ATG – Chapter 198

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Chapter 198 – Receiving the Flaming Sword Unarmed

Once Fen Juechen entered the Blue Wind Profound Palace, he immediately took the first position of the Heavenly Profound Ranking, and no one dared to move him. With the addition of his shocking background, in the Blue Wind Profound Palace, he was a god-like existence in many disciple’s eyes. They could only admire and yearn to be like him; no one dared to provoke him.

To dare to speak like this to him, Yun Che was definitely the only one! Even the other completely arrogant people, such as Feng Bufan and Fang Feilong, definitely would not dare to do so.

Fen Juechen wasn’t angry in the slightest after hearing Yun Che’s words; his emotions didn’t fluctuate at all. Because, in his eyes, the person in front of him simply did not have the qualifications to make him angry. He lightly spat out three words: “With just you?”

“Yes, with just me!” Contrary to Fen Juechen, Yun Che didn’t conceal his anger at all. His view of Fen Juechen had also changed immediately. The first time he encountered Fen Juechen, he only felt a deeply-ingrained, astonishingly heavy aura of arrogance. But at this time, he finally realized that not only was this Fen Juechen arrogant, he was crazy, and crazy with a type of “contempt”. After all, he came from the Burning Heaven Clan —— one of the top sects within Blue Wind Empire. Born from this type of clan, he had a clear concept of “superior people” and “inferior people” since a very young age. In the Blue Wind Profound Palace, perhaps, everyone he saw was an inferior person. To him, personally teaching an “inferior person” a lesson was regarded as right and proper.

“Sigh, you two…”

These two people had met with swords drawn and bows bent at their first encounter. Qin Wushang was just about to prepare to stop them when Cang Yue gestured at him to stop, then silently shook her head at him. She was very clear that Yun Che was an extremely vindictive person; for other issues, he would concede and not argue, but hurting those close to him would seriously provoke his anger.

If this happened, no matter who he was facing, he definitely would not leave the matter at that.

“You don’t even have the qualifications.” A trace of ridicule flashed on Fen Juechen’s stiff face.

“I’m the one who decides whether I have the qualifications, not you.” Yun Che’s voice also grew cold. He walked towards Fen Juechen, and said heavily: “It looks like you don’t plan to apologize. Very well. I’ve already given you a chance, you’re the one that doesn’t want it… Now, not only do I want you to apologize to Yuanba, you must also kneel and kowtow to him!”

After speaking, Yun Che’s feet staggered. His speed explosively accelerated in an instant, and his hand grabbed at Fen Juechen’s chest.

“You’re courting death!!”

Facing Yun Che’s deliberate strike, Fen Juechen didn’t even raise his hand. A fist shot outwards, and a lump of flames suddenly ignited on top of the fist. Yun Che’s right hand suddenly formed a fist as well, colliding against Fen Juechen’s fist.


A gust of great strength that far surpassed Fen Juechen’s estimation shot over from the point their fists collided. Although Fen Juechen suddenly became alert, then immediately engaged his profound energy, he was still unable to resist that gust of tyrannical power. He was forcefully blown backwards, and was continually pushed backwards several steps after landing on the ground, thrown into disarray for a little while.

And Yun Che stood in his original position; let alone his feet, even his upper body didn’t move backwards at all.

His right hand, even his entire arm, ached dully. Fen Juechen was unable to hold back the astonishment in his heart… Because this kind of power was simply not something a profound practitioner at True Profound Realm could possess.

And as a fifth ranker of the Spirit Profound Realm, he had been put in an embarrassing position by one strike from a True Profound Realm disciple. To him, this was a humiliation he had never experienced before. As for his deeply-ingrained arrogance, this was undoubtedly a heavy trampling. His entire body emitted a feeling of boundless anger as both his eyes became incomparably cold.

And the Yun Che opposing him chose to pour oil on the fire at this time: “This is the power of the Heavenly Profound Ranking’s number one? It turns out it was only this much, it really makes one want to laugh his head off.”

“You’re courting~~ death!!!”

Fen Juechen’s “you’re courting death”, was completely different from the previous one. The first time it had been with ridicule, and this time, it had been with an ice-cold killing intent. A fiery light flashed between his hands, and an eight-foot-long crimson greatsword appeared… This sword was the Burning Heaven Clan’s sect weapon, the “Burning Heaven Sword”, and it was also the Burning Heaven Clan’s soul profound arts.

“Reveal your weapon, I’ll give you a… glorious death!” Fen Juechen said with a somber expression.

Yun Che hugged his chest, and said with a cold smile: “With you alone, you don’t have the qualifications to make me use my weapon.”


The three words this time were filled with Fen Juechen’s extreme rage and killing intent. This was the first time in his life that he, the son of the Burning Heaven Clan’s Clan Master, had been scorned in this way. Following the rise of his anger and killing intent, flames also began to ignite on the crimson flame blade.


Fen Juechen’s silhouette shook, and the crimson sword ignited with flames slashed fiercely through the air with an ear-piercing sound, turning towards Yun Che’s head. Before the sword arrived, an incomparably hot gust of air billowed over, but this kind of heat simply didn’t have any effect on Yun Che at all. On the contrary, he felt an exceptionally cozy sensation. Staring at Fen Juechen’s crimson flame blade, which was slicing towards him, he didn’t retreat or move forward, didn’t avoid it or yield to it, and didn’t counterattack. Rather, he extended his right hand outwards leisurely, grabbing directly at the crimson flame blade.

This action caused Qin Wushang, Cang Yue, and Xia Yuanba to turn pale with fright. Looking at Yun Che’s appearance, it was evident he wanted to receive Fen Juechen’s crimson flame blade unarmed!

Receiving a naked blade unarmed couldn’t be considered a rare occurrence, but that could only happen between two people with an immense difference in strength. This difference must be at least five levels! And even if this was so, it would still be accompanied by great danger.

And what kind of person was Fen Juechen? Not only was his profound strength greater than Yun Che’s, it was stronger by five levels! Furthermore, the crimson flame blade in his hands, could almost be considered an Earth Profound weapon! It was ignited with Burning Heaven Flames, which could melt steel… If this sword actually made contact, even fine steel would snap, let alone a human body.

“Junior Brother Yun, move away quickly!!”

Cang Yue yelled involuntarily, and her expression was filled with alarm. Qin Wushang was also very worried in his heart, but he was too far away from the two; even though he was a Sky Profound practitioner, he simply didn’t have time to stop them. He could only watch Yun Che’s right hand grab at Fen Juechen’s crimson flame blade with open eyes…

After, the scene directly stopped… There were no sounds of skin and flesh being cut, no signs of blood bursting forth, and no scene of Yun Che’s hand and entire arm being severed. The crimson flame blade and Yun Che’s hand were both completely fixed in place.

To be precise, Yun Che’s hand had firmly grabbed onto the balance point of the crimson flame blade, making the crimson flame blade unable to move down even a little. And the crimson flame blade wasn’t the only thing that stopped; following a flash of Yun Che’s gaze, the flames on the crimson flame blade extinguished with the speed of a rapidly falling tide, leaving no traces.

Having received the crimson flaming blade and extinguishing the Burning Heaven Flame, Qin Wushang, Cang Yue, and Xia Yuanba were deeply startled, and Fen Juechen became even more overwhelmed with horror. Taking advantage of the fact that Fen Juechen’s mind was still in disarray, Yun Che’s profound energy exploded outwards, and he forcefully grabbed at the balance point of the crimson flame blade, snatching it from Fen Juechen’s hands. He viciously kicked out with his left foot, colliding heavily with Fen Juechen’s lower abdomen. Fen Juechen let out a muffled cry, then flew backwards onto the ground.

Yun Che casually threw the crimson flaming blade behind him, charged towards the sprawled Fen Juechen like lightning, then stepped heavily on his back, causing the profound energy he had just gathered to immediately dissipate.

“Yuanba, come here to accept his kowtow apology.” Yun Che said to Xia Yuanba while stepping on Fen Juechen. His strength was extremely tyrannical, and his right foot was like a huge mountain pressing down on Fen Juechen’s back, making it so that even if he used all his energy, he still wouldn’t be able to get up.

This was an unforeseen outcome to everyone present; even Qin Wushang was stunned on the spot, let alone Xia Yuanba and Cang Yue. Having arrived from the Burning Heaven Clan, Fen Juechen, who had dominated the Blue Wind Profound Palace the entire time, had actually been defeated by the True Profound Yun Che… and it was a crushing defeat! Not to mention injuring Yun Che, his Burning Heaven Sword had actually been received unarmed!

Having heard Yun Che’s words, Xia Yuanba walked over dizzily. Just as he walked near, Yun Che’s foot suddenly moved from Fen Juechen’s back to his neck, causing his forehead to smash heavily on the ground.

“YUN ~~ CHE ~~ I’LL KILL YOU!!” Fen Juechen emitted a howl akin to that of a wild beast, and his entire body released an incomparably wild killing intent.

“Although he still hasn’t apologized, he has finally kowtowed. Yuanba, if you still haven’t vented your anger, you can come over and beat him up. I promise he won’t be able to fight back.” Yun Che continued to step on Fen Juechen, and said to Xia Yuanba with a lighthearted expression.

“It’s… it’s alright, that’s… that’s already enough.” Xia Yuanba swallowed a mouthful of saliva and hurriedly declined, not sure if he felt excitement or alarm in his heart… His own brother-in-law had actually defeated Fen Juechen this easily! Fen Juechen, number one in the Inner Palace, had actually kowtowed to him…

He felt his brain become dizzy for a moment. All this was almost as if he was in a dream.

“I’ll kill you… kill you… KILL YOU!!!”

Fen Juechen’s howls became increasingly hoarse and mournful, but no matter how loudly he screamed, he wouldn’t be able to break free from Yun Che’s trampling. At this time, a lump of flames suddenly lit on his back and shot upwards, rising to a height of three meters in an instant.

Playing with fire in front of me? Yun Che laughed coldly. His foot moved, and the flames shooting upwards suddenly charged the opposite direction, directly shattering Fen Juechen’s profound energy barrier, and burned his back.


Fen Juechen’s two eyes opened wide, and he emitted an extremely painful howl. Yun Che bent down slightly, looked down at him, and said coldly: “Fen Juechen, don’t yell so unwillingly. You can only blame yourself for everything that happened today! One who humiliates others will always be humiliated in turn. Ah… after hearing me say this, do you still want to insult someone who’s only at the Elementary Profound Realm, who has no background, who is merely an ‘inferior person’ who isn’t anything in your eyes?”

“But in my eyes, your life can’t even compare to one hair on Yuanba’s head!”

“I just don’t understand what you, Fen Juechen, can be so arrogant and crazy about. I heard you came to my Blue Wind Profound Palace after suffering a crushing defeat from your second brother Fen Juebi… From that time on, you were only a sore loser who came to the Blue Wind Profound Palace with your tail behind your back!”

“I’m younger than you, and my profound strength is also much lower than yours, yet you can’t even take three direct strikes from me. You said Yuanba is trash? Then what about you? Calling you trash would be praising you! Trash like you considers everyone else beneath yourself? What a joke!”

Every one of Yun Che’s words was like a knife gouging out a little bit of Fen Juechen’s heart. When Yun Che was finished speaking, his foot flew out, kicking Fen Juechen far away.

Fen Juechen stood up with a pale expression. Every joint in his body was filled with endless hatred, and his body turned a deathly white with killing intent and humiliation. He didn’t charge over uncontrollably; rather, he picked up the crimson flame blade, clenched his teeth, and spoke while stressing each syllable: “The humiliation… I have… suffered today… I’ll return it… a hundred times… a thousand times over!!”

After speaking, he dragged his body filled with pain, carrying a gust of unwavering killing intent and hatred, and hobbled away… He didn’t walk towards his quarters or the Profound Gathering Tower, but towards the Inner Palace exit.

Watching Fen Juechen’s silhouette, Yun Che’s eyebrows sunk, and he breathed heavily for a moment. He also had a premonition that the lesson he had taught Fen Juechen was very likely to make him a frightening enemy… A madman-like enemy, but he definitely wouldn’t regret it.

“Palace Chief Qin, sorry, I’ve forced another participating disciple away.” Yun Che said apologetically to Qin Wushang.

“This… sigh.” As matters stood, Qin Wushang simply could not blame Yun Che for anything. He could only sigh and say: “Forget it, you can’t be blamed; he’s to blame for everything that happened. After he came to the Blue Wind Profound Palace, he hasn’t put anyone in his eyes, and struck out at countless people. It was about time someone taught him a lesson. Only, what you said was a bit unnecessary, and forcing him to kowtow was… Sigh, he is the son of the leader of the Burning Heaven Clan after all, and he hasn’t experienced this kind of humiliation in his life before.”

“I did this for his own good. With his temperament, if he didn’t suffer this small loss today, he’ll definitely suffer a huge loss in the future. Hmph, after all, he’s too young.” Yun Che said lightly.

He said his last statement with an aged and experienced manner, and Cang Yue immediately smiled when she heard… because Yun Che was clearly younger than Fen Juechen.

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