ATG – Chapter 361

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Chapter 361 – Double Domain


Yun Che’s sudden change caused the inside of Ling Tianni’s heart to immensely shake; because his aura that was originally weak to the extent of being less than ten percent of his normal strength, had actually surged sharply all of a sudden when the flames flared up, instantly reaching his condition before the fight… No, even surpassing his condition before!

The extensiveness of Ling Tianni’s experience on the way of cultivating the profound could be said as unmatched by anyone. Yet on Yun Che, anomalies that he was unable to comprehend continuously appeared one after another.

This was the second time Yun Che had directly burned the Phoenix’s blood. This would make him directly overdraft all of the power within these three drops of Phoenix Blood, and the price was that he wouldn’t be able to use the phoenix flames again for the next two or three months. As he clenched both fists tightly, two distinct balls of scarlet flames burned within his eyes: “Qingyue, the power in my body, can at most last for twenty breaths of time… I need to borrow the help of your Frozen Cloud Domain… I must make him face miserable defeat before me, within twenty breaths of time!!”

To make the Sword Saint face miserable defeat within twenty breaths of time could only be considered an extremely funny joke to anyone’s ears. Xia Qingyue’s gaze faintly rippled, and just as she was about to say something, Yun Che had already vaulted up toward the skies with a loud roar. Dragon Fault blasted out several strokes of phoenix flames, bringing about dragon howls and phoenix cries that shook the heavens.

Xia Qingyue faintly sighed in her heart; without any further words, she flew up as the Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon swung out overwhelming auroras of ice… Phoenix Flames and Frozen End, one left one right, simultaneously blasted toward Ling Tianni.

It was as if Ling Tianni’s body was instantly half thrown in lava, and half in the purgatory of ice. With a swing of his green sword, he swept up an immensely vast sword energy, cutting apart the phoenix flames and Frozen End at the same time. Yun Che and Xia Qingyue also approached his front at this moment.

“Qingyue!” Yun Che uttered a low shout from his mouth.

Several tens of ice chains condensed out of nothing, sealing all of the escape routes around Ling Tianni. Xia Qingyue’s hair of ice fluttered as a blue light explosively flashed on her entire body. Tens of thousands of ice spirits scattered apart, and the surrounding three hundred meters of area instantly transformed into an ice blue world.

Frozen Cloud Domain… Open!

The air suddenly became bone-piercingly cold, and the Sword Saint’s movements instantly appeared to stall as the force of his sword had also been weakened to a large extent. However, even though Frozen Cloud Domain was enough to cause hindrance to the Sword Saint, it wasn’t enough to be threatening to him. Ling Tianni swept the green sword upwards with an indifferent expression. As a noise of the air being pierced sounded, an extremely long fissure emerged on the ice blue Domain.

“Heavenly Sword Divine Arts can easily cut through various types of Domain. Unless you suppress me in terms of profound strength, using Domains before me would be completely useless, and will only speed up your profound energy expenditure.” Ling Tianni spoke in an indifferent tone. Just as his voice fell, he suddenly sensed an extremely eccentric aura. His hand’s movements stopped as he abruptly turned around and looked toward Yun Che.

Currently, Yun Che’s eyes emitted a shocking touch of an azure colored fantastical light. Behind him, an azure colored image indistinctly floated and drifted… That shadow roared toward the heavens with fangs bared and claws spread, appearing majestic and awe-inspiring. Even though it was indistinct and hazy, it was unleashing an prideful air that looked down upon the entire world… It was actually an azure colored dragon silhouette!

An imposing and overbearing dragon roar descended from the heavens, shaking one’s soul as it traveled through the world. Three feet above Yun Che’s head was a pair of azure colored eyes as blinding as the stars, and as profound as the skies, that suddenly opened.

Ling Tianni’s entire body went stiff when he saw this pair of azure colored eyes. His entire person froze there, with only his pupils expanding… until they almost filled up the iris.

The surrounding light darkened until it became pitch black. He seemed to have heard hundreds of thousands of thunderbolts rumbling down, and also seemed to have heard dragon cries that made the heaven and earth tremble in fear… His brain was in completely chaos; he forgot where he was, and also forgot what he was doing. Gradually, before his eyes, scenes after scenes of nightmarish pictures began to emerge…

He saw himself being defeated by Yun Che, then crippled of all profound strength with all meridians in his entire body severed, and all his bones broken… Turning into a cripple even lower than a beggar who was not even able to die if he wished to from a Sword Saint that stood proudly upon the world… After that, because of being hunted down by him, Yun Che vented his anger onto the entire Heavenly Sword Villa, killing all of his descendents, torturing all of the Heavenly Sword Villa disciples to death, and those Heavenly Sword female disciples who had good looks were all raped by him. All of the swords at the Sword Management Terrace were all destroyed by him, and the entire Heavenly Sword Villa bursted into flames… The Heavenly Sword Villa at the pinnacle of Blue Wind, was turned into the most wretched hell on earth by him… And he, as a cripple, could only watch all of these with his eyes open under endless despair…

At this time, Yun Che appeared before his view; he was hideously grinning at him… Right after, Yun Che suddenly flew, reached the high skies, and transformed into an enormous dragon… An incomparably gigantic dragon that crossed even the boundaries of the sky. Its body was tens of thousands of meters long, and merely the dragon’s head was as big as a mountain. A terrifyingly imposing air so enormous that it was indescribable pressed down overwhelmingly; beneath this enormous imposing air, he felt as though he was as insignificant as a grain of sand between heaven and earth.

Ling Tianni’s entire body started trembling as if he was suffering from a cold. As the Sword Saint, it was the first time in his life that he had feared another, moreover, it was a kind of fear that was deeply carved into his soul and couldn’t be wiped away for the rest of his life. Under this kind of fear, his limbs went limp as his entire body trembled. He actually had the impulse to kneel down before him and beg for mercy…

Dragon Soul Domain wasn’t a power that belonged to this plane of existence, so even if it was Ling Tianni, he simply couldn’t resist against it at all. The profound energy in Ling Tianni’s entire body weakened extremely quickly. His pupils constricted, and his entire body was clearly trembling acutely. However, the Dragon Soul Domain could only be kept up for around five breaths of time even when Yun Che was in perfect condition, and with Yun Che current state, three breaths of time was already the limit.

But a short three breaths of time, was already enough to sent Ling Tianni into the abyss of nightmares!

Three breaths later, Dragon Soul Domain vanished… Ling Tianni’s mental strength was still incomparably strong; in almost just an instant, clarity had already returned to his eyes. But Yun Che’s Dragon Fault was already less than one foot away from his chest while his body was also completely frozen by the Frozen Cloud Domain within these three breaths of time, unable to move at all.

Under the double Domain, Ling Tianni’s spirit, strength, and defense all had collapsed.

“Falling Moon Sinking Star!!”


The ferocious sword strike heavily smashed onto Ling Tianni’s chest.

With a loud noise, the layers of ice at Ling Tianni’s chest instantly bursted apart as his entire person flew outwards like a cannon ball.

With Ling Tianni’s tremendous profound strength, even though it would end badly for him, being directly smashed by Yun Che’s sword strike wouldn’t cause him to be heavily injured. But under the Dragon Soul Domain, his spirit and profound strength collapsed entirely, and that layer of protective profound energy didn’t reach even thirty percent of his usual. Although he channeled his profound energy with the fastest limit of his speed, under the continuous freezing of the Frozen Cloud Domain, his entire body was stiff and numb, and even the channeling of profound energy became incomparably slow… Yun Che’s Falling Moon Sinking Star directly smashed his innards away from their initial positions.

“Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix!”

Phoenix flames fiercely burned on Yun Che’s body and phoenix wings faintly appeared behind his back. His entire person brought up a stroke of scarlet colored light in the sky, instantly catching up to the Ling Tianni who was flying backwards, and Dragon Fault violently smashed down…

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom…

The heavy sword blasted onto Ling Tianni’s body in a chain combination, with each strike heavier than the previous. Every single strike that fell had all brought up a rumble that shook the heavens and earth. All of the surrounding crowd were stunned in pace. Even if they had witnessed it with their own eyes, and heard it with their own ears, they still couldn’t believe that such power was blasted out by a sword… This kind of sound and might, was like the profound thunder of the nine heavens shaking the earth!!

It could be imagined just how terrifying of a power was hidden within every single sword strike.

Under the Frozen Cloud Domain’s continuous freezing and Dragon Fault’s consecutive smashing, let alone turning around and counter attack, even the last of the profound energy supporting him was gradually nearing collapse. The strength that Yun Che crazily released, also was nearing exhaustion bit by bit. Taking in a deep breath, he looked at Ling Tianni, who was already entirely covered in blood with both arms smashed broken. He raised Dragon Fault high as a howling image of the sky wolf emerged behind him…

“Sky Wolf Slash!!”


Just as the Sky Wolf Slash was about to be smashed down, Ling Jie’s hoarse shout faintly traveled to his ears. His actions stalled slightly, and he instantly retracted sixty percent of the Sky Wolf Slash’s power.


The blue colored wolf image crushed onto Ling Tianni’s chest, and a ball of blood wildly blew up from his chest. Seeing that flower of blood blooming, Yun Che’s hands that held the sword slowly drooped down as a wave of irresistible heaviness assaulted his brain. He let out a long breath, and his entire body plummeted down powerlessly.

Frozen Cloud Domain vanished. As a faint shadow swept through, the falling Yun Che was already lightly supported up by Xia Qingyue using her palm, then slowly landed onto the ground. On the other side, Ling Tianni also heavily fell onto the ground. Ling Jie uttered a loud shout, and swiftly ran over, kneeling halfway beside him.

This place was within the Blue Wind Imperial City, so the crowd was already incredibly dense from the start. Those who were attracted here had long surpassed one hundred thousand. Yet at this moment, such an enormous crowd of people was completely silent. Every single person was absentmindedly looking at that stretch of completely destroyed land, and had almost lost the ability to think…

Sword Saint… the unparalleled number one within Blue Wind… actually… lost!

Anyone could tell, that after those consecutive dozens of strike from Yun Che, Ling Tianni had clearly received incomparably heavy injuries… Especially that last attack; his chest had completely bursted open, and perhaps, even the inner organs were already completely destroyed.

This young man who had only risen to fame two years ago, within a short two years of time, he grew in an unimaginable speed, and established one legend after another. Champion of the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament… Crashing Burning Heaven Clan Young Master’s bridal greeting… Massacring Burning Heaven Clan to annihilation…

Today, he had actually heavily wounded Ling Tianni!!

Defeating this Blue Wind number one, evidently meant that… He was already qualified enough to replace Ling Tianni, and become the new number one of Blue Wind!

And this year, he was only a mere nineteen years old!!

“How are you feeling?” Xia Qingyue supported Yun Che, only feeling that his body was completely limp, with barely a single sliver of strength left.

All of the power that Yun Che had suddenly exploded with came from the phoenix flames. At the moment, his phoenix flames were completely extinguished, and the three drops of Phoenix Blood that burnt up all of their power had also sunk into a state of silence that would last two or three months, thus, his body was now completely exhausted of strength as well. Moreover, together with opening the Soul Domain earlier, his consciousness also became completely drowsy… It could be said without the slightest bit of exaggeration that the current Yun Che could even be killed by any random profound practitioner at the Elementary Profound Realm.

“I’m fine… just somewhat tired.” Calming his aura, Yun Che spoke as he breathed heavily. A heavenly opposing strength like the Dragon Soul Domain completely suppressed everything in terms of level and natural law, allowing him to forcefully create such a result when facing against the Sword Saint that was originally impossible for him to beat.

The state of Ling Tianni’s injuries were extremely serious, and he only barely managed to stand up after being supported by Ling Jie. After he rose to fame, this was the only time he had lost, and he had actually lost to a youth whose strength was far weaker than him. Compared to the wounds on his body, the impact to his spirit was much, much heavier…

Moreover, within his soul, even an inner demon that was forever impossible to erase had been planted within his heart due to that terrifying Dragon Soul Domain.

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  3. All of the swords at the Sword Management Terrace were all destroyed by him, and the entire Heavenly Sword Villa bursted into flames…

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