ATG Chapters 137, 138

First of all, I think my long-winded rambling from before confused a few people so I’ll repeat again. We’re going to do 2 regular chapters a week!

Chapter 137 is a sponsored chapter brought to you by OverTheRanbow, ReijiOzora, and alyschu. This chapter, and the next few, are sponsored by a generous gleb c!

Chapter 138 is brought to you by Scrya and alyschu. Scrya is also currently translating So What If It’s an RPG World!? too so go have a look at it!

11 thoughts on “ATG Chapters 137, 138” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. 2 chapters in one day of my favorite series? Like Heaven… learning that this may be the only 2 chapters of the week… hell….

    That said, thank you so much for the hard work you guys have put in…

  2. Scrya? now that’s an unexpected surprise. Though very welcomed. Thanks for the hard work guys. Currently look forward to this novel the most out of wuxiaworlds selection

  3. Spoiler: actually there are three chapters today.Thank you OverTheRanbow, ReijiOzora, Scrya and alyschu. I also would like to thank gleb c for sponsoring the chapters.

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