ATG – Chapter 353

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Chapter 353 – Clan Annihilation

Even though Yun Che spoke lightheartedly, he genuinely did get startled to the extent of become covered in cold sweat just now. If not for Sealing Cloud Locking Sun’s powerful protection, the Heaven Decimating Orb’s shocking power was entirely enough to heavily injure him on the spot.

It wasn’t like Yun Che had never made contact with Xiao Sect’s firearms before. When he was at New Moon City’s Xiao Sect Branch Sect in the past, he had found the Poison Fire Rod and Sky Tremor Bomb, but their might simply couldn’t be mentioned in the same conversation if compared to the Heaven Decimating Orb earlier.

After the fog dissipated, the position that Yun Che stood was offsetted by few dozen meters from where he was originally at, but there were no injuries on his body at all; not even a speck of blood could be seen.

“You… You…” Xiao Wuyi, who had always been lofty, indifferent, and believed that everything was in his control, widened his eyes to the limit in his stare. His pupils violently constricted, as if he had seen the most terrifying demon god. One word crazily bounced back and forth in his heart… Impossible… Impossible… Impossible!

What had struck Yun Che earlier, wasn’t any low level Thunder Tremor Cracker or Sky Tremor Bomb, but their Xiao Sect’s crown treasure, the Heaven Decimating Orb that the entire Xiao Sect only had over twenty of, which even Emperor Profound practitioners couldn’t endure!

Not only was the Heaven Decimating Orb’s power extremely great, it also would scatter poisonous smoke after it explodes. Once the poison meets blood, it would quickly invade one’s body, and cause the victim to die from the poison’s activation in a few breaths of time. If breathed in, the poison would similarly show effect very quickly… Yet Yun Che just stood there within the poisonous fog with a sneering face, and didn’t look to be any different from usual at all!

“To be honest, the power of this thing called Heaven Decimating Orb is quite good, and this poison, is considerably formidable as well.” Yun Che stared at the Xiao Wuyi who was in shock, and slowly spoke: “This kind of poison is refined using Burning Vein Grass, Thousand Vermin Flower, Midnight Skeleton Vine, Demon Weep Bloodwoven Flower, the venom of Acute Venom Snake, and Thunderfire Toad’s toad poison. The poison is incredibly acute, and shows effect extremely fast. Once it invades the body, even a Throne would find it hard to suppress. And if one was first struck by the Heaven Decimating Orb, then breathed in this kind of poisonous mist, perhaps even a Throne wouldn’t have much of a chance to survive…”

Yun Che’s steps started to move forward, as his voice became increasingly icy: “At least until now, I haven’t done any disservice toward your Xiao Sect, and even never had much contact and conflicts. Yet you, Xiao Sect, in order to kill me, had actually deliberately planned so much and used such foul means. It really is… quite fantastic!”

Yun Che’s words made Xiao Wuyi’s heart violently convulse… Yun Che had actually listed the acute poison’s ingredients hidden within the Heaven Decimating Orb, without the slightest error! The impact brought by him being all fine and dandy under the Heaven Decimating Orb, along with these few sentences he spoke, had even made Xiao Wuyi’s psychological line of defense violently sway. Thinking about Burning Heaven Clan’s miserable state, then thinking about the consequences of not being able to kill Yun Che, the cold sweat on his back instantly flooded down like rain.

“Yun… Che…” Yun Che’s name seeped out of the gap between Xiao Wuyi’s teeth. Yun Che walked increasingly closer in his view, and gradually neared to a distance of only thirty meters between them. As he neared, an uncontrollable feeling of fear was quickly born in the bottom of Xiao Wuyi’s heart. Staring his eyes wide and tightly clenching down his teeth, his right hand that had always been tightly clenched into a fist suddenly moved, and at the same time grasped onto two Heaven Decimating Orbs that he was about to toss out.

Knowing that Xiao Wuyi had hid such terrifying things like Heaven Decimating Orb, Yun Che’s entire body’s consciousness stretched tight, and most of his awareness was concentrated onto Xiao Wuyi’s palm. As his palm slightly moved oddly, Yun Che’s eyes suddenly flashed, and Phoenix Flames ignited from his entire body.

“Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix!!”

The reason why Yun Che had neared Xiao Wuyi step by step, was precisely for this moment. Just as Xiao Wuyi took out two Heaven Decimating Orbs and was about to toss them out, a flame silhouette suddenly swayed in front of him, and an extremely ferocious power suddenly flooded over; its speed, was fast to the point that made him, a Throne, unable to react in time. He only had enough time to distinctively see Yun Che’s eyes suddenly nearing, and while his wrist had just started the flinging motion, an utterly overbearing power had already violently smashed onto his chest.


The power of Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix while using Dragon Fault, wasn’t at all inferior to a Heaven Decimating Orb. Xiao Wuyi’s sternum made a snapping sound and he flew out horizontally within a scream of agony, while those two Heaven Decimating Orbs that were about to be thrown also slipped out of his hand. With a turn of his body, Yun Che quickly caught the two purple colored dots of light in his hands… Once the Heaven Decimating Orb entered his hands, he simply perceived the profound formation on it, and understood the method of using it.


Xiao Wuyi fell over a hundred meters away, and after tumbling over a dozen times on the ground, he stood up in a fluster, holding his badly mutilated chest with one hand and desperately extinguishing the phoenix flames on his body with the other. He took off into the air and hysterically fled away.

“Hmph, want to run?”

Yun Che’s gaze darkened. Putting away Dragon Fault, his speed reached the extreme limit as he swiftly chased. However, Xiao Wuyi flew higher and higher, and even though his speed wasn’t inferior, he couldn’t truly catch up. Yun Che raised his head up. Locking onto Xiao Wuyi’s position, he grabbing a Heaven Decimating Orb with his right hand, and abruptly flicked his wrist.

The prerequisite condition as to why Yun Che could so freely swing the ten thousand kilogram Dragon Fault around, was his incomparably terrifying arm strength. Under such an arm strength, it was unknown just how many times faster the Heaven Decimating Orb he tossed out was compared to the time Xiao Wuyi had tossed it. Xiao Wuyi, who only had escape in mind, suddenly heard an extremely sharp howl of the wind coming from behind him. He subconsciously turned his head around, to his surprise, saw a purple speck of light that was already less than a feet away.

“AHHH…” Xiao Wuyi’s eye sockets burst apart, as a hoarse scream of despair came from his mouth…


Heaven Decimating Orb exploded, as if a world shaking divine thunderbolt had exploded in midair, the shockwave caused the entire Burning Heaven Clan to tremble. Firelight surged to the skies and lightning crazily went rampant as the poisonous fog slowly spread. A black silhouette was blasted toward the high skies, then quickly plummeted and heavily smashed onto the ground.

The cloak on Xiao Wuyi’s body was blown into pieces, his entire body badly mutilated. The poisonous fog mixed into his bloodstream and ruthlessly executed its purpose, making him continuously roll around as he uttered screams of extreme pain.

Yun Che leisurely walked over, all the way until he walked to his side, then took up Dragon Fault and stabbed down expressionlessly.


Dragon Fault’s thick and blunt sword tip stabbed into Xiao Wuyi’s body without any resistance and directly pierced his heart. Xiao Wuyi’s body stiffened for a moment, his bulging eyes stared straight at Yun Che for a while, then his body completely limped down and no longer moved anymore.

Within three days, two Thrones had consecutively lost their lives under Dragon Fault.

Yun Che stripped Xiao Wuyi’s spatial ring off, casually scanned their contents, and a satisfied smile instantly emerged on his face. As Xiao Sect’s Grand Elder, there were naturally no ordinary things on Xiao Wuyi’s body. If any random thing within was to be taken out, it would almost always be a treasure that ordinary people wouldn’t dare to wish for. And within these, there was still another Heaven Decimating Orb, and as well as several special keys… which ought to be used to open certain important places of Xiao Sect.

Kicking away Xiao Wuyi’s corpse, Yun Che turned around, looking at Fen Duanhun and those Elders whose face had turned ashen long ago… The fact that Heaven Decimating Orb wasn’t able to hurt Yun Che had already caused their heart to fall into the valley’s very bottom. And Xiao Wuyi’s miserable death now, caused their last hint of hope to entirely turn into despair.

“Will you choose to end yourselves, or do you want me to personally do it?” Yun Che’s eyes narrowed as he spoke coldly.

Amongst the thirty three pavilion masters and twenty seven elders, only over a dozen of them were left. But even these dozen of people together wouldn’t possibly be Yun Che’s match. The only person who could battle with Yun Che, Grand Clan Master Fen Yijue, was also bearing heavy injuries. Sadness and despair filled everyone’s hearts, making them unable to rile up even the slightest wisp of will to resist and struggle.

“Yun Che, are you really going to… spare no one!” Fen Yijue said with his teeth grinding.

Yun Che’s expression was overcast. Each and every one of his words was ice-cold: “I have given you chances, and gave you leeway many times… It is you, that once and once again insisted in pressing me to exterminate your clan! Today, all of you will die, and starting tomorrow, there will no longer be a Burning Heaven Clan in this world!”

Yun Che raised his arm, the heavy Dragon Fault pointed at the despairing Fen Yijue as he issued the final judgement.

Fen Yijue took up the Absolute Flame Blade, raised his head up and let out a long sigh: “My Burning Heaven Clan’s thousand years of heritage, was actually ruined in my generation, what face do I have to face my generations of ancestors… Yun Che, my Burning Heaven Clan reaching this current state, is indeed also brought onto us by ourselves, and can not entirely be blamed on you! But the disciples under our clan are entirely innocent, I believe you wouldn’t lay a hand on them either. After we dismiss all of them, we’ll commit suicide ourselves!”

“Heh…” Yun Che coldly laughed; the laughter was so sinister and cold as if it had come from the throat of the devil: “Are your ears deaf! I had just said that today, all of you will die… all of you!! On the day you despicably abducted my family, I had already swore to make your Burning Heaven Clan… turn into a river of blood. Not even a blade of grass will be left!!”

Fen Yijue abruptly raised his head, the faces of Fen Duanhun and several Elders all revealed expressions of extreme shock and terror. All those surrounding Burning Heaven disciples started to tremble in fear… The meaning within Yun Che’s words actually implied that not only was he going to kill Burning Heaven Clan’s Clan Master, Elders, and Pavilion Masters… he was going to kill everyone within Burning Heaven Clan from top to bottom!!

Making the entire Burning Heaven Clan, truly and genuinely, face total annihilation!

A dense chilly breeze creeped over the entire bodies of everyone in Burning Heaven Clan. They never would have thought that Yun Che’s revenge would actually be so cruel and absolute. Fen Yijue’s voice started to tremble: “You… You… Even if my Burning Heaven Clan had done a disservice to you first, it still shouldn’t receive such a retribution… The disciples under the clan don’t have any grudges and grievances with you at all. You simply don’t have any reason to kill them… You… Do you not fear the wrath of heavens!!”

Yun Che smiled; it was a smile that Fen Yijue and the others could never possibly understand. He said with a low voice: “The number of people I had killed in these two lives of mine, even far surpasses the number of people you lot had seen in your entire lives. As for the sins of killing that I shoulder, even receiving the heaven’s wrath ten thousand times wouldn’t be enough! So what if a few more tens of thousands are added onto it!”

“You had time and time again nearly brought death to me, and that, I can neglect. But kidnapping my family, and almost killing them… Just for this reason, you will have to repay the debt with total annihilation! For every person of your Burning Heaven Clan that lives, one more seed of hatred would be buried. If by chance this hatred sprouts out of the ground someday, it would possibly endanger my Grandfather and Little Aunt’s safety. No matter how insignificant this possibility is, I will absolutely not allow it to exist! And together with this reason alone, all of you… must die!!”

Yun Che’s words didn’t have the slightest emotion, and didn’t have the slightest of leeway. Like mutters from the devil, it made one’s soul tremble. As his voice fell, he had already vaulted up, and as the heavy sword swung out, more than a dozen strokes of phoenix flames flew toward the surrounding Burning Heaven Disciples amidst the howling wind.

Boom boom boom boom…

Flames that surged up to the sky exploded at various locations, and then quickly spread, burning crowds and crowds of Burning Heaven disciples’ bodies into ashes, completely drowning the entire Burning Heaven Clan within the miserable screams of agony in the turn of an eye.

Seeing the large crowds of clan disciples fall in the blink of an eye, the bodies of Fen Duanhun and the others trembled, and they almost wanted to wail out loud. They had originally thought that they had mistakenly provoked a vicious wolf, a ferocious tiger, but only at this moment did they truly realize what they provoked was simply a madman, a devil!

“You… You devil! Even if we are to be smashed into bits and pieces, we’ll still drag you down to hell with us!!”

Bringing their injured bodies with them, the Burning Heaven Elders who had initially wished to end themselves grabbed their Burning Heaven Blades and charged toward Yun Che carrying endless grief and despair within bloodshot eyes.

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