ATG – Chapter 262

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Chapter 262 – Su Hengshan

“What happened? Why is your mind fluctuating so violently?” Jasmine suddenly asked. She felt that Yun Che’s mind was in an unprecedented level of turmoil, so much that she could even distinctly hear the violent “badump” “badump” sounds of Yun Che’s heart beating.

Azure Cloud Continent… 1999 Profound Year… 10 years old… Su Ling’er… the scar… the same name… similar complexion… and the style of speech that’s exactly the same…

All of this weaved within Yun Che’s mind chaotically, causing his spirit to tremble incomparably violently. This was because everything that happened pointed towards one possibility… Without caring whether or not he would frighten the girl, he suddenly reached out and lifted her dress and undergarments. On the upper end of her delicate right knee, he saw two small, crimson birthmarks side-by-side…

“Ling’er… you’re Ling’er… you’re Ling’er… you’re Ling’er… YOU’RE LING’ER!!”

The instant he saw those two birthmarks, Yun Che’s last emotional barrier completely collapsed. The blood in his body bubbled up, golden stars lined his vision, and he almost fainted on the spot! The things in the deepest recesses of his mind and spirit began to stir violently: grief, bitterness, pain, sorrow… All these feelings milled forward, and his eyes instantly grew hazy with tears. The moment his emotions crumbled, he suddenly hugged the girl, and held on firmly, as if he were embracing his entire world.

“Ah…” The girl, who was completely unaware of the raging waves of emotion in Yun Che’s heart, was startled by Yun Che’s sudden action and change of heart. However, as for Yun Che’s sudden tight embrace, for some reason, she didn’t feel any rejection at all. After quite a while, she said feebly: “Big Brother Yun Che, it hurts, you’re hugging me too tightly, uu…”

Right now, every single one of this girl’s words was like heavenly music from his dreams to him. Every aspect of her tightly linked to his spirit and lifeline. Hearing her voice, Yun Che loosened his arms practically in fright, then grew afraid that this would scare her, and hurriedly released his arms. But his hands still lightly rested on her thin shoulders, seeming as though he was afraid that if he didn’t hold on to her, she would disappear right in front of him.

She’s Ling’er… My Ling’er…

Then… All of this, is indeed a dreamscape brought by the Evil God?

A dreamscape is alright! As long as I can see my Ling’er again, even if it’s a dreamscape, I’m willing to stay asleep forever…

“Big Brother Yun Che, why did you cry all of sudden?” The girl’s heart was filled with bewilderment, but seeing the tear stains on Yun Che’s face, her eyes filled with pity. She reached out, met his gaze, and lightly wiped off the teardrops on his face. She definitely didn’t know how extremely precious every one of Yun Che’s tears was, and that they had gushed for her.

“I’m… I’m alright. Only… only, some sand got in my eyes.” Yun Che shook his head and gave a clumsy excuse as he tried to hold his tears back. In this world, the only thing that could cause his state of mind to go out of control so thoroughly was Su Ling’er… even though everything in his awareness right now was an illusion. Su Ling’er could never actually appear in front of his eyes again, because his Ling’er perished in his arms back then, and he had personally buried her within that bamboo forest.

“Eh? Does it hurt a lot? Uuu… I’ll help blow into Big Brother Yun Che’s eye, alright? Once, when I was really young, some sand got in my eyes. But after Mother blew into my eye, I was completely alright.”

As the girl spoke, her pink and tender lips puckered… The Su Ling’er in front of him was so innocent and unaffected, so carefree and without worry, and her eyes were so bright and clear. Yes, the current her was still situated under the care and pampering of her close relatives. She hadn’t gone through any great changes, and still didn’t understand what sadness was, what sorrow was, what enmity was, what pain was… The Su Ling’er in his memories, with that eternally distressed and detached expression in her eyes, caused his heart to fill with needle-like pain every time he thought of her.

“It’s alright, the sand’s already gone. Look, I’m fine.” Yun Che firmly blinked at her, and his mouth formed an extremely warm smile: “What’s most important now, are the injuries on Ling’er’s leg… Everything’ll be okay in a flash, and it won’t hurt at all.”

Yun Che once again covered his hands over the girl’s bruised leg. Accompanied by a warm profound energy, the Sky Poison Pearl’s purifying force gently entered her bruise and slowly nourished it… Then, he took out a medicine bottle and delicately applied the ointment on her calf, ankle… He then swapped to her other leg, and applied the ointment on the two symmetrical scars there.

In the entire process, Yun Che’s actions were very light, as if he was touching a beautiful and frail crystal doll. With Yun Che’s medical expertise, this little injury could not even be injury, but in order for Su Ling’er to not even feel a sliver of pain, he used his all to focus his mind. Painstaking effort was concentrated within every one of his movements. After the entire process, he looked even more exhausted than a patient nearing death. However, he gladly suffered through it.

In not even half a quarter of an hour, the bruise on Su Ling’er’s ankle and calf had miraculously disappeared completely. Even the scar on her leg had also lightened by a lot. In at most three days, it would also completely disappear. Su Ling’er shook her leg a little, and then cried out in surprise: “Wah! It doesn’t hurt anymore! Not even a little! Big Brother Yun Che, you’re seriously too awesome!”

The girl looked in his eyes with a gaze full of brilliantly shining stars. The admiration she felt for Yun Che had sharply risen by a substantial amount.

Yun Che used his profound energy to drive away the dirt on Su Ling’er’s shoes and socks. Then, he carefully put them back on Su Ling’er’s legs. Su Ling’er did not resist, nor did she refuse. She didn’t even feel embarrassed at all. In her heart, there contained a type of warm happiness and an odd sort of feeling that she could not say out loud… Even she herself, did not understand why that was the case.

“Ling’er! Ling’er… Where are you? Ling’er…”

Suddenly, anxious shouts sounded in the distance. And what was being shouted, was surprisingly Su Ling’er’s name.

Yun Che heard it before Su Ling’er. With a twitch of his brow, his gaze swept over, and saw a middle-aged man hastily run over. He was in a panic, his hair was disheveled, and the clothes on his body were rather worn out. However, there was a type of calm and mighty upper class feeling could be captured on his bearing.

He’s… Su Ling’er’s father?

The middle-aged man’s footsteps were lightning-fast, and he traveled over in a short time. Having heard his voice, Su Ling’er’s eyes shined as she spoke excitedly: “Papa, it’s Papa’s voice!”

She stood up suddenly, and ran over in the middle-aged man’s direction. However, after running a few steps, she turned around and looked at Yun Che, and stopped again. Standing at her former place, she beckoned at the middle-aged man: “Papa! I’m here, I’m here!!”

“Ling’er!” The middle-aged man became overjoyed, and rushed over with his fastest speed. He grasped Su Ling’er’s shoulders at once, and spoke with an extremely anxious tone: “Thank god thank god… Ling’er, why did you run to such a faraway place? Are you injured anywhere? Did anyone try to kidnap you?”

“Papa relax, even though there were bad guys, but… Big Brother Yun Che saved me. Big Brother Yun Che is really amazing. Not only did he smack those bad guys running all at once, he also made the place I fell and hurt myself not hurt at all.”

The middle-aged man’s entire heart was full concern about Su Ling’er’s safety, and when he saw her, all his attention was even more so focused on her. He had only now noticed Yun Che’s existence. He took a step forward, and said with immense gratitude: “This little brother, thank you for rescuing my daughter, this Su really is eternally grateful.”

With Yun Che’s arrogant bones, let alone middle-aged man, even if it’s a highly respected elderly person, he would ordinarily just deal with them with a straight face. But the one before his eyes was Su Ling’er’s father, which was an entirely different matter. He hastily greeted back: “Senior Su is too polite. Ling’er is kind and cute, anyone would come to her rescue if they saw her. This junior also just merely lent a hand.”

From the middle-aged man’s complexion, what Yun Che saw was the deep care and concern for Su Ling’er. At least, his fatherly love toward Su Ling’er wasn’t the least bit impure.

Yun Che’s modesty, gave the middle-aged man a very good impression. He smiled and said: “To receive such a praise from little brother here, my little girl here must be thrilled.” At this time, he noticed Xia Qingyue, who was laying there without a sound. Even though she was only silently laying there, there still remained the goddess-like beauty that would drive one into ecstasy. The middle-aged man went blank for a bit, then immediately recovered and asked: “Little brother, is this one your friend? Looking from her complexion, is she haunted by a severe illness?”

Yun Che nodded: “This is my wife. Her body has been affected by the cold, and her vitality has been severely injured. Perhaps she will remain unconscious for a very long time.”

“So that’s how it is…” The middle-aged man nodded, and inside his heart he exclaimed: The man is otherworldly handsome, the woman is as beautiful as a goddess; what a fine-looking pair! Their background definitely isn’t ordinary. Especially this woman, how can a normal family raise up such a goddess-like girl. This man’s age looks only to be seventeen or eighteen, yet his profound energy aura has already reached Spirit Profound Realm. He ought to be some disciple or even a heir of some top level sect…

As he thought till here, the middle-aged man spoke: “Little brother, you ought to have come from a foreign place, right? Do you currently have any place to stay? If you aren’t unwilling, how about staying for a few days at our Grandwake Clan? It’ll also allow this Su to express his gratitude.”

The inside of Yun Che’s heart moved. He took a glance at the unconscious Xia Qingyue, then took another glance at Su Ling’er, and said: “This junior does indeed need a place of settlement to treat my wife’s injuries… If that’s the case, then this Junior will gratefully receive Senior’s hospitality.”

“Hahahaha, do not be so modest little brother. Compare to your great kindness of saving my daughter, this isn’t considered to be much.” The middle-aged man started to laugh warmly: “Oh right, this one’s surname is Su, with the name Hengshan. Come, Little Brother Yun.”

“Big Brother Yun Che will go home together with us? That’s great that’s great that’s great!!” Su Ling’er was excited to the point of jumping. That exceptionally happy appearance made Su Hengshan feel somewhat inexplicable. He made a spoiling smile: “Not only is Little Brother Yun our benefactor, he is also our guest now. You’ll have to learn some manners, shouting and yelling like this doesn’t make you good girl, okay?”

“Heee! Papa really is naggy. Big Brother Yun Che is the bestest person, he wouldn’t complain about me.” As she spoke, Su Ling’er ran over and grabbed Yun Che’s hand and said while grinning: “Big Brother Yun Che, you promised to come back home with us, you can’t escape halfway okay?”

“Okay!” Yun Che extended his hand pushed Su Ling’er’s little nose tip with a faint smile… He really wanted to know just what kind of family was Su Ling’er born and raised in.

Su Hengshan felt somewhat puzzled for a moment. Calculating from the time, Ling’er and Little Brother Yun at most have met for half an hour at most, how did they become so close already? Moreover, looking at Ling’er’s manner, she, who usually didn’t like to meet with strangers, was exceptionally fond of Little Brother Yun… How curious.

Yun Che carried Xia Qingyue, followed behind Su Hengshan, and walked towards the “Grandwake Clan” that Su Ling’er had grown up in.

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