ATG – Chapter 147

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Chapter 147 – Prison God Sirius’ Tome

Yun Che had only comprehended half of the first realm of the Great Way of the Buddha at most, but its regenerative abilities were still incredibly shocking. Yun Che had been dealt with in one blow by Little Fairy; his injuries could be considered very severe, but over the course of a few days, regardless whether it was an internal injury or external injury, he had almost fully recovered from all his injuries. Even though his medical expertise played a big role, if he didn’t have the Great Way of the Buddha, no matter how skilled he was in medical arts, he would’ve required at least one month to have healed to this extent.

After recovering from his injury, Yun Che prepared some food and headed back to the Profound Gathering Tower. He spent almost all of his time in the Profound Gathering Tower, and the cultivation of his profound strength and the Great Way of the Buddha progressed hand-in-hand. Lan Xueruo would visit him once every several days, but she wasn’t able to locate him most of the time, so she could only silently leave some good food and hand-picked clothes in his room. Sometimes, just as he was returning to his living quarters, he would meet Lan Xueruo, who had come to visit him. Lan Xueruo didn’t stay for long and would leave hurriedly; even though she was always smiling warmly, Yun Che could see an ever-deepening worry in the deepest recesses of her eyes.

Lan Xueruo never took the initiative to speak, and Yun Che never inquired about her worries; he focused all of his energy solely on cultivating.

This day, Yun Che, in the midst of cultivation, suddenly opened his eyes. The silver light coating his body expanded, and a small silver pagoda appeared above his head. While rotating, it slowly sunk into his body. In that instant, he felt as if he had been exposed to another world. Even though it was still that extremely familiar Profound Cultivation Room, what he saw, heard, smelled, and felt were completely different.

It wasn’t the surrounding things that had changed, but his entire body that had reformed.

His eyes had become more pure, and was able to discern every speck of dust on the ground. After calming down, he could even faintly hear the sound of air flowing about. His skin had become even more soft and tender, similar to that of a newborn baby’s, and his exterior also contained a shiny luster. Don’t mention sturdiness or roughness, even the masculinity that a male must have had completely disappeared; his appearance was so delicate and refined that it was enough to make a woman green with envy.

The first stage of the Great Way of the Buddha, had been officially mastered!

“To have only used two months’ time, you have left me speechless again.” Jasmine, who had been napping against the wall, raised her eyes and looked at him. Yun Che’s devilish comprehension ability made it impossible for her not to be shocked.

Yun Che stood up, suddenly had an idea, and summoned the Overlord’s Colossal Sword from the Sky Poison Pearl. He firmly grasped it with both hands, and held it horizontally in front of his body. This time, he didn’t open ‘Evil Soul’, yet was able to steadily hold the one thousand nine hundred fifty kilogram heavy sword… Even though it was as heavy as before, he still would never be in a state where he couldn’t control it. It was as if he was holding a two hundred fifty, or three hundred kilogram weapon.

As Yun Che waved his arm, the heavy sword danced, drawing a huge pitch-black arc in front of his body.


This almost two thousand kilogram heavy sword, while being brandished, brought about a sound akin to a roaring storm. Even Jasmine, who was several tens of steps away from Yun Che, felt a heavy force roar over. The airflow in the Profound Cultivation Room instantly became chaotic, and even the protective seals in the Profound Cultivation Room faintly tremored.

When wielding a light sword, its power was incisive and threatening, but it would never possess this power of total annihilation, feeling of peerless tyranny, and ability to devastate the heavens and rend the earth; of the ten thousand types of weapons, only the heavy sword was capable of this.

That sound that even made the air shudder and whistle caused Yun Che’s eyes to open wide. The blood in his entire body began to boil as his body turned, and he swung the heavy sword in his hands about recklessly: horizontal sweep, inclined chop, striking upwards, heavy strike… Every brandish was executed in a manner as grand as a rainbow, was utterly tyrannical, and brought about a deafening whistling sound. It made Yun Che feel that even if a large mountain stood in front of him, he would be able to slice it in half in one strike, and even if ten thousand horses were charging at him, he would be able to stop their rampage in one strike.


On the last strike, Yun Che heavily struck the ground.


The floor of the Profound Cultivation Room, which was similarly protected with profound energy and incomparably sturdy, was definitely not something the profound strength of the True Profound realm could damage. But under this one strike from Yun Che, the entire floor shook violently, and in the midst of a tremendous noise, a crack several meters long instantly appeared on the ground. Only after a long time did the crack slowly fade.

After ten or so continuous strikes, Yun Che was already soaked with sweat and breathless. While supporting himself with the heavy sword, he sat down on the ground and wiped the sweat off his forehead as an excited smile hung from his face. After wielding this sword, he sincerely believed that selecting it had been the right decision.

Jasmine walked over, and said while nodding: “As I expected, now that you have officially entered the first stage of the Great Way of the Buddha, you are able to wield this heavy sword. But being able to wield the sword does not necessarily mean you can completely control it. Just now, you used it for such a short period of time, yet you are already this tired. You’re not even close to the extent of being able to fight against another person.”

“So, for the following month, your mission is to get comfortable with the weight of this heavy sword, and be able to control it proficiently!” Jasmine said solemnly: “From now on, you may not store it into the Sky Poison Pearl; every time you train with the sword, you must train until you’re completely exhausted and unable to get up. And the moment you stand up, this heavy sword must be in your hand. Even if you are eating, or need to leave this place, you must carry this heavy sword; it must not leave your body for even a moment! You must do this until you are so used to its weight that you won’t even feel it, and so comfortable with it that it would feel like your own arm or leg!

“Okay!” Yun Che didn’t hesitate at all and nodded directly. Even if Jasmine hadn’t brought it up, he still would’ve done the same thing. But right after, he shook his head: “No… In the Profound Cultivation Room, it won’t leave my body for even a moment, but when I leave occasionally, I can’t carry it on my back.”

“Why?” Jasmine raised her slender eyebrows.

“Do you know why I selected those two useless profound techniques at the Supreme Profound Hall earlier?” Yun Che responded with a question, then began to explain: “The reason is very simple. One reason is that I had never intended to cultivate profound techniques in these three months; I had only wanted to focus on raising my profound strength while also cultivating Star God’s Broken Shadow. I had casually picked two trash profound techniques to purposefully let people ridicule and underestimate me. Because I am very clear about the disparity between me and Murong Yi, and even more clear that if I concentrate on cultivating in these three months, defeating him will still be quite difficult. I can’t let him have even a shred of wariness towards me… Because Murong Yi is an Inner Palace disciple, he definitely cannot lose to me; and if he has even a shred of wariness, he might employ some other side-handed tactics before the fight or during the fight. I simply have no way of anticipate what he might try to do if he does that.”

“I selected this heavy sword and the two trash profound techniques so that he and the others would mock me, and to make him believe that I am an arrogant, ignorant, and laughable person. Also accounting for the great disparity in our strength, he will not have any wariness towards me. During our fight, there will also not be any unforeseeable accidents. But if I carry this one thousand nine hundred fifty kilogram heavy sword outside, it would definitely cause a commotion, because even Murong Yi cannot bear the weight of this sword effortlessly. So once he hears about it, he will definitely be alert and vigilant.”

After Yun Che finished speaking, Jasmine however, gave a disdainful snort: “You usually present yourself with an air of arrogance, acting arrogant and conceited, yet now you’re acting so cautiously; so contradictory.

“No no, this is not contradictory at all.” Yun Che said as he smiled: “Acting conceited and arrogant is merely a show for others. But cautiousness, must always be hidden in the heart and it’s not necessary to reveal it to others. The former can allow me to live entirely free from worry, and the latter will allow me to live longer; there is no contradiction whatsoever.”

“Hmph, do whatever you want outside the Profound Cultivation Room. But within this month, you must not put down the heavy sword for even a moment while in the Profound Cultivation Room. Whenever you are completely exhausted and unable to get up, you still have other things to do.” Once Jasmine finished speaking, her eyes flitted away for a moment, and seemed to recall a deeply imprinted memory; even her voice softened considerably: “With all your effort, try to comprehend… the 《Prison God Sirius’ Tome》!”

“Prison God Sirius’ Tome?” Yun Che immediately thought: “Is that what you spoke of before, the heavy sword Sword Art your brother cultivated?”

“Correct.” Jasmine nodded slowly and turned her little face, not allowing Yun Che to see the deep grief inside the depths of her charming eyes. She said with a remote coldness: “Big Brother said, the Prison God Sirius’ Tome is the strongest heavy sword Sword Art in this world; cultivating it will allow one to exhibit the superiority and strength of the heavy sword to the greatest extent. And in this world, only Big Brother and I have seen the Prison God Sirius’ Tome. When I watched Big Brother train, I had flipped through it in curiosity. After an entire year, I unintentionally comprehended the art’s fundamental stage and Sirius’ first sword style. But because my weapon of choice was the dagger, and the only reason why I had comprehended it was out of my love for Big Brother so there would never be a day when I can put it to use… Now, I will entrust the sword art’s fundamental stage and first sword style to you. In the next month, how much you comprehend, will be up to your own comprehensive ability!”

“The art’s fundamental stage covers how to wield a heavy sword, the advantages and disadvantages in using a heavy sword, and the way to maximize the advantages while minimizing the disadvantages. Only when you’re completely at home with the fundamental stage can you say that you are truly able to, and completely wield the heavy sword. After, you will be able to comprehend the first sword style, ‘Sky Wolf Slash’. Even though this is Prison God Sirius’ Tome’s fundamental sword style, its immense power will definitely exceed your expectations greatly.”

While Jasmine spoke, she raised her finger and pointed at the space between Yun Che’s eyebrows, imprinting the Sword Art’s fundamental stage and the first sword style of the 《Prison God Sirius’ Tome》 into his mind. To want to completely comprehend the art’s fundamental stage in one month was simply impossible for others, but Jasmine had long since been shocked by Yun Che’s astonishing comprehensive ability multiple times; she believed that if it was Yun Che, he may be able to make it happen.

As the profound formula entered his mind, Yun Che only lightly swept over it on purpose, but had a deeply shocking feeling. The profound art originally seemed dead, but from this 《Prison God Sirius’ Tome》, Yun Che clearly felt an overbearing feeling, a firm fierceness, a sense of tyranny, and an unparalleled imposing manner. It was only a profound art, yet it contained such tremendous power; it was truly remarkable.

“Is there only the art’s fundamental stage and first sword style?” Yun Che couldn’t resist asking.

“I only know the art’s fundamental stage and the first sword style; I don’t actually know what comes after that.” Jasmine shook her head: “Big Brother always carried the Prison God Sirius’ Tome on him. After Big Brother passed away, the Prison God Sirius’ Tome should have also disappeared from the world with Big Brother. You, are perhaps the last inheritor.”

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