ATG – Chapter 389

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Chapter 389 – Hanyue, Hanxue

In the fourth stage realm of the Frozen End Divine Arts, the “Tree of Frozen End” contained plenty of changes. It could defend and attack, seal and contain, and was ever-changing. Even if Yun Che’s ability to comprehend was high, and also possessed the seed of the Evil God, this would not be something that he would be able to comprehend in a short period of time.

“Why are you interested in Frozen End Divine Arts? In terms of strength, it definitely pales in comparison to the phoenix flame and the heavy sword. Instead, it would cause you to lose focus and waste concentration and time.” As Yun Che stared at the profound formula for the Frozen End Divine Arts, Jasmine asked rather abruptly.

“This is different.” Yun Che casually said: “The reason the Divine Phoenix Sect is the strongest sect within Profound Sky is because of the phoenix flame. Also, the same level of Frozen End Divine Arts is able to freeze even the phoenix flame, which means that within Profound Sky Continent, it is a top level profound art. That is also the truth… Although its destructive ability pales in comparison to the Phoenix’s Flame, ice type profound arts usually specialize in defense and sealing. This is something the strength of the Phoenix and the heavy sword is unable to do. At many times, there would undoubtedly be a day where it will be of much use.”

Yun Che narrowed his eyes and muttered: “In four months time, I will be going to the Divine Phoenix Empire. If nothing goes wrong, I would likely be engaged in a battle with people from the Divine Phoenix Sect… And the ice attribute is the bane of fire! I am not afraid of fire, and since the nature of my profound skills can also counter it… The chances of me coming back alive would increase largely.”

“Hmph, looks like you also know how dangerous the Divine Phoenix Sect is!”

“There’s no choice.” Yun Che said helplessly: “Even though I know that there’s no way to avoid this, I never expected people from the Divine Phoenix Sect to come so fast. If not for the Profound Sky Seven Nation Ranking Tournament and the Primordial Profound Ark, I wouldn’t even have this few months of preparation time and grace period… Now, I can only do my best to find ways and means to increase my chances of survival. Then, when I arrive at the Divine Phoenix Empire, I shall act accordingly.”

“…Someone’s here.”

Just as Jasmine had finished speaking, a light noise came from behind him. Then, the doors to the Frozen End Divine Hall opened silently. Two young and pure beauties stood there, as though they appeared from within drawings. Their petite faces were identical and written on them were expectations and excitement… And also a little bit of nervousness.

The sixth and seventh ranked of the Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies were these twin sisters —— Feng Hanyue and Feng Hanxue. At the same time, aside from Xia Qingyue, they were also the youngest of the seven fairies. It was impossible to know their actual age, but they looked like they were two young girls only of seventeen or eighteen.

The Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies were all as cold and proud as lotuses, especially Chu Yuechan, who was coldest of them all. However, this pair of twins were the opposite. At least, when Yun Che first saw them, he did not think of them as cool and elegant, but instead thought of them as sweet and pretty. Compared to the other Frozen Cloud disciples who were always wearing an icy exterior, their jade-like lips were always upturned and their crescentlike brows would dance unknowingly. Even their eyes were smart and tactful… Rather than saying they looked like Frozen Fairies, they were more like a pair of pure, untouched elves that were brought up in the snow.

In Frozen Cloud Asgard, a place where every corner is cold and lonely, the appearance of such an anomaly was not without reason. Normal Frozen Cloud disciples stayed alone in their individual ice pavilions, devoting their sole concentrations to practice. However, this pair of twins stayed together in one room. They usually stuck together like pieces of gum, went everywhere together, did everything together, and hence never felt lonely. Everyday, they never lacked anyone to talk to and were more cheerful and happy than other Frozen Cloud disciples. Therefore, their attitude and temperaments were different from other Frozen Cloud disciples.

Facing Murong Qianxue, Jun Lianqie, Mu Lanyi and the others, Yun Che still would feel some form of invisible pressure. Although he was taking advantage of them openly, when… when the opportunity arose, he did not dare to perform any other further actions on them. However, when facing siblings Feng Hanyue and Feng Hanxue, Yun Che’s heart did not have any bit of pressure. He turned around and smiled cheekily at this pair of elf-like girls: “My two senior sisters, I’ve been waiting for sometime already. Quickly, come in.”

“Ehhh? Senior sister?” Feng Hanyue blinked in bewilderment.

“No, it’s junior master!” Feng Hanxue corrected immediately: “You cannot call us senior sister, you must call us junior master instead!”

“Ehh? Junior Master?” Yun Che had a face of shock: “You two obviously look younger than me. Calling you senior sister is already awkward… How can I call you two junior master?”

“Although we look to be very young, we are actually older than you. Much older than you!” Feng Hanyue pouted as she spoke. Most girls liked to play down their age but when Feng Hanyue said that she was older than Yun Che, she spoke with elation and glee.

“Qingyue calls us Junior Master, and you, being her husband, should call us the same way as she does.” Feng Hanxue explained seriously.

“But, my wife Qingyue is also among the Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies with you two and she’s also the leader of the seven fairies.” Yun Che said slowly: “If that’s the case, Qingyue is already the same seniority as you two. Therefore, it should be correct for me to call you two senior sister.”

“Ermm… What you say does make sense… Ahhh! Nooo! Anyways, Qingyue still calls us Junior Master, and you just entered the sect. You should call us Junior Master!”

“Ohhh, alright.” Yun Che nodded honestly: “Before I open the profound entrances for my two senior sisters, I’d have to trouble senior sisters to close the stone door. It’s best that we do not get interrupted during the process of opening the profound entrances.”

“Alright… And you called us wrongly. It’s Junior Master! You cannot call us Senior Sister!”

“Ahhh? Yes, yes, I called wrongly just now… Erm which senior sister is going first?” Yun Che asked with wide innocent eyes..

“It’s Junior Master, Junior Master-Junior Master-Junior Master!!!” The Xue Yue sisters grew crazy.

“Yes, yes… So, is Senior Sister Hanyue going first?”



Feng Hanyue sat in front of Yun Che and removed her snowy clothes, revealing her jade white back. Her eyes shut tightly as her eyelashes danced around nervously. Beside her, Feng Hanxue blinked her beautiful eyes continuously as she looked at Yun Che’s actions and her sister’s reactions with curiosity and nervousness. She frowned sometimes, pouted sometimes, and tilted her head sometimes… It was like she was a curious cat looking at something new.

Yun Che looked very concentrated, and he started groping around Feng Hanyue’s back. Twenty odd profound entrances opened one after another… Suddenly, Feng Hanyue, who was trying her best to remain silent stiffened her snowy body and could not control her laughter.

“Ahh? Sis, what’s wrong?” Feng Hanxue asked franticly.

“His… His touch is making it very ticklish.”

“But you still cannot make any noise and must not move around. Otherwise… If something goes wrong, it would be disastrous.” Feng Hanxue reminded her worryingly.

“I know.” Feng Hanyue stuck her tongue out and replied without any worries: “But never mind, fifty three of my profound entrances have already been open. Just one more and they would all be completely opened. Therefore even if I acted like this now, it would not matter anymore.”

“Ohh, then it’s fine it’s fine.” Feng Hanxue looked like she had become nervous.

Yun Che frowned as he wiped the trace of a smile off his face. Just as he was about to open Feng Hanyue’s last profound entrance, his hand suddenly left her back, and he slowly put it down. The expression on his face also turned grim and serious.

“Ehh?” Just as Feng Hanyue was happily expecting the arrival of the Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins, she suddenly felt Yun Che’s hand leave her back. He never did this when he was opening the profound entrances of Murong Qianxue, Jun Lianqie and the other senior sisters. She hurried asked: “Wait wait… There’s only fifty three open, there’s still the Jadepool Entrance left. You, you… You couldn’t have forgotten, right?”

“I know, but… but..” Yun Che revealed a face of helplessness as he hesitated for some time before muttering: “Senior Hanyue, your Jadepool Entrance… There… There seems to be some problem.”


Yun Che words caused Feng Hanyue and Feng Hanxue to cry out in surprise at the same time. In the midst of her shock and worry, Feng Hanyue nearly turned around. She then clutched her snowy clothes tighter to her chest before turning her body over. At this time, she did not care whether Yun Che called her Senior Sister or Grand Mistress as she asked franticly: “Is… Is that true? What’s wrong with my Jadepool Entrance? Is it serious… Don’t tell me that it can’t be opened?”

“Yes, yes, just what is the problem? Why is there such problem? Is it serious?” Feng Hanxue and Feng Hanyue asked a string of questions, and it looked as though Feng Hanxue was even more frantic than Feng Hanyue.

“This…” Yun Che breathed out lightly before eventually saying: “Senior sisters, don’t be too worried. Senior Sister Hanyue’s problem is neither an external or an internal injury. It’s just a naturally born inverse concealment.”

“Inverse Concealment?” Feng Hanyue and Feng Hanxue asked at the same time. They looked confused, as this was the first time they have heard such a phrase… It was no wonder, since this phrase was something that Yun Che had made up.

“Cough cough, Inverse Concealment is one of our medical terminology. It’s normal that you two do not know about it.” Yun Che said with a straight face: “Profound entrances being inversely concealed are actually very common, it refers to a certain profound entrance self concealing itself within the profound veins, and it also grows at the inverse location. Strictly speaking, it’s not considered a defect in the profound entrance because it does not affect one’s training. It acts like any normal profound entrance and cannot be opened from within using hard work… However, for an Inversely Concealed Profound Entrance to be opened externally, it is much more difficult, even though the method used is the same. Furthermore, it’s not possible for it to be opened from the back.”

Hearing Yun Che say this, the two sister heaved a sigh of relief… Yun Che said that it would be more difficult, but did not say it was not possible. Feng Hanxue asked carefully: “If you cannot open from the back… How, how can you do it?”

“This…” Yun Che revealed a face of helplessness. He hesitated for some time before replying softly: “If I say it, you two cannot be angry… Senior sisters, you must know the position of the Jadepool Entrance, right? It lies just at… the position of the right chest. If the profound entrance was normal, it would be opened from the right back. But due to it being inversely concealed, it can only be opened from the inverse, which is the front, which also is… Which also is the position of Senior Sister Hanyue’s right chest… This, this… I know that senior sister would definitely not be willing, therefore… I can only do so much.”

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