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Chapter 284 – Ice Heart of the Moon Beauty (Yuechan)

North of Blue Wind, Snow Region of Extreme Ice, Frozen Cloud Asgard.

With the existence of something like the Sound Transmission Talisman, the speed at which information traveled was naturally faster than people. As the buzz about Yun Che were passed along all over the place in the Blue Wind Empire, another hot topic also dwelled in everyone’s discussions… And that was Frozen Cloud Asgard!

To people of Blue Wind Empire, Frozen Cloud Asgard was an peerlessly sacred existence. Its mysteriousness and sacredness even surpassed Heavenly Sword Villa. In the knowledge of the masses, everyone within the Frozen Cloud Asgard were all goddess-like beings; otherworldly, and as flawless as ice and snow. The fairies of Frozen Cloud Asgard, were all the more so, a fantasy that no men had ever dared wish to touch.

But now, a fairy within Frozen Cloud Asgard… Moreover, the head of the Frozen Cloud’s Seven Fairies whose name shook the world, had actually gotten pregnant! Furthermore, the pregnancy was rumored to be with a junior!

One could imagine just what kind of public opinion’s extremity this would push Frozen Cloud Asgard toward. To the thousand years of Frozen Asgard’s serene reputation, this was a “blemish” that could never be erased. It was not even an exaggeration to call it a great humiliation.

When Chu Yuechan’s group of five returned to Frozen Cloud Asgard, the Mistress of Frozen Cloud Asgard was already personally waiting there.

Gong Yuxian was already over one hundred-seventy this year, yet she only looked to be thirty or forty. Wearing a snow embellished ella dress whose hem dragged onto the floor, her face was like condensed ice, and her eyes were like a cold blade. Her expression was entirely still, without any hint of the fluctuation of emotions. However, the cold light that unceasingly flashed through the depth of her eyes, showed the fury inside her heart.

Beside her, five women who were also in snow-white attire accompanied her on both sides. Every single one of them had skin of ice and snow and features beautiful as snow lotuses; their charm could ruin cities. It could be said that placing any random disciple picked out from Frozen Cloud Asgard in a region would be able to shock an entire city with their beauty. These five, were precisely the other five people of the Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies juxtaposed with Chu Yuechan and Chu Yueli.

Chu Yueli’s group of five returned, only to find that it was actually the Mistress who personally came to “greet” them. Her heart jumped with a thump. Glancing at the Chu Yuechan who was beside her, she stepped forward and spoke first: “Disciple Yueli pays respect to Master.”

Gong Yuxian slowly nodded. Her expression was still ice-cold, yet did not pay attention to her any longer. Her gaze fell upon Xia Qingyue, and her expression finally displayed a hint of ease: “Qingyue, come over here.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Xia Qingyue came before Gong Yuxian. On her arm, there still wrapped that black-colored silk strap.

Gong Yuxian reached out her hand and pressed onto the center of Xia Qingyue’s chest. After a short while, she revealed a slight smile: “Very good. At the tender age of seventeen, yet already into the early stages of the Emperor Profound. This is your fortune, and also the fortune of our Asgard. Looks like there is no longer need to worry about who should be next candidate for the Asgard Mistress. In the coming six months, you must cultivate behind closed doors at the core of the Snow Region of Extreme Ice, and stabilize the greatly increased profound energy in your body.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Xia Qingyue responded faintly. Toward Gong Yuxian explicitly telling her that she would be the next Asgard Mistress, she did not refuse or panic, nor did she display any sort of surprise and joy; she was indifferent, as if she had heard a sentence that couldn’t be any more uninteresting.

The atmosphere was immensely frigid. Amongst five fairies beside Gong Yuxian, none of them had yet spoke, and were all looking at Chu Yuechan with complicated gazes. At this time, Gong Yuxian’s gaze finally fell beside Chu Yuechan. After a short glance, she turned around: “Yuechan, follow me.”

Chu Yuechan fell silent, and followed behind Gong Yuxian without a word.

“Elder sister…” Chu Yueli cried out, her heart full of worry.

This was an ice palace filled with candle fire and spirit tablets. Every single one of the names on the spirit tablets all had previously shook the world; and these names, were naturally of Frozen Cloud Asgard’s predecessors.

“Kneel!” Standing in the center of the ice palace, facing the spirit tablets of many predecessors, Gong Yuxian’s chest undulated as she coldly yelled.

Chu Yuechan kneeled down to the ground; her eyes were like ice, yet also like mist: “Master…”

“You actually still have the face to call me Master!’ Gong Yuxian turned around, and spoke furiously: “Do you know, that Frozen Cloud Asgard’s thousand years of serene reputation, were all ruined because of you! You are the disciple I was the most proud of in these hundred years; no matter Frozen Cloud Arts nor Frozen Heart Formula’s grasping and comprehension, you far surpassed the others. I prepared against disciples breaking the taboo at all times, Qingyue’s marriage that was only in form, was already my limit… But I never ever expected that the first one to break the taboo would actually be you! Moreover, you’ve even casted down a blunder known by the entire world that brought the Asgard to shame!”

Chu Yuechan closed her eyes, and spoke with misery: “This disciple acknowledges her faults… The faults that this disciple committed, she will definitely bear the responsibility with all her strength.”

“Bear the responsibility? How will you bear the responsibility? Even if you were to apologize by suicide in front of the predecessors, you still wouldn’t be able to make up for your immense blunder!” Gong Yuxian’s eyebrows stood on their ends; Her fury had clearly reached its limit: “Speak! Just exactly… who’s bane of existence is that!”

Chu Yuechan’s eyes suddenly became hazy, but she did not hesitate, and instead lightly shouted out that name: “Yun Che!”

Gong Yuxian’s body wavered, and was furious to the point of her whole body shaking: “Devil’s spawn! Truly the devil’s spawn! You actually… really, with a junior… you… you….”

Gong Yuxian was so angry that she became speechless. Even though according the rumors, she was pregnant with Yun Che’s child, Gong Yuxian absolutely refused to believe it! With Chu Yuechan’s disposition, to have done this kind of thing was already inexplicable. But no matter what, it wouldn’t be possible to be with a junior. She did not expect in any way, that the rumor was actually not false in the slightest!

Gong Yuxian pointed at spirit tablets with her finger, and harshly spoke: “Kneel before the predecessors and swear right now, that you will immediately abort this child and shall never leave Frozen Cloud Asgard again for the rest of your life!”

“No…” Chu Yuechan shook her head. She placed her jade hand on her abdomen, and shook her head with strength; her face, revealed the expression of begging that Gong Yuxian had never seen before: “This child is mine and his. This disciple is at thousands of faults, but the child is innocent. Master, please spare this child. If Master is willing to let this disciple give birth to the child, this disciple is willing to never oppose even half a sentence from Master… I beg master for her consent!”

“You!” Gong Yuxian’s body swayed as she started shaking from all the anger: “Having reached this point, you are actually still so unrepentant! This disciple of mine whom I’ve been most proud of all my life, actually… actually…. Fine! Do you really think that you can successfully birth the child if I don’t make you abort it? Do you know why our Frozen Cloud Asgard had never allowed disciples to marry? The so-called falling in love will affect the Frozen Cloud Art’s cultivation, is purely an excuse. The most important reason, firstly, is that it would transfer the Frozen Cloud Art to others! Secondly, cultivating Frozen Cloud Arts will chill the internal organs within the body. Even though one could conceive, within two months at most, the fetus would die in the abdomen! Furthermore, this place is located in the extreme north of Blue Wind Empire, and the chilling cold seeps through the bones all year long. Even if you don’t have Frozen Cloud Arts, the fetus would still die from the chill! Whether you abort the fetus or not, the result would be the same!”

Chu Yuechan froze there, and became dazed for a long time. All of a sudden, she extended both hands. One finger pressed onto her Dantian, and the other finger pressed onto the center of her chest. Two balls of ice-cold luminescence suddenly flared up, and right after, a great amount of cold aura poured out from within Chu Yuechan’s body, bringing up a large field of ice mist.

Gong Yuxian was greatly shocked, and instantly rushed in front of Chu Yuechan. However, it was already too late to for her to obstruct… At this time, Chu Yuechan’s upper body was swaying and looked like it would collapse at any moment. Her face was extremely ghastly, yet her expression was full of relief. Gong Yuxian’s eyes trembled as she watched the dispersing ice mist, knowing that everything was already too late. While furious and shocked, there were more perplexion and heartache. She spoke with a painful tone: “Yuechan, why do you treat yourself so… That Yun Che, just what kind of bewitching soup did he feed you!”

Chu Yuechan’s lips slightly lifted; that was as if an expression of wanting to smile. She spoke faintly: “He didn’t feed me any bewitching soup, but… he allowed me to have a memory that I could never forget, and also allowed me to turn back into a real woman during that period of time….”

“During those five months, I had lost all my strength, and my entire body was crippled. It was supposed to be my darkest, most helpless and despairing moment. However, he made everything change, far away from all my expectations. I couldn’t walk, so he took me in his arms; no matter how great the danger he faced, he refused to put me down. I couldn’t eat, so he fed me; every single spoon was adjusted to be just right for me, not allowing it burn nor chill me. I lost my strength, so he protected me with one hand, and swept away all obstacles with the other, sheltering me from weather… For an entire five months, he never had a hint of impatience, and never for a moment had the thought to put this burden down. Unwittingly, I started to enjoy this feeling, and completely depended on him. It was clearly my most helpless and hopeless moment, yet I was wishing that this kind of situation would never end…”

“Within the Frozen Cloud Asgard, ten days are like one day, ten years are like one day, dozens of years are like one day… There is only eternal ice, snow and the Frozen Cloud Art. Every single day was passed under repetition. But during that period of time, he let me understand the happiness of living, and made me truly feel like I was a woman for the first time… The reason why I asked to go to the Ranking Tournament on my own initiative, was because after I left him, my heart was filled with his silhouette during every single hour and moment. I convinced myself that I was going to meet him one last time, and sever the bond of affection once and for all. But in reality, I just wanted to see him… I wanted to see him…”

Gong Yuxian’s chest fiercely rose and fell. She let out a long sigh and lamented: “A sinful fate, truly a sinful fate! The predecessor saying that the romance between men and women is the most acute poison in this world… truly wasn’t mistaken in the slightest. It is precisely this passion between man and woman that made you defy the rules for a junior, and shame the Asgard… Even making you unhesitantly self-abolish the Frozen Cloud Art you had bitterly cultivated for tens of years! You… you…”

“I do not regret… I will never regret.” Chu Yuechan spoke with misty and tearful eyes: “I only regret that only after he was gone, did I finally, truly understand some things… He is already dead, and this is his last bloodline he left in this world, the continuation of his life. As his woman, even if it is to repay the everything he gave me during those five months, let alone Frozen Cloud Arts, even if I must pay the price of death, I will still definitely let this child live on… I beg Master for her consent… I beg Master for her consent!!”

Gong Yuxian powerlessly fell back onto the chair behind her; her complexion suddenly seemed to be many times older. Looking at Chu Yuechan who knelt there emitting mournfulness and resolution from her entire body, the agony in her heart couldn’t be intensified any further. She reached out her hand, and after it stalled in space for a long time, did she finally said with an extremely powerless voice: “Stand back up… stand back up… Just pretend that I, Gong Yuxian had never accepted you as a disciple… From now on, you are no longer a disciple of Frozen Cloud Asgard. Leave this place right now, leave the Snow Region of Extreme Ice, forget everything here, go wherever you wish to go. From now on, you no longer have anything to do with Frozen Cloud Asgard…”

Chu Yuechan’s tears flooded out all at once. She knelt before Gong Yuxian, made a kowtow with force, and sobbingly spoke: “Master raised me, nurtured me, like my birth mother… Yet I committed a serious sin, saddened and angered you, and shamed the sect. I am aware myself that my sins are unforgivable… Master’s benevolence of raising me, and the Asgard’s favor of raising me, Yuechan… can only repay it in the next life!”

“No need to say anymore.” Gong Yuxian turned her face away: “Go… For every moment further you remain here, an extra hint of cold aura would invade your body… If you don’t want to damage the fetus in your womb, then quickly go… You also need to leave secretly, without alerting anyone. The farther you go, the better… I don’t want to see you ever again.”

“I thank Master for consenting.” Chu Yuechan kowtowed once again, stood up, and slowly retreated a step: “Master, please take care of yourself, Yuechan… won’t be able to accompany you by your side anymore…”

As her voice fell, Chu Yuechan retreated back a few steps with difficulty. Then, after forcefully clenching her teeth, she exited the ice palace with brisk steps, and her snow-white silhouette quickly disappeared amidst the world of ice and snow.

Gong Yuxian’s face finally turned back around, and looked toward the direction Chu Yuechan had left. Below her eyes, there lied two deep lines of tear marks.

After a long while, she finally managed calmed her heart as her expression returned to indifference. She sound transmitted with a heavy voice: “Hanxue, come in.”

As her voice transmitted out, very soon, a woman that appeared to be twenty-five or twenty-six walked in. Feng Hanxue, ranked seven of the Frozen Cloud’s Seven Fairies, at Sky Profound Realm rank six, was at the same time the youngest of the Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies.

“Inform all disciples to gather at Frozen Cloud Hall, I have a few major matters to announce!”

“Yes, Mistress.”

There were a total of three major matters Gong Yuxian wanted announce: Number one: To announce that Chu Yuechan had been exiled from the Frozen Cloud Asgard; Number two: Xia Qingyue will enter the ranks of Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies, replacing Chu Yuechan as first place; Number three: Recall all the disciples outside of the Frozen Cloud Asgard, close the Asgard’s gates starting from this day for three years, disallow visitors as well as recruiting of new disciples. No one will be allowed to exit the Asgard.

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