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Chapter 339 – Infiltrating the Dragon Confining Prison

There existed a fearful ability called “Soul Searching Technique” in the Spirit Domain. With this technique, one could invade another person’s mind using their spiritual power, and forcefully plunder the memories within their soul. However, it was quite difficult to activate the Soul Searching Technique as it could only work on a person whose spiritual power was far weaker than the user’s, or on a target in a spiritually weak condition. Furthermore, the activation of this technique was also accompanied by a very big risk. Once the target seized the opportunity to retaliate against the technique, the consequences the user would face were too dreadful to contemplate.

Not only could the Profound Handle be materialized using one’s power to injure the enemy, it could also manifest into a pure spiritual form and invade other person’s soul. So naturally it could also accomplish everything that the “Soul Searching Technique” was capable of. Moreover, the consumption and difficulty of using the Profound Handle was very low compared to the Soul Searching Technique. In addition, since the Profound Handle was a separate entity, there was absolutely no risk of retaliation even if he failed to search another person’s mind due to some unexpected event.

Not only did the person before his eyes have a spiritual power far weaker than his, he was also on the verge of death. Therefore, the process of reading his memories using the Profound Handle was quite easy and smooth. The Profound Handle was very quickly withdrawn by Yun Che. As for that person, he remained lying there on the ground with wide-opened eyes, and no longer made a sound.

The name of this person was Fen Zizai, who was the Hall Master of Burning Heaven Clan’s Seventy Second Hall. A subordinate of the Eighth Elder, he was forty-five years old, and the shape of his body was similar to Yun Che’s. More importantly, the grade of his profound power was the same as Yun Che’s current profound power, as he was also at the sixth level of Earth Profound Realm. The purpose of his going out in midnight was, as he had mentioned before, to quietly enter Bluefire City and find out whether or not Yun Che was hiding within Bluefire City.

“This is truly a big gift that I didn’t expect to receive.” Yun Che sneered as he lowered his brows. After having observed this Fen Zizai’s facial shape in detail, he stripped off the outer clothing on his body and tossed them inside the Sky Poison Pearl. Then, he casually blew open a pit in the ground, kicked the corpses of the two people inside it, and buried them.

Yun Che once again released the Profound Handle while still standing at the place, then fell in a little daze as he looked at the deep orange-colored Profound Handle.

Right now he was in his most ordinary condition, and hadn’t even opened the Evil Soul yet. Under this kind of condition, the released Profound Handle should’ve been a Red Profound Handle, but when he released the Profound Handle this time, it was clearly an Orange Profound Handle!!

He started thinking about the matter again. Back then in the Burning Heaven Clan, he had forcefully opened Purgatory and threw out the Profound Handle in order to save Xiao Lingxi… The Profound Handle at that time was impressively a Cyan Profound Handle, similar to what his grandfather Yun Canghai had!

What is going on? Why would the Profound Handle appear in an advanced state under the same normal conditions as before?

Could it be because of… the Dragon God’s marrow?

When his train of thoughts reached to his point, he immediately found out the most plausible answer. The strength of Profound Handle was half related to blood vessels and half to profound veins. When the Evil Soul gate opened, the power of profound veins would rapidly increase, and the Profound Handle would appear in the color of a higher level. However, some change had happened to his blood vessels after he got the Dragon God’s marrow… The Dragon God’s blood had bestowed an alteration in the composition of his blood vessels, and the Dragon God’s marrow had bestowed an alteration in the essence of his blood vessels! Although the Dragon God’s blood had already fused with his blood vessels, the Dragon God’s marrow would still produce fresh blood! When the Dragon God’s marrow entered inside his body, it allowed his blood vessels to become more and more similar to the incomparably powerful Dragon God’s blood vessels…

In this way, it would also naturally let the Profound Handle, which was linked to power and blood vessels, become more and more formidable!!

Under the current normal condition, the Profound Handle had changed from Red to Orange color. Perhaps in the future, the color of Profound Handle would incessantly raise to a higher level as simply as it raised to orange!

With the continuous increase in the power of Evil God’s profound veins and Dragon God’s blood veins, his Profound Handle might even evolve to the highest level!

When Yun Che returned inside the mountain cave, Xiao Lingxi instantly threw herself at him and hugged him tightly: “Little Che, are you alright? Are you wounded?”

“Haha, don’t worry.” Yun Che laughed in a very relaxed manner: “Currently, there are only a handful of people in the whole Blue Wind Empire who could injure me. Those small fries just now were simply no match for me. Now then, let’s continue to enjoy our delicious food. Forget what happened just now.”

Xiao Lingxi’s heart calmed down. She softly said while looking at Yun Che: “My Little Che has already grown up completely, and has become so awesome… But, hehe, you don’t feel even the least bit unfamiliar to me.”

“But of course. No matter what has happened till now, we’re still the most intimate of persons to each other. So how would I feel unfamiliar to you…? Now, open your mouth.” Yun Che lightly brought a ladle near Xiao Lingxi’s lips. The broth in the ladle was mixed with some grey powder that he had quietly sprinkled inside it just a moment ago.

As soon as Xiao Lingxi swallowed it down, she was suddenly overcome by a burst of fatigue. Her eyes slightly blinked, and then she weakly closed her mouth: “Little Che, I suddenly… feel a bit tired…”

“Tired, huh. Then why don’t you take a good sleep? I’ll be here at your side.”

“Mn…” Xiao Linxi replied softly in agreement. Her whole body relaxed, as she completely immersed into the dreamland.

Before long, Xiao Lingxi’s breathing sound became smooth and steady; the particular sign of a sound sleep person. Yun Che took out a blanket and laid it on the ground. Then he gently placed Xiao Lingxi on it. He said as he looked at her peacefully sleeping face: “I am sorry, Little Aunt… but don’t you worry. I’ll be back very soon. I assure you that when you will wake up and open your eyes, it would be me and grandfather that you’ll catch sight of first.”

Although he had successfully rescued Xiao Lingxi, his grandfather Xiao Lie was still in the hands of the Burning Heaven Clan.

Every additional second he stayed at that place was an additional second of Xiao Lie being miserable and being more in danger. Therefore, he had to use his utmost to save grandfather in the fastest speed possible. He could no longer wait another second to rescue him. As for how to save him, the plan had already formed in his heart at this time. However, he naturally couldn’t bring Xiao Lingxi with him, and if he were to leave her alone at this place, she would definitely feel worried and afraid. So he could only opt to make her fall in a deep slumber.

Yun Che came out of the cave, and after seven and a half minutes, he finished concealing the entrance of the cave. He thought for a little while, then took out five drops of the Dragon King’s blood from inside the Sky Poison Pearl. He mixed more than ten medicinal herbs with them, dipped the solution in water and refined it, and produced five drops of Frozen Profound Liquid Jade.

He called out the Snow Phoenix Beast, and fed it all the five drops of the Frozen Profound Liquid Jade. After drinking the Frozen Profound Liquid Jade, the originally extremely dispirited Snow Phoenix immediately let out a low cry, and its both wings began to flutter in a vigorous manner.

“Chan’er, it hasn’t been long since last time, but I’ll be troubling you again. However, this time it wouldn’t take too long, so you definitely have to persevere.” Yun Che said feeling somewhat guilty, as he caressed and stroked its tail feathers. The Frozen Profound Liquid Jade could let the Snow Phoenix to speedily recover is power, but it was unable to recover the Snow Phoenix Beast’s vitality. Flying at an extreme speed while borrowing external power, would cause further damage to its vitality. But today, Yun Che could only depend on it again.

He put the Snow Phoenix inside the profound seal and changed into Fen Zizai’s clothes. Yun Che also arranged his hair, and put on Fen Zizai’s spatial ring. He brought his hand on his face, and began to make smearing movements. Very soon, his face appeared to look exactly the same as Fen Zizai’s. Then he adjusted his walking posture, and swaggered towards the direction of the Burning Heaven Clan.

It was already late in the night, and the Burning Heaven Clan was still in a complete disorder at this time. It hadn’t recovered at all from the calamity that it had faced yesterday. The majestic and powerful main gate of the clan had disappeared without a trace, and the one they used as a substitute was already in ruins. Above the ruins, more than ten people were still guarding on the previous guarding positions, and some of them were yawning from time to time.

It was at this time when a human figure came over to the place while trotting in a hurried pace. Its arrival immediately caught the attention of the Burning Heaven Clan’s disciple who was guarding the “gate”, and he said in a stern voice: “Who goes there?!”

“It’s me!” The pace of the person approaching the place slowed down, and he answered in a haughty and strict voice.

“Oh, so it’s the Seventy Second Hall Master. Please excuse me for my impropriety!” When the disciple guarding the gate got a clear look of the person coming to the place, he promptly stepped aside as he bowed his head in courtesy.

Another Burning Heaven Clan’s disciple asked: “Seventy Second Hall Master, didn’t you just leave for Bluefire City with the Seventy Third Hall Master? How have you come back so fast?”

“Of course, since I already obtained some important information, I hurried back to report it to the elder.” “Fen Zizai” said in a half-hurried and half-impatient manner: “Make sure to properly guard this place. Our sect is in a crisis right now, so you absolutely should not let any stranger get near this place!”

After he finished speaking, he hastily entered the sect, going straight to the Eighth Elder’s residence.

All the people of the Burning Heaven Clan practiced the Burning Heaven Art of the fire attribute. As a result, everyone had some fire elements swaying around their body. Yun Che accomplished this point very simply due to the presence of the Evil God’s fire seed in his body. Although he was unable to make the aura of his profound power seem completely identical to the Burning Heaven Art’s, as long as no one concentrated their mind and seriously tried to distinguish his aura, it would be very difficult to make out the difference. Moreover, the aura strength of Yun Che’s profound power was completely similar to Fen Zizai’s under normal condition. Therefore, his disguise could almost be considered flawless.

Even though it was already late in the night, there were countless disciples patrolling inside the Burning Heaven Clan. However, none of them suspected that the person who went past them was just stealthily substituting for Fen Zizai.

No one blocked or hindered Yun Che throughout the way, and he entered the pavilion where the Eighth Elder lived. When he claimed that he had some important information to report, he was able to see the Eighth Elder, Fen Mochi, just as he wished.

Fen Mochi had not yet fallen asleep. Seeing “Fen Zizai”, he asked in a deep voice: “What’s the matter? Didn’t I make you and Zhengzhi sneak into Bluefire City, to take advantage of the night and check whether Yun Che had fled to that place or not? So how have you come back so fast? Also, what is that important information you wanted to report?”

“Fen Zizai” hastily said: “Reporting to elder. There’s no need to scout out Bluefire City any more… On the way I sound transmitted to some of my old friends living in Bluefire City to inquire about Yun Che. They told me that yesterday afternoon, they saw a fully snow-white and extraordinarily majestic large bird fly past Bluefire City. Then it landed around the northern part of the city… Afterwards, they didn’t see that large bird flying away from the city again, so we can conclude that Yun Che is at present, hiding inside Bluefire City.”

“So it’s just as we expected!” Fen Mochi stood up as he let out a “huh” sound, and he had an angry look on his face: “Hmph! He is simply looking down on us, Burning Heaven Clan, to so brazenly land inside Bluefire City. He thinks that we won’t dare to take the initiative to chase after him, huh?! Right now we have Grand Clan Master as well as Grand Elder with us. I’ll see how he still keeps up his arrogant attitude!”

“Fen Zizai” silently sneered, and then continued to speak: “Elder, although it’s true that Yun Che is hiding inside Bluefire City, it’s still such a big place, and Yun Che is sure to be prudent. So I think it would be extremely difficult to determine his hideout. I talked it over with Zhengzhi and he has continued to proceed towards Bluefire City ahead of me. This disciple has rushed back with utmost speed to ask for instructions from the elder about a matter.”

“What is it?” Fen Mochi said as he raised his brows.

“Fen Zizai” forcefully swallowed his saliva, and said with a nervous look: “Yun Che has a family member, who is apparently inside the lowest floor of Dragon Confining Prison. This disciple wanted something on this person’s body… Anything would be fine, like clothing or even a pendant. Then I’ll at once hurry to Bluefire City this very night, and hang that thing in a conspicuous place. Perhaps that might be able to draw Yun Che out of hiding. And once he has entered our line of sight, then we can easily know his whereabouts and hideout. This is just a worthless idea of this disciple, and I’d like to ask the elder for his instructions.”

“Oh…” Fen Mochi lowered his head and muttered to himself. After a long time, he slowly said: “This kind of means is too obvious, and extremely difficult to have the targeted person get hooked. But he is young after all… full of vigor and vitality, and do things extremely impulsively. Maybe this will be very effective in his case… All right! Let’s do just as you say. However, even though Yun Che is currently wounded, you and Zhengzhi are absolutely incapable of dealing with him. He should be quite weary and decisive right now, so you must be extremely careful. In the event you find out the place he’s staying at, you must at once sound transmit me.”

“Yes sir!”

“This is my command tablet. With this command tablet you can freely go in and out of the Dragon Confining Prison. Make haste now.” Fen Mochi threw a crimson command tablet at Yun Che, as he said indifferently.

This command tablet was the very thing that Yun Che wanted the most at the moment. Under his perfect disguise, he thought about how everything had progressed even more smoothly than he imagined. Yun Che picked up the command tablet, and took his leave. Then, he went straight to the Dragon Confining Prison.

Fen Mochi remained standing at the place as he muttered to himself for a while. He faintly felt as if something was wrong, but he wasn’t able to put his finger on it. After a while he picked up his sound transmission jade, and spoke out: “Clan Master, we’ve already confirmed that Yun Che is hiding in Bluefire City…”

The Dragon Confining Prison was the Burning Heaven Clan’s internal prison. The disciples who had made big mistakes or committed serious crimes were locked up in there. The Burning Heaven Clan’s personal enemies and those who did something to incur the Clan’s hatred, were also imprisoned inside the prison. Naturally, there were also a few persons who just had their freedom restricted by the Burning Heaven Clan or were secretly concealed among the people locked up inside the prison. The Dragon Confining Prison had seven floors in total; the lower the floor, the darker and gloomier it would become. Likewise, the lower the floor, the more important people and serious criminals locked up inside them.

“This Dragon Confining Prison is an important place. You are not allowed to trespass!” The moment Yun Che got near the gate of Dragon Confining Prison, a guard disciple blocked his way while warning in a stern voice.

Yun Che took out the command tablet, and raised his head as he said: “By the command of the Eighth Elder, I’m going to the seventh floor of the Dragon Confining Prison in order to take something on the body of the prisoner.”

The guard disciple looked at the command tablet, and nodded his head. Then, he personally led the way ahead: “Please follow me.”

Relying on Fen Mochi’s command tablet, Yun Che stepped inside the Dragon Confining Prison without any fear and danger, just as he wished. Although he had the command tablet, four sword-wielding guards still tagged along with him, closely walking before and behind him as soon as he entered the prison. After all, there were such people locked up inside the Dragon Confining Prison whose discovery by an outsider could cause the establishment of a deep hatred. There were even some “special individuals” who would despise and deride the very sight of common people. For example, core sect individuals that were quietly captured to seize the profound art or secret of some major sects…

And maybe other people like Xiao Lie, whose exposition could cause the Burning Heaven Clan to lose all its dignity, to use as “bait.”

When he entered the Dragon Confining Prison, a pungent stinking smell assaulted his senses. The lower he went, the stronger the stinking smell became, and he couldn’t help showing a scowl on his face. Thinking about his grandfather being locked up in this kind of place, his heart started to fill with fury. He endured his anger and impatience, and continued going downwards along with the guard disciples who were walking with an unhurried pace. After walking through the circular route for a while, they finally reached the seventh floor of Dragon Confining Prison.

Just as he arrived at the seventh floor, Yun Che saw Xiao Lie at first glance. Because he was locked up inside the prison cell that was right in front of the seventh floor’s prison gate.

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        3. The ones who proclaim themselves to be smart are often the least intelligent, since they don’t even know of the things they are ignorant about and incorrectly assume they know everything. Intelligent people however realise there is always much to learn and don’t wantonly go around declaring themselves as ‘smart’ as a result.

          1. I was only stating that I was smart relative to the person who called me stupid.

            Honestly though, the idea of proving that I’m smart over the internet is a dumb idea. Hence why I didn’t try and only stated that I was smart. (again, relative to the person who called me stupid)

        4. That being said though and reading through your original comment again I can only facepalm at how absurdly stupid it is.
          You have no semblance of rationality or logic, your sense of justice and moral compass are twisted, you’re reading something every day you apparently hate just so you can come to the comments and repeatedly force your worthless opinion down our throats about how much you hate the story for various ridiculous reasons and you seem to believe only you can be right on the subject.

          I honestly, genuinely hope you go play in traffic and get hit by a bus, just so we won’t have to witness your worthless bilge any more because I for one am sick of being exposed to your ‘opinions’ every other chapter.

          1. @PartlySane:
            Seriously, what’s the point of saying that now? He’s been doing this for 150 chapters and will get replies to his inane drivel calling him out as an idiot regardless of what I say or do, so why try and stop feeding him now?

          2. Isn’t there a youtube video that you should be injecting your crap into?

            I was actually going to comment on the crap you’ve been spewing but why feed a troll?

    4. The poisoning of LingXi and the abuse of Chan’er did get on my nerves, too, but for the first one remember that the Burning Heaven Clan members are all out to murder him.

      Still, I think he’s pretty mild compared to say, Chu Feng. Regardless, complaining about a unnecessarily violent Xianxia hero is like complaining about Shounen heroes getting crazy powerups from nakama power. It gets pointless. The only Xianxia I’ve finished so far is Coiling Dragon and even though Linley also did some questionable stuff, at the end he had pretty much mellowed down, so I’m hopeful for both ATG and MGA.

      1. poison? pfft letting her sleep there or leaving her alone in dark cave which is good for her? a doctor knows it better.
        He also gave medicine to chan’er and was also guilty for using it in emergency other MC would pay no attention to mount most of time besides which is more important to him his family or some monster mount? seriously…

    5. Although the treatment of Lingxi and of Chan’er did make me shudder a bit, I think it’s justified. The entire Burning Heaven Clan is out to kill him.

      Still, I think that complaining about questionably violent Xianxia heroes is like complaining about nakama power in shounen. It’s a part of the genre, so it’s a pointless complaint.

      Coiling Dragon had Linley mellowing out, so I hope this and MGA have their MCs mellowing out as they grow older, too.

  6. “Of course, since I already obtained some important information, I hurried back to report it to the elder.” “Fen Zizai” said in a half-hurried and half-impatient manner: “Make sure to properly guard this place. Our sect is in a crisis right now, so you absolutely should not let any stranger get near this place!”

    Heh, damn this made me laugh, almost made me spit out my tea. “Make sure to guard this place. Our sect is in a crisis right now, so you absolutely should not let any stranger(especially not me) get near this place!”… The moments when he uses pure shrewdness to infiltrate or carry out his plans is always the best parts of this novel. Always amusing.

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