ATG – Chapter 310

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Chapter 310 – Straight Toward Frozen Cloud

Yun Che was stunned, “Child? The child of Chu Yuechan and… I? What child? What do you mean?”

“Could it be that you do not know?” Cang Yue was slightly astounded. The fact of Chu Yuechan’s pregnancy was technically supposed to be a secret, but for some reason or another, this news had already spread far and wide. Adding to this was Chu Yuechan’s reputation, causing it to become news that was explosively sensational. A year ago, it had already reached the point where practically every knew of this. Frozen Cloud Asgard had shut its doors as well because of this. Cang Yue had thought that since Yun Che could come back alive, he must’ve been able to immediately hear of this news that everyone knew of, and with his personality, rush to the Frozen Cloud Asgard immediately to look for Chu Yuechan. Only after he had settled that large issue would he have mind for anything else.

But seeing Yun Che’s response, he seemed to not know of this at all.

“I… didn’t know.” Yun Che shook his head and took Cand Yue’s hands, saying urgently, “I rushed here the first moment I’d gotten out of the Sword Management Terrace… What did you mean by the things you’d just said? The child of Chu Yuechan and I…. What does that mean? Could it be…”

“…Junior Brother Yun, calm down first. About this matter, in truth, it isn’t anything bad.” Cang Yue consoled at once, and said gently, “After what had happened to you that day, Chu Yuechan had fainted at the Sword Management Terrace. When Grandmother Jiumu took her pulse at Heavenly Sword Villa, it was revealed that she was actually pregnant.”

“!!!!” Yun Che’s body shook fiercely. In that split second, his pupils shrunk, and his mind went blank with a loud “boom”.

After he had been reincarnated in the Profound Sky Continent, this was the first time his soul had been shaken so fiercely.

Chu Yuechan…. was pregnant.

That time… had actually impregnated her, had brought about a child between Chu Yuechan and him!

Since that day, seventeen months had passed… Counting the time, their child should have been born seven months ago!

It was as if torrential rains and mighty waves had engulfed Yun Che’s heart. Surprise, helplessness, hesitation, joy… He had never once thought, that that one coupling with Chu Yuechan would actually bring about a next generation, nor did he think that in this time when he was completely unprepared, he would actually have a child… But instantly, fright and fear seized his heart.

Chu Yuechan… Fairy of Frozen Beauty… Frozen Cloud Asgard!!

She was not an ordinary girl, but rather, the Fairy of Frozen Beauty who was as cold as profound ice, whose beauty surpassed all who walked the land. Furthermore, she was the head of the Frozen Cloud’s Seven Fairies whose name and reputation caused lands to shake! Every one of her actions affected not just herself, but they also entailed the honor and pride of the Frozen Cloud Asgard! Frozen Cloud Asgard had never allowed its disciples to have feelings towards men or give themselves to another in marriage… Marrying him, Xia Qingyue had also had to fulfil the prerequisite of not developing feelings she should have towards him! As the head of the Frozen Cloud Asgard, this was an offense Chu Yuechan definitely should not have committed!

Her pregnancy being made public just like that would definitely cause a huge uproar. It was clear how greatly the pristine reputation that Frozen Cloud Asgard had upheld for a millennia would be “tainted”. To Frozen Cloud Asgard, this could just be a stain they would never be able to clear themselves of… Even if an ordinary disciple were to commit such a “grave offense”, Frozen Cloud Asgard wouldn’t have been able to accept it, let alone Chu Yuechan, who held the position with the greatest authority.

Then, what sort of treatment would she face when she went back to Frozen Cloud Asgard? Wouldn’t she have to accept extremely strict punishment?

Also… Frozen Cloud Asgard… Would they…. let Chu Yuechan give birth to their child?

Suddenly, fear rose up and filled his heart… Because, the possibility that the Frozen Cloud Asgard would allow Chu Yuechan to give birth to this child…. there was definitely none at all!!

Then… Then…

Yun Che’s heart shook violently. His mind was in a mess, and in his extreme fear, his limbs seemed to have instantly froze. It was the first time he had felt such fear, such uncertainty…

Cang Yue instantly felt Yun Che’s hands grow cold. Her heart shook and she instantly consoled, “Junior Brother Yun, don’t worry. After all, she’s the world renowned Chu Yuechan. In all of the Blue Wind Empire, there’s no one who can harm her. She will definitely be able to protect your child well.”

Yun Che lifted his hand to clutch at his forehead. He tried with all he had to make himself calm down, but was unable to. He asked, frightened, “How could it be… How could something like this happen… Why must I be stuck in an inescapable place of all things when such a thing is happening… what will happen to her… How will Frozen Cloud Asgard treat her… Also… there’s our child…” He clutched at Cang Yue’s shoulders in a panic, saying, “Senior Sister, tell me quickly. Is there any more news about her after that, how is she now? Did Frozen Cloud Asgard allow her to have her child?”

Cang Yue shook her head, as her eyes became hazy, “Not long after that happened, Frozen Cloud Asgard closed its doors completely, and even the disciples who were away had all been summoned back. Even until now, Frozen Cloud Asgard is still in that state, and there has been no news from it since then… All who tried visiting Frozen Cloud Asgard were refused entry… and there has been absolutely no news about Chu Yuechan.”

Yun Che’s hands gripped even harder by a bit. After a long while, he breathed forcefully, and spoke to Cang Yue in a controlled voice, “Senior Sister, the poison has already been removed from your father. Besides the fact that he is completely sapped of strength at the moment, he should be alright. As long as the situation is handled well, he will recover completely, so you do not have any need to worry. After your father’s condition takes a turn for the better, the Crown Prince and the Third Prince will definitely be worried. Adding to that, the deterrence caused by my display then, there should be no trouble for a while. For this period of time, you should stay obediently within the Palace and not go anywhere.”

“You’re… You’re leaving?”

“Yes! I must leave!” Yun Che’s eyebrows furrowed and he said resolutely, “I need to make a trip to Frozen Cloud Asgard immediately, or my heart will never be at peace otherwise. I know that this is very unfair to you, but after I return, I promise…”

“You don’t need to say any more.” Cang Yue reached a hand out to press at Yun Che’s lips. She looked at him lovingly, “My Junior Brother Yun might be amorous, but he is also one who treasures the people around him the most. This is a choice that Junior Brother Yun should make himself… Set your mind at rest and go. I believe, in this world, there’s nothing you can not handle. I can imagine that the destiny between both of you must have been filled with many coincidences and hardships. Since the heavens have predestined your union, then it would not have the heart to let this end in failure. She will be fine, and your child will be fine too. I only hope that no matter what happens, you will keep yourself safe. I will stay in the palace, not go anywhere, and await your return every day… Your relatives at Floating Cloud City are also awaiting your return.”

Cang Yue’s words swept through Yun Che’s heart like a warm breeze. He held Cang Yue’s soft and slender body and nodded heavily, pressing a kiss on her forehead… After that, he turned around and left quickly.

Yun Che did not have his own contracted profound beast, so he had to walk. He went at full speed, rushing straight out of the palace like a madman. The imperial bodyguards at the side of the walkway could only feel a gale pass by them, and by the time they could react, there was already nothing left of him but half a shadow.

Yun Che was not clear about the exact location of Frozen Cloud Asgard, and only knew that it was at the Snow Region of Extreme Ice at the northern border of Blue Wind, even further north than the Wasteland of Death. Very quickly, Yun Che was already out of the Imperial Palace, and after gathering enough food, medicine, and water from the Imperial City, he headed northwards… His first stop, would be the Wasteland of Death. On the straight path from the Blue Wind Imperial City to the Snow Region of Extreme Ice was an intersection of the Wasteland of Death. If he wanted to get to the Frozen Cloud Asgard on the shortest possible path, he would have to get through the Wasteland of Death. However, as the Wasteland of Death was far too dangerous, practically everyone would choose to take the detour.

But Yun Che headed straight for the Wasteland of Death. He wanted to reach the Frozen Cloud Asgard in the shortest possible time.

Throughout the entire journey, he travelled facing the wind. The north wind was slightly cold, and gradually cooled his mind down. A suspicion that made his blood boil slowly took root in his mind.

After the shockingly huge revealment of Chu Yuechan’s pregnancy, those from the Frozen Cloud Asgard would definitely force those who first found out keep it a secret. The one to find out first was Grandmother Jiumu, who was close to her late two hundreds, and was definitely not one to speak flippantly. If there were others at the scene then, then even if it was Heavenly Sword Villa, she would still not spill a matter so crucial to the Frozen Cloud Asgard, nor would she not understand how great an impact it would cause if word were to spread, and how much of a blow it would cause to the pristine reputation of the Frozen Cloud Asgard

Then why would news of this matter spread out… and even to the ends of the earth!

According to Cang Yue’s description, news began to spread like fire not long after, making it seem… like someone was manipulating the situation to spread the news as fast as possible!

Whether news of this matter spread or not, to the Frozen Cloud Asgard, to Chu Yuechan’s influence, it was undoubtedly a difference between heaven and earth.

There must have been someone who had dispersed the information on purpose, and added fuel to the fire.

Who was it exactly?

Yun Che gritted his teeth silently… If it was really like this, then no matter who you are, I will make you pay the price in full!!

Although Yun Che’s speed was fast, he still could not match that of a high quality aerial profound beast. As evening approached, Yun Che, who had been hurrying with all his might, was beginning to tire out. On the way, he bought a somewhat good quality profound horse and travelled by night. After the profound horse’s strength was drained, he abandoned it immediately and bought a new one. By the second afternoon, he was already a thousand kilometers from the Blue Wind Imperial City.

Yun Che was starting to regret leaving in such a hurry; he had forgotten to borrow Cang Yue’s Giant Snow Eagle.

Three days later, the familiar town finally appeared before his eyes. Resounding howls from the profound beasts also sounded from afar frequently… That place, was the Wasteland of Death that spanned nine hundred kilometers.

This was the small town that was the closest to the Wasteland of Death. Back then, it had taken Yun Che ten days to reach this place from the Blue Wind Imperial City, but this time, it had only taken him not even three days.

The profound horse below Yun Che was already exhausted, and its strength was no longer enough to sustain it. Yun Che dismounted from it and walked into the small town. To traverse through the Wasteland of Death that was fraught with dangerous profound beasts, a mount was not only useless, but also a burden.

The town was lively as usual, as adventurers and troops hailing from different places made their ways through the not too wide street. Yun Che looked about, searching for a place to sell his mount. After walking a few steps, he suddenly felt a sort of strange aura.

Yun Che furrowed his eyebrows and concentrated. His spiritual awareness quietly dispersed… Suddenly, from the front, back, left, right… and even from above, he felt all sorts of gazes flashing with extremely minute bloodlust.

Although they had hidden it extremely well, even if they were to hide it ten times better, they would still not be able to escape Yun Che’s senses, which had been honed from the millions of times he had been hunted down in the past.

And he was also very familiar with one of the auras amongst them, which was also the strongest aura.

Burning Heaven Clan’s Great Elder… Fen Moli!!

The Burning Heaven Clan’s speed far surpassed Yun Che’s expectations. They had clearly already grasped his intentions and had arrived first at the place they knew he was bound to come to.

Without batting an eyelid, Yun Che leisurely walked into the same tavern he had previously stayed in.

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