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Chapter 282 – A Great Disturbance (2)

For a person like Grandmother Jiumu, this kind of thing couldn’t be anymore simpler, and to doubt her on this matter was a huge insult to her medical knowledge and dignity. She couldn’t be bothered to say anymore. Supported by her walking stick, she walked out, leaving behind the dumbstruck Chu Yueli and Ling Yuefeng.

“Impossible… absolutely impossible. How can Elder sister… ah? Elder sister… You… you’re awake!”

In her panic, Chu Yueli suddenly saw that Chu Yuechan, who was on the bed, had already opened her eyes some time prior. She hurried to the side of the bed and asked: “Elder sister, are you fine? Are you hurt anywhere… Just now, Grandmother Jiumu said that… you are pregnant…”

Facing Chu Yueli’s words, Chu Yuechan had a startled look, and was completely reactionless. When Grandmother Jiumu took her pulse, she was already awake and she had heard everything that was said. In a daze, she slowly extended her hand, and softly put it on her lower abdomen.

This action was what almost every woman would subconsciously do when they heard that they were pregnant.

Her gaze, and her action was an undeniably clear tacit approval of her pregnancy. As if struck by lightning, a buzzing sound rang through Chu Yueli’s head. Ling Yuefeng directly staggered a step back. His entire body shook, as he had been struck by a thunderbolt on a sunny day.

“Elder sister… you…” Chu Yueli was completely breathless. Seeing Chu Yuechan’s hand on her lower abdomen, her heart almost jumped out from her chest.

“Don’t ask me anything!” Chu Yuechan breathed in deeply, with her voice sounding incomparably cold: “Immediately depart from here, return to Frozen Cloud Asgard!”

“Alright… alright!” The extremely confused Chu Yueli could only nod.

“Fairy of Frozen Beauty… you… who does the child in your stomach belong to… whose child are you carrying!” Ling Yuefeng panted a course breath, repeating the same question twice consecutively, his heart had clearly been flipped upside down. According to Grandmother Jiumu’s experience, she could not possibly be wrong about this kind of thing. In addition to Chu Yuechan’s reaction, there was no need for him to question whether or not if she’s actually pregnant anymore. The thing he desperately wanted to know to the point of insanity at the moment, was who the child belonged to! Who exactly was this person, that actually made Chu Yuechan…

During those years he bitterly loved Chu Yuechan while lowering his figure, losing his dignity, and followed Chu Yuechen for dozens of years, yet he still had never even seen her face once. In the end, he returned to the Villa, and married Xuanyuan Yufeng, who had an amazing background. But in his heart, he had never forgotten Chu Yuechan’s figure.

In his heart, Chu Yuechan became an extremely beautiful, but impossible dream.

And this impossible dream was infinitely beautiful because this dream would never come true for anyone. This way, the dreams about Chu Yuechan would forever, perfectly exist deep inside his heart.

But today, this dream was completely shattered.

When he was young, he was the publicly recognized number one genius of the young generation, and could not be compared to anyone. To this day, he was the leader of the number one sect in Blue Wind Empire, worthy of being number one in the whole Blue Wind Empire! In countless profound practitioners’ eyes, he was an unreachable height, and was a godlike existence. Even if the emperor saw him, the emperor would have to be respectful towards him! The thing he spent his whole life’s effort on and pouring all his emotion in, was his attempt to pursue Chu Yuechan, which ended in a crushing defeat. Originally, he felt an infinite amount of regret at this result, but didn’t feel too sad, because Frozen Cloud Asgard’s disciples never married. Even the woman he could not pursue, could not be pursued by anyone in all of Blue Wind Empire… But today, he heard with his own ears, saw with his own eyes, that she was pregnant!

The blow in that moment was like lightning from the Nine Heavens that struck his heart, causing all of his fantasies, his yearning, his dignity, his arrogance to completely shatter into pieces.

Chu Yuechan did not look at him. With an icy voice like snow that sounded the same from the past, she said: “This is my matter, Villa Master Ling has no right to question it! This is my residence, not a place that you should be… get out!”

Along with Chu Yuechan’s attitude that refused people from a thousand miles, Ling Yuefeng was also incomparably familiar with Chu Yuechan’s voice that was icy and void of emotion. He recalled Chu Yuechan’s abnormal reaction at the Sword Management Terrace, which caused him to feel an extremely preposterous feeling in his heart. He lost his voice and said: “Could it be… could it be that you and Yun Che… No! Impossible! Absolutely impossible… It absolutely can’t be like that…”

The two words “Yun Che” caused a deep stabbing pain in Chu Yuechan’s heart, and made her body suddenly explode with a bone piercing coldness: “Whoever’s child I carry, is none of your business! Get out of here immediately!!”

Ling Yuefeng’s inner heart was shocked. His heart filled with an ice-cold sorrow, and amidst the confusion, his brain had almost lost the ability to think. He sighed deeply, turned around, and left in an infinitely lonely and desolate manner. When he stepped out of the door, Chu Yueli hurriedly said: “Villa Master Ling, this incident today, is tied with the reputation of my sister and Frozen Cloud Asgard, please be sure to be tight-lipped! Please.”

Ling Yuefeng’s footsteps stopped. Then, he slowly nodded and walked out.

In the courtyard, Ling Yuefeng restlessly walked for a good while. His state of mind was finally calming down. He stopped walking, looking up at the sky, and silently sighed. He was very clear that this incident was probably was the heaviest blow he had ever taken in his entire life. This blow completely shattered the most beautiful fantasy in his heart, causing him to feel the strongest sense of failure in this lifetime. There was even an indescribable sense of humiliation.

“Hahahaha! This is really ridiculous, you painstakingly chased after Chu Yuechan for more than a dozen years, yet you never even saw her face once. Dozens of years have passed, yet you still could never forget her and constantly thought about her, but she never even looked you once in the eye. She’d rather have illicit sexual relationships with a junior, and got pregnant too! This is a joke as large as the heavens! Ling Yuefeng, don’t you feel that you’re hopelessly stupid!?

The ear-piercing sound came from behind him. Ling Yuefeng turned around with a face full of surprise and wrath as he looked at his wife, Xuanyuan Yufeng. He was surprised that his usually gentle wife had spoke such ear-piercing and ugly words. His heart was desperately suppressing his fury, but due to her words, his fury increased several times over.

“Silence!” Ling Yuefeng angrily said: “You actually overheard our conversation! This incident… this incident and I, I have absolutely nothing to do with it! Her being pregnant is not necessarily true, and with Yun Che… that is even more completely ridiculous! Forget what you heard, you’re not allowed to talk about it with anyone!!”

After Ling Yuefeng finished roaring, he felt that his tone was a bit too harsh, but with rage filling his heart, he didn’t want to speak anymore. With a cold snort, he flipped his sleeves and left.

Xuanyuan Yufeng’s face turned purple. Her entire body trembling due to anger and said: “Ling Yuefeng… at this stage, you’re still protecting her!! Your attitude towards her… really is… filled~deep~with~affection!! You really… dare to do this to me!!”

“You don’t want people know about this… then I will deliberately let people know! I will let everyone under the sky know!!”

While still in her anger, Xuanyuan Yufeng suddenly saw Ling Yun walk towards her. His footsteps were slow, and seemingly restless.

She twitched her eyebrows. Suppressing her anger, she walked towards him and asked: “Yun’er, what’s wrong? Why do you look so dispirited?”

“Mother…” Ling Yun called out, then smiled with loneliness: “From a young age, I was madly focused on the sword, with no distractions in my heart, and thought that in this life, I would never have feelings for a girl. But I recently fell in love with a girl. I think about her day and night, and cannot stop thinking about her.”

As a mother, Xuanyuan Yufeng could easily tell what was wrong with Ling Yun at a glance. She silently sighed, and comfortingly said: “The one you like, should be Xia Qingyue right? If you really do like her, and won’t marry unless it’s her, then in a few days, Mother will go to Frozen Cloud Asgard to propose a marriage! Who cares about Frozen Cloud Asgard’s rule of disciples not marrying! My Yun’er has no woman that he isn’t worthy of! If Frozen Cloud Asgard does not agree, Mother will forcefully bring her here. I won’t let you be like… hmph, be as hopelessly stupid as your father!”

Ling Yun bitterly raised his head and said: “It’s already too late, she is… already married.”

“What?” Xuanyuan Yufeng was astonished in her heart: “How can it be? Frozen Cloud Asgard’s women never marries, how can she be married!”

“Mother, do you remember one year ago, Xiao Sect spread a message that a new female disciple who entered Frozen Cloud Asgard had a wedding in Floating Cloud City? At that time, because it was a normal female disciple who was a new recruit, no one put it in their hearts… But, I now know that female disciple, was actually Xia Qingyue… the person she married… is the recently fallen Yun Che… She is mourning for him, and is broken-hearted because of him, and would not accept anyone else in her heart.”

As Ling Yun spoke, he painfully shut his eyes. If he had been a promiscuous person, this moment would at most, squeeze his heart, and it wouldn’t take long for it to disappear like the clouds. But for a person who had been madly in love with the sword, the first time having feelings for another person, was too hard. And in his life, the first time he truly fell in love was only this one time…

“Unexpectedly… this actually happened…” Looking at Ling Yun’s face, Xuanyuan Yufeng felt a deep heartache: “Yun Che… it was actually Yun Che again, this Yun Che, really has countless tricks up his sleeve… and Frozen Cloud Asgard, you didn’t stop at hurting my husband… now you actually hurt my son as well…”


After the incident at the Sword Management Terrace, Ling Kun left Heavenly Sword Villa at nightfall. Frozen Cloud Asgard had also left without bidding anyone farewell. The next day at dawn, Blue Wind Imperial Family had also left early in the morning, and also without bidding anyone farewell. It wasn’t that they lacked etiquette, but they were just not in the mood to bid farewell to anyone within Heavenly Sword Villa… When they came, the four were filled with hope. The strength of Yun Che alone, allowed the Blue Wind Imperial family’s name to again and again be heard in the battlefield of the ranking tournament. But at the time of departure, there were only two people left, and what they brought back, was honor contaminated with endless sadness.

When they left, Cang Yue did not cry anymore. Without sadness, without tears, she was frighteningly calm, as if her whole heart followed Yun Che and left together with him, leaving behind an emotionless shell. What comforted Qin Wushang was she did not do anything extreme, and did not say any extreme things, because she had to return to protect her father, who was on his last leg.

If her father also makes his final departure, then she would truly have nothing else to care for on this world.

However, what anyone couldn’t anticipate, was that after the ranking tournament ended, the sensation that both Yun Che and Xia Qingyue’s name caused in Blue Wind Empire had not subsided. An even larger storm of sensation was going to befall Blue Wind Empire, leading to an unprecedented large disturbance that would cause the name “Yun Che” to become a household name, where everyone would know this name.

“… When the Fairy of Frozen Moon, Xia Qingyue, exited the Heaven Basin Secret Realm, her profound strength was unexpectedly at Emperor Profound Realm! Right… it really was the Emperor Profound Realm. This was confirmed information by the ten large sects! My heavens… I heard she is not only called the number one beauty, but in the future, she would undeniably become an unmatchable powerhouse in the Blue Wind Empire.”

“I’m questioning whether if she is an incarnation of a fairy. She’s unbelievably beautiful. Her talent and luck is indescribably high!”

“Did you guys hear! On the day when Yun Che exited the Heaven Basin Secret Realm, he actually died at the Heavenly Sword Villa’s Sword Management Terrace.”

“Sigh! Who wouldn’t know this. He actually died for a reportedly Elementary Profound Realm piece of trash. Sigh, the heavens are truly jealous of this talent. There finally appeared a genius with a sectless background that would let us blow off some steam, and he died just like that. For the next one to appear, who knows how many years later it would be.”

“What!? Frozen Cloud Asgard’s Fairy of Frozen Beauty is pregnant!? Th-th-this….”

That’s right, this thing has been spread everywhere. It is said to have come from Heavenly Sword Villa, so it shouldn’t be fake. I also heard, that it is the Fairy of Frozen Beauty and Yun Che’s child!! Reportedly, after Yun Che fell at the Sword Management Terrace, the Fairy of Frozen Beauty went completely crazy, and vomited blood on the spot… If it wasn’t for everyone saying this, I wouldn’t dare believe this!”

“There’s even more explosive news! The Fairy of Frozen Moon, Xia Qingyue, unexpectedly married at the age of sixteen, and the one she married, was Yun Che! The final battle of the ranking tournament, was a showdown between this pair of husband and wife… This fact, is completely true!”

“Last year, there was news about a new female disciple from Frozen Cloud Asgard breaking the rules and marrying, and Xiao Sect confirmed it. The name of the female disciple who married was Xia Qingyue! The one she married is Yun Che… Reportedly, at Heavenly Sword Villa, someone saw with their own eyes that she mourned for Yun Che…”

“The number one beauty from back then, and the current number one beauty, unexpectedly one became pregnant due to Yun Che, and another is his wife… Holy f*ck!”

“Back then, many people had bitterly loved the Fairy of Frozen Beauty, Chu Yuechan. This also included Heavenly Sword Villa’s Villa Master Ling Yuefeng and Xiao Sect’s Sect Master Xiao Juetian, but no one could catch her eyes, yet she became pregnant from Yun Che. And the Fairy of Frozen Moon, surprisingly is even more beautiful compared to the Fairy of Frozen Beauty… Ah ah ah! I want to replace Yun Che and go die instead!”

“This isn’t all, even our Blue Wind Imperial Family’s only princess, Princess Cang Yue was also taken by him! At Heavenly Sword Villa, if one wasn’t blind, it could be clearly seen. I heard that Fen Juecheng wanted to assassinate Yun Che in the Heaven Basin Secret Realm, but did not succeed.”

“This Yun Che is so amazing that he defies heavenly justice! I guess even the Gods couldn’t continue watching, which was why they destroyed him!”

“It’s completely like a demon in the human world, the scourge of the common people! Ahhhh… why am I not Yun Che!!”

Yun Che’s name incited an explosive sensation in the Blue Wind Empire. In almost every ten steps in every street in the city, one could hear the name “Yun Che” at least seven or eight times. If he had simply fallen, the people would deeply regret and feel pity, and even infinitely admire and wail for the young profound practitioner. But with the addition of rumors regarding Princess Cang Yue, the Fairy of Frozen Beauty, and the Fairy of Frozen Moon, their nature had completely changed instantly. At that time, people, especially when men discussed him, their voices would contain worship, envy, jealousy, shock, resentment… and countless other things.

At this time, Under the Heavenly Sword Villa’s Sword Management Terrace, in a dark space, under Blue Wind Empire’s focal point, Yun Che, who was completely still as if he had been dead for a few days, finally opened his eyes with great difficulty.

Author’s Note

Under this is Ling Yuefeng’s inner monologue:

The only woman I have fallen for that I spent my entire life pursuing without getting, had unexpectedly become pregnant from a junior! My son finally fell for a woman with great difficulty, and is even deeply in love, but she was actually his wife. In regards to women, the number one father and son pair in Blue Wind Empire, had actually, completely lost to this kid… I really got f*cked!

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