ATG – Chapter 362

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Chapter 362 – The Terrified Xiao Sect

The state of Ling Tianni’s injuries were extremely serious; if the wound on his chest was a little deeper, it would have been enough to destroy his internal organs. He understood very clearly, that Yun Che had shown mercy in the last attack. Not only was more than half of the power suddenly retracted, even the target of the attack had deviated from his vitals. He made a long sigh in his heart, and said to Ling Jie with a frail voice: “Let us… depart…”

Ling Jie didn’t speak, and was about to leave bringing Ling Tianni. At this moment, Yun Che’s ice cold voice came from their behind: “Ling Tianni, you want to leave just like that?”

Ling Jie’s footstep stalled, and Ling Tianni also faintly shook… And Ling Jie, had actually clearly felt Ling Tianni’s body tremble… That’s right, it was trembling! Moreover, it seemed to be a tremble from fear. The moment such a thing like a demon of the heart was planted down, even such an unparalleled expert at the level of the Sword Saint would find it extremely difficult to free oneself and resist against it.

Yun Che stared at Ling Tianni with a menacing gaze: “Leaving just like that, are you not afraid that I’ll hold a grudge in my heart because of this, and one day slaughter my way into Heavenly Sword Villa, transforming your Heavenly Sword Villa into a second Burning Heaven Clan! Do not doubt whether or not I have the capability to do this… Three years ago, I didn’t possess the slightest bit of profound strength; one and a half years ago, I took the first place of the Ranking Tournament; now, I can single handedly annihilate Burning Heaven Clan… Even though I cannot defeat you alone right now, and it is more so impossible to destroy the Heavenly Sword Villa at the moment, in two years, if I am given at most two more years of time, I’d be able to transform Heavenly Sword Villa into rubble as easily as lifting a hand… Do you believe it or not!!”

In three years of time, from no profound strength at all, to being capable to heavily wound Ling Tianni; this kind of speed of growth could be said as unheard of in all history, and could shock the entire world, even to the extent of making one shiver without feeling cold. No one could imagine just how terrifying of a realm Yun Che’s strength would reach in two more years of time with such a speed of growth.

Perhaps at that time, he really would be able to singlehandedly match the entire Heavenly Sword Villa.

Ling Tianni’s body trembled once again… A junior not even twenty years of age yelling to annihilate Heavenly Sword Villa, originally ought to be an extremely funny joke; but not only was Ling Tianni unable to laugh, he instead felt his entire body turn cold. Even assuming he didn’t have the inner demon, these few words of Yun Che were still enough to make his innards shake with fright. Because today, he had already personally experienced Yun Che’s terror… Even he, was already very much regretting coming to hunt Yun Che down. In the end, not only was he unable to kill Yun Che, he had instead received grave injuries, and was also left with an inner demon. Furthermore, he had invited in an extremely frightening enemy for Heavenly Sword Villa.

“But worry not, I won’t!” Yun Che said as he slightly clenched his teeth: “Because the person who wished to kill me was only you, and not the entire Heavenly Sword Villa. And even you, I did not kill… Because Little Jie is my brother, and I absolutely am not willing to strike and kill his loved ones. The reason why I am saying these is to let you know that I am not the utterly vicious and evil person in your words. What I do, who I kill, I have my own standard and bottom line. The enmity between me and Burning Heaven Clan does not implicate anyone else at all. If Burning Heaven Clan’s remnants or descendants comes to seek revenge with me, then that is right and proper. Yet you, Ling Tianni… You are just an outsider who knows nothing at all. In what justification do you have to appear before me with the role of judicator, and even claim that you would ‘execute justice in place of the heavens’!”

“Even though I still have enough strength left to kill you, I’ll spare your life today. Later on, I won’t go find trouble for Heavenly Sword Villa either. If you still think that I am that kind of diabolic person devoid of all humanity, then you can feel free to come kill me again when your injuries are healed!”

Ling Tianni closed his eyes, and let out a long sigh: “Perhaps, it really was I, who was mistaken. Since I have already lost today, in the future, it would more so be impossible to kill you. I also genuinely hope… that I am indeed mistaken…”

“Jie’er, let’s go.”

Ling Jie turned his head around and glanced at Yun Che. The expression in his eyes had gratitude, admiration, and also had a complicatedness that couldn’t be put into words. In the end, he didn’t say anything, turned back around, supported Ling Tianni up the Fierce Zephyr Bird, and took off to the skies.


Yun Che let out a long breath as his entire person powerlessly fell down and just happened to lean onto Xia Qingyue’s soft chest. He closed his eyes, and said with a faint voice: “Qingyue, don’t leave yet, for a period of time from now on… I need your protection…’

After he finished speaking, Yun Che’s consciousness could no longer hold up, and sunk into complete blank vacancy…


When the news came, Xiao Jietian’s hands and feet turned ice cold, his scalp became numb, and his head almost even bursted apart.

“Are what you’ve said… all true?”

“Undoubtedly true!” Xiao Boyun spoke with a solemn expression: “Ling Tianni indeed acted based on our expectations, and even chased to the Blue Wind Imperial City. But not only was he unable to kill Yun Che in their fight, he was instead gravely wounded by Yun Che and Xia Qingyue joining forces. Yun Che deliberately held back in the end, otherwise, perhaps even Ling Tianni would have just died by Yun Che’s hands. They had battled within the imperial city, and countless people within the imperial city had personally witnessed it.”

“Moreover, Xia Qingyue had come to assist Yun Che under the name of Frozen Cloud Asgard, and didn’t hesitate to attack against Ling Tianni… Yun Che’s strength alone is already incomparably dreadful, but behind him there was actually Frozen Cloud Asgard’s protection in full strength as well! Also, it has been said that everyone present had heard the four words “Frozen End Divine Arts”. Xia Qingyue may have already successfully cultivated the Frozen Cloud Asgard’s unmatched profound art in the legends. Even Ling Tianni could not do anything but face defeat against Yun Che and Xia Qingyue joining forces as husband and wife. In the entire Blue Wind, simply no one would be their match!”

Xiao Juetian fell back onto his chair, his head fully covered in sweat.

“Sect Master, after Yun Che heavily injured Ling Tianni, his own strength had also been greatly exhausted, and he had even fainted on the spot. He must be extremely weak right now, should we…” Even though Xiao Boyun didn’t continue his words, his tone and expression in his eyes had already conveyed the intent clear enough.

Xiao Juetian’s brows slightly moved, and after that he suddenly asked: “Did Xia Qingyue leave?”

The moment he heard these words, Xiao Boyun’s complexion slightly changed, as he then shook his head: “She took Yun Che to the Blue Wind Imperial Palace, and hadn’t come out yet.”

“It is said that Frozen End Divine Arts is a peerless profound art whose might even surpasses the Heavenly Sword Divine Arts, if Xia Qingyue has really successfully cultivated it, then even my father may not be her match. What do we even have to assassinate Yun Che under Xia Qingyue’s protection?! If the assassination fails and leaks our tracks, then we would no longer have the last bit of leeway of compromise!” Xiao Juetian said with seeping with bitterness.

He abruptly stood up, and said: “Prepare the Purple Veined Heaven Crystal, Purple Jade Golden Scale Ointment, and Scarlet Eagle Profound Blood right away. You will personally go visit Yun Che to wish him well. Also, bring fifteen kilograms of Purple Crystals, ten kilograms of White Profound Jade. Also, from amongst the female disciples below eighteen years of age in the clan, pick out three female disciples with superior aptitude and looks, and gift them to Yun Che… Depart before night falls today, and make sure everything arrives before Yun Che’s injuries are healed.”

Purple Veined Heaven Crystal, Purple Jade Golden Scale Ointment, Scarlet Eagle Profound Blood… These were the three rarest and most valuable amongst the tens of thousands of miraculous medicines Xiao Sect possessed. In order to express his sincerity toward Yun Che, it could be said that Xiao Juetian had steeled his heart and spent the capital of blood. Hearing these, Xiao Boyun’s flesh hurted so much that his entire body trembled non-stop, but since things had already come to this point, facing the threat of the clan being annihilated, they also had no other choices.


Yun Che was unconscious for an entire two days before he finally woke up.

The main reason why he fainted for so long, wasn’t because of too much overdrafting of strength, but was because the mental exhaustion was overly enormous. After all, with his current abilities, using the Dragon Soul Domain was too far-fetched.

“You’re awake.”

The moment Yun Che opened his eyes, a clear and cool voice rang beside his ears. He saw himself currently laying atop a soft bed, and around it, was an extravagant draping curtain embroidered with golden feathered phoenixes. A hint of a faint, pleasing fragrance traveled to the tip of his nose. He turned his gaze to the side, and saw Xia Qingyue’s graceful silhouette beside the bed.

“Qingyue…” Yun Che called out, his voice somewhat dry and bitter, as his body was still filled with a heavy sense of feebleness: “How many days did I sleep?”

“Two days,” Xia Qingyue turned around: “I’ll go call them.”

“Ah… wait.” Yun Che hastily called her to stop, and Xia Qingyue’s footsteps also stopped with it.

“This time, it’s really fortunate that you came.” Yun Che said as he smiled.

Xia Qingyue half turned her body around, her voice was serene and cool, but also gentle: “Without me, Ling Tianni wouldn’t be able to kill you all the same.”

“Even if he can’t kill me, I would only be able to run away flustered in the end. But with you, I was able to make him go back with an ashen face… The outcomes, are entirely different.”

“…Ling Tianni being heavily wounded by you, is being widely spread outside. The title of Blue Wind’s number one can already change its ownership.” Xia Qingyue took a glance at Yun Che.

“Is that so… But such things like titles had always been the most useless of things.” Yun Che said very indifferently. His pair of eyes looked straight at Xia Qingyue, and he suddenly said: “Qingyue, can you come a little closer? I feel like I… have not taken a good look at you for a very long time.”

The conversation that suddenly became dubious, instantly making Xia Qingyue’s breathing become a little disordered. Her body didn’t move, but after a little while, she still faintly moved her steps and sat down beside the bed.

Yun Che also sat up at this moment. Even though his body was sluggish, his profound energy wasn’t empty. In these two days of unconsciousness, his profound strength had already recovered to about one third. Since he had woke up now, his recovery speed would also speed up by several times. The moment Xia Qingyue sat down on the bedside, he suddenly reached out his arms, and carefully hugged onto Xia Qingyue’s shoulders.

Xia Qingyue’s body visibly stiffened a bit, and she subconsciously wanted to move away: “You…”

“Qingyue, close your eyes.” Yun Che gently, yet resolutely, hugged her from behind. His arms slowly slid down from her shoulders slowly onto her willow branch like tender waist. Looking at Xia Qingyue from a close distance, her features were perfect to the point of nearing fantasy.

“What are… you going to do?” Being suddenly hugged by him like that, Xia Qingyue’s breath completely went into disorder, her entire body had even froze right there. For a while, she didn’t even know whether she should struggle and break away or not.

Yun Che’s face slowly neared, and a voice as if carrying the power of magic rang beside her ears: “Qingyue my wife, we have almost been married for three years already, yet in these three years of being husband and wife, I have never kissed you before. This time… will you let me give you a kiss?”

“…” Yun Che’s voice came closer and closer, the warm and damp breath slowly moved from beside her ears to her cheek, and even touched her lips. Xia Qingyue’s entire body went stiff; she, who had never had experienced such things, almost lost all the capability to think, and her entire person that was a lofty lotus of ice, seemed to have turned into a wooden doll.

Yun Che’s cheek slowly neared. Just as he was about to touch Xia Qingyue’s lips, a surge of flustered, yet ice cold energy suddenly blasted him away. Xia Qingyue stood up, not daring to look at him in the eyes. Uttering a “I’ll go tell them you’re awake” somewhat flusteredly, she then left as if fleeing.

Yun Che’s head crashed onto the wall by the push, the pain making him bare his teeth. He stroked the place that was bumped, and exasperatedly muttered in a low voice: “Once I reach Sky Profound Realm, I’ll force one on you no matter what… Ahh ouch, ow, ow, ow…”

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  1. I quite dislike stories like this where you can basically steal/learn abilities by having sex with a virgin girl. Makes the girls seem even more vulnerable especially once people learn they can steal the frozen arts through this mean. /sigh Hope the author don’t escalate this kind of plot anymore. Doesn’t help when author exaggerates the women’s beauty being so godly that every men wants them.

    Anywho, with that Im just wondering when xia qinyue is going to get kidnap for her god ability? I remember that guy from the heavenly sacred land setting a date of 2yrs later so some guy can rape her for her god ability. Only interested because I want that plot to come to an end, the sooner the better. Besides I’m hopeful because mc still need to collect some of those rare items for jasmine.

    1. In this story it worked both ways though. Little fairy got yun che’s dragon seed helping her heal from cripple and break though to the emperor profound level. It’s just that traditional purity is associated with women.

      1. Hmm forgot about it going both ways. It just seems to be more prominent with girls getting their power stolen/learnt through intercourse. It’d be awesome if mc could pass some of his cheat skills to his waifus but then again it could just complicate things later on.

        1. If you are referring to Xia’s special ability that can be transferred to the person who breaks her virginity, then Yun Che is unaware of that. So we can’t really say he’s being a bad guy. He’s just trying to get a little kiss from his wife. Nothing wrong with that xD

          1. He knows that, Jasmine told him. Still, he was married to her and liked her before knowing that, so it doesn’t matter.

          2. If you guys think he’s flirting with her in a pretense to receive her profound art, then something’s wrong with your reasoning.

        2. It’s true that it worked both ways, but one has to admit that Yun Che’s dragon-seed plays a much, MUCH smaller role within the story and his character, than Frozen Asgard’s ying-yang virginity thing.

          Yun Che did not even care to hand out his dragon-seed. Everyone within Frozen Asgard are scared sh*tless to hand out their arts, and thus have sex.
          Even though the setting is technically gender-equal, contextually it is not — since clearly, only the girls (of asgard) are afraid to have sex.

          1. The sex issue is not only about the dissemination of the arts but also because of the miscarriage issue. People will avoid losing their child and more will abandon frozen cloud arts in the end.
            I think that’s the real issue since Frozen Asgard could marry men into their clan or school (w/e) if transmitting arts was to be kept at a minimum and since they won’t be virgins anymore it couldn’t be taken away.

            Now the pregnancy issue will make people bitter and with suicide tendencies and will leave the clan if they could.

    2. As you’ve been noticing, the author is quite sexist. I think the pinnacle sexist moment for me was the introduction of Jasmine. I quote:

      “No matter what the time, a woman’s appearance was her strongest bargaining chip and most powerful weapon. If this girl wasn’t as beautiful as a fairy, but instead horrendously ugly to a point that one would throw up for three days with just a glance, Xiao Che would absolutely, without hesitation, kick her out from the Sky Poison Pearl.”

      1. I not too particular about it because I’m here for the harem so I don’t mind the mc having to save damsels in distress. Just not liking this idea of stealing/learning their abilities through intercourse.

      2. Eh, like it or not, that’s how the world actually works. It may be superficial thinking, but appearance is really important and has a great impact on your instinctive attitude toward others. Even if you take sex out of the equation, beautiful people tend to have many more opportunities than ugly ones. Consider that the sky poison pearl is his most important secret, he can’t just let anyone in.

        1. The author’s sexism stems more from just “superficiality” regarding looks. Yun Che is even Superficial when it comes to his love life, seeing as he thinks there’s no problem if he has multiple lovers, all the while he thinks that it’s impossible for his female lovers to have lovers of their own.

          Yun Che can do what he wants,
          Everyone else cannot.

          While you can claim “Oh it’s just Ancient-China, that’s how it worked” — I have so many problems with that opinion regarding the setting, because it’s clear that there’s no gender inequality. There’s no “Female” or “Male”, there’re only “Ranks of Cultivation”.
          The attempt to push gender-based-cultures upon this immortal world, is absolutely bunkers, and it’s something that I cannot understand within many Xianxia stories.

      3. Here comes another SJW *sigh*

        Sexist? Really? What a double-standard, bigoted way of reasoning. You’re actually “hurting” your own faction rather than helping simply because;

        It’s a fact. It’s genetically natural. It’s human nature. It’s reality. It’s widely accepted across the globe. –Being BEAUTIFUL gives you an edge over being UGLY. This applies to BOTH sex.–

        If we swap their gender and make Yun Che a girl with an above-average look, then upon meeting male-Jasmine who happens to be godly HANDSOME, pure MACHISMO yet GENTLE as the spring air, then female Yun Che would also get stunned and go KYA KYA KYA!!!

        Fem-Yun Che would also think thrice if male-Jasmine looks a obese, eyeglassed NEET with a naturally lewd expression written all over his face.

        Likewise, you want equality right? Then sleep on the cold floor then while the man sleeps on the comfy bed. Let women court men instead. Reverse every role then.

  2. When the news came, Xiao Jietian’s hands and feet turned ice cold, his scalp became numb, and his head almost even bursted apart.

    The verb burst is usually uninflected in the past tense and as a past participle Bursted is an old form that still appears colloquially, but it is widely considered incorrect and is best avoided in formal writing. It always bears replacement with the uninflected burst.

  3. He abruptly stood up, and said: “Prepare the Purple Veined Heaven Crystal, Purple Jade Golden Scale Ointment, and Scarlet Eagle Profound Blood right away. You will personally go visit Yun Che to wish him well. Also, bring fifteen kilograms of Purple Crystals, ten kilograms of White Profound Jade. Also, from amongst the female disciples below eighteen years of age in the clan, pick out three female disciples with superior aptitude and looks, and gift them to Yun Che… Depart before night falls today, and make sure everything arrives before Yun Che’s injuries are healed.”

    Finally !!! someone trying something other than force.

  4. Dear god… he’s way too arrogant for someone who is strong only because of Jasmine and the dragon/phoenix spirits. And the author is throwing women at him. Does he *Want* me to dislike the MC?

    1. You’re also TOO arrogant with that last statement of yours. No, actually you’re the only one who’s arrogant here. Who do you think you are!? You actually have the angst to “question” the author!

      So what? It’s STILL his power. Minus the “lucky encounter” what he had gained as of now, and his survival is due to his UNDYING WILL and PERSEVERANCE. It’s his 300% effort that made everything possible. Plus, when someone is MURDERING you, being arrogant should be the LEAST of your problem.

      Likewise, it’s not purely arrogance. He’s THRASHTALKING. Yun Che is smart so he knows when to be arrogant, when to taunt, when to be complacent, when to be magnanimous, when to be forgiving and when to start and stop talking BS. And guess what, with your contrived mentality and perspective, you have failed to discern Yun Che’s TRUE disposition.

      If you dislike women getting thrown at him, then read another novel! This novel is tagged as MATURE. If you can’t take the “reality” inside the novel, then quit. You’re too young and oblivious on how the world USED TO work.

      1. First of all, calm down. This poster has gave his opinion not insulted your father.

        Read the post again, and you’ll realise that he doesn’t question the author, he simply asks a rhetorical question to the readers.

        I agree that Yue Che has definitely come very far with minimal help and I believe it’s well deserved, considering the difficultly of obtaining such abilities.

        But other people may disagree, learn to accept that, otherwise it’s you that possesses the oblivious and immature mindset.

        Worst argument of all time: ‘don’t like it, stop reading it’. Just because you disagree with a concept in a novel, does that mean you hate it in its entirety? No it doesn’t. The poster will naturally stop reading it when they’re ready, without your almighty words of encouragement.

        And let’s try not to use history and past customs to justify a fantasy novel setting, because if we’re being accurate, then there wouldn’t be a whole sect full of females, practising martial arts with the ability to refuse marriage throughout their lifetimes.

        1. Why don’t you calm down, yeah? As you’ve said, the poster has every right to express his opinion. Similarly, the commenters replying to the post in question have every right to state their opinion regarding someone else’s comment. Trust me, there’s no need to have your ‘father insulted’ in order to do so. That’s kinda what the comment section is here for. Chill.

        2. I choked at “not insulted your father” xD
          I’ve read spirit realm & tales of demons&gods and after looking for something similar I found this. I have to say this one is slow to start and not quite up to par with the previous two. I personally hate sexist novels where every female is a damsel in distress and on the verge of getting raped by anyone and everyone(I’m not an SJW/feminazi, just a normal person). I also think that author could do with a little less raping and a lot more actual plot. This novel had potential, unfortunately most novels like this nowadays don’t get to mature properly and have way too much “fanservice” if you even want to call it that.. The translator here is the same as spirit realm Ln and I feel that the TL here is not as good as it could’ve been, so maybe that is also affecting my reading experience. Way too many repeat statements. Not a fan, but I’ll finish it regardless. My 3.14 cents.

  5. Hehe, I liked that last part 😀

    He abruptly stood up, and said: “Prepare the Purple Veined Heaven Crystal, Purple Jade Golden Scale Ointment, and Scarlet Eagle Profound Blood right away. You will personally go visit Yun Che to wish him well. Also, bring fifteen kilograms of Purple Crystals, ten kilograms of White Profound Jade. Also, from amongst the female disciples below eighteen years of age in the clan, pick out three female disciples with superior aptitude and looks, and gift them to Yun Che… Depart before night falls today, and make sure everything arrives before Yun Che’s injuries are healed.”

    This guy knows what’s up, although he won’t accept the female disciples due to wife matters, he will surely see their sincerity from this. He was willing to forgive the burning heaven clan many times, but they kept going for his throat and even kidnapped his family, even when he arrived to save them, he gave them a chance to avoid clan extermination, but they refused. I am sure that he will not destroy the xiao sect, there is simply no reason to do so. He knows perfectly well that it was just a single persons fault, and a worthless one at that, the only bad thing is that they sent another expert after him, but that guy didn’t even last for more than a few breaths and gifted him with some nice stuff, so I don’t think he cares that much. The only thing that truly drives him mad is when his loved ones are hurt or involved, otherwise he doesn’t seem to mind that much when people chase him, as long as they only aim for him. He might strike out at kuangyan though, and perhaps demand more payment.

  6. The Xiao Sect are really having a hard time trying everything to stop Yun Che from making their sect the second Burning Heaven Sect!
    Bribes, bribes everywhere!
    A wild “The thank you note for the hard work and chapters alychu & co.” Appeared
    *threw a rock*
    Wild “The thank you note for the hard work and chapters alychu & co.” Used “epic face slapping”
    *critical hit! 1HKO!*
    Dutch nutcase does “sleep typing”, and sleeps some more

    P.s. …i know that’s a bad joke, but what can i say? I have autism, so my own sense of humor is just stranger then normal

    Dutch nutcase, over and out~🎵

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