ATG – Chapter 335

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Chapter 335 – Heavenfire Star Burning Formation?

The sound of the wooden window shattering was completely masked by the ear-shattering rumbling that filled the entire Burning Heaven Clan, unable to attract anyone’s notice. However, as though a telepathetic sense, Yun Che’s gaze seemed to have been pulled by some shapeless thing, and subconsciously looked up… With a glance, he saw Xiao Lingxi’s figure breaking out through the window.

Yun Che’s current sight power could be compared to an Emperor Profound expert, and could distinctly see blades of grass and plants over three hundred meters away, but it was still not enough to clearly see a face over a kilometer away, and even the body shape could be roughly distinguished. However, the moment his gaze touched Xiao Lingxi’s falling figure, his pupils instantly dilated as his heart crazily throbbed… In his mind, two words were heavily striking his soul.

Little Aunt!!

Even though he could not clearly see her face, her attire, nor her body figure… and could only see a hazy image, the name Little Aunt appeared in his sea of mind with incomparable intensity. Because he knows her far too well… For an entire fifteen years, they grew up together, stayed together from morning to night, and was inseparable like the body and its shadow. The time he spent together with Xiao Lingxi, even far surpassed that of Su Linger. Toward her appearance, personality, likes, gaze, thoughts… and even smell, he was familiar to the depths of his marrow. Even their souls had almost already intermeshed with each other long ago.

Yun Che was entirely sure, even if his Little Aunt had magic from fairy tales cast upon her, and turned into a little animal or a plant, he would still be able to tell it was her right away.

“Little… Aunt!!”

Falling from two hundred meters of height wouldn’t be able to harm practitioners above Spirit Profound Realm, but Xiao Lingxi’s profound strength had only barely entered Nascent Profound Realm at present. Falling from such a height was entirely enough to cause a direct death! Yun Che’s eyes, after a split second of staring blankly, went bloodshot in an instant as all of his blood rushed to his head. With an explosive roar, he put away Dragon Fault. No longer caring about anything around him, he dashed over as if crazed.

The Yun Che who was extremely ferocious that made them unable to even get close, was suddenly dispersed of all killing intent, revealing huge openings. Even that terrifying Emperor Profound heavy sword was put away. Three Sky Profound Elders rushed forward, and their violent Burning Heaven Blood Claws simultaneously smashed onto Yun Che’s back.

Yun Che let out a grunt as blood leaked out of the side of his mouth, but borrowing the three Sky Profound Elders’ attacks he dashed forward with an even faster speed, and broke through all of the encirclement from the Burning Heaven Elders. His eyes stared wide to the point of almost bursting, fixedly onto Xiao Lingxi who was falling… His speed after putting away Dragon Fault became extremely fast, but to catch Xiao Lingxi before she plummeted to the ground with such a speed was simply impossible.

Three hundred meters swiftly passed by under Yun Che’s feet, while Xiao Lingxi was already halfway to the ground. Below her, was the impeccably tough marble surface. If she landed, there was almost no possibility of survival. Yun Che’s hands reached forward as painful howls sounded from his mouth… He had never before so crazily wished for time to stop right now.

“Little Aunt… Little Aunt!!”

The husky shouts traveled to the plummeting Xiao Lingxi as if they were from a dream, and she slowly opened her eyes. The wind howling by her ears was intense and cold, like the voice of hell’s god of death calling, yet a voice she was extremely familiar with and yearned for was also mixed in. Following the direction of that shout, her gaze turned to the side, and she hazily saw that silhouette dashing toward her as if gone insane, and touched his imperative, panicked and fearful gaze…

Her heartstrings were heavily pulled, and the will to survive quickly birthed in her heart. Closing her eyes, she released all of her profound energy, and guarded her body.

Xiao Lingxi’s plummeting speed became faster and faster, and she would smash onto the cold and hard ground in less than three breaths of time. But between Yun Che and her, there was still a distance so far that it was despairing.



A beast like roar flooded out from Yun Che’s throat, and the third gate forcefully opened. Instantaneously, red light appeared from his body, and all the profound energy in his body began to burn ragingly as if a flame, and all turned into power that crazily drove him forward… Even though Yun Che’s speed sharply increased, Xiao Lingxi neared toward the ground with an increasing velocity…

“Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix!!”

Yun Che’s figure, as if turned into an arrow of flame, instantly dashed over an extremely long distance… Right after, his left arm reached out, and a flash of cyan light shot out like a shooting star.

“Profound Handle… Go!!”

This streak of Profound Handle was instilled with almost all of his conviction and hope. His gaze tightly fixated onto the Profound Handle’s trajectory that flew toward the falling Xiao Lingxi… At this moment, he already didn’t have the spare concentration to notice that his current Profound Handle color was actually cyan!

The Profound Handle was red colored when in a normal state, orange colored under the Evil Soul state, and yellow colored under the Burning Heart state. Following this, the Profound Handle ought to be green under Purgatory… Yet the Profound Handle Yun Che released at this moment, was shockingly cyan! The same cyan color as Yun Canghai!

The Profound Handle’s speed far surpassed Yun Che himself, and rocketed forward like a streaming light passing by in a flash… Yet in Yun Che’s eyes, the travel path was so terribly slow. The flow of time, had seemingly slowed down substantially in Yun Che’s eyes at this moment. With wide eyes, he watched Xiao Lingxi fall bit by bit, and watched the Profound Handle nearing little by little… At last, when there wasn’t even two feet between Xiao Lingxi and the ground, the Profound Handle that carried all of his hope also rushed below her at this moment.


The Profound Handle crashed onto the cliff side, and a wave of not too ferocious power instantly exploded. The storm it created shifted Xiao Lingxi’s falling trajectory, and flung her horizontally outwards like a falling leaf in the wind. And Yun Che also arrived in a swoop, his two arms tightly held onto Xiao Lingxi… At that instant, it was as if he had saved the entire world.


Another loud noise sounded as the head of Yun Che, who didn’t have time to stop violently, crashed onto the stone cliff, and he tumbled onto the ground while hugging Xiao Lingxi. In his embrace, Xiao Lingxi was tightly protected by his profound energy, and didn’t take any damage. He swiftly sat up, his arms holding Xiao Lingxi tight. In the next instant, his gaze directly met hers. The two froze at the same time, and the scene, seemed to have froze forever at that instant.

They grew up together, accompanied each other day and night, and had never separated for even a day… Yet that was three years ago. And the three years of separation, to them, was as long and unbearable as though three centuries.

Xiao Lingxi’s complexion was very pale, her breathing was also extremely weak. Even though her body didn’t fall to the ground, the impact from falling and the as gentle as possible impact from the Profound Handle’s energy, made the profound energy and aura in her body become chaotic, while also considerably injuring her innards. If not for the yearning to take a glance at Yun Che, she would’ve already fainted.

She stared at Yun Che blankly, her gaze clouded and misty as if she was in an illusory dream. Slowly, her eyes that had been previously filled with the will to die began to shine with more and more expressions… Joy, tenderness, moved, satisfaction, gratification… She felt herself being hugged tightly in his embrace. Back then, just how familiar and usual that was; but this time, was far too long ago from last time… Lying down in his arms quietly just like this, she stopped hearing all other sounds, stopped feel any pain and weakness on her body, and forgot all the danger she had just encountered… In her heart, only ease, warmth, and happiness that only he could give was left…

The corner of her lips curled up bit by bit, and her snow jadelike hand lifted little by little, gently covering Yun Che’s face. From within her lips, a voice like the gentle breeze flowed: “Little Che… You’ve finally… come back…”

This one light sentence of a few words, had actually made Yun Che distinctively feel a wave of care and longing as great as the ocean. At that instant, Yun Che almost erupted with tears on the spot. And Xiao Lingxi’s hand had also fallen at this moment, as her entire person completely went unconscious.

Three years without meeting, Xiao Lingxi had grown taller, yet her waist became even more slender and soft. Holding her in his arms, she felt as light as a bundle of silk, without any sense of weight… She had grown up, from a fifteen year old naive girl, to an eighteen year old graceful young woman. Yet, she had become so thin. In these three most valuable years of a person’s life, what she had endured was unbearable loneliness and miserableness, as well as longing and yearning that accompanied her throughout day and night.

Yun Che stood up, and silently raised his head. On the high up Mortal Parting Heavenly Pavilion, he saw two figures that were looking down from above… One, was Fen Juecheng, and the other, was Fen Juechen!

A surge of ferocious killing intent released from his body; the resentment in his heart, was monstrously undulating like the ocean’s waves. However, he forcefully suppressed all of his killing intent and hatred. Holding Xiao Lingxi in his embrace, he summoned out the already exhausted Snow Phoenix Beast, and rushed straight toward the east…

He no longer wished to go on fighting… He only wanted to take Little Aunt safely away from here, as soon as possible! Whether it was rage or resentment, even if they were millions of times more intense, they were not the slightest importance compared to Xiao Lingxi.

Just as Yun Che saved Xiao Lingxi, Burning Heaven Clan also had a huge movement.

“Deploy the Heavenfire Star Burning Formation right now!!” Fen Duanhun roared… Seeing the miserable scene of elders and pavilion masters corpses scattered about, he could no longer stay calm, as his voice became distorted and violent.

Fen Moji, who was similarly still shaken was greatly startled by this command from Fen Duanhun, hastily said: “But… But Clan Master, Heavenfire Star Burning Formation should only be used when the sect encounters an enemy that could cause us to perish, once it’s used, it needs an entire three hundred years to construct again…”

“Is the enemy we are facing right now not one that could cause us to perish!” Fen Duanhun madly roared with his teeth tightly clenched: “Yun Che must die! Otherwise, if he leaves today, our Burning Heaven Clan will certainly meet the disaster of our end not long after!! Quickly, go!”


“All of you, scram!!”

Yun Che rode the Snow Phoenix and swiftly flew. Because the Snow Phoenix was already in a thoroughly exhausted state from rushing non-stop for three thousand kilometers, after being summoned again, its flight speed wasn’t very quick, and its flight altitude was also only less than thirty meters. Yet in the place he rushed toward, there weren’t any elders to greet him. Instead, they all hastily fled far away as if to let him leave as he wished… While the current him was greatly exhausted of his strength, and also had a person in his bosom; it was supposedly the best chance for the Burning Heaven Clan to attack him.

At this time, Jasmine’s warning suddenly resounded: “An attack-based profound formation ready to be launched suddenly appeared to your front. The profound formation’s might, is enough to annihilate someone at the later stages of Emperor Profound Realm!”

Jasmine’s words made Yun Che’s heart abruptly turn cold… annihilate a late stage Emperor Profound Realm? Within the Burning Heaven Clan, there was actually such a terrifying profound formation hidden? As expected, the Four Major Sect’s heritage couldn’t be discounted.

“However…” Jasmine’s tone eased right after, and let out a disdainful sneer: “This profound formation, is a pure… profound fire formation!”

Not long after Jasmine’s voice fell, a deep purple colored enormous profound formation suddenly emerged from the ground below Yun Che and began to quickly spin. On the edge of the profound formation, over thirty deep purple pillars of fire suddenly surged up towards the skies. Every single fire pillar was five feet thick, and over a hundred meters high, tightly encircling Yun Che and the unconscious Xiao Lingxi in the center.

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