ATG – Chapter 105

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Chapter 105 – Black Demon

The narrow valley path sandwiched between the walls of two mountains became the only gateway to this little village that was aloof from worldly affairs; yet at this moment, this one and only gateway was firmly obstructed by a group of people emanating a wild wolf-like aura. Each and every one of them sent a fierce and bantering look at the crowd that was overwhelmed with fear in front of them.

“I have already said many times, we are nothing but a normal little village. There is no so-called treasure, much less the person you are looking for.” Feng Baichuan clenched his fist tightly as he tried to not let his anger erupt. Any single wicked person in front of them would be superior to anyone from their tribe; this was a group of villains that was simply impossible for them to oppose.

“A normal little village? Hahahaha, would a normal little village be located in the heart of this Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range? Would it be guarding such a strange seal? In my eyes, you guys are clearly a wiltering guardian family!”

Following a wave of crazed laughter, a fierce-looking middle-aged man wearing a black cap walked out from the Black Demon Mercenary Group. The three men following behind him all had malicious smiles on their faces and gave out a profound aura strong strong enough to make Feng Baichuan pale. He looked askance at Feng Baichuan and sneered: “This daddy is the head here, Captain Black Demon of the Black Demon Mercenary Group. We don’t have the slightest interest in massacring the rubbish, so I shall give you one last chance. All you need to do is hand over the treasure and the beauty, and I will swear on my title as Captain that we will leave without touching a single person here. However, if you still fail to appreciate my kindness,” Black Demon swung the Wolf Fanged Mace in his hand and laughed maliciously: “We don’t mind killing another hundred more people.”

Low cries of dismay resounded. Everyone who was behind Feng Baichuan had faces full of anger and fear; some small children cowered in their mothers’ embrace while trembling and cried out loud out of fear. Some of the elderlies were trembling out of anger as they continuously raged: “You villainous thieves… will definitely receive retribution.”

Feng Baichuan answered through firmly clenched teeth: “When I say there’s nothing, there really is nothing! Even we, don’t even know what that seal is! Even if you killed us all, it would still be impossible for us to know.”

“Oh ho! You’re pretty tight lipped. It seems that you won’t be honest without some bloodshed. No problem, we have plenty of time to slowly play around with you.” Black Demon laughed maliciously and then gave a glance to a middle-aged man who carried an axe behind him: “Blacky, go and educate them for me! Kill or cripple them as you please.”

“Roger! Captain!” The one called “Blacky” carried a big chopper and walked out, swung his big blade around to show off, and licked the corner of his lips while giving off a contemptuous look, as if looking at a bunch of ants: “Those that don’t know any better, let grandfather here come and educate you.”

After finished speaking, his blade came swinging straight for Feng Baichuan.

“Don’t think that you can hurt our Clan Leader!!”

The three elders behind Feng Baichuan rushed out at the same time and faced Blacky. The three elders were all at the tenth level of Elementary Profound Realm, so even if Feng Baichuan was included, there was no way they were a match for Blacky who was in the sixth level of the Nascent Profound Realm. Blacky’s first strike directly cut open the first elder’s profound energy defence with its overbearing blade aura, leaving a long bloody gash on his left chest.

“Mountain Splitting Blade!”

Blacky gave a cold laugh and then the power of his blade became more and more vicious. He was not born in a sect; thus he naturally did not have any profound arts. However, even though his profound skills were of the lowest grade, given the level of his superior profound strength, even if he didn’t use profound skills, he would still be able to easily crush Feng Baichuan and others. The activation of his profound skill was like the autumn gale that cleanly swept away fallen leaves. Wherever his blade landed, a wound was left on every one of the elders. He followed with a sudden kick that landed heavily on Feng Baichuan’s lower abdomen, sending him thirty feet away while a large amount of fresh blood spurted from his mouth.

“Clan Leader!!”


While crying, Feng Zu’er and Feng Xian’er rushed out from Feng Caiyun’s embrace, threw themselves beside Feng Baichuan, and pulled at his body. The three elders all fell to the ground. Blood flowed from their wounds as their faces filled with despair.

“Hehe, these two brats must be your son and daughter?” Blacky dragged his blade and walked step by step towards Feng Baichuan to then sinisterly say: “Let me see if you’ll still be so tight-lipped after I carve your daughter’s eyes out!”

In the midst of Feng Baichuan’s shrunken pupils, he suddenly stretched out and grabbed at a terrorized Feng Xian’er.


An angry and delicate shout came from the side, and at the same time, a snow-white glow came flying like a meteor. Blacky’s reaction was fast as well; he retracted his hand and panickedly retreated as a jade-like snow-white longsword accurately stabbed at the position he was standing earlier. Cold sweat erupted from his entire body. Following the exchange, a snow-white figure landed and pulled out the jade sword from the ground to point it at Blacky along with a cold gaze filled with fury.

The sound of gasping and gulping was immediately heard from the Black Demon Mercenary Group the instant Lan Xueruo appeared. They all stared at Lan Xueruo as if in a daze as every one of their eyes bulged straight out; their expression became sluggish, and a large amount of saliva unconsciously flowed out.

“Ca… Captain! That’s her! That’s her!” The broadaxe man from yesterday excited exclaimed to Black Demon: “I didn’t lie to you right? Isn’t she like a fairy!”

Black Demon’s pair of eyes were already wide open from staring, and even both of his hands started trembling. He resolutely swallowed a mouth of saliva and hissed: “Beautiful! Truly beautiful! Damn, there actually exists such a beautiful woman in this world! The women this daddy had played with before are simply unsightly, compared to her!”

“We must get this woman! If I could sleep with this kind of woman for a night, my life would be complete.”

“Hehe, since she has already come out, isn’t she already yours.” The broadaxe man flattered: “However, even though she might look young, her profound strength has indeed reached the True Profound Realm. If Group Leader wants to take her, some effort should be needed to do so.”

“This daddy and Black Tiger, Black Devil, Black Wolf, who are all in the True Profound Realm, in addition to a hundred more brothers still can’t deal with a little beauty? Hahahaha.” Black Demon rubbed his hands and laughed without inhibitions. In those passionate eyes, it was as if Lan Xueruo was already one of his belongings.

“Blacky, fall back. I’ll personally deal with this lil’ beauty myself.”

Blacky obediently fell back. The people of the Black Demon Mercenary Group were all leering at Lan Xueruo, but they could only swallow their own saliva. They could only fantasize, because only Black Demon would get to enjoy such a woman.

“Hey pretty, what’s your name? How old are you this year?” Black Demon lecherously asked while carrying his Wolf Fanged Mace and revealing a mouth of disgusting huge yellow teeth.

The profound strength aura emitted from Black Demon’s body made Lan Xueruo tighten her eyebrows… Third level of the True Profound Realm, he was on the same level as her. She took a silent breath; her expression remained indifferent as she coldly shouted: “You guys are a mercenary group. You merely do jobs after taking commissions from people, you are not a bandit group! The more you commit injustices, the more likely you are bound to suffer from the wrath of Heaven! This is not a place that you should occupy. Leave immediately!”

Her celestial aura and grandeur faintly assaulted Black Demon’s senses, and caused his bones to become limp when seeing her at a close distance. He once again firmly swallowed his drool and laughed lewdly: “Leave here? With pleasure, with pleasure. Since little beauty has opened her mouth, this matter can be easily settled. If little beauty agrees to follow me back and be my lady, I, Black Demon, will promise to leave immediately and never to come back to this place in my lifetime. Little beauty, what do you say?”

“Such insolence!” Lan Xueruo angrily roared, then immediately realized that those two words were not fitting. With additional anger on top of rage, she knew that it would be useless to say anything to these group of villains, and directly stabbed at Black Demon… The only thing she could think of that could resolve the current crisis was to defeat this Black Demon, seize him, and then coerce the Black Demon Mercenary Group into retreating.

Black Demon did not expect Lan Xueruo to suddenly attack and panickedly raised his Wolf Fanged Mace to block, and was momentarily flustered by a few of Lan Xueruo’s consecutive sword strikes.

A gold glint enveloped Lan Xueruo’s sword. The reflection of the sword was gorgeous and swift as it dazzled Black Demon. Only two *rip rip* sounds could be heard when the light armor on his body immediately split in two, and even his protective profound energy was cut open as a chunk of flesh suddenly flew out.

The mercenaries of the Black Demon Mercenary Group were all stumped. This girl that looked only seventeen to eighteen, actually injured their Group Leader Black Demon the instant she attacked… Black Demon was someone with the profound strength at the third level of the True Profound Realm!

Black Demon’s anger also erupted when receiving the sword strike that was neither heavy nor light. He let out a loud roar and swung his Wolf Fanged Mace; Three lines of snake-shaped electric sparks appeared strangely on the mace, and a feeling of dangerous power was released with a “Bzzzzzt” sound.

Electric attribute profound skill? Lan Xueruo was faintly alarmed in her heart. A group leader of a normal mercenary group, actually had an electric attribute profound skill.

“Mad Snake Thunder Dance!”

The huge lightning-covered Wolf Fanged Mace drew a gigantic circular arc around Lan Xueruo. Unable to avoid the strike, Lan Xueruo’s sword magnificently glowed with a golden light and actually faced the attack head-on with the sword’s body.


Sparks went flying in all directions; Lan Xueruo’s jade sword instantly warped by a huge margin, and impact of the humongous power caused Lan Xueruo to flip backwards. However, the moment her feet touched the ground, she again bursted forward towards Black Demon. A golden light flashed across her beautiful eyes as she muttered a soft chant that only she herself could hear…

“Mon… arch… Sword…”

Since subduing Black Demon was the only hope to resolve the crisis, Lan Xueruo no longer had any reason to hold back. She thrusted straight at Black Demon with her strongest profound skill.

The instant the sword thrusted, Yun Che’s gaze suddenly went into turmoil… Because the sword style that Lan Xueruo was currently using was a kind of sword style he had never seen before. It was clearly just an ordinary sword thrust, yet the sword’s approach was not only violent and overbearing, but also carried a sense of unconcealed pride; as if it was an arrogant monarch who looked down on the world, unrivaled and unstoppable in its path.

Since “Mad Snake Thunder Dance” had a huge and formidable power, Black Demon never expected that Lan Xueruo would actually be able to block his “Mad Snake Thunder Dance” and counterattack so fast. He raised his Wolf Fanged Mace and blocked his front, but the moment the sword tip touched the Wolf Fanged Mace, Black Demon’s expression suddenly changed greatly; because from the club’s body, there came an astonishing strength that he could not defend against. Accompanying a “ding” sound, his body was fiercely blown backwards, and the Wolf Fanged Mace in his hands was also unexpectedly blown out of his grip as it flew far far away. Yet, the momentum of Lan Xueruo’s sword did not weaken in the slightest; the sword’s tip thrusted straight toward Black Demon’s left shoulder, broke through his protective profound energy as if cutting tofu, and exited from the backside of his shoulder… Directly piercing a clear hole through his shoulder.

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