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Chapter 200 – Heavenly Sword Mountain Range

With a dazed expression, Yun Che’s mouth slightly gaped open…

He wasn’t surprised because of Chu Yuechan’s title of “Number One Beauty”. With her absolutely breathtaking looks, this title was fully deserved. He was not surprised that she was one of “Frozen Cloud’s Seven Fairies”, and even ranked first. After all, she had strength that was half a step into the Emperor’s Profound Realm. He had also vaguely guessed this point before.

However, he never would thought that she would have this many admirers, and they would all be so grand. Not counting the rest, included amongst them were Xiao Sect’s current Sect Master, Heavenly Sword Villa’s current Villa Master, and even Blue Wind’s Emperor, Cang Wanhe… Of these three, whose reputation was not earth-shaking?

Since even these three admired Chu Yuechan, the total number of men that were foolishly in love with Chu Yuechan would obviously be a number that would shock a person to death.

And if these men knew that their “Fairy of Frozen Beauty” had been given up to him, would he not have to…

Thinking of this, Yun Che almost broke out in a cold sweat.

“Junior Brother Yun, what’s the matter?” Suddenly feeling like Yun Che’s body had trembled a little, Cang Yue lifted her head and looked at him in worry.

“No… Nothing, the wind is large, it’s a bit cold.” Yun Che said vaguely, and then probed, “Then… Since so many people admire her, has she taken a fancy to any? Since the quality of the men that admire her are all…” Yun Che swallowed, “Really high.”

“No.” Cang Yue shook her head gently, “I’ve heard that Chu Yuechan and her sister were all alone in the world with no support since young. When they were very young, they were picked up by the Mistress of Frozen Cloud Asgard. The women of the Frozen Cloud Asgard all have hearts of ice, and will not develop feelings for another. Of course, Chu Yuechan is that way too. Also, she seems to despise men from the way she always turns down her admirers ruthlessly, and how she even might kill them. In addition to that, both her own strength as well as the Frozen Cloud Asgard acts as deterrence, so nobody can ever force her. Therefore, for all these years, there has never been a single person who could get in her good graces. There has never even been a man who could get the chance to live with her.

“Oh.” Yun Che nodded and silently let out a breath of relief. He had almost let the word “thankfully” slip out, “You just mentioned that she still had a younger sister?”

“Mn, her sister is named Chu Yueli, and she’s one of the Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies, ranked at number five. Similarly, she’s also a Frozen Cloud beauty, and they are jointly named the “Chu Yue Ultimate Duo”. However, just like Chu Yuechan, nobody has ever been able to get her affection… Junior Brother Yun, why did you suddenly ask about Chu Yuechan? Is it that… you’ve seen her?” Just when she had finished asking, Cang Yue denied it herself, “That can’t be, Chu Yuechan usually resides deep within Frozen Cloud Asgard. And it is said that even if she appears, she would wear a veil, and would never let anyone see her face. Could it be that you’ve heard some news related to her from somewhere?”

“Mn. I suppose it counts as that.” Yun Che replied, waves rippling in his heart… To be with Lan Xueruo, he’d have to face a Fen Juecheng. But if he wanted to completely get Chu Yuechan…

Aiyah, dammit! Without even talking about Chu Yuechan’s level, a bunch of those overwhelmingly prestigious men had been madly in love with her for half their lives, had not even gotten a good look of Blue Wind’s number one beauty, yet they had been wiped clean by a junior. If these men were to know, they wouldn’t even stop at killing him; feeding the dogs after tearing him to pieces would be considered light.

The wind rushed in his ears. Looking down to get a bird’s eye view, the large expanse of land beneath was blurry and stretched to the boundaries of the intersect of heaven and earth. The Giant Snow Eagle’s wings stopped flapping, and they glided in the wind, flying forward as fast as lightning…


The Heavenly Sword Mountain Range was located within the Blue Wind Empire’s borders but it was not under the jurisdiction of the Blue Wind Imperial Family. Rather, it solely belonged to the Heavenly Sword Villa. This was originally land that belonged to the Blue Wind Empire, and it had been named the Heavenly Cloud Mountain Range, but after the Heavenly Sword Villa had become the greatest influence in the empire, the Imperial Family had completely granted it to them in a bid to win them over. And thus, Heavenly Sword Villa renamed the Heavenly Cloud Mountain Range to the Heavenly Sword Mountain Range.

The Heavenly Sword Mountain Range spanned a distance of four hundred kilometers from north to south, and four hundred fifty kilometers from east to west. Its main peak reached a several thousands of meters tall, and was named “The Sword that Penetrates the Peak of the Sky”. Disregarding all those short mountains, there were still six subsequent summits that were over three thousand meters tall.

Ever since Heavenly Sword Villa had been situated as such, a hundred thousand years had past, and significant changes had happened to the entire Heavenly Sword Mountain Range. Looking over from afar, a terrifying aura seemed to come over, assaulting the senses, it was as if the entire mountain range was surrounded by waves of icy, sharp sword energy that people could only look from afar but not dare to approach.

“…Heavenly Sword Villa is situated within the main summit and the six subsequent summits. The entire Villa stretches on for more than twenty five kilometers.”

Up high above, the Giant Snow Eagle had already begun its descent as Cang Yue pointed at the summits before them that reached through the clouds while explaining to Yun Che.

“More than twenty five kilometers? Can that still be called a Villa? It’s practically a small city.” Yun Che said in surprise.

Cang Yue continued speaking, “This entire mountain range belongs to the Heavenly Sword Villa. Without permission, nobody is able to step foot into this enormous mountain range at all. Within this huge mountain range is an endless supply of all sorts of hidden treasures, gemstones, herbs, Profound Beast Areas that had been specially left behind, as well as many naturally existing or otherwise established training and trial grounds. Of course, there must also be secret places that nobody else knows of.”

Yun Che was speechless. The Heavenly Sword Villa’s generous inside information could be said to be unimaginable.

It was already nearing evening. The start of the ranking tournament was scheduled to be tomorrow afternoon, and by calculations, they would still be able to reach there in time.

“Heavenly Sword Villa’s current Villa Master is named Ling Yuefeng, and this year, he’s fifty one years old. He is the youngest in Blue Wind Empire to have reached the highly regarded Emperor Profound Realm within these three hundred years. The year he was forty seven, he had broken through the pinnacle of the Sky Profound Realm and officially stepped into the Emperor Profound Realm, throwing the entire Blue Wind Empire into a huge uproar. My father had even personally visited him to give his congratulations.” Cang Yue playfully stuck out her pink tongue and said very directly, “Wow, the Emperor Profound Realm! I’ve heard that everyone in that Realm are called ‘Throne’. Even in my entire lifetime, I’ll never be able to reach that realm. I’d heard that even above that is the Tyrant Profound Realm’s ‘Overlord’ and Sovereign Profound Realm’s ‘Monarch’. It’s really hard to imagine what sort of feeling reaching that sort of realm would be.”

“Fifty one years old?” Yun Che revealed doubt, “I remember that the Young Villa Master of the Heavenly Sword Villa, Ling Yun, is only twenty years old, and the second son Ling Chen is only fifteen… Oh, he should already be sixteen. Ling Yuefeng only had his first child at thirty one years of age? Or could it be that above Ling Yun, there’s still another brother?”

“Ling Yuefeng did indeed only have his first son at the age of thirty one, and that would be Ling Yun. He had married the current Villa Mistress when he was thirty, and it wasn’t because he was so crazy about training that he refused to marry, but rather…… Guess.” Cang Yue’s intonation changed, and her beautiful brows lifted slightly as she looked at him smilingly.

Yun Che muttered lightly, saying, “Could it be because of…… Chu Yuechan?”

“Hehe, so smart!” Cang Yue’s lips curved up and she giggled while saying, “I’d heard from Father that not only did Ling Yuefeng have shocking innate talent, and was selected behind closed doors to be Villa Master of Heavenly Sword Villa at eighteen years of age, he was also outstandingly handsome, his appearance was like jade, and even his temperament was refined and scholarly. He did not show traits like arrogance, willfulness or bossiness that were frequently innate in heirs to large aristocratic families. He could’ve been said to be flawlessly perfect and countless of young girls had been infatuated with him then. Some even vowed that if they could not marry him, they would never marry in their entire life. But during the year he was twenty, he saw the then only fifteen year old Chu Yuechan, and from then on, he became wholeheartedly a fool in love. Just to get a glimpse of her face, he had went to Frozen Cloud Asgard seventy times in ten years. For Chu Yuechan, he was willing to set himself as low as sand, and even implored the lowest ranked maid in Frozen Cloud Asgard….”

“One who has seen the world does not stop at small things. Seeing that level of woman oftentimes is not a boon, but rather, a curse. This Ling Yuefeng, could as a matter of fact, be counted as a person who has been foolish in love.” Yun Che said very awkwardly. In his heart, however, he was cursing torrentially… Ling Yuefeng, you are already an old man of over fifty years. My Little Fairy didn’t take a fancy to you then, so she even more so can’t possibly take a fancy to you now!

“Not only did Chu Yuechan not give him any chance, she did not meet with him even once either. After persevering for ten years, it wasn’t known if he was disheartened or if he had no choice but to go back to succeed in the position as Villa Master but he married a wife and had kids in the Heavenly Sword Villa, succeeded as Villa Master, and no longer went to the Frozen Cloud Asgard.”

As they were speaking, the Giant Snow Eagle was already descending, and the Heavenly Sword Villa’s largest mountain entrance had already vaguely appeared in their line of sight.

“Look, we’re almost there. Palace Chief Qin and Yuanba are still behind us, so let’s wait for a while first and then go down together.”

Heavenly Sword Mountain Range, in front of the main mountain gate.

A party of seven moved forward together. Three old and four young, they climbed the stone steps to reach the front of the mountain gate. Amongst the four youths, the oldest looked to be about twenty three to twenty four years old, while the youngest looked only eighteen to nineteen. Although they were young, the profound energy aura surrounding these people was shockingly thick, and the concentration of extreme power between their brows was even more so, enough to make an overwhelming majority of those at the same age feel ashamed of their own inferiority. Of the three elders who were walking together, two looked to be around fifty years old and the other’s beard and hair were completely white. He looked to be already seventy or eighty, but his face seemed to be completely unwrinkled and his eyes were as calm as ice with practically no trace of aging.

“Seven esteemed guests, please enter.” A Heavenly Sword disciple who was guarding the mountain gate walked forward and said politely, “May I know if seven esteemed guests came to participate in the ranking tournament? Please display your invitation letter and your entry certification.”

“Please verify.” The middle aged person handed over the invitation letter and name list over, and said lightly.

The Heavenly Sword disciple took the proffered invitation letter and name list, and glanced through it quickly. After which, his gaze became slightly more respectful, “So it’s Xiao Sect’s seven noble guests, pardon the disrespect. Please come in. Walk forward five kilometers and you will reach the Villa…”

After finished speaking, he handed the invitation letter and name list back to the seven and moved aside. The person in the lead nodded slightly and brought the other six through the mountain gate.

After the seven had left, that Heavenly Sword disciple quickly said to the person beside him, “Zi Mo, go report to the Villa Master quickly and say that the Xiao Sect have already arrived. Xiao Sect’s leader, Xiao Juetian has personally brought the group over, and with him are the Sword Sect’s Chief Elder, Xiao Boyun and Medicine Sect’s Chief Elder Xiao Wuji. Xiao Kuangyu, who was ranked third in the last tournament is also here, and it’s probably to accompany them. The three who are taking part in the tournament are Xiao Juetian’s third son, Xiao Kuanglei, Xiao Boyun’s youngest son Xiao Zhen, as well as Xiao Wuji’s oldest grandson Xiao Nan. Go!”

“Yes.” The Heavenly Sword disciple who had been addressed as “Zi Mo” answered quickly and quickly retreated to a quiet corner to relay this information to Heavenly Sword Villa through sound transmission.

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    Strange questions I know, but, from the personality of Yun Che I wouldn’t have thought that he could say something like that. I thought his feelings for Xueruo were true (well, apparently he maybe can like multiple women at the same time.)

    And the “culture” in this LN doesn’t imply that men get multiple women, so for now I find it strange and a bit incoherent with the universe if he is with mutiple women…

  13. If His wife, cang yue and chi yuechan all gather around Yun Che at one moment I’m interested to see what happens, because after figuring out he opened all 54 profound veins I bet his wife is going to be a lot less cold to him so we might be able see some cat fights

  14. Our MC’s list of things to do.

    1. win the tournament.
    2. marry the princess…and dump her in the harem.
    3. reach sovereign lvl.
    4. save Jasmine, marry her, dump her in the harem.
    5. acquire all the evil god remains.
    6. save little aunt, marry her, dump her in the harem.
    7. conquer the frozen god asgard school marry all the women, dump them in the harem
    8. invent viagra! (high priority!)

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