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Chapter 349 – Burning Heaven Clan’s Request for Help

Today’s Burning Heaven Clan was no longer as majestic and dignified as before. Especially when the news of their Grand Clan Master being gravely wounded and Grand Elder Fen Ziya dying in Yun Che’s hands came; the entire Burning Heaven Clan was enveloped in a terrified atmosphere. The clan’s disciples were panicky, and amidst the unease in their hearts and mind, they all faintly smelled the odor of destruction.

Even if this catastrophe stopped here and now, from now on, Burning Heaven Clan wouldn’t be qualified at all to maintain the title of Four Major Sects on the same level as Heavenly Sword Villa, Frozen Cloud Asgard, and Xiao Sect.

In the Burning Heaven Main Pavilion, Fen Yijue had just woke up. Fen Duanhun and every elder and pavilion master that were left had all gathered here. Everyone’s faces were all completely filled with gloominess and grief.

Every single time they fought Yun Che, they would always discover that they had once again underestimated Yun Che’s strength.

Every single time when they thought with full confidence that they could definitely kill Yun Che, the other side would give them a nightmarish result.

And the name Yun Che, had now already become the most frightening nightmare in their hearts as well.

“Father, how are your injuries?” Fen Duanhun took a step forward and asked, his voice revealed a deep feeling of powerlessness. To him, the only thing that could be considered as comforting, was that Yun Che had similarly received heavy injuries. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have chosen to flee immediately.

“Not to the point of dying yet… Cough, cough cough…”

The moment Fen Yijue opened his mouth, he started coughing fiercely for a while. Every single cough would carry out pieces after pieces of blood. That one “Destroying Sky Decimating Earth” move from Yun Che easily shattered all of his profound strength defense, making all of his internal organs shift greatly and get damaged. The state of injury was so serious that even with the power of the Emperor Profound Realm, it would still take at least three months to completely recover.

“Grand Clan Master…” The few elders hastily got up, and encircled Fen Yijue’s side.

“Do not… mind me, I’m fine.” Fen Yijue conjured profound energy to suppress the injuries, then raised his head as his gaze revealed deep viciousness and coldness: “I have wrongly estimated Yun Che’s strength. Everyone of us, had wrongly estimated his strength! And you guys… actually brought about such an enemy!”

All the elders drooped their heads down. Their complexions were at times ghastly pale, and at times ashen.

Fen Yijue’s chest undulated as he continued speaking with a solemn tone: “Many things on Yun Che cannot be measured using common sense. In the previous days, he clearly had left with heavy injuries, but within just one day, both his injuries and strength had actually completely recovered… He must have some special secret arts for recovering from injuries. This time, he didn’t receive a lighter injury than me, but he perhaps could still be the same as last time, and recover in a very short period of time… When that time comes, it will be the day that my Burning Heaven Clan perishes!”

The moment Fen Yijue spoke these words, everyone’s complexion instantly turned yellowish brown. These words did not come from someone else, but were personally said by the Grand Clan Master himself! And what he said, was also the cruel truth that couldn’t be refuted at all. Grand Elder had fallen, Heavenfire Star Burning Formation was destroyed, and Grand Clan Master was gravely wounded; if Yun Che assaulted them again, they really wouldn’t be able to bring out anything worthy to oppose him.

“Father, at the moment, just what exactly should we do? How can our Burning Heaven Clan’s thousand years of groundwork be destroyed just like that! Otherwise, what face will we have when we meet our generations of ancestors in the world of the dead!” Fen Duanhun clenched his fists tight and said.

“At the moment, there are two solutions!” Fen Yijue said.

Fen Duanhun and the elders instantly rallied their spirits. Hope was revealed on their faces once again as they asked anxiously: “What.. what solutions!”

Fen Yijue let out a long breath, and slowly spoke with a low voice: “In this disaster, we are already covered in wounds, no longer with the power to defend. At the moment, we could only seek help from others… And with Yun Che’s strength, only Heavenly Sword Villa, Frozen Cloud Asgard and Xiao Sect would have the power to solve this calamity. Frozen Cloud Asgard doesn’t have any enmity nor benevolence with us, and never liked to take part in disputes; thus, seeking help from Frozen Cloud Asgard would bear no fruit… Then we could only seek help from Heavenly Sword Villa and Xiao Sect… I had a period of deep friendship with Heavenly Sword Villa’s Grand Villa Master Ling Tianni, and there was a time when we drank, I had laughingly said that if Burning Heaven Clan were to encounter despair, I hoped he would definitely lend us a hand, and at that time he also laughingly consented…”

Ling Tianni?

The publically recognized number one Blue Wind’s profound cultivating world, Sword Saint Ling Tianni!?

This name thunderously resounded beside everyone’s ears, causing all of their faces to reveal joyous surprise. They had never expected that Fen Yijue actually had such a friendship with this Blue Wind number one, and even had a promise to help when Burning Heaven Clan meets disaster!

If Ling Tianni were to really lend a hand and act, then Burning Heaven Clan’s disaster would be undoubtedly be resolved here and then… Even though Yun Che was unexpectedly powerful, he couldn’t be Ling Tianni’s match no matter what!

Moreover, behind Ling Tianni’s back, was the enormous Heavenly Sword Villa.

“Alright! I understand, I’ll sound transmit to Heavenly Sword Villa’s Villa Master Ling Yuefeng right away! And ask him to pass the message on to Heavenly Sword’s Grand Villa Master!” Fen Duanhun said somewhat excitedly.

“Don’t get happy yet.” Fen Yijue slowly spoke: “Ling Tianni and I had not met for a few dozen years. His disposition had always been indifferent, and after cultivating away from the world for twenty years, perhaps his heart is already empty, and doesn’t want to touch worldly matters anymore. Whether he would be willing to assist, is unknown. As for Xiao Sect… Even though I had some friendship with Xiao Wuqing back then, it was far from intimate. If Xiao Sect knew of Yun Che’s strength, then they certainly shouldn’t want to offend such a terrifying enemy for us… Even though we could try both of these methods, hope is vague.”

“Without trying, how would we know it wouldn’t work!” Fen Duanhun’s brows were tightly knitted, but his expression no longer had its previous sulleness: “I am not sure whether the Sword Saint would act, but on Xiao Sect’s side, they would definitely lend their hand!”

Fen Yijue turned his head and looked at him, a puzzled expression emerged on his face.

Fen Duanhun said immediately: “When investigating everything about Yun Che before, we have unintentionally discovered that the core reason why he was chased out of his home, was because he was prosecuted by Xiao Sect Master Xiao Juetian’s fourth son, Xiao Kuangyun! Because Xiao Kuangyun had wanted to seize his wife back then, and at the same time, wanted to lay his hands on his aunt.”

The expression in Fen Yijue’s eyes swayed: “There was actually such a thing?”

“There was indeed!” Fen Duanhun nodded: “Yun Che swore to destroy our Burning Heaven Clan just because we kidnapped his family. It can be seen that he is a person that views his family with extreme importance, and at the same time an extremely narrow-minded person that would take revenge on any small grievances! And such a great enmity had formed between Xiao Kuangyun and him, so how could he not get his vengeance! If Xiao Kuangyun was just an ordinary Xiao Sect disciple, then that would be fine and all, but he is the Sect Master’s son! Just this would be enough to transform into a grievance between Yun Che and the entire Xiao Sect! But it seems that the current Xiao Sect had not yet noticed this. If Xiao Sect knew about this, and also knew about Yun Che’s personality of seeking revenge on the smallest grievances… If I was Xiao Juetian, I’ll definitely not choose to sit and wait for Yun Che to come visit them while feeling uneasy when eating and sleeping. Instead, I’ll take the chance to join forces and strike out to kill Yun Che right now!”

“I’ll go sound transmit to Heavenly Sword Villa and Xiao Sect right away!”


At the same time, within the Xiao Sect.

“What did you say… Is this really true?” Xiao Juetian spoke in a shocked tone and stood up,

“Absolutely true! Several tens of thousand people at Bluefire City witnessed the battle with their own eyes, and very soon, no one would be ignorant about this within the Blue Wind.” Ahead of Xiao Juetian, an elderly person said with a serious expression.

“This… this really is hard to believe. I remember when he was at the Ranking Tournament, he was only only seventeen back then. Today, he ought to be no older than nineteen right?” The shocked expression on Xiao Juetian’s face didn’t disperse for a long while. It was difficult for him to believe that this young man of only nineteen, could actually almost force Burning Heaven Clan whose strength wasn’t much weaker than Xiao Sect into a state of despair with his strength alone. Moreover, when fighting against two great Emperor Profounds simultaneously, he had actually killed one at the scene.

How terrifying of a strength was this! How shocking of a news was this!

“I really wonder, just what kind of master could actually bring up such a disciple! Or is it that his aptitude was really prodigiously talented to this extent? Or maybe, he was really as rumored, a descendent of the Sacred Grounds?” Xiao Juetian exclaimed. He suddenly asked: “Yun Che insisting on annihilating the entire Burning Heaven Clan, just what deep grievances did it stem from? Don’t tell me that Burning Heaven Clan exterminated his entire clan?”

“No!” The elderly person shook his head: “The true reason, perhaps Sect Master would find it laughable. Fen Juecheng back then wished to take Princess Cangyue as bride, but was crashed upon by Yun Che, and lost a great amount of face. Burning Heaven Clan wished to find Yun Che for revenge, seemed to be overly hasty, and thus used the despicable method of kidnapping two of his family members from Floating Cloud City, where Yun Che was born in, in order to lure him to go to Burning Heaven Clan… Because of this, Yun Che was tremendously enraged, and swore to destroy Burning Heaven Clan.”

“Hmph, Burning Heaven Clan actually used such an utterly contemptible method,” Xiao Juetian coldly grunted with disdain: “Could it be that his two family members were slaughtered by Burning Heaven Clan?”

“No! Both his family members were safe and sound… But just because Burning Heaven Clan abducted his family members, he wished to exterminate their entire clan.” The elderly person raised his head, and said with a cautious tone: “Clearly, this is a person that could seek revenge on any small enmity, and would become like a madman once he harbours a grudge… We definitely can’t provoke him!”

“Of course we can’t provoke him!” Xiao Juetian nodded: “A person that could force Burning Heaven Clan into a desperate state by himself, who even has an extremely terrifying speed of growth, even if we can’t be friends, we absolutely can’t make him into a enemy… In tomorrow’s morning meeting, remember to announce to the entire sect that whenever we meet Yun Che or anyone related to him from now on, everyone have to keep a good distance from them. Even if one was to act weak, he absolutely can’t offend him.”

As one of the four overlords of Blue Wind, Xiao Sect had never needed to fear anyone on the outside. But Burning Heaven Clan’s bloodied example made him unable to not birth a deep dread toward Yun Che… even to the point of fear and awe.

At this time, an elderly person in black attire hastily entered, and said with a urgent tone: “Sect Master, Fen Duanhun has just sound transmitted to us, asking on the part that since Burning Heaven Clan had always been on friendly terms with our sect, to please assist them in defending against Yun Che.”

Hearing this, Xiao Juetian didn’t feel surprised. He laughed indifferently, and said: “No need to mind it. My Xiao Sect and Burning Heaven Clan’s friendship, is not good to the point where we’d provoke a person that may bring annihilation upon the sect.”

“But… But…” The black attired elderly person said with difficulty as he forcefully gulped down a mouthful of saliva: “Fen Duanhun said… he said… he said that Burning Heaven Clan would encounter the revenge of having their entirely clan annihilated just because they had kidnapped his family, then Yun Che’s enmity against us would be hundreds of times deeper… If we don’t lend a hand to them, after Burning Heaven Clan was annihilated, then… then it would be our Xiao Sect’s turn.”

Xiao Juetian’s brows fiercely knitted: “A bunch of nonsense! My Xiao Sect and Yun Che never had and grudges and ill will, where did the enmity come from! To make us act, even retarded words of such a low level could actually come out of Fen Duanhun’s mouth.”

Black attired elderly man wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, as his voice started to tremble: “Sect Master, do you still remember, that three years ago before Elder Xiao Zheng passed away, he thought constantly of that thread of bloodline he left in Floating Cloud City, and begged Sect Master to take a person back to Xiao Sect… And back then, the person Sect Master sent was the Youngest Master… At that time, the one that accompanied Youngest Master there was East Pavilion’s bulter, Xiao Moshan… When Youngest Master came back, Xiao Moshan had told me before that when Youngest Master was there, he had plotted a frame-up against a young disciple there in order to lay a hand on his newlywed wife and his aunt, and even forced that person to be forever exiled from his home in the end…”

“And that person… that person… is… is today’s Yun Che!!”

As the black attired elderly person spoke out the last sentence, it was as if a bomb had went off within Xiao Juetian’s head. He instantly stood up with his entire body trembling all over, as all the muscles on his face violently twisted together: “What did… you say?!!”

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