ATG Chapters 830–832 ✿

Y5nan3 here,

new chapters out!

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  1. Many thanks for the chapters
    (Also, I don’t know who did this but on the Novel Updates site, it says that chapter 830832 just got released)

  2. 830- 4th chapter from 2 WEEKS BEFORE!!! (in my case today is sunday so it will be 4th from last week but for those who are in monday its 2 week. You get my point)

    832-6th from 2 weeks before
    No pulling fast ones i know you wont.
    ATG is in demand now

    1. I stand by his calculation. FYI if there is no new chapter in the next 20h lets say , that would be 8 chapters on hold and one sponsored in queue for some time now.

    2. We’ve got a count going too.
      The TL/editing of ATG is basically on schedule.
      The TLC’ing and Releasing of ATG is way behind.
      We know this and if I remember right Alys warned before she left that it might happen.
      Alys put a good explanation post somewhere yesterday that I can’t seem to find to link here. She’s also had posts on many of the chapters so far. Go back a few and you’ll see what she’s posted.
      The super short version is her internet sucks in China so chapters are going to come out in splats and if we’re behind when she gets back we’ll catch up everything when she returns.
      Don’t worry about us losing track of what’s supposed to be out, we won’t.

  3. Anyone have any idea when this translation will pickup again? I heard that the translator was out of the country but its been nearly a month since the last chapter.

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