Against the Gods (逆天邪神) – Index

Ni Tian Xie Shen (逆天邪神) – Against the Gods ✿
a Chinese web novel by Mars Gravity (火星引力)

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Current Status: Ongoing
Genre Tags: fantasy, different world, level up, refreshing
Translator Tags: mature, harem

Translated by Alyschu&Co
ATG Team: alyschu, OverTheRanbow, Scrya, SummerRain, Dnton, crushanapple, Rubble

Official Description
Wielding the Sky Poison Pearl, receiving the blood of an Evil God, cultivating the strength to oppose heaven, a lord overlooking the world!

Synopsis by alyschu:
A boy is being chased by various people because he alone holds some kind of treasure. He jumps off a cliff to not let any of them have it and wakes up in the body of a boy with the same name in another world. Fortunately, he has kept the treasure he ran off with.

Blessings from the Author
Against the Gods Glossary (May Contain Spoilers!)
Happy Birthday OverTheRanbow!

Title Explanation

Volume 1 – Red-Colored Calamity

Volume 2 – Blue Wind Conspiracy

Volume 3 – Name that Shakes the Profound Sky

Volume 4 – Fury that Burns the Heavens

Volume 5 – Primordial Profound Ark

Volume 6 – Lordship in Illusory Demon

Volume 7 – Heaven Smiting Shakes the World

Volume 8 – Cloud's End Illusory Mirage

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291 thoughts on “Against the Gods (逆天邪神) – Index” - NO SPOILERS

  1. Please don’t smash me for saying this.
    I’ve only recently read up to chapter 274.
    Plus, I haven’t read any spoilers nor comments regarding ATG.

    So since the story heavily deals with “fate”, one possibility that I randomly came up with for absolutely no reason at all, is that Ling’er is currently alive on the Azure Cloud Continent. She’s 10 while Yun Che is 17 and that the Evil god’s soul fragment only transported him through space, not time. If that is the case, then when Yun Che died back in the AC Continent, he transported through time and space to get the the Sky Profound Continent.

    Here’s where I’m going with this, what if the person who killed Ling’er was actually Yun Che? Say Jessica gets her body back and finds the AC Continent. Then Yun Che, now, would go there to find Ling’er. By then, several years would’ve passed and the current Ling’er is with the previous Yun Che. And in order to follow “Fate’s design”, the current Yun Che has to be the one to kill Ling’er… If he doesn’t, the previous him would’ve simply continue guerrilla warfare against the world and never die where and when he’s suppose to in order to “reincarnate” to the SP Continent.

    The only downside to this theory is the fact that both the Sky Poison Pearl and the Mirror of Samsara (and possibly the World Needle that Yun Che MAY be in possession of) would have two copies.

    1. Hm.. interesting theory but I think it might not be possible? Since he now has the Sky Poison Pearl and there is only 1 Sky Poison Pearl, his master will no longer have the pearl, meaning his master won’t die. If his master won’t die, he won’t go all crazy and kill everyone. In the first place, there might not even be a Yun Che on the AC continent anymore because he has resurrected on the Sky Profound Continent and according to Jasmine, the Mirror of Samsara interferes with Karma, therefore, there will most likely be a new effect that is different from the one he experienced due to this new setting.

    2. with the fact the he has already altered the timeline by removing her bite while she is 10 he has already altered destiny and he would also rather die than harm ling’er as proven in the phoenix’s test the current yun che would never kill her even if it meant sacrificing the entire world to chaos as long as he didn’t kill her he wouldn’t care i think if there is a yun che on the azure continent that’s young he will have a completely different life due to the fact his master doesn’t have the sky poison pearl and his master may be entirely different as well

    3. Mmm, you got something wrong there…he did go back in time…
      His 1st life was as Xiao (Yun) Che, then he got poisoned and died when he was 16, but he got reincarnated because of the Mirror on the AC continent (he had the locket), where he lived for 27 yrs (the Mirror needs 20 yrs to get its power back), so when he jumped off the cliff, he reincarnated again in his 1st life’s 16 year old dead body. It was said that the mirror can temper with karma…so basically the events on the AC continent happened only for Yun Che, and in the actual world didn’t really happen and even CAN’T happen, because the mirror f*cked up the karma.
      Think of it like this: he died, got resurrected in a different timeline on the AC continent, started from a baby, but then died again and loaded a save file from his 1st life when he was 16 and erased the AC save file. But even if you delete a file, you still remember playing the game.

        1. No, Because Ling,er is still young in the 3rd life, which means he sort of made an alternate dimension in his second life, and when he died it was all deleted.

          1. i have a question, we know that the mirror of samsara was in the custody of the Yun family, which must mean that even in his second life time (where he was the medicinal prodigy) he originated from the Yun clan. but my question is that if his parents went to the sky continent cuz of the demon, why was yun che in the azure continent? o.O

          2. I’d say that instead of loading a save it was more like the mirror made a special level, where MC got the pearl and after that, when he ‘finished that level’ …
            wait, nope
            maybe the mirror kinda “remembered” Yun Che, sent his “backup copy” back in time (no idea why only a few years, maybe because it was “charged up” only for a few years before Xiao Che got poisoned?) tampered with karma so that his Master would find him and give him his name, and after swallowing the Pearl (and dying soon after) the Mirror merged “the backup” and “Original”?

  2. Hi, I really like ATG, and so I wanted to help or be associated with it.

    If you have any need related to editing or proof-reading, please do contact me.You can just give it a try as I really do hope to be able to contribute something.
    We can just get on with it on a trial basis,

    Please do reply..

  3. Hey can you ask the author when he will start releasing regular chapter 1 per day again in part few months it became too irregular 1 chapter per 3-4days

    1. Rape gets threatened to an extent, but there is only one case where it actualy happens (though it is by MC, but she ends up in love with him too, so some say not rape? It was a pretty rapy scene, but she likes MC afterwards)

      1. Kidnapping is still kidnapping, even if the victim develops Stockholm syndrome… It doesn’t matter how she felt about it afterwards, his actions were still 100% rape. The only possibly defensible justification for it is that he did it to save her life, but even that’s debatable.

  4. This is the first LN/WN that I’m starting without having started from a manga/manwha source (BTTH/Coiling Dragon/TDG). I must say, after reading the prologue, I’m intrigued! So much so I’ve had to sign up for an account.

    Thanks for the translations <3

  5. probably not the best place to ask this but someone tell me who is the king of hell chu. i keep seeing that almost everywhere.

    Btw atg is still, for me, the no.1 novel but thats probably cuz its the first novel ive read

  6. Guys, I am currently reading ATG, MGA, TDG, WDQK, HJC, COL, BTTH, SOTR, SYWZ, Doulou Dalu. I ask your suggestions for other worth-readed Chinese novels that have been translated in English.

  7. Kind of a silly question, but I haven’t read ATG for around a year and I am a little confused on the characters. I checked the glossary, but is Ling’er also Xiao Lingxi (Yun Che’s aunt)?

  8. I have just caught up to “ISSTH”, “BTTH” ans “TDG” current chapters and I seem to be incapable of stopping to reading wuxia novels ever since I discovered the genre two weeks ago.

  9. Alright. This is it. I’ve had it. I’m officially quitting the novel at chapter 500, just so it’s even, unless the author starts a really good arc (which probably won’t happen, considering that he wants to get the waifu and will probably take another 50+ chapters just to describe how much of a manly man Yun Che is to get the girl). I’m honestly fed up with the writing. The story used to be good, hell, even amazing at points. But now it’s just a cookie-cutter smut Xianxia, with no originality or inspiration any more. I thought the whole Evil God thing was pretty cool, and it still is, but it’s not worth it. It just isn’t. My advice? Read maybe the first 300 to 350ish chapters of the novel, then drop it. It’s a good read, definitely something to do while you wait for other novels to release, but after that… *shudder*

    1. If you like pure Xianxia, then there are plenty others to look at. You’re looking for pure, manly light novels where the MC is only seeking immortality? That’s like 70% of the Xianxia out there, its bland and its boring. This is a matter of perspective, if you don’t like romance/smut, then this one is obviously not meant for you. Books like ISSTH, Perfect World, Desolate Era.. CD all these would suit your tastes. I mean, the aforementioned still have some romance but there are ones that simply focus on attaining immortality without anything else going, like Primitive Era? Though they are still raws but my god, its all about the guy meditating for an eon, going through a trillion different upgrade scenario’s and god is it boring.

      My review is a pure 180 degree of what you said. This author and his books are the finest and I absolutely love and adore them! I wish that there were more writers like him. The emotional attachment he has for his wives and the amount of effort he goes to protect his family, vengeance, its all so cool!

    2. I first just catched up the other chinese LN/WN and look for another one. I found this novel with good feedbacks and try to read but I finally drop it on the story while MC go anywhere practice less and just flirt girls to have more girl with his sweet talk. Translators all done well just I don’t think MC has much passion with his wives (Take it easy once he had a girl then the second one he not only mentioned the first and just sweet talk on the second in front of his little brother-in-law how shameful)
      I agree with Sonkoso the plot about evil god thing was cool but not last long until the story bent on lazy MC who just show off and flirt again.
      Just my opinion and all translator done well keep your best effort thanks for all the chapters.

      1. I don’t know how far you’ve read. But he actually got not THAT much girls around him. Let me count … “settled” are “only” 5. He’s obviously quite popular with the girls and this “sweet talk” at the beginning was getting on my nerves too.

        But later he simply rocks. Now the only thing that annoys me is the repetitive description of the girls and the repetitive description of the enemies/villains and how shocked they are afterwards.

        But at the same time it’s kinda refreshing. To read that a guy that almost killed the MC and is almost as evil as Kefka of Final Fantasy VI to get punched in the face.

        I stopped reading this LN several times now. Or rather: I made a break. As soon as you get hooked up on the story and the MC, you most likely want to keep on reading. And right now (chapter 500+) there are major changes that will affect the MC.
        I truly want to know if the MC can actually do something in time or not.

  10. Just want to point out that in the site for fanfictions,, the category for Against The Gods has been added. Although there aren’t any there yet, as it has just been added, if you ever felt like writing a fanfiction of ATG, then I suggest you head there.

  11. Could someone please update the contents page to display the current chapters or, at least, what is the arc titles for the next few arcs?

  12. You know… it’s too hard to find out what parts we want to find, having to search through hundreds of chapters…

    Can you at least separate the chapters into mini-arcs and make titles for them? So that we can find them?

  13. Okay, I’ve been reading this, and got to the 20th chapter.
    And so far, I dont like the story so much.It just seems to me that the Mc is kinda weak.
    Will it get better?

  14. I knw what iam gonna ask is gonna be kind of a spoiler so those who have not reached 372 don’t read ahead but reassure myself i would like to ask does yun che meet little fairy ahead of 372 to the current 602 I would really appreciate if someone would reply ah but if he does I don’t wanna know the chapter tht he meets her in 🙂

    1. Even at 650+ he still couldn’t find her. I think she will be out of the picture for a long time. Feels like the author just give her a reason to not be found because he doesn’t know how to tie her to the story with Yun Che. Plus their child might the the only child and they unite at end of the story and she might suddenly shows up with a 15+ years old kid. I am probably wrong though considering that MC have many potential mates lol.

  15. Guys., i restrain myself from reading this novel, because this is just too GOOD and I want lots of chapter to be released before I resume reading this. It’s been 6 months till now, and I’m at the edge of losing my self control. D*mn,

  16. Why only 2 chapters a week! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    Should i just drop this and comeback in a year. i am ok with reading if they release a chapter every other day but man only 2 chapters a week, Cant do that. I’m Happy you guys are still translating it but i all ready miss the daily chapters. I just hope it does not stay a 2 chapter a week thing because i am probably going to try and forget about this novel and remember it in like 2 years and build up some chapters by then. Man just when it was getting really good to. They says its an event, but that’s one event i don’t want to go to.

  17. Highly recommended. Mature theme, romance, harem, from weakest to strongest, bad-ass MC. Author evokes the anger of the MC that the readers could also relate to, the build up hype is well manage and it delivers.

  18. as I was reading this story I kept having serious deja-vu that I have read this somewhere before… in english. That shouldn’t be possible but so far every thing I remember happening has happened exactly as I remember it. I am starting to get a sense that there may be an english book that that is being translated to chinese and then back again.

    I could post some spoilers about things that are coming but… no spoilers are aloud right. Can anyone help me find the original english version? I remember the story but not the title…

    1. that you?! U lived all this and u got killed..again..and resurected..again.. but now u’re not in your world anymore so u cant cultivate 😛

  19. This is such a good story but it’s so annoying to me how he just forgets about little aunt!!! Like he got a girl pregnant??? I wish he was more like Nie Li in tdg. He such a play boy and I haaaate that about him.

    1. Lol I agree he is a playboy and the machism really get on my nerves sometimes. But this author has consideration towards the fan base and didn’t drop the novel like TDG’s author did. Futhermore this novel is better written than TDG’s.

  20. Hi guys

    I just came up with a good theory. I think little fairy is alive and she is in sword valley. The MC has to team up with that guy who gave him the lighting mirage. Because they killed his family

  21. guys,,,,, This author is truly optimistic. as for me, i hate tragedy at the present, love revenge for the past. couldn’t have asked for more. every time MC and his close ppl were about to fall in tragedy, i know for sure that its always turns out well(optimistic author), which makes me keep reading, i have stopped reading many manga, stopped watching uncountable anime, the moment tragedy befalls MC, and i am glad that this inst like this.

  22. Read this thinking it was Er Gen’s Against Heaven lol (I know Im stupid :'( )
    A pretty good novel on any other day but since i was expecting some ISSTH level stuff I…disappointed :'(

    1. HJC. I don’t know any others. Lots of stories here like to have girls flock around the MC but nothing actually happens. HJC and ATG are the exceptions I know of.

  23. Hi there guys just made the account been here for a long time but could not find where to sign up 😛 until i googled it but anyway Hello to all of you 😀

    I wanted to ask is there any RAW website of against the god ?

  24. Dear alyschu. I would like to thank you for translating. Do you know where i can find the manhua adaption for
    Against the Gods. Because Novel Updates has adapted to manhua in tags.
    If you know than please tell me.
    Thank you.

  25. One of the best ever novels out here. Amazing story, great characters,best translations…and completely addictive overall. Don’t miss this one at any cost. You’ll thank me later.

  26. Can someone put my mind to rest? I’ve been eyeballing this story for a while but the harem tag has really been putting me off giving it a try. I only have bad memories of harem stories, as they always focus on the harem like it’s the only way to move the plot along. Someone was mean to this girl? Then that guy’s going to be an antagonist and his powerful family or faction will somehow also be roped in. Someone feels he isn’t good enough for the girl? Then the fight is on because he’ll prove he is even if it means jumping into stupid fights. That kind of thing. Is this story going to be like that, or is the harem going to be a smaller part of the story like I’m hoping?

    1. Yes and no. Parts of ATG are like that, but it’s not the focus of the novel in general. There is romance, but in my estimation I’d say it accounts for no more than 30 – 40% of the story. The rest is general Xianxia. Very independent MC, focused on getting stronger, taking care of people he loves, repaying his debts, etc.

      The story basically has great emotional depth, both in masculine and feminine directions. Part of great writing, and more than I can say for many Xianxia. If you don’t like what you’re reading at the end of the third volume, just stop.

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