ATG – Chapter 235

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Chapter 235 – Otherworldly Beauty

Xia Qingyue was completely trapped within the sword formation. Her front, back, left, right and above, were all filled with extremely sharp sword light. If it were someone else, when facing such a scary formation that should not have been used by such a youth, that person would probably shudder in fear. However, in her crystal clear eyes, there was no hint of hesitation. Her petite figure floated as though she was as light as clouds, and as she waved her ice crystal sword, several ice lotuses blossomed around her. Each lotus was several times bigger than the previous one, and the coldness released from the lotus coagulated the air. The surrounding temperature dropped at a frightening pace.

“Eh?” Ling Yuefeng original calm face suddenly changed. More than ten gigantic ice lotuses exploded out at the same time. This was definitely not something capable of someone in the eighth level of the Spirit Profound Realm… Ling Yun did not release all his strength previously, but obviously, Xia Qingyue hadn’t either!


The numerous sword beams gathered together and attacked the ice lotus. Some of the sword beams shattered immediately while the others were sealed with ice within the petals of the lotus flower, unable to proceed on any further. Previously, Ling Yun could shatter the ice lotus with the wave of his sword. Now however, the gigantic ice lotuses had already been attacked by thousands of sword beams, yet not one flower withered. In the blink of an eye, each ice lotus was stabbed full with ice sealed sword beams and the sword beams that had not been touched by the ice lotuses all gathered and stopped around Xia Qingyue.

One could imagine how frightening the coldness of the ice lotuses were when seeing them sealed Ling Yun’s sword beams that was transformed from his profound strength and sword intent.

This was a scene no one had expected. Ling Yun was even more shocked by this. Previously, he had exchanged several hundred moves with Xia Qingyue. However, he did not want to let her lose too quickly and become embarrassed, hence, he did not use his full strength. Originally , he was fully confident that he could end the battle quickly. Never did he expect his move to be completely blocked by his opponent, as not one sword beams touched her body.

Ling Yun’s reaction was extremely fast. Seeing his sword beams being sealed in ice, his eyes flashed with sword light, and his body rushed out like lightning. He grabbed the air and instantly, the Celestial Yuan Sword returned into his hands. In that instant, a cyan light flashed from the Celestial Yuan Sword as he instantaneously vanished from everyone’s line of sight…

A stream of cyan light flashed past. Seemed like a shooting star that fell from heavens, it immediately disappeared from the Sword Discourse Arena… The shooting star slashed all the ice lotuses in half and also streaked past Xia Qingyue’s body……


The ice lotuses and their sealed sword beams all shattered at the same time, filling the sky with ice crystals. It seemed as if it was currently hailing in the center of the Sword Discourse Arena. Ling Yun’s body also appeared about thirty meters behind Xia Qingyue… When everyone had finally refocused onto Ling Yun’s new location, everyone was overwhelmed with shock. Other than a few strong elders, no one could clearly figure out how he had gotten to that location. All they could see was a cyan light suddenly flashing past their eyes.

No words could explain the astonishment from this one move.

“So… fast.” Yun Che spoke in a speechless manner. He could feel that the speed of the flash was not a profound movement skill. Instead, it came from the Celestial Yuan Sword! For normal people, the person moves the sword. But the previous move of Ling Yun’s, was the massive sword intent moving the sword with the person! It was not the person controlling the sword!

The hand the was held horizontally in front of him was lowered slowly as Ling Yun whispered: “Please give up. Even though you are several times stronger than expected, you still aren’t a match for me. I do not want to injure you, fairy…”

As he spoke, he slowly turned around. Just as he completely turned to face Xia Qingyue, his voice was suddenly stuck in his throat and his was unable to say another word. His originally calm expression was suddenly stunned. Even his mind turned blank, as his vision and mind was left with an illusion of a sky that seemed to be from an imaginary world…

Following a long cut, Xia Qingyue’s right sleeve drooped, and it revealed half of her snow white jade arm. But Ling Yun’s sword did not only cut off half her sleeve.

In the wake of a cold breeze, Xia Qingyue’s snow white face veil slowly floated down, and her originally covered face was revealed to everyone present.

The entire Sword Discourse Arena instantly turned silent as everyone present became breathless.

Xia Qingyue’s skin was exceptionally white but it wasn’t the pale white that would make people uncomfortable. It was as white as pure snow with a flawless and glowing whiteness. Although the light from the sun was not glaring, the luster of her snowy skin was so flawless that it made people awestruck. Her skin looked like it was snow during a winter day with plenty of sunshine. Her half revealed arm due to her slashed sleeve, was as flawless as clear jade. It was suffocatingly beautiful.

Ignoring everything else, her snow white flawless skin alone was able to capture the souls of even man in this world!

On her snow white skin were eyebrows which were thin and long that seemed like the crescent moon. She also had deep clear watery eyes and her sweet cheeks were whiter than snow. Her dimples were beautiful like those described in poems and paintings. Her tender lips, which were a lovely pink rouge that seemed as though god himself personally drew it with utmost care, were astonishingly beautiful.

All of these gathering on one girl, displayed a beauty that made the heavens and earth, stars and moon, all pale in comparison.

The moment Xia Qingyue’s face was revealed, an absolute brilliance seemed to have obstructed every other color. Everyone’s breathing stopped and it was as though their hearts had stopped beating. In their hearts, they echoed a similar phrase…

Was she a goddess that descended from heaven… How could there be such an absolute beauty in this world…..

The ones that had the largest reactions were no doubt the young profound practitioners. They had been completely transfixed and their souls seemed as if they had unknowingly flew outwards. Even those clan heirs, who usually did not lack beauties around them were also mesmerized as their eyes and mind could not leave Xia Qingyue’s beauty. All of them could no longer feel their own existence. Even those middle-aged men and the elders, whose hair and beard had already turned white, were awestruck and mesmerized.

Xiao Clan’s Xiao Kuanglei, Xiao Zheng and Xiao Nan all had the same expression; they stared at her as though they had lost their souls. Burning Heaven Clan’s Fen Juecheng had unknowingly stood up from his seat and his eyes were filled with an unprecedented obsession… If they already had such big reaction, obviously the others also had a huge reaction.

The calmest person in the whole arena was also the one with the weakest profound strength, Xia Yuanba.

“Woah. As expected, big sis got prettier.” Xia Yuanba uttered in a soft voice. The atmosphere around the arena had suddenly became strange, causing him to look left and right, before looking at Yun Che. He muttered in confusion: “Everyone looks so weird… Even Brother-in-law too.”

When he had initially saw her during their wedding, Yun Che was already pleasantly surprised. Today, he was deeply shocked. A mere eighteen months could bring such a huge change to a girl’s looks. Sixteen year old Xia Qingyue was already beautiful beyond the likes of any normal girl. Now, she was seventeen and a half. With the nourishment from Frozen Cloud Asgard’s ice and snow, she could only be described as beautiful beyond the mortal world, which had made even him, stare blankly.

This was also one of the reasons why she was wearing a face veil.

Not only men, even a woman like Cang Yue was deeply amazed by her beauty. Even though she also possessed an absolute beauty with a very noble status to match, in front of a goddess that should not be in the human realm, she felt ashamed of her looks for the first time. Even though she knew she should not have such a feeling, she had a sense of inferiority. Looking at Xia Qingyue’s demeanor, such a feeling uncontrollably came over. As she turned to look at Yun Che’s dazed expression, she extended her arm and tightly grabbed onto his sleeve…

Some of the elders who had attended the ranking tournament thirty years ago would realize that this scene was very similar to when Chu Yuechan’s face veil dropped at that time… At that time, the same scene had replayed itself on the same stage thirty years later. Similarly, it was caused by a disciple from Frozen Cloud Asgard.

Silently looking at the reactions of the crowd and remembering the heartache from that time, caused tears to well up in Ling Yuefeng’s eyes. In his reminiscences, he did not realise that Xuanyuan Yufeng was staring at him. His reaction made her slowly frown. After that, she turned and looked at her son Ling Yun… He was the closest to Xia Qingyue. From his eyes, he revealed a unprecedented dreamy look. Such a look did not even appear when he conquered the Celestial Yuan Sword at the young age of seventeen.

Xuanyuan Yufeng’s chest rose drastically, as she spoke in a low voice: “Frozen Cloud Asgard… You harmed my husband in the past… Now… You’re going to harm my son… Do you want to make him follow his father’s footsteps…”

She spoke in a very soft manner which only she herself could hear. In her voice, one could sense a feeling similar to hatred, but it was more of jealousy! A woman’s jealousy, did not only occur between similarly aged people. Looks were always the most important thing woman cared about. Xuanyuan Yufeng was already fifty one, but as a profound practitioner in the later half of the Sky Profound Realm, she looked no older than thirty. If she dressed up younger, she could definitely pull off as Ling Yun’s younger sister. Her looks, were also above average. However, one would have to consider what she was comparing with… Compared to most other girls, she was a true beauty. However, when compared with Xia Qingyue…

To put it bluntly, it would be like comparing mud and the most colorful of clouds.

Ling Yun’s attack could be said to be world-shocking. The face veil dropping was also something that Xia Qingyue did not expect. Seeing the crowd’s reaction, she faintly sighed. Lifting her snowy hand, she brought out a new ice veil to cover her face, once more covering up the absolute beauty that made the heavens and earth pale in color while dulling the sun and moon.

The most beautiful image in the world being mercilessly covered brought countless people back to their senses.

“Is… Is… Is she a goddess…” A disciple of one of the sects muttered stupidly while in a daze.

“Woman… Can actually this beautiful to such an extent? I felt my soul leave my body just now… The legendary Princess Snow… Could at most be this much…”

“Princess Snow? Who’s Princess Snow?”

“What? You don’t even know the top beauty of Profound Sky Continent, Princess Snow? She is the sole daughter of the current emperor of Divine Phoenix Empire. When she was thirteen, she was publicly recognized as the top beauty in the continent and was labeled by her people as ‘the beloved child of heavens’, ‘the pearl of Divine Phoenix Empire’, ‘the treasure god gave to Divine Phoenix Empire’. Within the Divine Phoenix Empire, her existence is like a religion’s.”

“People from Divine Phoenix Empire might not know who their emperor is, might not know what the Divine Phoenix Sect is, but they all definitely know of Princess Snow! Rumor has it that several top painters wanted to paint a portrait of Princess Snow but no one was able to do it. When the top painter in Divine Phoenix Empire had seen Princess Snow, he threw his paint brush immediately and claimed that even if all the painters in the world gathered, no one would be able to properly represent her charm…”

“Whoa! Only thirteen and named the top beauty in Profound Sky Continent, could it be an over exaggeration? Could she be more beautiful than Fairy Xia?”

“…. No idea… But it can’t be possible? Fairy Xia is already beautiful beyond my dreams. I really cannot believe there can be anyone in this world more beautiful than her…”

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