ATG – Chapter 391

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Chapter 391 – Fiendish Claws (2)

Yun Che swallowed a mouthful of saliva forcefully. If it wasn’t for his incredible psychological quality and physique, he reckoned his nose would’ve spouted blood already. He extended his right hand, and shook his wrist as if he were convulsing: “Since this is the case… if Senior Sister insists… then I’ll… begin… “

Feng Hanyue shut her eyes firmly, as if her not being to see him meant he wouldn’t be able to see her. Her lips were even more tightly pursed, not willing to utter a single word. Her appearance clearly signified: you can’t talk to me!

The smooth and fair skin before him was beautiful beyond compare. There was a pair of exquisite snow white mountain peaks that were even more perfect to the extreme, like a pair of flawless bright moons perched upon the chest. Between them, was an incomparably captivating snow white ravine. Watching Feng Hanyue’s expression, Yun Che began to think that his playfulness this time was a little over the top and excessive, but the absolute beauty of this landscape had already appeared in front of his eyes. His thoughts were completely attracted in an instant, and his eyes appreciated the scenery shiningly as his palm advanced forward, slowly grasping her right breast.

“Nn…” Feng Hanyue emitted a moan akin to that of a small injured animal. Her eyes squeezed shut even more rigidly, and her eyelashes began trembling incomparably violently.

Yun Che didn’t speak, because speaking now would truly spoil the beautiful scenery, and would possibly scare Feng Hanyue into shrinking away. His expression was serious and concentrated as his right hand began slowly massaging, range and vigor also increased gradually until that pair of snowy fat was constantly being kneaded into various shapes. Later, his five fingers sunk in deeply, as if they had fallen into silky and delicate yogurt. The tactile sensation that spread, as well as the visual and spiritual impact, caused all the nerves in his body to go into a state of limpness.


Minute sounds of moans spilled out of her tightly sealed lips unceasingly, and on that face of pure snow-like beauty, a pink color that was growing increasingly stronger came into view. Unwittingly, her tightly closed eyes opened quietly, the expression in her eyes showing panic, disconcertment… as well as an increasingly deeper sense of bewilderment…

To Feng Hanyue, three minutes’ time practically seemed like three long years’ worth of time. Finally, following the throbbing that arose from her profound veins, the Jadepool Entrance opened completely. As all the profound entrances in her body opened, the profound energy within her body suddenly seemed to have arrived in a completely new world as they automatically circulated and revolved excitedly. She herself also felt a qualitative change in her profound veins due to the change in this one profound entrance.

“Senior Sister, it’s alright now.”

Yun Che kept track of the time meticulously. Only until the last second of the three minutes did he finally reluctantly move his evil hands away from the fairy’s sacred forbidden area… Within his palms, flowed the closely packed delicate fragrance of a young lady.

Practically like a bolt of lightning, Feng Hanyue pulled the snow garment over her chest and turned around in an instant. In the blink of an eye, she had put on the garment in a flurry. She turned around, her face as red as the glow of sunset on the horizon: “You… you must not speak of this matter, otherwise… I… I… I definitely won’t let you get away with it!!”

“Yes, I definitely will not speak of this to anyone. Otherwise, let me be struck by lightning five times.” Yun Che could only promise again.

Feng Hanyue stared fixedly at Yun Che for quite a while. Her lips moved several times, yet was unable to say anything else, because for some reason, every time she looked into Yun Che’s eyes, her heart would begin to pulse violently… She had originally thought that after her body was profaned as such, she would feel very angry, sad, or even have a crying fit, but facing the chief offender, she only felt a little bit of that. On the contrary, what she felt was a strange, indescribable feeling. Her cheeks burned, heart pounded, and she felt thoroughly in shambles. She could only look away hurriedly and assume an appearance of anger. Only until her younger sister Feng Hanxue took off her clothes and sat in front of Yun Che did she quietly turn around and watch the two of them silently.

The snowy clothes hung down, revealing Feng Hanxue’s tender and lovely body, which was as white as lamb fat. Her long and supple hair fell upon her snowy shoulder, contrasting against her body’s jade-like skin which was so tender and soft that no one could resist touching it.

The two sisters’ bodies were exactly the same. From the back, Yun Che couldn’t find any differences at all… and at the same time, their “conditions” that appeared, were also exactly the same.

“Ah? Ahhhh! My Jadepool Entrance… is also the same as big sister’s?”

“Mhm.” Yun Che said, face full of gloom: “Previously, I was worried just about this problem. Because you two senior sisters are twins, your appearances are the same; and on your body, ninety-nine percent of everything is also similar… including profound veins. Both senior sisters’ profound strength cultivations should’ve been synchronous from the beginning, right? That is the reason. Then, sure enough, this is exactly what I was worrying about before. Senior Sister Hanxue’s Jadepool Entrance, is exactly the same as Senior Sister Hanyue’s.”

“Ah… how could this be?” Feng Hanxue’s mind suddenly went blank. Regarding Yun Che’s words, what she thought of first wasn’t doubt… because she and her sister were truly too similar, especially their bodies. Therefore, the similarities in their profound veins, to their knowledge, appeared to be an ordinary matter.

“Uu… Big sis, what should I do?” This time, it was Feng Hanxue’s turn to be filled with a sense of helplessness.

“It’s alright!”

The previously confused Feng Hanyue actually had a relaxed expression now: “I was also really nervous before, but, he only touched me for a short while, and I didn’t feel too unwell. Afterwards, I possess the Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins. Now, I can clearly feel that the Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins are very magical. I can feel that my cultivation speed in the future will increase several times. Xuexue can’t throw away the Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins just because of the last Jadepool Entrance, otherwise, it would be too much of a pity.”

“Is it really… alright?” Feng Hanxue was extremely nervous, but with her sister as a precedent, her feelings of apprehension were naturally just a little lighter than that of Feng Hanyue previously.

“Believe me!” Feng Hanyue, who had previously resisted desperately and had practically gathered all her willpower to make a decision, was now voluntarily pushing Feng Hanyue towards Yun Che’s “fiendish paws”. She turned Feng Hanxue’s body around, then extended her arms suddenly, and pulled Feng Hanxue’s snow garment off: “Alright, we can begin now.”


Following Feng Hanxue’s startled shout, her ice sculpture-like, jade-cut upper body was completely revealed in front of Yun Che’s eyes. The two, pink gem-like flower buds nervously, yet flirtatiously moved in the air… Then, they were tightly grasped within the palms of Yun Che’s evil hands…

The Frozen End Divine Hall was built from Heavenly Firm Stone. Once the stone door was shut tightly, this place would become an exceptionally good refuge. Even a peak-level Emperor Profound Realm wouldn’t be able to cause any damage to it. In fact, even an incomparably powerful Overlord wouldn’t find it easy to destroy the door and enter. At the same time, the Heavenly Firm Stone’s sound-proofing quality was also exceptionally good. Otherwise, if anyone passed by this place at this time, they would definitely hear abnormal and strange moaning sounds from a young lady.

After Yun Che finally completely his wicked duties, several streaks of red traces were left upon the moons on Feng Hanxue’s chest. Just like Feng Hanyue, she scrambled to put on her clothes. Then, her cheeks flushed red as she said practically the same words as Feng Hanyue:

“You must not speak of this matter to anyone; no one at all!”

“Yes, I definitely won’t speak of this matter to anyone. Otherwise, let me be struck by lightning five times.” Yun Che promised for the third time. He placed his palm at the end of his nose, and lightly sniffed the traces of a young lady’s sweet scent that was being secreted… His life here, was truly unreasonably pleasant. Looks like after I return from the Divine Phoenix Empire, I’ll definitely live here for a while… Mn, that’s right. My only purpose is to cultivate the Frozen End Divine Arts some more.

After making this promise, Yun Che began gasping for air, and practically stood up straight from the ground while quivering. Watching his actions as he got up, Feng Hanyue called out lightly: “Yun Che, what’s wrong? You appear… really tired.”

As she spoke, both sisters suddenly discovered that Yun Che’s face was a pale-white color. A streak of sweat also lined his forehead. Even the expression in his eyes was misty, as if he was really distracted… They also simultaneously thought of the night he had opened the profound entrances of Murong Qianxue and Jun Lianqie. He had also appeared like this, and was then immediately escorted by Xia Qingyue to rest… That’s right; that day he had said that opening profound entrances consumed a lot of his mental energy…

“No… no problem.” Yun Che waved his hand, as he forced a smile out from his pale face: “It’s only that in these past couple of days, I’ve helped senior sisters open their profound entrances, so… so I was a bit too mentally exhausted. After a short rest, I’ll…”

Before Yun Che had even finished speaking, his body that had been about to stand up suddenly swayed, and immediately leaned toward Feng Hangyue.

“Ah!!” Following Feng Hanyue’s cry of surprise, Yun Che fell onto her body in an instant. His face just happened to land upon her soft chest, and a sweet scent immediately permeated his nose.

Feng Hanyue used her body to prop Yun Che up. She didn’t push him away; rather, her heart was filled with feelings of gratefulness and remorse… It turns out that he became this tired just for us. He had done so much, yet we suspected that he was trying to bully us. It’s obvious everything was for our best interest. He bestowed upon us the Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins, yet we were screaming and yelling at him the whole time, and even threatened him not to speak of what happened today elsewhere…

Uuuu… this truly was too inappropriate…

Watching Yun Che’s weak appearance, both sisters were so remorseful they wanted to cry. Although Yun Che was stiffly pressed against Feng Hanyue’s chest, they didn’t have the heart to move him away. Just like this, they let him take advantage of them once again, and even said worriedly: “Yun Che, are you alright? How about… how about we take you to the Snow Congealing Hall? The Mind Congealing Dew in the Snow Congealing Hall will definitely allow you to recover quickly.”

“No need… no need. I thank Senior Sisters for your concern… You can be at ease. My mind is only a little exhausted, not overdrafted. There won’t be any damage… I’ll be alright if you let me rest here quietly for a while.”

The Xue Yue sisters cautiously placed Yun Che onto the ground. Feng Hanxue said with a face full of worry: “Then you must rest carefully, we won’t disturb you here anymore… Will you really be alright by yourself?”

“Mn, don’t worry. I am a man, this little matter isn’t much. You two senior sisters just obtained the Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins, and need some time to settle your profound energy… So, don’t worry about me.” Yun Che said with a slight smile.

“Then… then we’ll be off now. Tomorrow, we’ll come visit you… Ah, also,” The young lady nibbled on her cherry-like lip, and said shyly: “Today’s matter… you really must not speak of it elsewhere.”

The two sisters, unaware they had been taken advantage of, left side-by-side. When they left, they were still worrying about Yun Che… After they left, the stone door shut automatically, and Yun Che leapt up from the ground like a carp. Then, he patted the nonexistent dust on his bottom, and began smiling incomparably contentedly.

“Sigh… this place is indeed a paradise for man.”

“Everyone says the women in Frozen Cloud Asgard are all aloof, remote, and unapproachable… But from another perspective, it is precisely because of this that they are instead very easy to capture…”

After whispering this contentedly, Yun Che raised his head, and continued comprehending the Frozen End Divine Arts according to the writing that shone when using Frozen Cloud Arts on the Heavenly Firm Stone.

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