ATG – Chapter 258

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Chapter 258 – Finding the Hope of Life in Despair

Xia Qingyue touched her own cheeks and felt her ice cold tears.

She was stunned in place, because she couldn’t believe that she was shedding tears.

Things such as tears were too unfamiliar to her. After she wept that one time when she was four, she never shed a single tear again. Frozen Cloud Asgard’s Frozen Heart Arts made her calm under any circumstance; no happiness, grief, sorrow, or anger. Under the Frozen Cloud Arts, her heart was always cold and effective. Practically nothing could invoke a tremble in her heart… Apart from when she faced Yun Che.

…And only when she faced Yun Che.

She did not understand the reasoning behind this either.

But at this moment, after touching the tears on her own face, she finally came to a conclusion…

Her jade white hand slowly hung down and lightly touched Yun Che’s face. Her line of sight had already became fuzzy because of her tears. In this fuzziness, what she saw wasn’t a frozen stiff face, but a face that was sometimes unwavering, sometimes apathetic, sometimes overbearing, and sometimes smiling…

In her world, Yun Che was a very special existence. It was not only because they were husband and wife, but also because he was different from all the other men she had met… Those other men were either terrified and couldn’t look her in the face in front of her, or tried too hard to put on a guise of an elegant noble, but were still unable to hide their lecherous eyes, which disgusted her. Only Yun Che… was able to completely be himself in front of her. Even when he was in his most dire straits, he did not feel the slightest bit inferior to her. He was so incredibly mysterious that it felt like she wanted to completely understand everything about a man for the very first time. Sometimes, he was so calm that it amazed her, sometimes he talked and acted like a child, and sometimes he acted like a scoundrel… But she was able to instill every one of his aspects into her heart, and then accidentally recalled them one time after another…

Only, she was a person who was destined to chase after the peak of the profound road. To achieve this height, she was willing to let go of everything and naturally expel those images which were subconsciously imprinted in her heart…

Except, in this world, not everything was controllable through willpower alone.

After the first tear dropped, her eyes became stream that overcame all its obstacles. Streaks of tears flowed down uncontrollably and quickly moistened her entire face.

“Yun Che… You don’t need to wait for the next life… In fact… on the Sword Discourse Arena, when you defeated me, you had already conquered me…”

“No matter how much I meditate… I couldn’t genuinely completely seal away all of my emotions. My constant indifference was merely my own selfish way of escaping…”

“At that time, for the sake of opening all of my profound entrances, you used more strength than you could bear and almost permanently damaged yourself. If not for you, the Xia Qingyue today would not exist… You have fought with all your might on the Sword Discourse Arena only for the sake to prove that you are qualified to be my husband. You would rather use extra energy and intensify your internal injuries to divert the direction of your attack than harm me… And right now, you protected me for my sake again, with all your strength and life force… You’re obviously very smart, but do you actually believe after doing all this for a girl… that there would still be a girl who wouldn’t be conquered by you…”

Xia Qingyue slowly stood up and placed both her hands on her chest. She shut her eyes and lightly said: “Yun Che, you’re the man who I, Xia Qingyue, had married. How can you just die like this… As a husband, you did many things for me, and I never bore any responsibility as your wife…”

“At least this one time, I want to let you know… I, Xia Qingyue… am willing to be your wife…”

A dim ray of blue light emerged slowly from Xia Qingyue’s body and gradually became more concentrated. Its illumination made this ice-cold area seem extra illusionary. These blue lights lasted a long time until Xia Qingyue drew it out and gathered all of it into both her hands, and condensed it into gaudy, icy bristles of blue light within her jadelike hands.

Xia Qingyue gently stooped down and laid both her hands over his stomach. She had a bewildered expression as she silently watched the blue light flow out like water onto Yun Che’s stomach enter within his body bit by bit… Very quickly, a layer of dim blue colored halo of light appeared over the surface of his body.

When the light dimmed, a weak and gentle light illuminated the incredibly tranquil face of Xia Qingyue. She lightly shut her eyes. At this very moment, she was indescribably beautiful.


Yun Che had already fallen into the abyss of death. Before the moment his consciousness had completely faded, he believed that he would never wake up again.

But under the abyss of death, he suddenly started sensing the existence of his body. The ice cold sensation on the surface of his body became clearer and clearer, and was no longer as unbearably cold as before…

Did I arrive in an icy hell?

…Before he died, he killed many people; after death, he was going to go to hell no matter what…

Yun Che felt a sharp pain slowly being transmitted from his chest that made his consciousness become increasingly awake. Little by little, he opened his eyes and barely caught a glimpse of a few weak rays of blue light.

“You’re finally awake, hmph! You didn’t die even like this, your life is really tenacious.”

The sound of Jasmine’s voice echoed by his ears. Although the her voice was panting with rage, it was still unable to conceal the sound of joy and relief.

“I… didn’t die?” Yun Che made great effort to open his eyes and said with a tone of disbelief. Although his internal organs were still in pain, it wasn’t like the shattering pain from before. The air was ice-cold, but it was no longer a bone-piercing cold. On the contrary, a feeling of warmth spread over the surface of his body. His five senses had been restored to normal and his four limbs had also regained their sensations. His originally completely exhausted body had also regained some strength.

“You should have died, but that girl gave all of her profound strength to you, sealed your internal injuries and isolated you from the cold air, so that you can temporarily regain consciousness. However, this is the inside of a Tyrant Profound Beast’s body, it’s simply impossible for you two to leave. Therefore, you two will still die in the end… The only difference is that the order is inverted. She is going to die before you.”

It was… Qingyue?

Her profound strength… she gave me all of it?

Yun Che’s was astonished. He clenched his teeth and suddenly supported himself up. Under the weak blue light, he saw Xia Qingyue peacefully crouching over his body. Her snow white face was incredibly calm and peaceful without a trace of emotion, but it had a slight trace of an incomprehensible satisfaction.

“Qingyue! Qing….”

Yun Che’s hand touched Xia Qingyue’s hand. Then, he withdrew it like lightning with a look of horror on his face. Because she cultivated in Frozen Cloud Arts, Xia Qingyue’s body was slightly cold already; however, it wasn’t a freezing cold, but a rather refreshing cold. But now, Xia Qingyue’s body was as cold as profound ice.

“She used all her profound strength to moderate your internal injuries, help you withstand the cold, and restore your vitality. She doesn’t have any profound strength left to protect her own body and simply cannot withstand the cold air here. If it wasn’t for her body being accustomed to the frigid cold all year round, then she might have already froze to death before you woke up. However right now, she is at her last breath… This is an ice attributed Tyrant Profound Beast, the cold air within its body is severe. It is simply something you two cannot hope to resist!” Jasmine said coldly with furrowed brows.

“Qing… yue…”Yun Che got up with great difficulty and slowly touched Xia Qingyue’s cheeks with his hands… His movements were very very soft since the Xia Qingyue right now was like an icy beauty that would break on contact. It made one’s heart ache and suffocate.

She, who was obviously cold and detached towards him from the start was willing to quietly protect him before his severe injuries had healed, and when he met great danger, was willing to leave with him… Now, she was willing to risk her own life in order to save him.

He never understood why she was cold and indifferent towards him all the time, but right now, he clearly saw through her true intentions under the surface of that frozen exterior.

“Qingyue! Wake up quickly… Qingyue… Wake up!”

He gently shook Xia Qingyue’s upper body and worriedly shouted for her to get up. He immediately had an idea and took out a large pile of clothes from within the Sky Poison Pearl and laid them over Xia Qingyue’s entire body until all his own clothes had been taken out… And in the end, even took out the Jasmine’s pink bed sheet to wrap them tightly over Xia Qingyue’s body.

Only, the temperature here was too terrifyingly low. The cold air permeated Xia Qingyue’s body like a nightmare and gnawed away more and more of her remaining life force.

“Not good… I must leave. Only death awaits here… Have to leave!!” Yun Che clenched his teeth with all his might and tried to get up. A sharp pain transmitted from his chest. His back and his rigid limbs weren’t completely listening to all of his orders, and made him fall down ruthlessly again. Before he struggled one more time, he suddenly discovered that in this pitch black darkness, in addition to the blue glow on the surface of his body, there was another strand of green light.

Yun Che rapidly raised his left hand and shockingly saw the Sky Poison Pearl was glowing with an illusory ray of green light.

This was the Sky Poison Pearl’s detection light, and the flickering green light was especially strong, proving that it the thing it discovered was so close to him that it was only a few steps away!

“Don’t tell me there is actually a treasure hidden inside here?” Yun Che said subconsciously.

Jasmine appeared and looked at Xia Qingyue, then looked at the shining Sky Poison Pearl and coldly said: “This ice attribute profound beast is able to open its mouth and swallow half a mountain. Swallowing an extraordinarily precious treasure is not strange at all.”

Yun Che gasped for breath with all his strength and reached out to point forward: “Jasmine, can you go take there and take a look at what the Sky Poison Pearl found… After all, the Sky Poison Pearl is emitting a very strange light time time. Not only is this time’s light intense, the frequency it is flickering at is also very high. Perhaps it’s something that it doesn’t usually find.”

“You’re dying soon, why do you still care about some strange treasure?” Jasmine’s small and exquisite brows locked in place as she said somewhat angrily.

“I don’t care about some strange treasure… Rather, I care about any possible traces of hope!” Yun Che crudely gasped for more air and said: “There is nothing on me that can help Qingyue and I leave this place… Right now, the only thing that can save Qingyue and me is only some sort of teleportation thing… Just in case…just in case what if that precious treasure actually had a space attribute!?”

“Naive! Do you truly believe there are such coincidences in this world?” Jasmine mumbled to herself, but still walked towards the direction that Yun Che pointed in. Her exquisite and delicate red figure quickly entered the darkness… Shortly after, Jasmine suddenly let of a cry of surprise from up ahead.

Yun Che’s mind suddenly trembled. Something that made Jasmine cry out in such alarm absolutely had to be some extraordinary object. He eagerly asked: “What did you find? Is it actually a treasure with space attribute?”

Jasmine’s voice echoed through in a peculiar way: “Your life is truly tenacious to the point that makes me jealous! Although it’s not the the precious treasure with space attribute that you wanted, it could still protect you against death… It’s no wonder that an ice attribute Tyrant Profound Beast could appear here. So it actually swallowed it into its stomach! All year round, it had been absorbing its overflowing power… Yun Che! Catch, then swallow it!”

Under the half excited, half serious Jasmine’s voice, an azure blue speck of light flew out from the darkness and landed in the middle of Yun Che’s palm.

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        1. If it´s the water seed he will only be able to protect himself and his wife from the cold I think. Maybe roam through the stomach of the beast and surely he will use the lotus to restore her profound energy. But in the end the time in this dimension will be over and they will be ported back I think.

        2. This can be guessed quite easily. Water Seed -> Immune to Cold (His power will skyrocket). He then can prevent his wife from dying.
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      1. The coincidence is
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          1. True, it was explained in chapter 48

            [“The Evil God’s memories had mentioned that this Profound Sky Continent was created by the Evil God at that time; on this Profound Sky continent, he had five places of refuge. Before his downfall, he left five “Seeds” in these respective five places. It also clarified that….” Jasmine took a glance at Yun Che: “Only those who had inherited his power, would be able to find them!”

            “That means, only we will be able to find them?” A wave of excitement hit Yun Che, and he hurried said: “What exactly are those five seeds? Are they powerful? And how am I supposed to find them?”]

        2. If you remember the seed cannot be absorbed by non evil god veins peoples but it is beneficial for them. The fire seed had an emperor dragon who only lived next to it.

          1. The Seed cannot be absorbed as in dissolve into the beasts body and profound energy.
            But it could very well be absorbed as in being transferred into its veins like food and then be transferred by the blood flow or the profound energy flow to a more vital place where the Seed´s power would be even more efficient like close to the heart or brain.
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          In the darkness, he experienced countless canyons and incredibly long tunnels. He closed his eyes and maintained “Sealing Cloud Locking Sun” with all his strength during this process, because this was the only thing they could rely on to not be smashed to bits during these courses of events.

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        1. You’re thinking of the evil god VEINS, not the SEEDS.

          The profound veins are generated from the drop of the evil god’s blood, and it is extremely painful and resets your cultivation and destroys/renews your profound veins.

          The seeds on the other hand are very comfortably consumable for people with the evil god’s inheritance.

          1. They also not only give you power over the element and immunity but increase your profound strength so he’ll definitely get into spirit realm from it and maybe leap to earth realm straight after with the lotus.

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    1. The coincidence part is that he did not go there looking for it specifically. Yun Che didn’t do any detective work to find it — the Earth Dragon cave, the Phoenix cave, nor the Fire Seed either. All the ducks lined up on their own.

      Finding it there is not a surprise to us. That was pretty obvious — a bout every reader expected him to find it in the basin even before it was revealed to open into a winter wonder hell. He’s fated to encounter these things in times of greatest danger (they were placed in dangerous places after all). It’s just a little unsatisfying that he’s not a bit more proactive about it.

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        1. By accident? No, Che fought for those things.

          The sky pearl was inherited, but he went through great pains to hold onto it, eventually leading to his death in his other life.

          The heavenly basin ticket was only earned through his countless life and death experiences/training that he accumulated over the past 1-1.5 years

          The thing he couldn’t really control was the tyrant profound beast, but given the nature of the heavenly basin, it’s not strange that supreme experts and treasures are found side by side.

          1. by accident i mean about locations of those trials but yes indeed in the end he has to go through hell inside, just finding it is not enough.

      3. Actually, you are wrong, Yun Che already thought that there was something like a divine beast’s Trial, because the Wasteland Of Death, same as the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range (i think it was like that), had become a place filled with profound beasts, in the exactly same layered way, just that he didn’t purposely try to reach the center because, unlike the Mountain Range, at the inner parts of the Wasteland Of Death, there actually were Sky Profound Beasts.

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  14. “Naive! Do you truly believe there are such coincidences in this world?” Jasmine mumbled to herself, but still walked towards the direction that Yun Che pointed in. Her exquisite and delicate red figure quickly entered the darkness… Shortly after, Jasmine suddenly let of a cry of surprise from up ahead.

    Don’t underestimate the mc plot armor, hahahahaha. We all knew he was going to get the water evil good seed here, it was the only way he would be saved. So, now his strength will rise a bit and he will be able to survive, nice, nice, and he will also be invulnerable to ice and be able to use the asgard arts.

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