ATG – Chapter 388

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Chapter 388 – Important Duty!

Along the way, Yun Che was still constantly thinking of various ways to tease Xia Qingyue, and even pondered about whether or not he should shamelessly pester her to sleep together with him here… But after he entered the ice pavilion where Chu Yuechan used to reside, all of his thoughts and intentions seemed to have been sealed by the desolateness here, as he stared blankly for a long while in despondency.

The arrangement here was very simple. There was only one bed, one table, and one mirror; the bed was constructed from cold jade, without any bedding above it. When felt, there was only toughness and a bone-piercing coldness.

The air here was very quiet, and very cold. Even though Chu Yuechan had already left for two years, he still could faintly smell that snow lotus like scent of hers.

“Little Fairy, had she… always lived in a place like this?” Yun Che spoke in a murmur.

“Senior Master had lived here since childhood. In these several tens of years, there has been no change to this place at all. The living space of Master, Junior and Senior Masters, as well as Sisters of the same sect are also all roughly like this.” Xia Qingyue said.

“Just living in this kind of place, won’t you guys feel vexed and bored?” Yun Che spoke with a complicated expression as he turned around. Even though the ice pavilion was big, everything could be distinctly seen at one glance.

“No.” Xia Qingyue shook her head: “If used to it, then one wouldn’t feel any vexation. Moreover, this kind of environment is most fitting for us Frozen Cloud disciples. It can allow us to cultivate with a heart like still water, with no other distractions.”

“Phuu… I really can’t understand Frozen Cloud Asgard’s women!” Yun Che said with some resentful indignation: “Every single one are outstanding beauties, what kind of man can’t they find? With the protection of a powerful man, it’s more than enough to not have any worries for life, yet why stubbornly suffer such hardships and fight at all costs like this. Moreover, to have wasted so much resources like beautiful women!”

That last sentence, was actually what Yun Che wanted to shout out a long time ago.

“Frozen Asgard’s sisters, they either had formerly been destitute and lonely without anyone to depend on, or they wish to pursue the way of the profound. For sisters who had formerly been drifting and uncared for, this is a secure home, and they will no longer be oppressed and bullied by others; for sisters who pursue the way of the profound, this place, is also the most fitting place for them. So, to us, this can not be considered as suffering hardships.” Xia Qingyue said with a gentle and slow voice. She herself, clearly belonged to the latter: “Many women are willing to become a man’s vassal; if they are able to find the right person to depend on, they indeed can enjoy a lifetime of safety, or even glory. Yet most women who are only dependent without any ego, are ill-fated and unfortunate. Even more so, for some women, if they did not possess enough strength, they cannot even mutually meet and hold their husband and children…”

As she spoke till here, Xia Qingyue’s voice suddenly trembled for a split second, but returned to normal right away.

“The outside world frequently says that not only does Frozen Cloud Asgard have extremely high aptitude requirements for newly entering disciples, but also similarly have extremely high requirements for appearance, which was why Frozen Cloud’s women are all beauties that could ruin cities. In actuality, these are only their arbitrary conjecture.” Xia Qingyue said slowly: “Frozen Cloud Asgard’s requirement toward disciples, are only aptitude, and never had any requirements for appearance. Merely, not only can Frozen Cloud Art congeal the profound into ice, it can also refine the body and features, making the cultivator’s skin like ice jade and soft resin. Their features would be comparable to flawless snow lotuses, and their bodies would naturally emit a cool and elegant presence of ice and snow as well. All of the sisters had cultivated Frozen Cloud Arts from childhood; when grown up, naturally they would all be dazzling beauties that makes the fish sink and geese fall… But also because of this, it is extremely likely for men to cast their covetous gaze upon us. As such, our Frozen Cloud Asgard’s women would never slack in cultivation, thus making Frozen Cloud Asgard’s strength situate at the pinnacle of Blue Wind since long ago. Otherwise, a sect with all good-looking women, definitely couldn’t safely stand for a thousand years.”

Xia Qingyue’s words, made Yun Che subconsciously reach out his hand, and felt his own face… This action of his, made the corner of Xia Qingyue’s lips slightly move, as she instantly went speechless.

Looking at that cold jade bed, Yun Che became absent-minded for a while… Perhaps, for the Frozen Cloud’s women, everything here was already the usual habit. However, as long as it was a normal man, no one would be willing to see their woman live in such an ice-cold place for a long time and suffer hardship. During those five months he lived together with Chu Yuechan, though her entire body was paralyzed, at least, his embrace was much softer than this bed of ice; at least, he could narrate various interesting news and stories for her everyday, and it wasn’t as ice-cold and lonesome like this place…

They were only used to it, however, there wouldn’t really be women liking this kind of life. In there, they might adapt and get used to it, perhaps might also be laden with grief and feel joy, but it would simply be impossible to have a sense of being blessed. Because something like being blessed, comes from the loving care of parents and family, as well as being cherished by their fated man…

Chu Yuechan left Frozen Cloud Asgard, and even dispersed the Frozen Cloud Art she had cultivated for several dozen of years. But in her heart, she felt she was sorrowful, yet was also fortunate. Because she had met Yun Che; in that short five months of time, she, for the first time in her entire life, truly felt that she was a woman.

Once a frozen heart catches the mundane, the mark imprinted would be tens or hundreds of times deeper than ordinary women. Therefore, she would be so resolute for Yun Che, even not sparing to desert the Frozen Cloud Asgard that filled her previous dozens years of life.

Just speaking from this aspect, the fates of Frozen Cloud’s women indeed were somewhat sorrowful… Though they themselves don’t think so.

Especially since they could not marry, could not fall in love, and even could not intimately come into contact with men… Which made Yun Che especially indignated!

It wasn’t merely wasting resources… it was wasting resources of the highest, greatest, and best quality! How many women of unrivaled beauty had there been during these thousand years in Frozen Cloud Asgard? To actually have all spent their last years with a frozen heart just like that…

Wasting resources was disgraceful! Especially to men, this kind of squandering, was more so absolutely, definitely, and most certainly unforgivable!

As he kept on thinking, a “Grand Aspiration” suddenly began to burn within Yun Che’s heart… As the first male disciple throughout the history of Frozen Cloud Asgard… Don’t you think that I should take up the almightily important duty of saving the fellow disciples and boycott wasting!?

The moment this idea appeared, the blood in Yun Che’s entire body nearly boiled instantaneously. Even though the responsibility was extremely great, and the pressure was even greater, as a man, especially the first man to infiltrate the Frozen Cloud Asgard, if he didn’t shoulder the burden, he simply wouldn’t be able to face his identity as a man!

“…What are you thinking?” Seeing Yun Che’s gaze suddenly gleam bright and his mouth even carried a hint of smile that seemed somewhat dangerous, Xia Qingyue instantly asked with some vigilance.

“Oh, nothing much, I only thought of an very important matter… Even though important, there is still quite a lot of time, and it isn’t too urgent either.” Yun Che curbed his expression right away while replying with a tranquil face.

Xia Qingyue’s charming eyes fixed onto his face for a little while with slight suspicion, and suddenly asked: “The Masters say that you have conjured Frozen End Divine Arts earlier. I hadn’t thought that comprehending the Frozen End Divine Arts, would actually only take you as short as a day… Right now, what stage have you reached?”

Yun Che extended his hand, and atop his palm, a small sized Tree of Frozen End quickly grew: “Barely reached the realm of the fourth stage “Tree of Frozen End”. The first three stages are all laying the foundations, and the cultivation after the third stage would be somewhat difficult. For me to perfect the fourth stage, I would need at least five or six days.”

Seeing that Tree of Frozen End within Yun Che’s hands, even though Xia Qingyue had been prepared, her gaze still trembled with extreme severity. She spoke almost in a whisper: “Didn’t expect, that the Xiao Che with crippled profound veins who was ridiculed by everyone and made one feel pity, actually had such an innate aptitude…”

“Aren’t you the same?” Yun Che said as he faintly smiled: “Who would have thought that a merchant’s daughter of the tiny Floating Cloud City, would actually thwart the publicly accepted number one of the younger generation, more so becoming the first Throne of the younger generation in the history of Blue Wind, and is now even selected as the Young Asgard Mistress of Frozen Cloud Asgard.

Yun Che and Xia Qingyue were undoubtedly the most excellent two of Blue Wind Empire’s younger generation, so much so that no more than a few of the older generation could triumph over them. But they both hailed from Floating Cloud City, the smallest city within Blue Wind Empire, which was even forgotten by most people. They were even a pair of husband and wife with a complicated bond.

At this moment, they simultaneously thought of the miraculousness of fate. As they looked at each other without words, the same tidal surge of emotions undulated within their hearts.

Finally, Yun Che broke through the silence that suddenly came, and said in deadly earnest: “Qingyue my wife, you haven’t answered me yet… Roughly how much longer will it take for you to cultivate Frozen End Divine Arts to total perfection?”

“…” Xia Qingyue turned around as a wave of cold wind swept up. Before Yun Che could even speak, her entire graceful figure had already turned into an afterimage. Her voice, also slowly came from outside the window: “A little later, Senior Master Qianxue will personally come bring the Snow Heart Pellets and Frozen Cicada Liquid Jade to you. After consuming them, they can strengthen your profound strength and ice attribute profound arts… Rest early.”

“Hey, I haven’t…”

Under Frozen Snow Dance Steps, Xia Qingyue had already left his perception range within a few breaths of time. Yun Che could only moodily retract his subconscious steps that wanted go chase.

Not long after, Murong Qianxue sure enough brought over the Snow Heart Pellets and Frozen Cicada Liquid Jade, but she didn’t say a single word to Yun Che, and left coldly just like that… Facing this cold beauty whose temper was somewhat close to Chu Yuechan, Yun Che naturally also didn’t dare to tease.

The curtains of the night became darker and darker, yet as Yun Che laid atop the cold jade bed Chu Yuechan had slept on since childhood, he couldn’t fall asleep for a long time… He did not fear the coldness, but the cold jade bed was too hard, he couldn’t get used to it. His sea of consciousness, were more so filled with Chu Yuechan’s silhouette…

Little Fairy, where exactly are you?

Do you still not know that I have not died… Moreover, I am at the place you lived for several dozens of years, sleeping atop the bed you’ve slept on before.

Are you living in seclusion in a place that won’t be bothered by anyone… Are you, and our child well…

When you needed me the most, I wasn’t by your side… You gave birth to our child… yet I couldn’t watch his birth, and couldn’t watch him grow as a baby together with you… Everything, you had to shoulder by yourself…

Would he be a boy, or a girl… if he was a boy, would he look like me? If she was a girl… she would definitely be as beautiful as you…

Time had already gradually neared the early morning, yet Yun Che still had not fallen asleep. He decided to simply sit up from the cold jade bed. Swallowing the Snow Heart Pellets and the Frozen Cicada Liquid Jade in one breath, he then closed his eyes to enter meditation, slowly processing the cold energy within… The Snow Heart Pellets and Frozen Cicada Liquid Jade were almost the highest grade of miraculous medicine within Frozen Cloud Asgard. If it was someone else of the same cultivation, doing this was basically equal to suicide. But Yun Che’s body could even process an Emperor Profound Beast’s flesh and blood with ease, the Snow Heart Pellets and Frozen Cicada Liquid Jade were simply nothing but a cinch.

The second day Yun Che entered Frozen Cloud Asgard, during the Main Hall’s sectoral assembly, Gong Yuxian officially declared that Yun Che had become a disciple of Frozen Cloud Asgard… At that time, the feeling of standing within a great number of flowers, and being simultaneously gazed at by so many absolutely gorgeous woman, Yun Che probably wouldn’t forget it his entire life.

On that day, he helped Mu Lanyi and Chu Yueli open all their profound entrances… Even though this was a great matter that shook the heavens and earth to Frozen Cloud Asgard; to Yun Che, however, it was just, and honorably taking an advantage as great as the heavens with extremely little effort. This feeling, simply couldn’t be any better.

For the rest of the time, he stayed within the Frozen Cloud Divine Hall, and continually comprehended Frozen End Divine Arts. As his Frozen End Divine Arts progressed, his profound strength cultivation was also silently growing.

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