ATG – Chapter 298

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Chapter 298 – Dissipating Soul

“Come, try to release your profound handle. When your Profound Handle awakens, you will naturally understand how it is to be used.” Yun Canghai said while chuckling.

Yun Che nodded. Indeed, the moment his Profound Handle awakened, another spirit connection appeared within his soul… and the spirit connection from the Profound Handle brought about a strength that didn’t feel foreign at all. In fact, it was just like a new organ inside of his body. When he willed it to move, a red light above his left arm flashed. Afterwards, a crimson light noiselessly flew outwards and floated beside his body. Following his will, it transformed into the shape of Dragon Fault… Aside from the difference in color, its exterior appearance was exactly the same as that of Dragon Fault’s.

Seeing the Profound Handle next to his body, although its power was far from that of Grandfather’s, an indescribably excited feeling arose in Yun Che’s heart. Watching his expression, Yun Canghai smiled contently: “Believe in your feelings. Not only is it your power, it is a part of your body and soul. Although it is the lowest class among Profound Handles, the red color has its own benefits. Similarly, the power of the Profound Handle arises from the owner of the Profound Handle’s body, so when it is released, it will also speed up the rate of consumption of profound energy as well as mental energy. The stronger the Profound Handle, the greater the rate of consumption. Accordingly, the red profound handle has the smallest rate of consumption.”

Yun Canghai’s words were naturally only words of comfort. As the lowest level of Profound Handles, this so-called “advantage” of the red profound handle could only be considered extremely laughable. The red profound handle began to change into various forms under Yun Che’s will: occasionally, it was a sword; occasionally, it was a spear; occasionally, it was a long damask. Sometimes, it was a leaf, the shape of a water droplet, and even a man’s silhouette. Yun Canghai continued: “The Profound Handle isn’t only a type of special strength form. It can also be a pure soul form, and invade opponents’ souls or conduct mental attacks.”

“Mental attacks?” Yun Che was astounded. After, he concentrated his will speedily; almost instantly, his Profound Handle rapidly transformed until it was completely traceless and formless, becoming a pure soul form.

Once again, the might and mysticality of the Profound Handle exceeded Yun Che’s expectations. Subsequently, his heart wavered, as if he had thought of something.

“Heheheheh…” Watching the incessant excitement on Yun Che’s face as he operated the newly-awakened Profound Handle, Yun Canghai nodded his head continuously, and thought back to his youth, when he had just awakened his Profound Handle. As he smiled, his field of vision gradually became blurry. He was once so powerful and proud, capable of looking down on everything. He was the “king”, only below the “emperor”, yet now, he was in such miserable and dire straits. His son had been harmed trying to save him, and he had no idea whether he was still alive. He had also unintentionally brought his grandson into this abyss… His grandson was nineteen right now, yet to this day, he had never assumed the responsibilities of a grandfather. The only thing he could do was consume his own origin strength, and help him awaken his Profound Handle earlier.

In the last hundred years, he had suffered through loneliness and hardship, distress and humiliation, yet since the very beginning, he had never been willing to die. He didn’t want such an important object for the Demon Emperor to be lost, and even more so, didn’t want to die here without any contribution.

Yet today, he had already entrusted that important object to his own grandson. He could finally end his own wretched life with some value…

“Che’er, come over here.”

Yun Che withdrew his Profound Handle, and walked to the front of Yun Canghai.

“Back then, when I left the Illusory Demon Realm in search of the Demon Emperor, I had tentatively left the heavy burden of the Family to your father, but I didn’t tell him an enormous secret. Only the Demon Emperor bloodline and my Yun family knows of this secret. Also, this secret is passed down orally by the Demon Emperor or master of the Yun family; absolutely no one else knows about it. If the Demon Emperor has actually died, then the only person in the world that knows this secret is me. As I have been trapped here, I will never be able to see the light of day again. Only you will be able to succeed me… Che’er, move your ear closer to me.”

Only the grandfather-grandson pair was here in this place, and it was impossible for anyone else to have heard them speaking. But Yun Canghai remained extremely cautious, so it was evident just how important this secret was. Yun Che didn’t say anything more, complied to Yun Canghai’s request and moved closer. Then, Yun Canghai, using an extremely soft voice, said something to his ear.

“Ah? Is this for real?” After hearing Yun Canghai’s words, Yun Che revealed a deeply startled expression.

“This issue concerns the future of the entire Illusory Demon Realm. You must keep this in your heart, and inform the Little Demon Empress, who currently dominates the Illusory Demon Realm, and you definitely must not let anyone else know.”

Yun Che nodded: “I will remember all of grandfather’s words in my heart. Grandfather, you don’t have to be too pessimistic either; we’ll definitely be able to find a way to get out of here. I will prudently safeguard this secret grandfather has told me, but as for the matter of informing the Little Demon Empress about it, it doesn’t necessarily have to be me; it’d be best if grandfather were to do so personally.”

“Ha ha ha ha!” Yun Canghai began laughing with gratitude: “I’m very happy to hear you say these words. My Yun family owes you nineteen years, and Grandfather was the one that trapped you here, yet you didn’t display even the slightest bit of complaint. Not only were you willing to recognize me as your grandfather, you even looked out for me… To have such a grandson, my Yun family is truly fortunate, and it is also the greatest compensation I, Yun Canghai, have received from the Heavens in these hundred years of bleakness. I also believe that if you’re ever to meet your biological parents, you definitely won’t blame them for not protecting you well back then. Although your body carries thick killing intent, your innate disposition is yet especially kind; it looks like the Grandfather Xiao who raised you must’ve been a good-natured man.”

Yun Che nodded lightly: “He is a… very noble grandfather.”

Yun Canghai looked upwards, and said sorrowfully: “I really want to thank him personally. In the hundreds of years I’ve lived, I’ve never been so grateful towards someone before… Che’er, remember my words from before. One day, you must pay him filial respects as if he was your biological grandfather in order to repay his kindness and grace in raising you.”

Yun Che nodded repeatedly.

“Alright… I’m tired, and I need to rest a while. Go outside the barrier and carefully study your newly-awakened Profound Handle. Only studying it closely will allow you to gradually discover its infinite subtleties.” Yun Canghai said as he closed his eyes.

“Yes, Grandfather.” Yun Che nodded, and walked outside of the barrier. In order to awaken his Profound Handle, it looked like Yun Canghai had consumed an extremely large amount of energy. Before, when he was speaking, he had been gasping for breath the entire time.

After walking outside the barrier, Yun Che sat down. He closed his eyes, yet didn’t think about the Profound Handle; rather, he thought hard about how to leave this place.

Yun Canghai had been bound to that Heaven’s Punishment Sword with what was known as the “Meteorite Chain”. Once, Yun Che had tried to attack the “Meteorite Chain” with Dragon Fault, but it was unable to cause even the slightest amount of damage, let alone sever it.

Jasmine had told him before that the suppressive force of the Heaven’s Punishment Sword was linked to Yun Canghai’s heart and soul. As long as Yun Canghai didn’t die, this suppressive force would always exist. Conversely, if he died, the suppressive force would disappear. This was also the reason he was so determined to kill Yun Canghai before. Now that he knew Yun Canghai was his grandfather, he obviously couldn’t make a move against him anymore. In that case, if he wanted to leave by himself…


Yun Che opened his eyes forcefully, and his brain felt as if it had been pierced by an electric current.

There was no way Yun Canghai had a method to leave this place, otherwise, he wouldn’t have been trapped here for a hundred years. Other than killing Yun Canghai, he had no other way of leaving… However, the fact that the couldn’t attack Yun Canghai didn’t mean that Yun Canghai wouldn’t kill himself in order to set him free!

The Heaven’s Might Soul Suppressing Formation was ineffective towards oneself. Then why did Yun Canghai still want him to study the Profound Handle outside of the barrier?

And his words from before… informing him of that enormous secret…


Yun Che roared. He jumped up abruptly, and charged into the barrier; the instant his feet entered the barrier, he froze in place…

Yun Canghai’s head dangled in front of his chest. Even under his frightened scream, he was not in the least responsive, and Yun Che could no longer feel even a shred of life from his existence.

“Grandfather… GRANDFATHER!!”

The nightmare-like thought that had suddenly appeared in his mind suddenly drew closer to reality. Yun Che’s entire body shuddered, and charged forward as if he was mad, pouncing in front of Yun Canghai’s body.

Yet what responded wasn’t Yun Canghai’s voice, but the sound of the Meteorite Chains falling.

The Meteorite Chains that were wrapped around Yun Canghai’s body suddenly loosened completely, and fell to the ground powerlessly. This was because the lock for the Meteorite Chains was similarly connected to the heart and soul of the person being bound; when the person being bound died, the Meteorite Chains would automatically loosen.

The imposing aura of the Heaven’s Punishment Sword also dissipated without a trace at this time. Not a single shred of that heavy and boundless suppressive power remained, and it was as calm as a dead sword.

Yun Canghai’s body, which had been shackled there for an entire century, finally obtained its freedom at this moment, falling forward slowly into Yun Che’s embrace. Yun Che held his grandfather’s body and slowly knelt to the ground. He looked forward expressionlessly, without any sound, without any movements, even without any tears, as if his soul had left his body that instant.

“He severed his own heart veins… For him to make this choice, I’m not surprised at all.” Jasmine said lightly.

Yun Che: “…”

Yun Canghai had died, and just as Jasmine had said, he had died by severing his own heart veins.

He died very serenely, and his expression was tranquil. A slight smile still hung on the corners of his face, and it was a kind of pleased and satisfied smile. This was the only thing that could comfort Yun Che… behind his smiling expression silently lay deep feelings of reluctance and concern.

At this time, Yun Canghai’s last words sounded besides Yun Che’s ear… Before he died, he had left behind a few lingering words from his soul:

“Che’er, in this period of time, Grandfather can see that within your heart rests many people, many issues, and you long to leave this place all the time… It’s Grandfather that has let you down, and this is also the last thing Grandfather can do for you. Don’t feel sad; although Grandfather has passed, to Grandfather, this is a relief I have yearned for day and night. To have met you, and entrusted something I am incapable of putting down to you, Grandfather no longer has any regrets and concerns. I can be at ease and go accompany the Demon Emperor contently… Besides, there’s still you as the continuation of your grandfather’s life and bloodline.”

“Che’er, my good child, Grandfather hadn’t taken care of you well in this life. In another world, Grandfather will pray for you with all his time and energy. The Profound Sky Continent is your home, but the Illusory Demon Realm is your true homeland. Grandfather hopes that one day, you can return to the Illusory Demon Realm, and back to our Yun Family, and let your parents know that you are still living in this world safe and sound… Don’t blame your parents, they have definitely already torn their hearts and ripped their lungs worrying about you, longing for you these nineteen years… Grandfather’s last desire is not vengeance, nor the Demon Emperor race, but the wish to see all of you… reunite as a family…”

Yun Canghai’s last words faded away, and two streaks of tears finally rolled down Yun Che’s face… Above his head, wisps of sand began rumbling and falling, which signified that the suppressive power of the Heaven’s Punishment Sword had already disappeared completely. But Yun Che didn’t move for a long time, embracing Yun Canghai’s dead body… embracing the kin he lost after he had just met. His entire person seemed to have become a sorrowful statue.


At the same time, Heavenly Sword Villa.

Ling Jie, who had just finished training, was walking back to his courtyard with a body full of heat. Just as he was about to enter his room, a Heavenly Sword disciple who wore clothes adorned with swords, rushed in hurriedly: “Second Young Villa Master!”

“Senior Brother Yun Peng… What matter is this urgent?” Ling Jie turned his face, and heaved a breath of air.

“Second Young Villa Master, congratulations on breaking through to the tenth level of the Spirit Profound Realm at such a lightning speed. You have overtaken Young Villa Master from back then.” The Heavenly Sword disciple said with a smiling face. Ling Jie had shaken the entire Heavenly Sword Villa yesterday when he broke through, because, when Ling Yun was seventeen, he was only at the ninth level of the Spirit Profound Realm.This time around, Ling Jie’s breakthrough signified that his innate talent completely surpassed that of Ling Yun’s. He retrieved an invitation inlayed with fiery lines from his bosom: “This is an invitation issued by the Burning Heaven Clan. In four days, the Young Burning Heaven Clan Master will leave for the Blue Wind Imperial City to escort Princess Cang Yue for marriage. In seven days, they will complete the marriage at Burning Heaven Clan’s Fiery Sun Hall. By chance, the Villa Master has something to do seven days from now, and is asking Second Young Villa Master to represent him there. He says it has already been two years since Second Young Villa Master left the Heavenly Sword Villa, and that you should take advantage of the fact that you just broke through to travel outside for a bit.”

“Fen Juecheng… and Princess Sis!?” Ling Jie quivered, and snatched the invitation from the disciple’s hands with a “whoosh” sound. He swept over it after opening it, and his brow sunk: “How could it be like this… this isn’t right! This definitely wasn’t Princess Sis’s real intention; Princess Sis is Boss’s…”

He looked over the invitation many times. Finally, his eyes stopped for a while on the date. He scrunched his brow, seeming to have come to a decision. He put the invitation away, and said with an earnest expression: “Senior Brother Yun Peng, inform father that seven days from now, I will go to the Burning Heaven Clan in his stead.”

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