ATG – Chapter 112

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Chapter 112 – 《World Ode of the Phoenix · Fragments》 (7)

Feng Baichuan once said that, whether one failed or succeeded, they could only enter the Phoenix trials once in their entire lifetime. Even though this was so, he still chose to give up the third stage of the trial because he didn’t want to hurt the figure that he treasured most.

However, this was only what he thought.

The phoenix spirit’s words made Yun Che widen his eyes and become momentarily stunned.

“What I had said before about how only those with an appropriate amount of ambition towards achieving strength can pass the third stage of the trial, was a deliberate hint in the wrong direction. The phoenix is a righteous creature and the trials it had left behind is a gift to the Profound Sky Continent. But the phoenix is never willing to have his strength to be inherited by those who are evil and heartless. The third trial is constructed through the practitioner’s most pleasant memories from in the depths of their soul. Prior to the trial, I would give a hint that only through a strong desire for power would one pass the trial.”

“Right, those illusions originated from your own memory, and were not replicated from other sources. It is exactly the same as the real person, item or event and they’ll have to face it as if everything was real. If they hurt the person who they loved the most just to achieve strength, even if that is a sort of dedication, and even if it doesn’t mean that they’re evil, they will still be missing the most important requirement of a soul: affection. If such a person were to receive great strength, it would only be for their own self-growth, and not to protect others. This would go against the Phoenix’s original intention in leaving behind this trial ground.”

“Of the seven people who had previously passed the third test, some of them faced their own wives, some faced their masters, their benefactors, parents and even their kids. They were like you; they were clear that it was an illusion, but were still unable to do the deed. However, when they were attacked, they would resist even if they didn’t attack back. As for you, you willingly allowed her to stab you to death just so you could have a few more moments to embrace her… In all these years, you are the only one who had perfectly passed the third stage.”

This sudden change undoubtedly pleased Yun Che beyond his expectations. It couldn’t be said that he passed by luck, for he would’ve definitely made this choice no matter what the consequences were; because even if he had to betray the whole world, he would never allow himself to betray that girl.

“Then, can I obtain the power of the Phoenix now?” Yun Che asked expectantly.

“Of course. You will be granted three gifts from the Phoenix: Phoenix blood, Divine Phoenix Pills and you will have the chance to study the [World Ode of the Phoenix – Fragment].”

“Right now, I shall bestow upon you the Phoenix’s Veins.”

The phoenix spirit’s golden eyes flashed, and caused the dark world to turn golden for an instant. Abruptly, a spot of golden light came from the illusionary space. It shot precisely in between Yun Che’s eyebrows to then sink in afterwards.

“The previously challengers only received a single drop of the Phoenix blood after they passed but you house a Heavenly Profound Treasure, hold the Evil God’s strength, and have perfectly passed the third trial. I have to make an exception and grant you three drops of the Phoenix’s blood. You are already equipped with the Divine Seed of the Evil God, and will not be harmed by any sort of fire. Therefore, the Phoenix’s ability to withstand fire will be of no use to you. But after it has fused into your veins, it will allow you to master fire attribute profound arts and yield twice the results in half the time. The fire attribute profound skills that you could employ would be more powerful than ever! Especially the Phoenix Fire Skill, which will allow you to wield power that’s three times stronger than what a normal person’s veins can.

“There is also another reason; a drop of the Phoenix’s blood is the most a normal person’s veins can handle. But as you’re equipped with the Divine Seed of the Evil God, even accommodating three drops of blood is an easy feat. You’ll also be free of pain and danger through this process. Now close your eyes and let these three drops of the Phoenix’s blood seep into your veins. Amongst the previous seven challengers, the shortest time a person took for the entire process was three days – but I believe it would not take more than half a quarter of an hour in your case.”

The voice of the phoenix spirit reverberated within his heart, but Yun Che was already too busy to reply.

Three small drops of blood might not seem like anything compared to the large veins in a human’s body, but these were drops of blood that belonged to the phoenix after all!

After the the three drops of the Phoenix’s blood entered his veins, it was as if there were three clusters of franticly burning flames.. and these three clusters of flames seemed to spread through all of his veins in a split second while violently stirring up all the blood in his body.

Were he a mere mortal, just this burning pain that boiled his veins would have been enough to make him wish he was dead than endure such torture. Perhaps, under immense pressure and resistance, a drop might be able to successfully fuse into his veins, but three drops… As the Phoenix had said, this completely exceeded what a human was capable of enduring. Not only would it be impossible to fuse, they would even be engulfed by the Phoenix blood.

But to Yun Che, the feeling that this sort of burn brought him only felt like three warm currents that sprung from his body. Only to a mere mortal’s vein would this Phoenix blood be excessively formidable and noble; it would be like burying three precious stones within normal dirt. Yun Che calmly closed his eyes and suppressed the explosive behavior of the three drops of Phoenix blood with his profound energy. While letting the blood go in all directions, he allowed it to fuse into his bloodstream bit by bit.

His bloodstream gradually grew warmer as the three drops of Phoenix blood began to shrink in size. After a dozen or so times circulating through his body, the three drops of Phoenix blood finally disappeared into Yun Che’s veins.

Yun Che opened his eyes and a fire-red flame mark flashed between his brows. The size and shape of the mark was the same as that of the Phoenix clan outside, but its color was much more vivid.

“Good, it seems you’ve successfully fused with the three drops of Phoenix blood, I’ve already sensed the change within your veins. With these three drops of Phoenix blood, your lifespan will also increase by at least three hundred years. Now, I’ll give this Divine Phoenix Pill and the fragment of the [World Ode of the Phoenix] to you.”

The golden eyes flashed again and two spots of light descended from the skies. What fell in front of Yun Che.. was a white colored jade bottle and a broken piece of white jade.

“Inside the white colored jade bottle is precisely the Divine Phoenix Pill. It can increase your control of fire energy by a substantial amount. However, because you possess the Divine Seed of the Evil God; its main ability isn’t of much use to you. But at the same time, it can also greatly increase your profound strength. With regards to your current profound strength, it can let your profound strength advance by at least five ranks!”

“Meanwhile, the fragment of the [World Ode of the Phoenix] is inscribed on this jade stone. Together, the [World Ode of the Phoenix], the [Vermillion Bird’s Consoling Spirit Song], and the [Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World] were known as the Three Great World Scorching Heavenly Books. Each possessed tremendous power capable of burning the heavens. That year, the Phoenix left behind the first six stages of the [World Ode of the Phoenix]. Only…”

At this point, the Phoenix’s spirit quieted, as if waiting for Yun Che to check for himself.

Yun Che picked up the Divine Phoenix Pill and the broken piece of jade. After pressing a hand against the jade, information quickly transmitted into his brain with a touch of his profound energy. His heart also began to become incomparably excited in turmoil…. After all, these were flame techniques that came from the Phoenix! It was known as one of the World Scorching Heavenly Books that was left behind by a divine beast!


[World Ode of the Phoenix] Fifth Stage…

[World Ode of the Phoenix] Sixth Stage…


“How come only the fifth and sixth stages are here? What about the first four?” Yun Che raised his head and asked with a face full of astonishment. He reviewed all the messages from the jade stone a few times, but could only find records of the fifth and sixth stages… There was absolutely nothing about the first four stages.

Without the first four stages, how was he to train in the fifth and sixth stages?

“This is indeed a great pity, but there’s nothing I can do about it either.” The phoenix spirit’s voice held a deep sigh: “Originally, this [World Ode of the Phoenix] had recorded everything from the first to the sixth stage, but before the first challenger arrived, an unexpected accident happened.”

“That year, the Phoenix left two trial grounds in this continent. One was here and the other was at the enormous Divine Phoenix Empire a long distance away. The trial ground at the Divine Phoenix Empire was quickly discovered and the Divine Phoenix Sect was created. That trial ground also became a restricted area that belonged solely to the Divine Phoenix Sect. Afterwards, the Divine Phoenix Sect became the number one sect of that empire. The empire was renamed as the Divine Phoenix Empire and even the empire’s capital was established near the Divine Phoenix Sect. Thus, the area where the trial ground was located became the empire’s most prosperous region. Humanity’s avarice, deceit, barbarous acts, and war… Constantly existed and tainted the aura within that region. It thereby infected the Phoenix’s spirit in that trial ground and gave it a consciousness it should not have had… Which led it to betray the will of the Phoenix.”

Yun Che: “…!”

“As a part of the Phoenix spirit with a different body, I knew of its existence then; and similarly, it knew of mine. After it had developed the consciousness it shouldn’t have, it actually had the idea of destroying me and this trial ground, wanting to have the entire continent to itself. Thus, it transferred its energy to an common firebird and came here. It fiercely battled against me and completely destroyed my copy of the jade that recorded the [World Ode of the Phoenix].

“During the intense fight, I destroyed a portion of its copy of the [World Ode of the Phoenix], leaving it with only the first four stages. Afterwards, I was no match for it and had no other option but to create a false illusion of dissipating into flames. Only until then did it leave… But it didn’t know that I had removed the fifth and sixth stages of the [World Ode of the Phoenix] instead of destroying them, which is the piece that you are holding right now. After that, I completely severed my soul connection to it. It never felt my existence again and has always believed that I had died but I have continued to carry out the will of the phoenix. While guarding this trial ground, I have welcomed and monitored all the challengers.”

Yun Che’s mouth fell open slightly, as if he had just heard an inconceivable story.

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