ATG – Chapter 357

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Chapter 357 – Tit for Tat

“This fellow is at the sixth level of the Emperor Profound Realm! Furthermore, he has reached this stage for a long amount of time. His profound strength is intense and carries an incredibly sharp aura.” Jasmine cautioned: “Never would I expect that on this land, there is actually someone within the middle levels of the Emperor Profound Realm. With your current strength, you wouldn’t even be considered an opponent to him.”

Middle levels of the Emperor Profound Realm?

Yun Che glanced to his south and his face tensed up. Hearing Jasmine’s words, Yun Che immediately thought of one person… At the same time, he also remembered Ling Jie’s warning.

Blue Wind Empire’s top profound practitioner —— Ling Tianni!!!

Within the Blue Wind Empire, only Ling Tianni would possess such strength!

Ling Jie’s initial warning had come true… Not only that, it was even more severe than what he had warned. Not only did Ling Tianni intervene, he’d even personally came to the Imperial City, and told everyone he was going to take Yun Che’s life!

Ling Tianni, the previous villa master of Heavenly Sword Villa. He was the most pinnacle of legends within Blue Wind Empire, widely recognized as the strongest person within the country. Since young, he had been well known to all and had an insane love for the sword. Twenty years ago, he was already the strongest within the country. His profound strength and swordsmanship had already reached a level unattainable by the masses. Until today, he had not appeared in public for the past twenty years. However, Blue Wind Empire continued spreading his legend and the young profound practitioners all grew up respecting him from the stories they have heard.

Today, this legendary figure had appeared with the sole objective of killing Yun Che.

Only Yun Che could obtain such a prestige.

When Ling Tianni transmitted his voice, he and Yun Che was already relatively close. Yun Che could tell that his was currently at a place within two kilometres from the front of the palace. He’d even suspected that Ling Tianni had already known where he was, but didn’t want to attack him in the palace.

No matter what, Heavenly Sword Villa and the Blue Wind Imperial Family were very close at the time of their origins.

“Until eliminating Burning Heaven Clan, he did not appear. I always thought that my worries were unnecessary. Little did I expect him to finally appear now.” Yun Che told Jasmine: “However, since he is already so close, and even transmitted his speech to the whole city to force me to appear… Shrinking away is not something I, Yun Che, would do!”

“Hmph, I expected you to say that!” Jasmine replied in disdain: “If you don’t want to escape, you could always rush in and fight him. Even though it is impossible to win, with the protection of the Dragon God’s Bloodline, it wouldn’t be that easy for him to kill you either. However, if you don’t know when to retreat, death is all but assured.”

“I understand. My life is more precious than any gold or silver. I would never allow myself to die here meaninglessly… Since he’s already here, let’s go meet the famous number one in Blue Wind Empire!”

“Little Chan, let’s go!”

Carrying Yun Che, the Snow Phoenix let out a long cry, and flew directly towards Ling Tianni. Just as the Snow Phoenix lifted off the ground, a sturdy aura fixated strongly on Yun Che.

“What? That person is… Ling Tianni? The legendary Sword Saint?”

Since this was the imperial city, among the older generation, many have seen the former glory of the Sword Saint. Therefore, when Ling Tianni appeared in the middle of the Imperial City, some of the aged shouted his name in shock.

“Sword… Sword Saint?” Is that the legendary Sword Saint? Oh my heavens! I’m actually witnessing Blue Wind Empire’s legend here!”

“No wonder someone directly approached with the intent to kill Yun Che…… Other than Sword Saint, who would have such strength and aura.”

“Yun Che’s in trouble now. No matter how overpowered he is, he wouldn’t stand a chance against Sword Saint. If Yun Che is smart enough, he should hide immediately.”

“It’s been said that the Sword Saint has not cared about worldly affairs for twenty years. Not only did this incident of the destruction of the Burning Heaven Clan shake the whole Blue Wind Empire, it even alerted him.”

“It has also been said that the Sword Saint has a personality as straight as a blade. He destroys evil without hesitation and also used to have very close relationship with Burning Heaven Clan’s Grand Clan Master, Fen Yijue. Since Yun Che eliminated Burning Heaven Clan this time, it wouldn’t be weird that he personally took action this time.”

In the air two kilometres in front of the Imperial Palace, a black figure floated there. His black clothes were making noises in the strong wind. Below him, more and more people gathered and chatter surrounded the whole place. Many people rushed here quickly to admire the figure of the legendary Sword Saint.

Suddenly, a long cry was heard from the palace and a white figure swiftly bolted past, stopping in front of the black figure. They stared at each other.

“Ahhh? It’s… It’s Yun Che!”

“He was actually in the palace… And he even appeared!”

“Although his strength was sufficient to eliminate the Burning Heaven Clan, facing the Sword Saint… who is fully intent on killing him, he actually dared to appear!”

“This is going to be a good show.”

Ling Tianni looked to be around forty years old. Even though he was the Heavenly Sword Villa Master, Ling Yuefeng’s father, he looked to be slightly younger than Ling Yuefeng. He looked largely similar to Ling Yuefeng. However, the sword aura on him was several times sharper than Ling Yuefeng.

Ling Tianning turned his attention to Yun Che and at that moment… Merely his gaze caused Yun Che have the scary feeling that he had been stabbed several times.

“You’re Yun Che?” Ling Tianni spoke slowly, his voice calm like water.

“Junior Yun Che greets Senior Ling. Able to meet the legendary Sword Saint, junior must count himself fortunate.” Yun Che replied respectfully.

“You’re so young and your profound strength is only in the seventh level of the Earth Profound Realm, yet you’re able to eliminate the entire Burning Heaven Clan. Such achievements at such a young age, you far exceed me.” Ling Tianni complimented coldly. Being able to make the Sword Saint say the four words “You far exceed me”, Yun Che was definitely the first. However, after complimenting him, all he had was a cold killing intent: “With your talent, you could originally become a genius in Blue Wind Empire, become the talent of this generation. You could achieve things that even my Heavenly Sword Villa cannot fathom. If you were to represent Blue Wind Empire in the Profound Sky Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, you might be able to change Blue Wind Empire’s thousand year shame and even obtain glory. However, you’re too cruel and ruthless! Because of personal grudges, you actually massacred all seventy three thousand six hundred people of Burning Heaven Clan! Such actions are truly hair raising!”

Yun Che smiled slightly and replied: “Senior is too harsh. Although I’m not any kind person, I’m definitely not the ‘cruel and ruthless’ that you mention. Even though I killed many, not one of them is without reason. I eliminated Burning Heaven Clan only because they crossed the line. They deserve it. Also, this allowed me to take this chance to warn anyone who dares to touch my family members… However, this is between me and Burning Heaven Clan, how does it concern you?”

“Hmph, what happened at Burning Heaven Clan would probably anger even the deities. You’re a vile and vicious beast that deserves divine retribution. Everyone has the right to kill you! Me killing you, is in the name of the heavens!”

“In the name of heaven? HAHAHAHA!” Yun Che laughed loudly, as his voice suddenly turned cold: “Even if my interaction with the Burning Heaven Clan wasn’t long, I could strongly feel the despicable behavior of the Burning Heaven Clan’s disciples. Such a clan, did countless of despicable acts over the past thousands of years. There were much more than seventy three thousand six hundred people who were being bullied by them due to their influence. People even died directly or indirectly due to them! At those times, where were you? Why did you not punish them in the name of the heavens!”

Ling Tianni sudden became dumbstruck.

“I hear that Heavenly Sword Villa and Blue Wind Imperial Palace were very close during their origins. Your first Villa Master and Blue Wind Imperial Palace’s first Emperor were sworn brothers. When they initially created the Heavenly Sword Villa and the Blue Wind Imperial Palace respectively, they swore to stick by each other no matter what happened, supporting one another. However, Heavenly Sword Villa prospered daily, and sought Mighty Heavenly Sword Region for its backing. On the other hand, the Blue Wind Imperial Family suffered through this time. Until today, it is still plagued by dangers. Even the Xiao Sect and Burning Heaven Clan took advantage of the situation to enter the power struggle. The current Emperor of Blue Wind Empire was nearly assassinated as well. With the influence of the Heavenly Sword Villa, there is no way you did not know of the crisis within the Blue Wind Imperial Family. However, why did your Heavenly Sword Villa not intervene at that time! You said you wanted to punish people ‘in the names of the heavens’, yet why do you not possess even the most basic form of moral and justice! Instead, I had to intervene to save the Emperor’s life. If I did not intervene, the Emperor would probably be at his last breath already. If that had happened, how are you going to face your ancestors in your death!”

Yun Che pointed at Ling Tianni and said: “The ‘in the name of the heavens’ that you mention sounds like a joke to me! You have no right to scold me! If not for the title of ‘Sword Saint’ that you hold, I wouldn’t even be interested in looking at you at all! Instead… Me eliminating the entire Burning Heaven Clan, is not only to quell my hated, but also truly in the name of the heavens!”

Ling Tianni originally came to demand justice. However, facing Yun Che, who massacred the Burning Heaven Clan, he, who stood on the side of justice had originally wanted to punish Yun Che in the face of the public. However, he did not expect to be chided by Yun Che in public. Furthermore, Yun Che’s words were all straight to the point and struck onto his weaknesses. Ling Tianni did not know how to reply him. He, who had originally come to act “in the name of the heavens”, had now turned into a heartless and immoral person. From the reasons listed, the people gathered all seem to agree with Yun Che.

Especially those who were often bullied by powerful clans, those who were angry, but dared not to complain; Yun Che’s words were heartfelt. Those who were bullied by Burning Heaven Clan or their outer branches had their fists clenched as their emotions surged. The admiration that had for the Sword Saint had visibly dimmed.

Ling Tianni sighed loudly: “Not only is your talent amazing and your strength earth shattering, you also have a glib tongue. However, no matter how flowery your speech is, you are unable to hide your blood debt. For the seventy thousand souls that died in your hands, I shall deliver judgement with my sword. No matter what reason, you shall not avoid death.”

“Hah!” Yun Che laughed coldly: “You think that I wasted my saliva talking to you in order to get you to let me off? You’re overestimating yourself. Just you alone, do not have the qualifications to make me feel scared. You definitely lack the qualifications to kill me.”

Facing someone that wanted to kill him, Yun Che was no longer respectful. He waved his arm and the three meter long Dragon Fault appeared in his hand, causing a stir: “Today, I shall measure you, Sword Saint. Let me see whether your ‘way’ is able to shake my ‘way’!”

Yun Che descended from the Snow Phoenix and opened Burning Heart. The aura within him exploded immediately. He slashed Dragon Fault from midair towards Ling Tianni with enough might to shake the heavens.

Ling Tianni looked up slowly as a green longsword appeared silently in his hands. The sword had no shine and its sharpness could not even be told from looking at it. However, in the hands of the Sword Saint, it released an immense pressure.

When receiving the explosive blow from Yun Che, Ling Tianni did not have any intention of avoiding it. He merely slowly stabbed out.

That’s right, he slowly stabbed out. No matter Yun Che or anyone below, even a Nascent profound practitioner could clearly see the movement of the sword. However, it was clearly a slow stab, yet it seemed to have leapt through space and even time. Half a breath before, it was still ninety meters away. Half a breath later, it slowly… stabbed towards Yun Che’s chest.

A strong sense of danger suddenly attacked him. Without warning, an earth shattering pressure soon appeared in front of the defenseless Yun Che. He soon felt intense pain from his chest. Yun Che was stunned for a moment. Without thinking, he executed a Star God’s Broken Shadow to avoid it and rolled onto the ground.

Upon landing onto the ground, his chest was already filled with blood. Two streaks of long sword cuts half a foot long were deeply etched on it… Yun Che had no clue how the sword had managed to cut him.

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