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Chapter 278 – Frightening Change of Events

“The profound formation used to seal this demon is called the Heaven’s Might Soul Suppressing Formation.” Ling Kun pointed his finger at the continuously flashing light from the profound formation beneath them, and said: “No matter who it is, in this Heaven’s Might Soul Suppressing Formation, their profound strength would be suppressed to the maximum limit. When this demon is being locked under Heaven’s Punishment, he shall never even think of ever escaping this Heaven’s Might Soul Suppressing Formation.”

Ling Kun said expressionlessly: “This demon’s outer appearance is completely the same as us, and profound strength is also what he cultivates, yet he possess a type of special ability called ‘Profound Handle’. However, amongst the demons, those who possess ‘Profound Handles’ are also few in number.”

“And now, you have already seen what you all ought to have seen. Remember what I had said previously.” Ling Kun’s gaze swept across the entire audience. Then, he took a step forward and coldly smiled as he stood in front of the barrier: “Demon, you must be really thankful to me since I have allowed you to see sunshine for this long, right? Before sending you back, I have another piece of news that I wish to tell you about… Heh, your son, and your daughter-in-law overestimated themselves and charged straight into Mighty Heavenly Sword Region twenty years ago to save you. But alas, they didn’t know that you had been transferred here a hundred years ago. Hahahahaha.”

The demon trembled all over. Fiercely raising his head, he roared like a madman: “You… What did you do to my son!! What did you do to him! If you harm a hair on my son’s head, I wouldn’t forgive you even if I become a ghost!”

“Tsktsk.” Ling Kun coldly laughed as he shook his head: “Your son was quite crafty, and had actually escaped our Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. He had almost found this place too, but alas, we found them first. What was even more unfortunate is that they thwarted us again, and escaped back to the Illusory Demon World. However, both of them were seriously injured, and had been fleeing for several months, so their life force were pretty much burnt out. Even if they ran back to the Illusory Demon World, they practically had one foot in the grave. I’d reckon that they had already died more than ten years ago.”

The demon’s eyes grew wider without wavering. An endless sadness, anger, and despair crazily erupted from his body. He struggled hysterically, and shouted frantically: “You’re lying!! You’re lying! My son would never die! AHHH!!! Mighty Heavenly Sword bastards… You guys are the ones who deserve to die!! AHH!!”

In the midst of his roar, a hand suddenly extended from the crack within the sealed demon’s chains. Bringing about a boundless hatred, the hand shot straight for where Ling Kun was standing, and a beam of profound energy shot forward.

Cries of shock immediately sounded from the surroundings. Everyone had all subconsciously retreated backwards. Ling Kun had also revealed traces of astonishment, but he was not scared, nor was he in a panic as he stood completely still. The profound energy beam struck the barrier, but did not pass through it. After a light “bang”, it disappeared completely.

“Everyone, fear not. Even though this profound formation barrier cannot prevent others from entering, it can completely keep all kinds of power from going out. The demon cannot harm us.” Ling Yuefeng explained. However, he was not at all calm, because he was well aware of how powerful this Heaven’s Might Soul Suppressing Formation was. It was strong enough to suppress someone’s profound strength down to not even one percent of their true strength. But under this suppression, the profound energy aura that came from the attack this demon activated under his rage, was actually not the least bit inferior to his all out strength!

To still be able to unleash an early-stage Emperor Profound strength after being sealed an entire hundred years, and it was even under the Heaven’s Might Soul Suppressing Formation… his complete strength in a normal situation was simply unimaginable! He was at least, stronger than Ling Kun by who knows how many times.

“Hmph!” Ling Kun coldly snorted in disdain: “To have allowed one of your hands to break through, looks like the previous seal was not tight enough. But no matter, you aren’t that naive to think that you could escape the Meteorite Chain’s seal and Heaven’s Punishment Sword’s suppression, right?”

“You despicable mongrels, I want to kill you… kill you all… AHHHH!!”

Ling Kun’s words from earlier had obviously upset the “demon” greatly, because perhaps to this “demon”, what had kept him going all along without giving in to death, was not the Demon Emperor, but his family. His roar was full of resentment and despair. He waved the only arm he could move, and lines and lines of profound light crazily smashed towards Ling Kun. The shouts he released were no different than that of a wild beast’s. The sounds of his struggles as he twisted and turned within his shackles were ear-piercing.

“Tsktsk, how pitiful.” Ling Kun shook his head: “The former Demon Emperor’s guardian angel, the ‘King’ of Illusory Demon World’s millions of inhabitants, has now become a pitiful mad dog. Even I, am not willing to see such a sight. I guess it’s best to let me… send you down!!”

With a flip of his palm, a strange profound formation crystal was pinched between his fingers. A small scaled profound formation appeared before his body. Subsequently, the profound formation underneath the Heaven’s Punishment Sword began to flicker again in response. Then, it slowly rotated, and gradually moved the Heaven’s Punishment Sword, and the area in which the demon was sealed, downwards.

Even though Ling Kun was strong, he absolutely did not have the power to move this huge seal formation, nor did he have the power to steadily move it. Only with the profound formation made by over ten of Heavenly Mighty Sword Region’s top experts and the sealing power within that heavenly crystal, could he do that. As for Ling Kun himself, frankly speaking, he was just an errand boy and nothing more.

“This demon is really scary.” Cang Yue said with a small voice.

“He really is scary. I wonder what kind of great hatred exists between his Illusory Demon World and Heavenly Mighty Sword Region to have made him be sealed here within a world of no daylight for a full hundred years. There’s not many in this world that could go through that. Even though it looks as if he’s a bit mad, he actually has not truly gone insane. The strength of his spirit, is truly astounding.” Yun Che lamented.

“I also think… that he’s really pitiful, and don’t think that he’s bad person.” Xia Yuanba said carefully in a low voice.

“The grudges and grievances within such a plane like the Sacred Grounds, are things that we can never touch. As such, we even more so, do not have the qualifications to judge whether or not this demon is a bad person… We can only look from afar.” Qin Wushang said.

As the Heaven’s Punishment Sword slowly lowered, the demon’s figure was also beginning to gradually fade from their line of sight. But he still howled like an evil spirit, and the sound resonated past everyone’s ears. His hysterical attacks had also not stopped as chaotic profound streams of light smashed against the barrier: “I will definitely kill you… ALLL!!! I will definitely kill you all!!”

In the midst of his crazed roar, he suddenly stopped his assaults. He stretched his arm out in front of him and fiercely pulled inwards.


A burst of wild wind suddenly blew out from within the barrier. Then, it weakly expanded as it passed through the barrier while bringing along a magnetic force. It was obvious that in his extreme rage, this half crazy demon wanted to kill someone, and wanted to drag someone inside to kill them. As long as he could suck them into the barrier, no matter who it was, even if it was Ling Kun, once inside the “Heaven’s Might Soul Suppressing Formation”, they were bound for certain death, because even if it was someone stronger than Ling Kun, once inside the Heaven’s Might Soul Suppressing Formation, their profound strength would also be suppressed down to at most the Spirit Profound Realm.

It was just that after passing through the barrier, the attraction force was extremely feeble, and those currently present were Blue Wind Empire’s strongest experts. This gravitational force was simply too weak to affect them.


The Heaven’s Punishment Sword continued to descend, and the demon’s voice had begun to become gloomy. At this time, the nonthreatening attraction force stopped… Two breaths later, an energy current suddenly narrowly centralized outwards, and ferociously charged outwards… And the direction in which the energy current surged towards, was surprisingly… the spot where Yuanba was standing at!!

Everyone present could easily resist the energy current the demon had released with all his strength. This included Cang Yue, who was only at the True Profound Realm. But there was one exception…

Which was the Yuanba with the lowest level profound strength, who was only at the Elementary Profound Realm!

Beneath the energy current, Xia Yuanba was suddenly, and fiercely, sucked in and flew towards the barrier. It was only up until the instant his body touched the barrier, did he let out a frightened cry.

No one had expected this sudden, misfortunate turn of events. None of them would have anticipated that the demon, who was about to be sealed back into the ground, would actually go frenziedly latch onto a youngster who was only at the Elementary Profound Realm. With the Heaven’s Might Soul Suppressing Formation and the barrier in place, the demon was not suppose to bring them any harm in the first place. But these super strong practitioners that transcended strength, had all subconsciously forgotten about the existence of a super weak practitioner, and did not even think that the demon would use all his strength to take action on a weakling that wasn’t suppose to be there anyway.


This was an event that Yun Che totally had not foreseen. They were suppose to be mere spectators here. With numerous experts around them, how could they possibly anticipate that such a disaster would suddenly arrive and target them? As he watched Xia Yuanba get sucked into the barrier, Yun Che paled in fright, and then fiercely charged over in the midst of his explosive roar.

“Don’t go over there!!”

Qin Wushang immediately reached out to pull Yun Che back, but with the swift and mystical movements of “Star God’s Broken Shadow”, Qin Wushang’s lightning fast hands could only grab at his afterimage.


Yun Che’s speed at this time, had greatly surpassed all of his previous peak speeds. The flashing of his figure had unexpectedly raised the sound of an ear-piercing spatial friction. At the speed of light, he had finally chased towards Xia Yuanba’s rear, and grabbed at his left ankle… But at this instant, both he and Xia Yuanba were sucked into the barrier at the same time, inside the Heaven’s Might Soul Suppressing Formation!!

Without the barrier’s obstruction, energy current that had been aimed at Xia Yuanba was immediately a thousand times stronger, and quickly dragged them towards the demon at an extremely fast speed… What accompanied them, was the demon’s deranged laughter: “Hahahahaha… Kill! I’m going to kill you all! Kill you all!!”

“Junior Brother Yun!”

“Yun Che!”


“Don’t go over there!!”

Cang Yue was firmly locked in place by Qin Wushang. The startled Ling Jie was slapped backwards by Ling Yuefeng. As they watched Yun Che and Xia Yuanba get sucked deeper and deeper into the barrier, everyone’s face had changed color. Ling Kun had previously explained what the Heaven’s Might Soul Suppressing Formation did to them, and they were incomparably clear about what it meant to be sucked into the Heaven’s Might Soul Suppressing Formation.

Ling Kun’s expression had also changed greatly. In his eyes, he had undoubtedly lose a large amount of face because this kind of event happened under his watch. But even if he was given ten times more courage, he would not enter the Heaven’s Might Soul Suppressing Formation to rescue them… And even if he did go in, it was simply impossible for him to rescue them. Instead, it would’ve been like setting himself up for suicide. He could only look on helplessly as the two youths continued to get sucked towards the demon.

“Br… Brother-in-law!!” Xia Yuanba screeched out loud. His face had turned deathly white when he looked behind him and saw Yun Che, who had firmly grabbed onto his ankle.

An incredibly huge suppression surged forth from every direction and firmly locked onto Yun Che’s profound veins, making him feel as if his profound strength was being frozen by a force that he was unable to expel… But this feeling of suppression could only last for a short period of time… The Heaven’s Might Soul Suppressing Formation could indeed maximally suppress any human’s profound strength at will, but at this moment, Yun Che had become Heaven’s Might Soul Suppressing Formation’s sole exception, because his profound veins were not any ordinary person’s profound veins, but rather profound veins that came from a True God!!

As for a True God’s profound veins, how could a mere Heaven’s Might Soul Suppressing Formation from the mortal world possibly suppress it?!


Following the rays of flashing red light from the Evil God’s Profound Veins, that feeling of suppression immediately dissipated without a trace. After releasing an explosive roar, his entire body surged with a blood-red radiance. It was also at this time, that his eyes had instantly changed into a scarlet color.


In this moment between life and death, Yun Che had no reservations whatsoever to forcefully open the third gate. Under the explosive surge in profound strength, he concentrated all his strength on his right arm and suddenly flung Xia Yuanba backwards…

In this split second, he forcibly broke out from the demon’s irresistible gravitational force, and flung Xia Yuanba far behind him. Then, he shouted once more as he turned around in midair and used all his strength to continuously push at Xia Yuanba…

“Yuanba… leave!!”


Following Yun Che’s loud roar, all of his strength transformed into a surging storm, struck at Xia Yuanba, and rapidly sent him flying far away, outside the barrier… As for he, himself, under the rebound and the demon’s magnetic force, he flew towards the demon at an even faster pace.

“Br… other-in-law!!”

Xia Yuanba’s flying body flew further and further away… Until he finally arrived at the edge of the barrier… At the instant in which his body separated itself from the barrier, he saw Yun Che flash a faint smile that brimmed with satisfaction before he closed his eyes…


After Xia Yuanba fell out of the barrier, he heavily smashed onto the ground. He, who was bound for certain death had actually been miraculously thrown outside the barrier. His head was spinning in circles and his body ached all over with extreme pain. Before he even had time to breathe, he got up and threw himself at Yun Che while releasing a heart breaking, lung rendering wild cry: “Brother-in-law… Brother-in-law!!”

It was also at this time that Yun Che’s back landed onto the demon’s palm. With a loud sound, his back was immediately burst open. His flesh was broken into pieces as his bones scattered everywhere. A bloody arrow around six meters in length spurted forth from his mouth. Subsequently, as if a broken puppet, his entire being was tossed aside into the distance and no longer moved. A large pool of blood rapidly spread from underneath his body… the final thing he heard with his last bit of consciousness, was the demon’s wild laughter, which contained an incomparable elation.


The Heaven’s Punishment Sword suddenly dropped down at an extremely fast rate. Then, in the midst of a loud sound, it completely fell down, sealing the demon, as well as the already deceased Yun Che, into an unimaginable depth under the Sword Management Terrace.

“Junior Brother Yun!!” Cang Yue released a desperate blood-curling scream. Then, both her eyes turned over as she fainted.

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