Xiao Sect’s business is small, it’s really…”

“You’d best not tell me that your Xiao Sect isn’t able to afford it.” Yun Che’s dark and measuring voice interrupted Xiao Juetian’s words. “If you’re telling me that a sect which had accumulated a thousand years of wealth isn’t even able to take out ten million Purple Profound Coins, then that’s insulting my intelligence! Your son’s life, naturally isn’t worth this amount of money, then… is your Xiao Sect worth ten million, hmm!?”

Xiao Juetian’s heart suddenly clenched, and his breathing had even stopped for a moment. Cold sweat instantly filled his entire forehead.

Xiao Sect was indeed capable of taking out ten million Purple Profound Coins… With Xiao Sect’s abilities, power, and influence, its yearly income was always an astronomical figure. However, at the same time, Xiao Sect’s expenditure was immense as well. In order to maintain the flourishing of Xiao Sect’s power, every year, an immense amount had to be spent to raise the people of Xiao Sect. In regards to those talented geniuses, or the young generation with unique statuses, there was an even bigger need of an extremely large investment. While after deducting the expenditure from the income, the surplus Xiao Sect had every year, was merely a few ten thousands of Purple Profound Coins. The moment Yun Che opened his price, he actually asked for ten million Purple Profound Coins… That was wealth that Xiao Sect had to use a few dozen years to save up for!

However, currently, facing this astronomical figure, Xiao Juetian definitely did not dare to utter a single no, nor did he even dare to show a hint of hesitation. Because Yun Che had clearly used the entire Xiao Sect as his threat. He glanced at Xiao Kuangyun below him. His chest was swelling up to the point of bursting, and blue veins were popping out on his entire body, as though he really wished to personally rip Xiao Kuangyun into shreds. He hated himself for overly pampering this youngest son of his, for allowing him to actually turn into good-for-nothing who treated lust as his life… In the end, he brought about such a monstrous crisis.

As the father of Xiao Kuangyun, he no longer had the face to continue being the Sect Master either.

“Haah…” Xiao Juetian heaved a long sigh, and said. “If little brother Yun will be willing to become friends with my Xiao Sect with this ten million, then my Xiao Sect…”

“Nevermind the thing about becoming friends. I, Yun Che, am just a small figure who came from the small city of Floating Cloud, how would I dare to become friends with the great Xiao Sect? But, regarding this grudge, I can forget about it. As long as you don’t let me see this Xiao Kuangyun person ever again, I can treat everything as it has never happened. Including that Xiao Wuyi… whom I have accidentally killed!”

When Yun Che’s final words came out, the expressions of all the people of Xiao Sect gravely changed. Xiao Juetian’s spirit, had even more so, turned cold. He no longer dared to say any further words, turned around, and transmitted his voice to the elder behind him. “Immediately… No matter what methods you use, in fifteen minutes, put together ten million Purple Profound Coins and send them here… Go, immediately.”

The elder immediately nodded, he did not dare to say anything more, and quickly left… Not even eight minutes had passed, yet he had already hurried back, and in his hands, he was holding onto a Purple Gold Card which was shimmering with purple light. With a wealth of hundred billion in his hands, even the hands of this elder, who had experienced a century of weathering, were trembling constantly, as though he was carrying a fifteen million kilogram mountain.

Yun Che reached out his hand, and instantly pulled that Purple Gold Card into his hands. Then, used his consciousness to sweep through the amount inside…

There were exactly ten million Purple Profound Coins inside… not a single bit was missing!

To the Four Major Sects of Blue Wind Empire, this was an absolute astronomical figure, let alone a single person! If not because he still had to face a large group of people from Xiao Sect, Yun Che wouldn’t have been able to resist raising his head and laughing out maniacally. With this amount of money, even in the Divine Phoenix Empire, it was still sufficient for him to squander all he want.

A trash’s life, could actually reap him such benefits, it really was a good deal. Actually, in the beginning, he had never thought of annihilating Xiao Sect. Although Xiao Sect similarly had overstepped his boundaries, the two were different. Over at Xiao Sect’s side, the one who harmed him, the one who harmed his grandfather and little aunt, was Xiao Kuangyun alone. It was unlikely for him to be furious at the entire Xiao Sect just because of him. However, Burning Heaven Clan was different! Abducting his family, and not hesitating all costs to send him to death, were decisions made by the upper echelons of the entire clan! They even did not hesitate to force him to his tolerable limit time and time again. If he did not annihilate the entire sect, there was an extremely likely possibility that they would bite him back again the future. However, for the Xiao Sect, no matter the case, their attitude was still fine. And, their guts had already been broken by fear, they definitely would not dare to go against him.

Yun Che kept the Purple Gold Card, and then, he suddenly pushed out his palm. With a dull bang, Xiao Kuangyun was sent flying in the sky. He spat out fresh blood in midair, and when he landed, he was already unconscious.

“Yun’er!” Although Xiao Juetian was extremely furious at Xiao Kuangyun, he was, after all, still his own son. He hurriedly charged over, saw that Xiao Kuangyun’s body was already covered entirely in blood, and an unknown number of his bones had been broken.

While Yun Che had already rode on the Snow Phoenix and rose into the skies. In the air, his arrogant voice rang out. “Don’t worry, he won’t die. He simply has to spend his days on the bed in the next few months. Also, from this point onwards, he shouldn’t think of ever procreating! A dog trash like him, is unworthy of having descendants! Your Xiao Sect best not allow him to step out of the doors of Xiao Sect forever. If I were to see his face again, then you people can simply take out more money to redeem his life!!”

The Snow Phoenix’s speed was extremely quick. Yun Che’s voice quickly faded away in their ears. Xiao Juetian swayed forward, and fiercely spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Sect Master!” The surrounding Elders hurriedly circled around him.

“Huu… I’m fine.” Xiao Juetian rubbed away the traces of blood at the corner of his lips. Waving his hands, he closed his eyes, and said powerlessly. “This is fine as well. At least, the safety of Xiao Sect is guaranteed. I can finally sleep peacefully… Have Yun’er carried over to Elder Wuji’s place.”

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