ATG – Chapter 330

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Chapter 330 – Heavily Injuring Fen Duanhun

The sound of thunderclaps engulfed the entire Burning Heaven Clan, and even thin layers of dust began to surge. Every disciple in the Burning Heaven Clan raised their heads… to their astonishment, they saw a large majestic bird that was snow white all over floating above the Burning Heaven Clan as its body released an ice-cold power into the distance. On its back, stood an extremely indifferent young man clad in black cloth whose body released an extremely dense aura of terrifying killing intent that sent chills down all of their spines. The strangely shaped large sword in his hands was like an extremely angry evil dragon roaring; whoever laid their eyes on it would feel a deep choking sensation.

“Yun… Yun Che!!”

“Beneath him is … Frozen Cloud Asgard’s Snow Phoenix!”

Waves of surprises immediately resounded within Burning Heaven Clan.

Yun Che had a great reputation that had surpassed common folk for a long time. Even within the Four Major Sects, he was still an extremely stunning character. Especially after he disturbed Fen Juecheng’s wedding, and heavily injured eight experts of the Sky Profound Realm; he was the name that Burning Heaven Clan mentioned the most. After the clan heard rumors that their Great Elder brought a group of eight to kill Yun Che, and seven of them had died instead, he practically became a demonic character within everyone’s mind.

The majority of them had never seen Yun Che before, but that heavy sword shaped like an evil dragon like heavy sword had been symbolic to his status for a long time now. Rumors of the clan having captured Yun Che’s family had just spread out from within the clan, and many people were still oblivious to what happened. Yun Che was already directly above the skies of the Burning Heaven Clan. Those who had not met Yun Che, or those who always doubted, or were in complete disbelief of his strength, when they sensed the aura and killing intent from Yun Che, they could not help but agitatedly change their expression.

Yun Che’s eyes were like a hawk’s as he stared into every corner within his line of sight… For the entire three thousand kilometer journey, he had not eaten, rested, or stopped for even a second. The Snow Phoenix beneath had surpassed the capacity of its strength, and surpassed its life force. Despite the fact that he was very far away when Xiao Lie and Xiao Lingxi were brought here, the difference in time between when he arrived to when they arrived was only one hour!

After rushing through three thousand kilometers, his rage had not disappeared in the slightest. He was also not even the least bit exhausted after furiously and angrily rushing over. His chest, blood and soul… was all filled with the urge to kill!

Two people rushed into the sky from Burning Heaven Clan’s Great Assembly Hall… one was the Burning Heaven Clan Master Fen Duanhun, the other was Burning Heaven Clan’s second elder, Fen Moji. When they appeared, all the surrounding Burning Heaven Clan disciples began to worship: “Clan Master… Second Elder!”

The way they addressed Fen Duanhun and Fen Moji made Yun Che’s eyes serious as he deathly locked his eyes on their body.

This was the first time that Fen Duanhun and Fen Moji had seen Yun Che in person. As soon as they saw Yun Che’s eyes, their hearts were simultaneously instilled with fear, and the power exuded from his body made them unable to restrain their apprehension… Clearly, he only had the aura at the sixth level of the Earth Profound Realm, but he still released an aura that stifled and oppressed them. However, this place was Burning Heaven Clan’s domain, it was where the Burning Heaven Clan had been for millenniums. They would not be scared of anyone here! Even if it was Heavenly Sword Villa’s Grand Villa Master… they would only be shocked, but not scared!

Although Yun Che had arrived a lot sooner than they had expected, he came nonetheless, so they had achieved their goal. In their eyes, Yun Che had no way of escaping today.

Fen Moji quickly flew beside Yun Che as he quietly bellowed: “You’re Yun Che? It’s good that you came! Return what you owe to Burning Heaven Clan today, without a single penny less!”

“Owe you?” Yun Che’s gaze rounded. His rage was practically materializing into a genuine flame that was about to burst out of his eyes: “I truly regret that when you sent that old bastard Fen Moli to kill me, I did not immediately take my revenge afterwards, and idiotically left a slim hope for you guys…” Yun Che’s eyes ferociously shifted onto Fen Duanhun, firmly staring at him with endless ridicule in his eyes as he resentfully and contemptuously said: “Burning Heaven Clan is a clan that had been here for thousands of years with thousands of years of reputation! Although Fen Juecheng was sinister and malicious, and Fen Moli almost killed me twice, apart from those two, I had always possessed a minimum amount of respect towards your Burning Heaven Clan and Clan Master Fen Duanhun. However… I was truly blind! Although we have a thousand resentments and ten thousand hatred, it was all towards me. You guys can come at me all you want! But you… actually made such a shameless and lowly move! This is the Burning Heaven Clan with thousands of years of history! You~~all~~disgust~~me!!”

Yun Che’s words were like daggers that directly jabbed towards Fen Duanhun’s nerves. Even though he was very calm on the surface, his mind billowed, and not a single word could come out of his mouth. These actions were disgraceful even in his opinion, but they already captured them, and Yun Che had already come here in rage. There were no other choices aside from capturing and killing him here.

Fen Moji shouted with extreme anger: “You little maggot! You killed our Second Young Clan Master, killed my elder brother, and had even disgraced our Young Clan Master along with our clan! It would not be excessive to kill you with any methods in order let Second Young Clan Master and my elder brother to rest in peace in the netherworld! Since you came here today, just obediently accept your death!”

“Accept death!” Yun Che coldly laughed. Along his rage and fury that spread out like flames, he spoke lowly like a devil towards the entire sky above Burning Heaven Clan: “I will give you people one last chance… Release my grandpa and my little aunt at once, and I will only consider killing Fen Juechen and Fen Juecheng! Otherwise… I’ll leave your entire Burning Heaven Clan… without a single inch of life!!”

“Death is near, yet you would actually act so arrogantly and conceitedly. This is a joke as big as the heavens! I’ll personally settle this with you today!”

Fen Moji roared loudly. He flung his arm and a purple Burning Heaven Blade appeared in his hands. He waved the blade and conjured a sixty meter long tongue of flame that cut across the sky toward Yun Che.

Yun Che’s arrival already triggered a commotion within the entire Burning Heaven Clan. During these many years, there had never been a single person who was so insolent within the doors of the Burning Heaven Clan. Almost every Burning Heaven Clan member’s eyes were concentrated towards the sky as large amounts of people rushed over. Among these people, there were the high ranked elders, pavilion masters, hall masters, and guardians; there were also low ranked ordinary disciples… totaling up to at least a hundred thousand people here.

After seeing Fen Moji take action, a bunch of Burning Heaven disciples began to excitedly cry out in alarm… because among them, the majority had never seen the terrifying elder at the tenth level of the Sky Profound Realm take action before.

Tenth level of the Sky Profound Realm was even considered the peak of peak within the Burning Heaven Clan. When Fen Moji made his move, that huge power and shockwave which spread a three hundred meter heatwave made countless Burning Heaven disciples’ eyes shine. The purple flame tongue swept over and directly cut towards Yun Che’s throat, but Yun Che remained motionless. When that flame tongue was less than three meters away from him, he extended his palm at a lightning fast speed and grabbed onto the flame tongue. A frantic power followed the fire tongue and instantly conducted onto Fen Moji’s hands.


When Yun Che grabbed that purple flame tongue with his hands, everyone assumed that Yun Che’s right hand would be instantly severed, and his entire hand would also be burnt to ashes. However, no one could have thought the one to release a wretched scream was actually going to be Fen Moji. During his wretched screams, blood splashed into the air from his hand that held the blade as the web between his fingers were immediately cooked rotten. He instantly let go of his Burning Heaven Sword, as the flame tongue had been directly absorbed back into his own hands by Yun Che…


Along with the majority of Fen Moji’s lifespan, the high-grade Earth Profound Burning Heaven Blade was immediately crushed to two pieces in Yun Che’s hands. The broken edges simultaneously fell from the sky. When they hit the ground, they emitted a brisk “clang” sound.

“Wh… wh… wh… what!!”

This scene was like a thunderclap from the nine heavens that struck the depths of their brain. It overwhelmed all of them with shock and despair.

Being able to defeat Fen Moli, Yun Che’s power should already be abnormally high. However, Fen Moji never could have thought that Yun Che would be this powerful. In merely one exchange, his weapon had already been easily stolen away by Yun Che and destroyed in his hands. Furthermore, his hands also suffered some severe injuries… The one who escaped, Fen Duanhai, said that Yun Che’s power could already be comparable to their Grand Clan Master. None of them believed it, but now, he suddenly started to realize that Fen Duanhai’s words were not words that were said out of fear.

“This your revenge? Very well.” Yun Che flung the fragments of the Burning Heaven Blade from his hands as his cold and gloomy face started to fluctuate with malevolence: “You son of a b*tch and f*cking bastards, today, at this dirty and despicable Burning Heaven Clan… I’ll delightfully drink your blood!!”


Yun Che furiously roared as he took out Dragon Fault which emitted an angry dragon cry that reached the horizons, and charged straight towards Fen Duanhun and Fen Moji.

“Clan Master, Second Elder, be careful!!”

Below them, when Fen Duanhai saw Yun Che make his move, overwhelmingly shocking shouts began to come out of his mouth… he was the only person at the scene who personally saw Yun Che’s power. He was more clear than anyone about it. Ten days ago, when Fen Moli had died, he was not simply defeated by Yun Che, he was absolutely crushed! The extremely powerful half a step to the Emperor Profound Realm, Fen Moli, practically had no chance to struggle or flee from Yun Che’s hands as he met his tragic death!

With Yun Che’s power and current fury, against either Fen Duanhun or Fen Moji alone… they simply would not be able to live through five exchanges!

“Junior, you dare!!”

After being extremely shocked to this point, Fen Duanhun and Fen Moji would never underestimate Yun Che again. They even started to regret for going against Yun Che with only two people. They simultaneously made their moves, and two thick streaks of purple flames fused into one as a heatwave that soared into the heavens charged towards Yun Che.


The purple flames collided with Dragon Fault, and were instantly wrung into chaotic sparks that filled the sky. Fen Duanhun and Fen Moji paled in shock. All the profound strength within their bodies surged forth and the two combined their power, but it was forcefully blocked by Yun Che’s heavy sword.

The deadlock only lasted a short moment. Before Fen Duanhun and Fen Moji even had a chance to catch their breath, the leftover power of the heavy sword ferociously sneak attacked them, and instantly snapped both Fen Duanhun’s right hand along with Fen Moji’s left hand. After that, it fiercely struck their chests like a massively heavy hammer.

The furious Yun Che did not have the slightest bit of hesitation and pity in his heart. His moves were ruthlessly heavy. Fen Duanhun and Fen Moji simultaneously faced upwards and spat out blood as they flew backwards while two long streaks of blood mist pulled behind them.

These two who had suffered a crushing defeat by Yun Che’s hands were not just anybody. One of them had a name that shook everything below the sky, the Burning Heaven Clan Master at the ninth level of the Sky Profound Realm; the other was an Elder second only to Fen Moli, whose profound strength reached the tenth level of the Sky Profound Realm: Fen Moji. The two of the were both peak level characters within this world. However, even with their combined their powers, they were still instantly heavily injured by the furious Yun Che.

This kind of scene was like an unimaginable and incredibly terrifying nightmare that ruthless rushed into all the souls of the Burning Heaven disciples.

“To have injured our Clan Master… DIE!!”

The experts of Burning Heaven Clan charged up from all over the place. Over a thousand blue and purple flame dragons rushed into the sky as they devoured towards Yun Che. Yun Che was completely submerged within the countless number of flame attacks that completely converged into a flame storm. Even Fen Moli, who cultivated in the Burning Heaven Flame would have been burnt to ashes by it, but he did not suffer even the slightest injury. His angry, merciless and frantic roars echoed from within the flame storm: “It’s good that you’re all coming out… the more the better! It saves me the time to find you people one by one and send you to hell!!”

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    they saw a large majestic bird that was snow white all over floating above the Burning Heaven Clan as its body released an ice-cold power into the distance. On its back, stood an extremely indifferent young man clad in black cloth whose body released an extremely dense aura of terrifying killing intent that sent chills down all of their spines. The strangely shaped large sword in his hands was like an extremely angry evil dragon roaring; whoever laid their eyes on it would feel a deep choking sensation.

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