ATG – Chapter 180

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Chapter 180 – Dragon God’s Trial

This was a dry and barren highland. Gazing outwards, the surroundings were full of steep-sloped mountains which pierced into the sea of clouds. The encircling mountain range surrounded the area, turning this place into an inescapable and isolated land, where even half of the emitted light-rays were blocked.

Yun Che, who passed through the ‘Gate’ of Trial and entered this place, looked at the surroundings, and frowned. The platform he was standing on was very small. It was so small that he was even able to see the extreme ends of the platform in his current position. The length of the platform was not more than a quarter of a kilometer, and its width was barely a hundred meters. The surroundings were all mountains, so there were basically no roads to walk on. And, all the mountain peaks were seemingly hidden within the clouds; even if one were to think of climbing to the top of one of them, it was absolutely impossible to do so.

“Release… me…”

Little Fairy, who was in his embrace, emitted out a frail voice, and even her right arm, the only limb she could freely move, was making a slight struggle. Yun Che knew she was not used to it, or, to be exact, she absolutely hated contact with men. He knelt down, took out a light pink-colored blanket and laid it on the floor. After that, he placed Little Fairy onto it, and said gently, “You don’t have to worry. Unless it is absolutely necessary, I will not casually touch you. Currently, we have already entered the Dragon God’s trial grounds. No matter if you’re willing or not, our current destinies, are already completely connected. If we were to successfully pass this trial, both of us will be able to live, and even obtain tremendous benefits. If we were to fail… then both of us will die.”

“But, before our failure, you must definitely not possess the thought of dying, and work hard to keep yourself alive, alright? Because this is not a trial of mine alone, rather, it’s a trial belonging to the both of us, and it relates to both of our destinies. I hope that you can give me strength and give yourself hope… Hope of not just being able to live on, but having a complete recovery of your profound veins and meridians, and even directly breaking into Emperor Profound Realm!”

Since young, Little Fairy had the qualifications to reach the absolute top, and no one of the same age was able to stand against her. She had not yet become middle-aged, but was already a half-step away from the Emperor Profound Realm. She basically spent most of her life being admired and looked up to. She was used to standing on heights where no one would even dream of, and mightily, pridefully, look down on others… But now, like a little girl being coaxed, she was being comforted by Yun Che. She was neither used to it, nor was she able to explain the sort of feeling she currently felt. She closed her eyes, and did not give any other reply, but the thought of death in her heart, had already silently disappeared a long while ago.

“You actually took my blanket and gave it to another girl. Aren’t you afraid that I will get angry?” Jasmine said a little grumpily.

“Jasmine, you have such a big heart, so you will definitely not fuss over such a small matter. Once I return to Blue Wind Imperial City, I will definitely buy you a better one.”

Jasmine snorted coldly. “Hmph! We can talk about that again once you’re able to return to the Blue Wind Imperial City with your life intact. You actually insisted on bringing this woman into the trial grounds. I really don’t know what you’re thinking! Not only will the difficulty increase, you will definitely be distracted because of her… This is the Dragon God’s trial! Its level of difficulty, is something impossible for you to imagine! In my current state, I can’t use even an ounce of my strength, you’re on your own.”

Jasmine’s voice was filled with bitterness. In her eyes, Yun Che’s decision of bringing Little Fairy into the trial grounds was undoubtedly a death-seeking move. But with her understanding of Yun Che’s personality in the one year she had been with him, this move of his, was not the least bit unexpected to her.

In the skies above, the Primordial Azure Dragon’s voice suddenly resounded:

“Welcome to the Dragon God’s trial grounds, two young humans. In this trial, there will be a total of three stages. Where you two are now, is where the first stage will be held. In front of you, is the only entrance to where the second stage will be held. Defeat all the Stone Dragon Warriors in this place, and the entrance will naturally open… I wish you two best of luck.”

As the Primordial Azure Dragon’s voice disappeared, in front of Yun Che, two balls of dirt-yellow light suddenly started to flash… Yun Che quickly took a step forward, and with his two hands, he wielded the Overlord’s Colossal Sword horizontally in front of him.

The yellow light scattered, and two figures appeared before Yun Che’s eyes. Their bodies were no different from an average person, but they seemed to be carved from stone, and looked unbelievably firm. Their heads looked half-human, and half-dragon. They were holding onto a stone spear on one hand and a stone shield on the other, as their pairs of expressionless eyes firmly locked onto Yun Che.

Are these the Stone Dragon Warriors the Primordial Azure Dragon spoke of? Yun Che’s alertness in his heart rose, but immediately after, his heart calmed. Because, he did not feel any trace of intimidation from the aura of strength emitted out from the two Stone Dragon Warriors.

“Their strength is probably at the Fourth Level of the True Profound Realm, same as you.” Jasmine said.

The two Stone Dragon Warriors had already begun to move as charged straight towards Yun Che. Their bodies were seemingly heavy, as their running steps were exceptionally deafening.

Facing enemies of the same level at the same time, to an average practitioner, was indeed very difficult. However, to Yun Che, it was fundamentally not the least bit intimidating. Because he, who possessed four great divine abilities in a single body, could completely eliminate opponents of the same level in an instant.

Yun Che waited for the two Stone Dragon Warriors to approach, and swept his sword… which, was even longer than the spears the Stone Dragon Warriors were holding. When the first Stone Dragon Warrior had only just raised its spear and took up an attacking posture, Yun Che’s sword had already smashed onto the stone spear, instantly breaking it into pieces. Then, without any loss of momentum, his sword broke into its waist… However, even at this point, there was no sign of the force behind the sword decreasing, as it continued to sweep across the air, smashing into the body of the second Stone Dragon Warrior.

The shattered bodies of the two Stone Dragon Warriors laid on the floor and then, disappeared completely in a flash of light.

Yun Che had only swung once… and in only a single breath’s time, he destroyed two Stone Dragon Warriors and a stone spear. It’s completely not exaggerated to say that, in the entire younger generation within Blue Wind Empire, it was impossible to find a second person, at the same level as Yun Che, who was capable of doing this.

After instantly defeating two opponents of the same level, Yun Che did not relax because of this. This was the Dragon God’s trial, so how could it be this easy? If the difficulty of the trial was only at this level, then it would not make sense for all of the previous hundred and twenty nine people who took the trial to lose their lives.


Not even three breaths’ time after Yun Che defeated the two Stone Dragon Warriors, in front of him, four yellow balls of light suddenly started to flash, and right after, four Stone Dragon Warriors, with exactly the same figures as the ones before, held up their spears as they charged towards Yun Che.

Although the number was increased to four, the strength of these Stone Dragon Warriors did not change and was still at the same level as Yun Che, the fourth level of the True Profound Realm. Yun Che took a step forward; his heavy sword swept across like a dragon’s tail, and with a loud bang, the four Stone Dragon Warriors which weighed at least several hundred kilos were sent flying far away. When they landed, all four of them shattered into countless pieces.

Four Stone Dragon Warriors, were still instantly eliminated. The tyranny and the attack range of a heavy sword, was something a longspear could never compare to.

Without even giving Yun Che time to wait, after the four shattered Stone Dragon Warriors disappeared, the yellow rays of light once again flashed in front of Yun Che, and this time, there were eight of them.

Eight Stone Dragon Warriors appeared in a single line in front of Yun Che. Even with these numbers, Yun Che was still not afraid. Without waiting for the Stone Dragon Warriors to attack, he took the initiative to rush towards them and swept his heavy sword across with more strength than before.


Three Stone Dragon Warriors had only just appeared, but their heads had already turned into rubble, falling upright onto the ground. At this moment, three spears came thrusting towards Yun Che from his sides. Without even looking at them, Yun Che swept his sword, then three stone spears were instantly destroyed, and the airwave brought about by the sweep forced the remaining five Stone Dragon Warriors to retreat. Right after, he sped forward and slashed three times. Three heavy bangs resounded, and the five Stone Dragon Warriors shattered one after another… In this entire process, not only were the eight Stone Dragon Warriors not able to touch Yun Che, they were not even able to approach within three steps from him.

At this moment, in Yun Che’s mind, Jasmine’s warning sounded. “Don’t attack them so ferociously. Try to limit your profound energy usage as much as possible. Haven’t you noticed that the number of these Stone Dragon Warriors double in every subsequent wave? In the last few waves, there will be definitely even more of them!”

“I know.” Yun Che nodded. The first wave had two, the second wave had four, and the third wave had eight. Following this pattern, the next wave will definitely have sixteen of them, and the next wave after that will have thirty-two, and then sixty-four…

“Fighting against opponents of the same level, and even a dozen of them at the same time, if it was someone else, it will definitely be despair. But to me… even if a hundred of them were to come at the same time, I will still be able to kill them all without even leaving a single one!” Yun Che said solemnly.

As he was saying that, yellow light once again flashed in front of him, and eight new Stone Dragon Warriors appeared.

Mn? Eight of them? Why are there only eight? Is eight actually the limit? In his heart, Yun Che was a little surprised. When he was about to head forward to attack, suddenly, he felt something was wrong… Because the auras of these Stone Dragon Warriors were not only present in front of him, but he could faintly feel them behind him as well.

He stopped his tracks and quickly turned about. He was shocked to see eight spear-wielding Stone Dragon Warriors appearing at the back as well, and they were currently charging towards the Little Fairy, who was laid on the floor.

“You’re courting death!”

Enraged, Yun Che ran back at lightning speed. Like a dragon, a swing of his sword brought about a windstorm, pushing back all of the Stone Dragon Warriors approaching Little Fairy, and then, he quickly headed to Little Fairy’s side. But this time, he did not dare to take the initiative to take them head on. Rather, he stood by Little Fairy’s side, and destroyed the Stone Dragon Warriors that charged towards them one after another… But, before he could finish dealing with the ones in front of him, the eight Stone Dragon Warriors behind came charging towards them together. They seemed to have came to know of Yun Che’s weakness, as all of their longspears thrusted towards Little Fairy, who had been laid on the floor.

Attacks coming from his front and back; to Yun Che, they were a small matter. But Little Fairy was in the midst of danger, so he could not afford the slightest negligence; as with Little Fairy’s current state, she could die at any time. And currently, there were only sixteen Stone Dragon Warriors, yet there would be even more in each subsequent wave. If she was going to lay on the ground the entire time while he simply stood guard her by her side, it was simply impossible to ensure her safety.

Yun Che thus made a decision. He wildly brandished his heavy sword, drawing a pale-black full moon around his body, which forced all of the Stone Dragon Warriors to retreat about six meters away. Then, he released his left hand from the sword handle, and wielded it with only his right hand. He brought Little Fairy up with his left arm, and tightly held onto her against his shoulder. Then, he plunged into the group of Stone Dragon Warriors; wherever his heavy sword was swung, shattered rocks would fly.

“Are you crazy!?” Yun Che’s action completely stunned Jasmine as she exclaimed. “You’re actually wielding your heavy sword with a single hand… This will cause your strength to fall twice as fast! By carrying her, not only will it increase your stamina depletion rate, it will also affect your movements, and cause you to be constantly distracted… If you don’t wish to die here, hurry and throw her aside and then control your energy consumption.”

“I can’t do that!” Yun Che said unhesitatingly. “You can call me an idiot and even call me conceited, but I will never put her down… If you were in her place, I would never throw you aside either!”

As he said that, Yun Che’s heavy sword had already swung out six crescents, shattering all of the sixteen Stone Dragon Warriors.

Jasmine: “…”

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