ATG – Chapter 264

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Chapter 264 – Qingyue Awakens

“Really?” Yun Che’s mind shook, and stood up while shouting: “Whether or not she could breakthrough is secondary. If the Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus could make her completely recover within a short period of time, then why would I not be willing!”

“You have to think it through clearly.” Jasmine warned: “The Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus being considered a sacred object in your Blue Wind Empire is not an exaggeration at all! After using this Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus, an object of the same level might not appear in Blue Wind Empire for the next thousand years. In other words, if you use this Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus on her, then it equates to you forever losing an enormous opportunity.”

“Furthermore! You have all kinds of divine beast bloodlines and primordial god arts within your body. Every time your profound strength rises by a level, your increase in strength is not something another person could compare to! If you used the Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus on yourself, the rise in strength it would bring would far surpass her! In my eyes, if you truly gave it up, it would be a stupid and wasteful move!”

Yun Che took two steps back. Then, with a thought, he was already cupping that huge Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus between his two hands. Even though the Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus had been exposed to the air, it was wrapped under the powerful aura of the Sky Profound Pearl, so its essence did not leak at all. He said without the slightest hesitation: “Raising strength is certainly important, but she is my lawfully wedded wife. Her recovery is by far, much more important than raising my own power!”

“…If the person who laid in front of me is you, I’d pick you just the same!”

Jasmine originally wanted to say something, but after hearing this from Yun Che, she was suddenly speechless and did not say another word for quite a while.

The Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus was quickly wrapped up by the green light that the Sky Poison Pearl emitted. All the essence it contained was quickly refined. Flakes of faint blue and red powder gently floated down, and finally landed in Yun Che’s palm. What remained was a round bead the size of a dragon’s eye that emitted a faint blue radiance.

An intoxicating fragrance assailed his nostrils. After Yun Che gently breathed in a breath of air, he immediately felt his entire body relax, and even his blood circulation mildly sped up quite a bit. As an existence that was at the level of a sacred object, the Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus was incredibly precious, but the difficulty of refining this was also incredibly high as well. If it was in anyone else’s hands, retaining a third of its full effectiveness was the limit. However, in the hands of Yun Che, he could perfectly do what no one else could possibly believe, one hundred percent effectiveness!

Therefore, the effect of this “Emperor Awakening Heart Pellet” in Yun Che’s hands was much stronger than what was recorded! Perhaps twice or three times, maybe even more!

The records had shown that one pellet would allow someone at the early stage of the Earth Profound Realm to break through into the Sky Profound Realm, but the one in Yun Che’s hands… even he himself had no idea what level Xia Qingyue’s profound strength would raise up to after she wakes up.

Only by smelling its fragrance, one’s entire body would feel as if it had been baptized. It was simply impossible to imagine what kind of transformation it would bring if it was consumed. Its attractiveness is something that all profound practitioners even those elderly experts who had great experience would hardly be able to resist it. Yun Che silently looked at it, but his expression was unexpectedly ordinary. He didn’t even have a hint of hesitation. If it wasn’t for Xia Qingyue saving his life, he would have been a dead man long time ago, so how could he not be willing to save her!

He moved forward and gently parted Xia Qingyue’s delicate lips. Then, he put the “Emperor Awakening Heart Pellet” that could cause the entire Blue Wind Empire to tremble into her mouth. With a gentle push of his profound energy, he guided it into her body.

Jasmine did not say anything to stop him.


Without even needing Yun Che to his profound strength as a catalyst, the Emperor Awakening Heart Pellet had practically instantly entered her body. Xia Qingyue’s body blossomed with a layer of splendorous moon-white sheen. This layer of light was incredibly gentle and did not have a trace of violent energy. In most situations, a medicinal pellet that contained a lot of power would generally take a very long time to refine and the process would be brimming with danger. When swallowed, it would usually exploded like a flame inside the body. If it wasn’t controlled and refined well, this flame would be enough to harm the whole body, or could even be fatal. However, when this “Emperor Awakening Heart Pellet” entered the body, the strength it contained was as mild as a ripple; slowly and gently, it spread into every part of the body and bestowed all the power it contained to Xia Qingyue.

Under the moon-white sheen, Xia Qingyue’s breathing became more and more relaxed. Yun Che quickly and pleasantly discovered that all her meridians, which were damaged by the cold, were miraculous healing at a rapid pace. The circulation of her blood also quickly calmed down as well. Then, a slight rosy blush started to appear on her pure white face. Afterwards, under Yun Che’s careful gaze, she slowly opened her eyes.

From the time Xia Qingyue took the Emperor Awakening Heart Pellet to when she woke up, it took only an eighth of an hour. The miraculous effects of the Emperor Awakening Heart Pellet made Yun Che feel as if he was dreaming.

“Where… is this?” Xia Qingyue looked all around in a daze. With a misty expression, she felt as if she was in a dream. According to her memories, they were still in Heaven Basin’s enormous beast’s darkness and cold.

She felt a gentle source of power within her body and a layer of warm power continuously rushed into every part of her body.

“Don’t get up.” Yun Che promptly reached out, pressed her shoulders down, and gently said: “This is a very safe place… don’t worry, you’re not dreaming. We’ve already escaped. I am already alright, and you will also be better soon.”

Then, he gave a simple account of the events that had occurred to Xia Qingyue; about everything that happened after escaping the enormous beast in the Heavenly Basin to arriving at this place. But his version of the events had a slightly deviation from what actually occurred. He told Xia Qingyue that he inadvertently found a space attribute treasure within the Heaven Basin enormous beast’s stomach and had escaped to here. He did not tell Xia Qingyue that this place was in fact a “fantasy world”.

As Yun Che gave his explanation, the Emperor Awakening Heart Pellet was still steadily releasing its power within Xia Qingyue’s body, restoring her originally completely exhausted profound strength at an astonishing pace. With this speed, perhaps in less than two hours, her body and profound strength would have completely recovered.

“You gave me… the Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus?” After sensing the warm power within her body, that was the only possibility that Xia Qingyue could think of.

“Mn, I was still a bit worried before. Luckily, it was like what you had said, its medicinal strength is incredibly warm. There’s no risk at all.” Yun Che said with a slight smile.


“No buts.” Yun Che interrupted her words and lightly shook his hand. Then he reached out and grabbed her delicate hands: “For the sake of saving my life, you were willing to give up your own. Why would an Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus matter. Besides, we’re a married couple, we don’t need to distinguish ourselves separately.”

Suddenly, the heart of Xia Qingyue, who had her hands gripped tightly by Yun Che, trembled slightly. She unconsciously wanted to struggle her hands free, but they were being firmly held by Yun Che. She continuously struggled several times, but she lost due to her powerlessness. She could only let him hold her hands, and her heart rate gradually increased. Even though she secretly used the Frozen Heart Arts, she was not able to suppress it.

The two had been married for a long time, but this was the first time they had held their hands together so ambiguously. Xia Qingyue’s hands were ice cold and soft; they were as tender as soft jade, so soft that they seemed to be boneless. After Yun Che held her, he was not willing to let go. The two remained silent for quite a while and both of them were afraid of talking, in fear of breaking this special mood.

Knock knock knock…

Graceful footsteps approached from the outside, and then a knock was heard. Not wanting to let go of Xia Qingyue’s hands, Yun Che asked: “Who is it?”

“Big Brother Yun Che, are you inside? It’s Ling’er.”

Su Ling’er’s free-spirited voice that seemed like a nightingale echoed through. Yun Che promptly opened the door, and saw Su Ling’er, who changed into a mild green colored chiffon, charmingly stand outside. When she saw Yun Che, she happily smiled: “Big Brother Yun Che!”


Author’s Note: This chapter is a bit short… allow me to think for a while, prepare for a fight!!

A main character who doesn’t fight cannot be the main character… How much do you think the main character’s wife could evolve?

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