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Chapter 132 – Arranged Battle!

“I’d like to ask for your intentions instead!” As he stood in front of Yun Che, Sikong Du stared at Murong Yi with a frown and spoke without yielding in the slightest: “Murong Yi, this place is the important grounds for new disciple examinations, not a place for you to fuss about and unjustly assault others!”

“Unjustly assault others?” Murong Yi arrogantly sneered: “So what if I want to assault him?” He pointed at Murong Ye, and said furiously: “The wound on my cousin’s face, is precisely caused by this Yun Che behind you! He injured my cousin first. Don’t tell me that you want me to just let it pass? Move aside quickly, and don’t stick your nose into other people’s business here! Otherwise, don’t blame me for turning against you!”

“Turning against me?” Sikong Du made a loud laugh: “I just happen to not be afraid of you turning against me. This business, I’m absolutely sticking my nose in! If your bones are itching to be fixed up a bit, then feel free to try and come at me!”

“You!” Murong Yi flew into a rage. He clenched both fists but forcefully suppressed himself and didn’t immediately strike out. Because he knew that he wasn’t a match for Sikong Du. He was ranked seventy-third on the Heavenly Profound Ranking, yet Sikong Du, was ranked thirty-ninth. However, he wasn’t afraid at all of Sikong Du either; it was because even though Sikong Du’s aptitude was extraordinary, his background was still very ordinary. Sikong Du’s father was only a measly little elder of a branch profound palace in New Moon City, while his own father, was the Northern Field Marshal whose authority shook the entire Blue Wind Empire.

“Sikong Du, you and me had always been two different streams of water that didn’t offend each other; this time, are you really so hell-bent on shredding all cordiality with me?”

“Whatever you, Murong Yi, wishes to do, I don’t care one bit. But as for this person behind me, his grandfather is the benefactor who saved my life. In this Blue Wind Profound Palace, no matter who it is that wants to cause him trouble, they’ll have to pass through me first!” Sikong Du said sternly.

The surroundings was immediately filled up with chatter… No wonder why Sikong Du would personally go rescue Yun Che earlier and stand so unyieldingly in front of him to protect him now. It turned out that he and Yun Che actually had this kind of history.

Just after entering the Profound Palace, he already had the backing of an Inner Palace disciple. There wasn’t any newly entered disciples who weren’t envious and jealous toward Yun Che.

“Hmph, what a benefactor! Then what about my younger cousin’s wound? Don’t tell me that the cousin of I, Murong Yi, could be hit without holding anyone accountable?” Murong Yi said with an angry tone of voice.

“Since this is a grudge held between your younger cousin and Yun Che, then just let them settle it themselves. Since it’s your cousin who got injured, then just let your cousin avenge himself; and since he is a disciple of our Blue Wind Profound Palace, don’t tell me that he doesn’t even have this much backbone, and need an Inner Palace Disciple like you to harass a newly entering disciple?” Sikong Du spoke with a mocking tone. Just these few short sentences, made everyone’s attention turn toward Murong Ye. Most of their gazes were full with disdain and contempt…. Sikong Du was right; to not avenge his own grudge, but instead went to cling on to someone more powerful; it was simply despicable.

Murong Ye’s face and ears were flushed red from the gazes, as his hatred for Yun Che reached the extremity in his heart.

With Sikong Du blocking in front of Yun Che, Murong Yi basically arrived at a difficult situation that was similar to getting down from a tiger’s back. If he was to go with force, he simply wasn’t a match for Sikong Du. If he were to just let it pass like this… With countless disciples watching from the side, where would his face be as a dignified disciple of the Inner Palace. He took a step forward, and said unyieldingly: “Since it’s like this, then alright. Sikong Du, I’ll just give you this face, and won’t assault Yun Che! But I can’t just let the matter of Yun Che injuring my younger cousin rest, or else what face could I, Murong Yi, have! If you make Yun Che apologize to my younger cousin right here, and slap himself on the face ten times, I will then let this matter go. If you are still ignorant of what’s good for you…. Hmph, then from now on, it’s either you or me in the Inner Palace!”

Sikong Du tightly knitted his brows; actually, he had also arrived at a dillema. Even though he could defeat Murong Yi, Murong Yi’s powerful background was something that no one in the Blue Wind Profound Palace dared to look down upon. If he were to completely offend him, it would bring nothing but harm to both himself and Yun Che. However, if Yun Che had to apologize to Murong Ye as he demanded, and even slap himself in the face under the gazes of everyone… This was entirely a kind of great humiliation that no normal man would possibly accept.

At this moment, a hand rested onto his shoulder. Yun Che walked out from behind him, stood by his side and said with a relaxed smile: “Big Brother Sikong, I thank you for your graciousness. However, since this is a matter that I instigated, it’s naturally best for me to settle it myself.”

As he finished speaking, he directly faced Murong Yi who had a grim expression without waiting for Sikong Du to respond, and said without any hint of fear: “Murong Yi, it was indeed I who had hit your younger cousin Murong Ye. To speak out for him, can also be considered as the way of the world. But with my big brother Sikong here, it’s should be a bit difficult for you to do as you wish right now. If you really want to personally teach me a lesson, I can actually give you a chance.”

“You? Give me a chance? HAHAHAHA…” As if he had heard some funny joke, Murong Yi started to guffaw with extreme disdain: “Who the hell do you think you are?”

Yun Che didn’t become angry in the slightest. His brows sunk as his eyes narrowed, and unfeelingly replied: “Do you have the guts to give me three months of time?”

“Murong Yi, three months later, I’ll voluntarily challenge you. If I were to lose at that time, no matter if you want me to apologize to Murong Ye, or to injure and cripple me, I will never resist. Including Big Brother Sikong, no one would stop you either!”

As Yun Che’s words came out, the expressions of everyone around instantly became remarkable.

“Hah? What did he say? Challenge Murong Yi after three months? Am I hearing things?”

“You didn’t hear it wrong! Is this Yun Che insane! To have defeated Feng Yue, he is indeed pretty great, but what kind of character is Murong Yi? He is someone on the Heavenly Profound Ranking, and his profound strength is as high as the ninth level of True Profound Realm! Yun Che is only at the tenth level of Nascent Profound Realm, which means that there’s an entire Realm of difference. What kind of challenge is this!”

“This Yun Che, did he get carried away to the extent of knowing no bounds just from defeating Feng Yue? Let alone one of him, even if there were a hundred of him, he still wouldn’t be a match for Murong Yi! This is simply overreaching, and seeking his own death.”

“I’m guessing that this is certainly Yun Che’s stalling tactic. Think about it, no one with a normal head on his shoulders would ever propose this kind of arranged battle. Yun Che is obviously saying this in deliberation, in order to solve the present situation after seeing Murong Yi come seek him out. He wanted to solve the stalemate before his eyes first, and then apologize to Murong Yi in private, or just directly flee. This is definitely the most perfect explanation.”

Hearing Yun Che’s words, Sikong Du’s eyebrows abruptly creased as he said with an anxious tone: “Yun Che! What are you saying, are you insane? Murong Yi is someone on the Heavenly Profound Ranking! Let alone arranging a battle with him, you don’t even have the qualifications to exchange moves with him! Are you trying to drive yourself into a dead end?”

However, Yun Che turned a deaf ear and continued to speak toward Murong Yi: “Murong Yi, do you dare to or not! Of course, if you are afraid of getting beaten by me to the point of looking everywhere on the ground for your teeth, you can totally decline. In this world, aren’t cowardly turtles the best at preserving their own life.”

The expression of Murong Ye, who was below them cramped, as he forcefully endured to not laugh out loud. The inside of his heart had long become overjoyed…. This Yun Che, was as expected, a reckless and arrogant idiot! He was boundlessly arrogant at New Moon Profound Palace before, and was still so arrogant after coming to this Blue Wind Profound Palace; he was even so arrogant in front of the face of his Elder Cousin Murong Yi! He simply wouldn’t know what had hit him even if he died!

Murong Ye didn’t laugh, because he felt that this Yun Che brat before him was a complete moron. Moreover, he had seen quite a lot of morons before; but someone moronic to this degree, it was a first in his entire life!

“Brat, are you serious?” Murong Yi pinched his chin, and looked at Yun Che as if he was looking at a clown. He had already confirmed again and again that Yun Che’s level of profound strength was truly, and undoubtedly, at the tenth level of the Nascent Profound Realm. Amongst the newly entering disciples, this was unquestionably outstanding. But in his eyes, he was merely a slightly bigger grasshopper that he could crush on a whim with any two of his fingers.

A grasshopper like this, actually wanted to voluntarily challenge him! Moreover, he even professed about what would happen if he lost, and even used “Cowardly Turtle” in order to instigate him, lest he were to decline.

“Of course I’m serious?” Yun Che said while smiling: “But you are the one who has not responded yet… Do you dare, or not?”

“HAHAHAHA….” Murong Yi finally laughed wildly. His laugh was incomparably contemptuous: “To challenge me, there’s only the question of whether you are worthy or unworthy, not whether or not I dare to or not! It is very obvious, that someone as insignificant as you at the Nascent Profound Realm, is not worthy! However, given that you actually have a dog’s gall and dared to injure my younger cousin, then I may as well. After three months, I’ll take a minute or two to play with you a little. Training in the Inner Palace is very boring, occasionally finding a flea or grasshopper to play around with for a bit isn’t bad either.”

“But you better remember what you said earlier; to be handled as I wish after you lose, without any outside meddling! Everyone who’s present are clearly listening! Sikong Du, I think that you heard it clearly too, no?” Murong Yi’s gaze turned toward Sikong Du as he spoke with a sneer.

Sikong Du’s complexion fluctuated for a while, and said to Yun Che in a low voice: “Yun Che! Do you know what you’re doing! If you are to retract your words earlier right now, you would still barely have enough time! If this is your stalling tactic, it’s not necessary! As long as I am in this Inner Palace, I will never let Murong Yi harm you.”

But Yun Che actually shook his head while faintly smiling, and then said with a clear voice: “Very well, since you’ve already accepted, you can’t go back on your words anymore! Three month later, right here in this spot, we’ll have a showdown then! Everyone here are witnesses!”

“Hahahaha, I also can testify.”

An amiable voice came from the outside of the crowd. This voice wasn’t very loud, but it overshadowed the chatter and clearly traveled into everyone’s ears as if it was magical.

The crowd split apart and two middle-aged men, respectively wearing a purple robe and verdant colored clothing, walked over shoulder by shoulder. One of them was Qin Wuyou and the other, had black hair, a black beard, and a slender figure; his verdant attire was plain yet elegant, his face carried kindness and a faint smile, and his gaze was like an unmoving calm pond of water. Just by standing there in a casual fashion, his entire body naturally exhibited an elegant, otherworldly, and sage-like disposition. When people looked at him, he evoked the uncontrollable growth of reverence in their hearts.

“Pa… Palace Chief Qin! Instructor Qin!”

The moment these two middle-aged men appeared, the scene instantly became restless. Because among these two, one of them was Middle Palace Instructor, Qin Wuyou, and that verdant clothed man, was shockingly the Blue Wind Profound Palace’s Vice Palace Chief… Qin Wushang!

Sikong Du and Murong Yi simultaneously retracted all of their oppressive air, and respectively yelled out: “Palace Chief Qin, Instructor Qin.”

“Sky Profound Realm!” As Yun Che’s gaze fell onto Qin Wushang, Jasmine’s voice traveled to his mind and greatly shook his heart.

Qin Wushang was Qin Wuyou’s biological brother who was twelve years older than Qin Wuyou. However his talent in profound cultivation was far greater than Qin Wuyou, and he had already stepped into the Sky Profound Realm at the age of fifty, arriving at a supreme level that countless profound practitioners wouldn’t even dare to aspire toward in their dreams. His lifespan had also greatly increased, and thus, he even appeared to be much younger than Qin Wuyou.

Blue Wind Profound Palace’s Palace Chief’s whereabouts were erratic, and rarely ever bothered with matters in the Profound Palace. There were some disciples who had stayed in the Palace for three or four years who had yet to have met the Palace Chief even once. The matters inside the Profound Palace, whether big or small, all basically fell onto Vice Palace Chief Qin Wushang. When the Palace Chief was absent, he possessed the highest right-of-speech and decision-making authority.

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      1. The Phoenix Blood makes a symbol appear on his head which will give away the fact that he has it.
        Using it would be a stupid idea, unless he manages to ambush the guy in a forest or something.

        While with Chufeng’s World Spirit, no one knows that he has it. They just think that his hiding his strength.

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      1. The original definition of Protagonist doesn’t actually mention that the protagonist has to be a *good* guy. Have a look: The protagonist (from Ancient Greek πρωταγωνιστής (protagonistes), meaning “player of the first part, chief actor”) or main character is a narrative’s central or primary personal figure, who comes into conflict with an opposing major character or force (called the antagonist). So calling our man Yun Che a villain isn’t wrong

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      1. The problem is that it keeps alternating between them thinking that his a moron and.. “No wonder he had the guts to do that!” They just keep flipping back and forth. It’s kinda getting a little old.

        The problem is that they keep reusing this exact same type of scene. Remember the other Profound Palace? It was the same there. At this point, I’d rather him just go into a Magical Forest and train for the next six months. Possibly get some exploration in and find rare herbs. It worked well for CD.

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          1. I wasn’t responding about his ability to psychoanalyse anyone. That is irrelevant to my comment.

            I was replying to: “I can understand why Yun Che is so confident about being stronger than Muong in three month.
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        Rather, It better stated that he didn’t have any trump card (only the divine body which isn’t much) at the time and was just hopping to rank faster with the timelimit.

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