ATG – Chapter 133

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Chapter 133 – Straight into the Inner Palace

“Palace Chief Qin, why have you come here?” Instructor Qi immediately rushed to escort him and solicitously asked.

Qin Wushang laughed, but did not reply, and turned his gaze to Yun Che instead. After giving him a once over, he said, “Yun Che, you just said that you wanted to challenge Murong Yi three months later, is this true? If it was something you just said without thinking through the matter, it is still not too late to take back your words now.”

In regards to Qin Wushang calling him by name, Yun Che wasn’t surprised at all. He nodded and replied, “Of course it’s real. Murong Yi has also agreed. Since Palace Chief Qin also happens to be here, I’d like to ask of you to bear witness for us. Within Blue Wind Profound Palace, I believe there is no one who has more authority than Palace Chief Qin to be a witness.”

After the other newly admitted disciples came to know of Qin Wushang’s identity as Palace Chief, most of them revealed expressions of reverence, yet Yun Che’s expression seemingly did not change. His gaze was calm and his speech was neither servile nor overbearing. “May Palace Chief Qin coincidentally bear witness for us” this sentence was spoken in an incomparably natural tone, as if he wasn’t speaking to the earth-shaking Blue Wind Imperial City’s Palace Chief, but a normal passer-by on the road. This sort of reaction made Qin Wushang feel slightly surprised. He nodded while laughing and said, “With Profound strength at the tenth level of Nascent Profound Realm, you’re challenging a ninth ranker of the True Profound Realm; it’s my first time encountering such an interesting matter in all my years at Blue Wind Profound Palace. Not bad, young man. You have courage and drive. If you are certain that you’re not playing around here, I am quite willing to be your witness.”

“Murong Yi, you’ve just agreed too. About this, do you have any other questions?” Qin Wushang asked Murong Yi.

Murong Yi laughed, but it was a very contemptuous laugh. He said respectfully, “Reporting to Palace Chief, although agreeing to a little rat’s challenge is very demeaning, but he wounded my cousin first. After Sikong Du prevented me from taking up for my cousin, he still came to me of his own accord to get abused. I have no reason not to agree. And with Palace Chief bearing witness yourself, I won’t be afraid that he’ll take back his words after he’s beaten into a sorry state!”

“Very well.” Qin Wushang nodded as he revealed a hint of a smile on his face, “It’s settled then. The appointed date will be ten o’ clock in morning three months from now, and the location will be right here. At that time, I will be here personally. Yun Che, if you lose, you won’t retaliate no matter how Murong Yi decides to punish you, and you can’t let anyone hinder him either. This is what you’ve said personally. You cannot go back on your words.”

“Of course.” Yun Che replied without any hesitation. Then, he narrowed his eyes and stared at Murong Yi, saying, “But what if I win?”

“You win? Haha…… HAHAHAHAHAHA!” Murong Yi laughed loudly and the audience also burst into raucous laughter. For a new disciple at the Nascent Profound Realm to challenge Murong Yi of the Inner Palace….. and think of winning? This was practically the biggest joke under the heavens.

Murong Yi laughed until he was rocking back and forth and was unable to catch his breath for a long while. It was only after laughing for a long time did he stutter out in the midst of his laughter, “I, lose? HAHAHAHA…. I will lose? If I…. lose, I’ll accept your punishment! Whatever you make me do, I’ll do. HAHAHAHAHA!”

“I won’t need that.” Towards his face filled with sneers, Yun Che also began laughing, “If you lose, I only need you to agree to three conditions, three conditions you definitely cannot reject, do you dare?”

“Dare! There isn’t anything I wouldn’t dare to do! Let alone three things, even if it’s thirty things or three hundred things, I still wouldn’t frown upon that.” Murong Yi shouted out straight away without any hesitation. Rather than believing that Yun Che could possibly beat him, he would rather believe that hogs could climb trees. But there was a niggling doubt in his heart; it was strange that Palace chief Qin Wushang would suddenly have interest in witnessing this sort of thing that didn’t concern him one bit. It was also totally meaningless, and was a challenge initiated by a fool.

“Very well.” Qin Wushang nodded his head again with a gentle look on his face, “All these years, Blue Wind Profound Palace has been peaceful and always conformed to norms. Many years have passed since a challenge has appeared with an entire large gap between realms. Three months can indeed change a lot. Perhaps after three months, you would really have the ability to fight against Murong Yi. Nobody knows for certain. It really makes one anticipate. Yun Che, you’re the top scorer in the Profound Strength Assessment for this group. This shows that you have good foundation. In the Combat Strength Assessment, you’ve transcended your level to beat Feng Yue. This shows that you’re stunningly gifted in your usage of profound strength, and today, you’ve challenged Murong Yi. This shows that you have a shocking amount of courage and boldness. These few attributes you’ve manifested prove that you are qualified to be an important disciple that the Profound Palace would nurture.”

“As Vice Palace Chief, I’d really like to see what you’ll bring forth to fight Murong Yi with after those three months. Murong Yi always trained within the Inner Palace, so for the sake of fairness within these three months, Yun Che, you don’t have to report in tomorrow. Within the three months time from tomorrow onwards, although you are an official disciple of my Blue Wind Profound Palace, you don’t belong in any of the three palaces, not Outer, Middle or Inner, but you can freely enter all three palaces, and you can also enjoy all the resources in the Inner Palace. Your living quarters will also be arranged to be within the Inner Palace.”

The moment Qin Wushang said these words, apart from Qin Wushang, everyone’s jaws dropped open in shock. Even Yun Che was also greatly shocked…. Allowing a disciple who had been recently admitted, who was only at the Nascent Profound Realm, to enjoy all the resources within the Inner Palace; within the history of Blue Wind Profound Palace, this was a definite first. It was something that all the disciples who were just admitted didn’t even dare to dream about.

Qin Wushang disregarded the crowd’s reactions and continued, “With this, you and Murong Yi will have the entirely same set of training circumstances, and this will be considered fair to a certain extent. Three months later, if you win, you will replace Murong Yi’s position on the Heavenly Profound Ranking, and will officially become an Inner Palace disciple. But if you lose, not only will you be chased out of the Inner Palace, you’ll also never be able to become an Inner Palace disciple thereafter, even after your strength afterwards is satisfactory. Yun Che, do you have any objections to this sort of arrangement?”

Qin Wushang’s initial words were undoubtedly an enormous grace to Yun Che but the few very last words added an extremely cruel condition. As such, some people’s dissatisfaction at Yun Che being allowed to enter the Inner Palace straight away were completely eliminated. At sixteen, Yun Che was an astonishing genius who actually defeated a Middle Palace disciple. There was a definitely possibility for him to be able to enter the Inner Palace in a few years. But if he were to enter the Inner Palace now for three months and then be defeated, even if he had the right to enter the Inner Palace a few years later, he can only feel powerless and regret his past deeds.

Yun Che glanced at Qin Wushang and nodded, “Alright, I agree.”

Yun Che understood, the sudden special treatment he received was definitely related to Qin Wuyou. At the same time, it was also definitely related to Lan Xueruo.

To let a stately Vice Palace Chief come in person for him and break traditions that had never been broken before in order to allow him to enter the Inner Palace…. Yun Che was sure that even if Qin Wuyou was Qin Wushang’s own brother, he still wouldn’t let Qin Wushang make such decisions. Then, the only explanation would be Lan Xueruo.

What exactly was Lan Xueruo’s identity and background……

“This…. Isn’t this rather inappropriate? For such a lowly person like Yun Che, what right does he have to step into the Inner Palace? It’s just like allowing a pariah to enter a lion and wolf’s den!” Murong Yi said as he knitted his eyebrows.

“Murong Yi, you have objections?” Qin Wushang shot Murong Yi an indifferent glance. His voice was as calm as usual, but it contained a force that made one’s heart beat rapidly.

Murong Yi trembled in his heart and rushed to say, “No! Your disciple doesn’t dare to question Palace Chief Qin’s decision. Your disciple was only…. only worried that the Inner Palace’s reputation would be tainted by this kid at the Nascent Profound Realm.”

“This matter is settled here. Within this three months, there must be no conflicts between the two of you. Alright, continue the assessment. Elder Qi, I’ll leave it to you to personally assess this group’s combat strength assessment. Sikong Du, take Yun Che for a walk through the Inner Palace later, and help him settle into his living quarters while you’re at it. My order will immediately be sent through a sound transmission to the Inner Palace.”

After he finished speaking, Qin Wushang looked deeply into Yun Che’s eyes and prepared to leave. Yun Che suddenly spoke, “Palace Chief Qin, this disciple has a request to make.”

Qin Wushang had just acknowledged Yun Che’s identity as a Palace disciple straight away, so Yun Che naturally felt like referring to himself as a disciple. Qin Wushang turned and replied, “What is it.”

With his gaze, Yun Che hinted at Yun Xiaofan, who had been beaten up by Feng Yue, and said, “In the strength assessment, Yun Xiaofan has yet to display his abilities. He was hurt gravely in malice by Feng Yue and is incapable of continuing his assessment. Yun Xiaofan is merely fifteen years old, but has come here all on his own from a distant place. If he has to give up on the assessment just because of this, it’ll be simply too cruel and unfair to him. So this disciple would like to request Palace Chief Qin to give him a chance to take a make up exam after his injuries have healed.”

Yun Xiaofan who was previously ashen-faced due to being grievously injured, lifted his head and gratefully looked at Yun Che as the light in his eyes violently trembled.

Qin Wushang took a look at Yun Xiaofan and nodded while smiling, “So I see. Mn, even though he is still young, he has a good foundation, and will be accomplished in future. My Blue Wind Profound Palace would also hate to lose any moldable talent. Sikong Du, later on, bring Yun Xiaofan to the Medicine Hall to treat his injuries while you’re at it. After he’s healed, Wuyou, I’ll let you assess his combat ability personally, how about that?”

Qin Wuyou chuckled, “Of course there’s no problem.”

Yun Xiaofan’s eyes were already filled with tears. As he struggled to get up, he spoke while choking back his emotions, “Thank….. Thank you, Palace Chief Qin. Thank you, Instructor Qin….. Brother Yun, thank you….”

After he said this, his consciousness relaxed and he completely passed out.

At this moment, regardless of male or female, all eyes on Yun Che held an extra portion of respect.

Qin Wuyou and Qin Wushang left. Murong Yi also left with Murong Ye after passing a disdainful look at Yun Che. Yun Che then propped Yun Xiaofan up and followed Sikong Du. After bringing Yun Xiaofan to the Medicine Hall, he then followed him towards the Inner Palace.

“I simply do not understand what you were thinking. But based on how calm you are, I just cannot relate you to an idiot.” Sikong Du said in confusion.

“There’s a phrase that goes ‘Place someone on a field of death and he will fight to live’.” Yun Che replied, “The higher the pressure, the greater the motivation.”

“Place someone on a field of death and he will fight to live? But what you’re doing is simply just rushing towards death!” Sikong Du shook his head and continued, “Do you know the disparity between Murong Yi and yourself? You have an entire realm’s worth of difference! In just three months, even if you’re a world class genius, even in the most extreme of circumstances, in three months, you will only be able to close the gap by two levels. What’s more is that in these three months, you will be training under the same conditions as Murong Yi. Not only does he have resources from the Inner Palace, he also has tremendous supplies from his clan. His improvement speed, can only be faster than yours! When the moment comes, what can you possibly bring out to fight against Murong Yi!”

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  1. what can he bring? after going to the next realm (should be easy, he has more than twice the openings of a grand genius) he has evil god skills lv 2, and maybe something from his resident gods skillset… and all the stuff he will find/craft/steal in 3 months…

    1. As I’ve said before, he’ll probably need to reach lv 2 or even 3 to properly utilize next Evil God’s skill, so I expect him to have gotten a firm grasp on his skills.
      As for the fight itself – I doubt Yun Che will go as far as to cripple him, but we will see another grand beating.
      I also wonder if their fight will be barehanded or will they use weapons – you know, with his sword Yun Che should be able to kill the guy as he is now.

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      Previous chap clearly shows our protag one-shoting that 3rd step Profound that was going full defence, which has been said to be hard to do even if one were at the 6th step of Profound cultivation, so … as far as everyone should know (i mean from their point of view, not ours), MC is, at least, as strong as a 6th Profound ranker.
      Also, there’s nothing telling them that that one-shot was protag’s max full 100% strenght, so he could be 7th or above. Meaning the true bad between protag and our retard is at most 3 ranks, and could easily be only two, one or even none. even says that three months MC could gain 2 ranks, considering the immediate next rank is a very big one (steping into new realm), the effective powerboost would be alot higher than that so the challenge isn’t really “impossibru”…

      I think we can all agree that martial cultivation actually burns braincells while training, I see no other reason why so many people (99.9% or people outside protag and non-cultivators, really) that are very intelligent (usually called geniuses, members of illustrious families, with access to fantastical education at the very least) and usually with a lot of outside help (both under with minions and above with teachers and stuff), so often totally disregard whatever is shown to them.
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      1. This. Exactly this. Everyone in the Profound Palace seems to have some sort of memory disorder where they’re incapable of recalling something that they saw minutes before.

        Extreme training speed aside. What makes them think his not wearing one of those artifacts for sealing his cultivation..? Even disguising his cultivation doesn’t seem that unlikely.
        No one even thought that there was something off about how confident Yun Che was about beating the other guy into the dirt..?
        Years of experience for the instructors in reading situations amounts to being shocked at his power.. Yet again..? It’s sad that even kids (ones who don’t go through reincarnation) can easily outsmart these 40 year old instructors in novels like this. No one realizes that something is horribly off..? Not even any intuition..?

        The thing is that I’m sick of them flipping back and forth between.. “What a complete and utter retard” and “What a genius! No wonder he had the guts to do that!”.
        And it happens over and over and over with neither the bystanders or his enemies learning from history. It actually makes me want the author to just *get this over with*. I was half hoping that they would do it in this chapter despite knowing that the MC is mostly certainly not going to use the Phoenix Mark yet. Maybe, he can beat this clown up in some forest or something.

        Even the chief from the previous palace hasn’t gotten the hint by now. Sure, he doesn’t know how ridiculously fast he trains, but his as brain-dead as the children. He even makes some quite big assumptions like assuming that MC has an artifact or technique that let him hide nine ENTIRE levels of cultivation from him which is nearly as mind-boggling as the MC’s training speed and yet, his still effortlessly smacking down people who are way above his level.

        And agreed once again, I find it so ridiculous how massive feuds start due to something incredibly minor like say.. Not bowing down to someone or not letting them beat you up, etc.
        Robbing someone is one thing and things escalating from there however.. It’s ridiculous when you see all of these silly ways in which they try to escalate things.

        You beat up a random guy who’s a complete jackass and they happen to be connected to someone powerful..? And yet, they aren’t intelligent enough to check to see if this “unknown” MC has strong connections..? Come on, the princess was laying low for *years*. It’s not like it’s uncommon for someone to go undercover.

        So, it’s yet again silly how they will attack / humiliate / etc. random people without a second thought. While it makes for ways to create drama in these novels.. Realistically speaking, it would be impossible for anyone to survive in conditions like that. And it happens frequently enough and consistently enough in these novels to show that it’s a systematic issue.

        1. Let me remind you how he fought Xiao Luocheng. Lv 1 vs lv 10 – crippled in one move, even though both where somewhat holding back.
          So if he gains another 3 levels and ability to wield that greatsword, he should be capable of blowing Murong Yi to bits.

  2. Blue Wind Profound Palace. No bad, young man.
    Blue Wind Profound Palace. Not bad, young man.

    I am quite willing to your witness.”
    I am quite willing to be your witness.”

  3. What we all have to remember is that he has that sword. the sword that is an Earth Realm Artifact so the what can you possibly bring line is kinda funny. I find it unlikely that anyone other than Yun Che has a weapon of that level except maybe certain individuals in the top 10 of the inner palace but even then i’m sure it’s unlikely. Yun Che is a medical genius and has all 54/56 of his profound veins opened so his training speed will defy common sense. I do hope that when he is finally alone Jasmine makes mention of the Reincarnation Artifact tho cuz it seems important.

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    Bonus points, if they pretend to be a complete moron who is incapable of remembering things from a few seconds ago in order to lower the MC’s guard.
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    1. While him losing against the guy might be a breath of fresh air, the biggest problem is that the guy would probably end up trying to kill him and as history has shown us.. People aren’t going to intervene in time.

      Honestly, it wouldn’t even matter if he doesn’t get into the Inner Palace. It’s just the Inner Palace.
      In fact, there was next to no reason for him to even join the stupid sect. All it has done is create problems for him. He could have just trained in the Magical Forest for six months.

      The biggest question is.. Why’s he there..? He already has an entire sect’s worth of resources. He has a Sovereign Profound Realm instructor. And his the greatest genius who the continent has ever known.
      If anything, he could try to get into a sect in the Divine Phoenix Empire.

      1. I am frustrated with this novel, We only see the ups of all of the MC actions, yet we never see any downs or any significant twist. There is currently no story, what is the MC doing right now? Why is he doing it? Why doesn’t he go back to his hometown and free his grandfather and the girl??? He was able to defeat the all Xia Clan main branch by himself,so he is strong enough to free the two people and running away…… The story is always following the same scenario, some guy with higher profound strength challenging MC, and MC defeating, or crippling the individual (even though it was deemed impossible). And how does Profound Strength work, in determining one’s strength if MC always overcame that???? There is no significant twist. like for example ((if you read Gunota, they tell us MC decides to join a guild and start adventuring, and then suddenly got tricked, sold as a slave to a different continent, stripped of his weps and freedom with no chance of flee… And thus the plot opens up, now That’s a twist))… or ((Desolate Era even though MC gets really strong, but there’s always a twist around him, his mother dies or his all clan is on brink of extinction ect..)) However this novel have no story, no dire situations… On top of that a childish MC with stupid vengeance mentality hes 40 years of age (reincarnated) challenging some 15 years old kids getting excited over crippling and killing them.

        1. “we never see any downs or any significant twist”
          The thing is that he keeps doing pointless or outright moronic things like joining the palace or being too arrogant to just sneak out of Xiao Sect without confessing (he could have just disguised himself as a disciple and snuck out, what’s with turning the thing into a big performance?), etc.

          As for saving those two in that town..? I had actually completely forgotten about them (it’s as easy as just sneaking them out of the city, having them change their names, possibly appearances too and having them live in some random town), as the story has just been about Yun Che falling into bad situations, usually ones which he causes himself and then, finding some way out of it and somehow reversing it into a good thing.

          I’m sure that they’ll be used as hostages later on or as an excuse for Yun Che to slaughter the Xiao Branch Sect.

          Honestly.. I actually thought that the Xiao Branch Sect thing might bite him in the ass due to angering the entire sect, them possibly dragging in the Main Sect to search for him, etc. but nope. Everything goes “according to plan”. The Sect is practically finished.

          As we’ve generally established, Profound Strength is practically meaningless, unless you’re comparing two normal people together. Profound Strength simply exists for the sole purpose of inventing “What a complete utter moron! He challenged the invincible blahblahblah!” situations.

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    Oh, on another note i caught on up to here from chapter 1 in just three days I’m seriously hooked!

    I’d like to say somthing about the ranking system here (the realms i mean: elementary, nascent, true, etc…) they are really vague!

    you dont get to really see what each of them mean and what kind of advantages one get when he/she breaks into said realm it realy give me the feeling like its some kind of level like in a rpg you can’t even know the difference between ealy realm (2nd stage) versus mid (5th stage) just and increase in power? somthing more?

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    we are completely in the dark further more i dont think we will ever know this it seems the author hoggs the information to himself!!!

    despite all that i still think this wuxia is the best i read out of the only other one i read (*Cough* Coiling Dragon *Cough*) because the charachters have much better interaction and the MC devious plans are teally fun so this is the story strength and weakness for me 😀

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    Seriously? IS HE DUMB?!! I think that many readers knows already that she is a princess since her first appearance because of this sentence : “Above all, her beautiful and slender snow-white neck let her exude a noble and graceful aura that added to her charm, making one feel as if they were looking at an exalted princess that belonged in the Imperial Family.” (chapter 62) ; but why author need to drag it so much uselessly and make MC looks “dumb”? -_-‘

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