ATG – Chapter 274

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Chapter 274 – Leaving Heaven Basin Secret Realm

“I don’t know.” Yun Che didn’t refute Jasmine, but he was unable to confirm it either. After a slight hesitation, he frankly said: “But I actually did transmigrate because I was originally poisoned to death in the Profound Sky Continent, and in the Azure Cloud Continent, I fell off a cliff when I was twenty seven… After waking up, I returned to the Profound Sky Continent, and awoke under the condition in which I had been poisoned to death… All the way until now. And Ling’er, was my most important person in the Azure Cloud Continent, but she had obviously died!”

Jasmine: “…”

“These sorts of things actually happened to you!?” Jasmine was truly startled. She had heard of the legends concerning the Mirror of Samsara, but she hadn’t seen the Mirror of Samsara and its powers at all. If what Yun Che said was true, then it would fit perfectly with the Mirror of Samsara’s “passing through the reincarnation cycle” in the legends! Only the Mirror of Samsara could achieve these things!

“Then, in your memories, was there an item that was always on your body… If I’m guessing correctly, it should be the pendant that you’ve always worn on your neck? I remember when you opened it, there was only a mirror inside…” Jasmine slowly said: “Then, apart from the Sky Poison Pearl, there was actually another Heavenly Profound Treasure on your body! Except, where did you get this Heavenly Profound Treasure from?”

“I don’t know… it had always been on me. I always thought that reason that I kept wearing it was because it was the only evidence to find my birth parents.” Yun Che shook his head: “The only thing that I want to know now is: since the Azure Cloud Continent is real, then where is it? How do I return there… That was the real Ling’er… I must find her again!”

“…If I can leave your body and move as I wish, then I can find where the Azure Cloud Continent is within three days, but it’s completely impossible for me right now. Azure Cloud Continent shouldn’t be too far away from the Profound Sky Continent. When my powers reach a certain height, I can naturally see a wider portion of the world… For you, this is the only way to return to that Continent.

Not too far away… This was in regards to Jasmine’s power level! If it was actually not too far away, how could there be no records of the Profound Sky Continent in the Azure Cloud Continent. Even if Jasmine’s guess was correct, and the Azure Cloud Continent and the Profound Sky Continent were on the same planet, then the distance between the two would certainly be impossibly far, a distance that’s even harder to reach than the sky.

Jasmine’s final words also tapped Yun Che’s confused brain heavily and suddenly made him clear-headed.

Right… That’s right! No matter how much I think about it right now, it’s useless! At least the conclusion is that Su Ling’er is still in this world. This was an incredibly pleasant surprise. To meet Ling’er again, the only way was to become strong. As long as he was stronger, strong until the point that he could shun the heavens and earth, then Azure Cloud Continent would appear in his sights, and he could find Ling’er again!!

Yun Che’s mood became incredibly calm. He breathed in a breath of air and suddenly asked: “Jasmine, if it’s really because of the Heavenly Profound Treasure’s interference that made Azure Cloud Continent’s time flow backwards, then on the Azure Cloud Continent right now, could another Sky Poison Pearl appear?”

“This is unlikely.” Jasmine faintly said: “There’s also something you’re mistaken about. If the power of the Mirror of Samsara really activated, then the reverse flow of time would be a small part of it. The thing it’s most suited to interfere with is ‘karma’ and ‘reincarnation’. Right now, not only would you and the Sky Poison Pearl not be on it, it’s possible that… they’ve never existed.”

Yun Che: “…”

“Karma”, “Reincarnation”… these were illusory and mythical words. They were things that were impossible to touch no matter what. Yun Che never thought that such incredibly illusory things could actually be interfered with. He spread his palm out, looked at the dim pendant, and quietly asked: “If this is really the Mirror of Samsara, then what kind of person… could actually create such an item…”

“This fact is impossible to trace back to.” Jasmine said: “But the only thing that’s certain is that interfering with ‘karma’ and ‘reincarnation’ is tens of millions times harder than interfering with ‘dimension and ‘time’. When the True Gods existed, there were certainly powers that could interfere with the flow of time, but not one True God had the ability to interfere with ‘karma’ and ‘reincarnation’. Since they were the most fundamental laws since universal order, they should absolutely be untamperable; otherwise, there would be chaos beyond the control and expectation in the universal order. However, the Mirror of Samsara could actually tamper with the most fundamental universal laws… The Sky Poison Pearl fusing with your body, is completely because of the ‘karma’ interference. It made what should have been impossible, possible. No one knew who created it, and what power created it.

“There are many legends that involved the Mirror of Samsara. In its history, it fell into many people’s hands until it finally fell into somewhere unknown… But in all these years, I’ve never heard of anyone being able to activate its power. And for the Heavenly Profound Treasures, what was even more unimaginable was that you… You are clearly an inferior human, but you possess two Heavenly Profound Treasures… If it wasn’t for the fact that I have to rely on the Sky Poison Pearl, and the Sky Poison Pearl is fused with your body, I’ll unhesitantly choose to kill you and seize both of your Heavenly Profound Treasures.”

“Yun Che, what happened to you?”

A deeply doubtful voice arose from the crisp and cool air beside Yun Che’s ears. He gripped his palms, didn’t put the pendant back around his neck, and stored it into the Sky Poison Pearl. Then, he smiled bashfully at Xia Qingyue: “Nothing’s wrong, I just have some sudden regrets.”

After swallowing the Evil God’s Water Seed, Yun Che was feeling very intimate with water element right now, and it far surpassed Xia Qingyue. He didn’t feel the slightest bit cold in this world of ice and snow. He gazed at Xia Qingyue all over with a strange expression and said: “I really want to take a look at how surprised your master and everyone else would be when they find out that you entered the Emperor Profound Realm.”

Without a doubt, after they leave the Heaven Basin Secret Realm, once Xia Qingyue’s profound strength was exposed, there would be huge indescribable commotion. A seventeen year old at the Emperor Profound Realm, that was truly an achievement on a level of the Four Great Sacred Grounds… For a Sacred Ground-class disciple to emerge from a little Blue Wind Empire, perhaps the entire Profound Sky Continent would be shaken.

Xia Qingyue looked deeply at Yun Che, and suddenly said: “Thank you.”

“…Why thank me?”

“Formidable power is very important to me, and it’s something that I’ll chase after for my entire life. If not for you, I wouldn’t have been able to reach my current height. So, thank you…” Xia Qingyue said lightly as she controlled her gaze. Back then, when he was in Floating Cloud City, he was powerless and helpless, so he was always being bullied until he was eventually expelled from his clan with no power to resist the other youths. If it wasn’t for her assistance, his most beloved relatives would encounter hardships… After meeting again, he had already matured into a tree that pierced the heavens. The help that he had given her at the time was ten of millions times more than she had given him.

“Heh, we’re married, we don’t need to thank each other.” Yun Che grinned and laughed: “If you really want to thank me, hmm… let me see you smile. We’ve known each other for so long, but I’ve never see you smile before.”

Xia Qingyue lightly shook her head: “It’s impossible for me. Ever since I was four years old, I had already forgotten how to cry, and how to smile…”

Yun Che was immediately stunned. He saw a dismal confusion flash past both of Xia Qingyue’s eyes. He thought for a while and said: “Then can you tell me why you’re so persistent on seeking power?”

When he was young, he was full of curiosity about his fiancee Xia Qingyue. When he played together with Xia Yuanba, he would often ask about Xia Qingyue, but Xia Yuanba had the same response every time… she was cultivating.

Practically all of her time was devoted to cultivating profound strength. Until Yun Che was sixteen years old, he had only seen her a couple of times, and they were all fleeting glances. She had an attachment to profound strength that was incomprehensible for other people to understand.

Xia Qingyue stayed silent for a while. She reached out her jade hands, cupped some flying snow and gently replied: “Aren’t you the same as me… You, why are you so attached?”

“For myself, and for all the people I care about to not be mistreated.” Yun Che said without the slightest hesitation.

“Not be mistreated…” Xia Qingyue’s eyelashes softly closed as she answered with a voice as gentle as fluttering snow: “I only seek… to reunite my family.”

Yun Che’s heart was moved as he looked at Xia Qingyue with shock. He silently pondered about the meaning of her words for a while then asked: “This ‘family’, does it include me? If you talk about a family, then as your husband, I should be your… most intimate of family on paper.”

Ice and snow slowly accumulated on Xia Qingyue’s palm, and didn’t melt for a long while. Her jade hands moved slightly and the white snow scattered into all four directions in the frigid wind. She touched the indescribable and bleak pain in her heart that was silently spreading out: “I am a person who’s not fit to have a husband… because I might never be able to fulfill the responsibilities of a wife… There will be a day when I will leave here to go to a distant place, and it might be impossible to return anymore…” She shut her eyes and softly spoke as if she were in a dream: “Once, you were as ordinary as sand and only made me occasionally worry about you. Now, you are as dazzling as diamond, and makes me, who is destined to have no future, feel more and more terrified…”

Rumble Rumble…

A deep and distant rumbling noise sounded, and slight vibrations began to arise from the ground. Two rapidly expanding spatial whirlpools individually appeared beside Yun Che and Xia Qingyue.

“It looks like we’re returning…”

Before Yun Che even finished his sentence, the two were simultaneously sucked into the spatial whirlpools.

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